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Chapter 267: The Promised Duel

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next day, You XiaoMo dragged Ling Xiao out with him to renew their rent.

The lease of their pavilion ended yesterday. Originally, Elder Gong should have asked them to move out in the morning. However, he probably knew that they had been delayed, so he did not send people over to notify them.

In addition, with You XiaoMo’s current ability, Elder Gong would not need to worry that he could not pay his rent.

Only when he had stepped outside did You XiaoMo realize that a campaign smearing his name had been started.

Yesterday, when Teng ZiXin challenged him, she did not get an answer. Thus, when she went back, she ordered others to spread the news that You XiaoMo did not even dare to accept a challenge from a woman, and it set the academy abuzz.

You XiaoMo did not expect that this woman would use such methods to force him to duel her in the arena.

Her methods were despicable, but truth to be told, it was very effective. His reputation had taken quite a huge hit because of this matter. Although he did not care about his fame, to be repeatedly told that he was less than a woman made him very unhappy. This was especially so when the person he was compared to was Teng ZiXin.

As he walked to their destination, You XiaoMo found that a lot of people were looking at him strangely.

Ling Xiao patted his head, and lifted his lips in a smile, “If you don’t like this, I’ll just get rid of her.”

You XiaoMo’s lips twitched, “You don’t need to do that. There’s no point in exposing yourself because of her.”

He would resolve the matter with Teng ZiXin by himself. Since that woman liked to compete with him so much, then he would not hold back anymore. Sooner or later he would ferociously grind her beneath his feet. But there was one thing which he was looking forward to: he couldn’t wait to see what expression Teng ZiXin would have when she realized that he had already learned the skill training manual.

Such petty calculation, but he was sure that she had certainly not expected him to have learned the Sumeru Seal in such a short time.

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao reached the rental office, he saw that Elder Gong had been waiting for them to arrive.

You XiaoMo passed him Ling Xiao’s card and said, “Elder Gong, I wish to rent the pavilion for half a month.”

He currently had no need to desperately save points to exchange for a skill training manual. The Sumeru Seal would take him quite a long to learn. Therefore, he decided to spend his points on their lease so that they would not have to keep running over to the rental office every once in awhile.

After finishing the procedures, Elder Gong returned the card to him, “You XiaoMo, you have already heard of that matter, ba?”

Despite the sentence being so vague, You XiaoMo knew what Elder Gong was referring to, so he nodded his head.

“If you don’t want to duel with her, you can bring this matter to your teacher.” Elder Gong suddenly said. His tone carried a hint of a smile, and it seemed as if there was a hidden meaning in his words. By no means was he underestimating You XiaoMo. When he had heard that You XiaoMo had advance to a level five mage, he realized that Teng ZiXin had been surpassed.

You XiaoMo mused over it, and in the end, he shook his head. He did not know where that old geezer had gone off to. Not to mention, if he did not accept Teng ZiXin’s challenge, what impression would he be giving others? This had become a problem concerning his dignity as a man, and he had no choice but to accept the duel!

After leaving Elder Gong’s premises, the two headed to the magic pills sales area.

The twenty sets of magic herbs that he had gotten from BaiLi XiaoYu yesterday had been refined into twenty magic pills. He would normally open his stall once every three days, but he had to break his routine as his card did not have any points inside it now.

You XiaoMo did not think that the annoyances would arrive so quickly. Just when his stall had been set up, a person came up to menace him.

“I am Teng Jiao, one of the three leaders of the Teng Yun group. I’ve heard that you did not dare to accept the challenge from Missy. As a man, you truly bring shame to the name of all males.” Teng Jiao, the leader, eyed him with distaste.

You XiaoMo could not help but roll his eyes, as he bluntly said, “All right, this fuss is just because Teng ZiXin wants the skill training manual that I exchanged. Go back and tell her: the skill training manual is gone. If she still wants to compete with me, I will accept her challenge. But I will have the final say on the terms of the duel. If she doesn’t agree, then the duel will be called off. Shoo, don’t come here to bother me again.”

There was a slight change in Teng Jiao’s expression, but he did not flare up. He only gave You XiaoMo a cold sneer and said, “Watch your back.”

After saying words akin to a threat, Teng Jiao and his men left. They really came and left in a hurry.

After You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao returned to the pavilion, Ling Xiao released the information that Teng ZiXin tried to extort You XiaoMo’s high level skill training manual exchanged in the Skill Training Pavilion from him. Since this topic was currently trending, the information spread like wildfire, and there were less people talking bad about You XiaoMo.

Since the matter about the high level skill training manual could not be hidden, why shouldn’t he let it spread out, and let Teng ZiXin be troubled with the fallout? You XiaoMo approved of Ling Xiao’s scheme.

On the afternoon of the second day, Teng ZiXin responded that she would accept any form of competition.

He had expected that Teng ZiXin would not give up so easily, so he was not surprised. But he had not thought of what they should be competing in.

Ling Xiao indolently sat on a chair, and peered at the frowning You XiaoMo. He inattentively said, “I’ve heard that there’s still half a year more before the tournament that’s held in Ward B begins. Those who are in the top ten would be able to enter Ward A.”

When You XiaoMo heard this, he immediately realized Ling Xiao’s intention, “Are you saying to let our competition grounds be the tournament half a year later? But I remember that most of the contestants are level six mages.”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t have the confidence to advance to a level six mage with half a year?” Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow as he asked.

