GDC Chapter 29

GDC Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Crossover – the second part

Biennial, “It’s easy to pick up. I almost mentioned, everyone died, I said that he survived, but after some years the family head of Pjondzhaja also died. This time it was only this time, the death was even more terrible, he was killed by a sword and a tongue! I do not need to explain what language is this, I like the meat with saber and swords on the body. Cutting peace and 3600 times as a piece of fresh meat will remain until only a skeleton remains … ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Of course, Wei WuXian could not know what language is. If anyone wants thousands of books for death due to death, he will be the best to write it. He raised his hand. “Okay, do you know why Chan Chan was removed?

Bulletin: “I have heard that it has been planned by another part of the growing sect that is clear, but not? Why can you cultivate a group of people to avoid? Can they not be? They were really included in one or some of them.”

If the conversation was not