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “That’s not the problem.” He was certain that he could advance to a level six mage within half a year.

Ling Xiao scoffed, “Then are you worried that Teng ZiXin would not be able to advance?”

“Eh… …” Don’t tell me that he really thinks that way?

Ling Xiao poked his forehead to jog his memory, “You dunce, your current level is one grade below hers. If she could not become a level six mage within half a year, this would hold more blackmail than any sort of retaliation. If you and she advance at the same time, with Teng ZiXin’s arrogance, she would probably not be able to accept it. Furthermore, even if Teng ZiXin’s level is higher than yours half a year later, with her speed of taking two years to advance to a level six mage, do you think she will have the pride to show her face?”

You XiaoMo was dumbstruck after hearing Ling Xiao’s explanation. Then he jumped up from his chair and gave Ling Xiao a ‘thumbs up’ as he excitedly said, “You’re still the more treacherous one. To think you are able to come up with of such a brilliant and subtle means of killing your enemy, haha, okay I’ll do it your way.”

Ling Xiao dragged him into his arms and squeezed You XiaoMo’s cheeks, “So I’m treacherous, eh?”

You XiaoMo folded like wet paper, “You’re not treacherous. You’re very smart. I’m gladly admitting my complete defeat; you can let me go now.”

Ling Xiao’s hand slid to his lapel, and You XiaoMo heard a soft laugh beside his ear, “I don’t need you to gladly admit your defeat, I just want you to gladly lie beneath me.”

You XiaoMo immediately slapped his hand away. Every time he discussed something serious with Ling Xiao, he would always find ways to bend the conversation into an improper direction.

Soon afterwards, You XiaoMo let BaiLi XiaoYu pass the terms of the duel to Teng ZiXin.

As expected, his duel with Teng ZiXin that was to be held in the tournament half a year later immediately caused a sensation.

But because of Teng ZiXin’s reputation and her high self-esteem, even though she clearly knew that this duel was disadvantageous to her, she still gave her agreement to participate in the tournament organized by the academy in half a year’s time. The winner of the duel would be decided based on the rankings in the tournament.

Although the tournament was still half a year away, there were many who were earnestly looking forward to the match-up between You XiaoMo and Teng ZiXin.

You XiaoMo was very satisfied with this situation. Ever since the news of the duel was released, his world finally regain some peace, and there were no annoying guys who continued roving around in front of him.

However, his peace did not even last two days before it was broken by that old geezer. He had finally received news from that cheap teacher who went missing for more than a month. The old geezer sent someone to inform You XiaoMo to meet him at a designated place tomorrow, for the purpose of officially accepting him as his apprentice.

Although he did not know what the old geezer was trying to pull, You XiaoMo still decided to see what he wanted.

The next day, when he heard that Ling Xiao wanted to come along, You XiaoMo was astonished, “Why do you want to come with me?”

Ling Xiao picked up the mask on the table and said, “It’s boring to stay alone in the pavilion.”

You XiaoMo replied, “Aren’t SheQiu and the rest of the guys still here?”

Ling Xiao beamed and said, “They are not people.”

SheQiu and the four demon beasts, “… …” Boss, you are also not a person.

Unfortunately You XiaoMo did not know that. If not, he would have spoken their heart-felt sentence out. You XiaoMo thought about it, “There are no points left on the cards. Are you not going to earn some more? You’ve also just regained your placing in the top ten ranking. If you continue lazing around, you’ll be removed again.”

Ever since Ling Xiao went out to duel for a couple of rounds in the arena two days ago, not only did he reclaim his top ten ranking, he also rose from the Ninth to Seventh rank, and was now the top seventh practitioner in Ward B. He had also regained his fame for his fighting prowess and was currently flourishing in the limelight.

Ling Xiao said, “There’s still two weeks till I have to accept another challenge again. No need to be in such a hurry.”

Seeing that his words to Ling Xiao were going in one ear and coming out from the other, You XiaoMo decided to compromise with him, “Forget it, we’ll just go together. But you must remember to exercise restraint on yourself.”

You XiaoMo felt that with the old geezer’s background, he would not be living in an ordinary residence. Thus, to decrease the chances of Ling Xiao exposing himself, You XiaoMo refused to allow Ling Xiao to accompany him. But Ling Xiao had disagreed, so You XiaoMo could only order him to be careful.

Only after Ling Xiao repeatedly assured him that he would not let them notice anything did You XiaoMo believe him. This was because the things that Ling Xiao guaranteed, till now, had happened as he said. Thus, the two headed towards the old geezer’s residence together.

However, before departing, You XiaoMo went over next-door to BaiLi XiaoYu to get something which was related to the old geezer.

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Teng ZiXin using the woman card is embarrassing for the rest of us women 😦

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“I don’t need you to gladly admit your defeat, I just want you to gladly lie beneath me.” – Shameless! 😂

Blood A
Blood A
May 23, 2018 6:17 pm

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haha… the Qiu team’s reaction “you are also not a person Boss….”
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Even though i disliked Teng Zixin, i’m less annoyed by her than i was with Tang Yunqi in the past, not gonna lie. At least this one is not dumb. Also i don’t know much about her other than her horrible attitude when it comes to competing, thats why i don’t hate her yet, just disliked her for now. Anyhow, my point is she’s less annoying than Tang Yunqi, and a more sensible rival to boot. And i can’t wait for Momo to show her up, so she might change her attitude? maybe, at least i don’t think all hope… Read more »

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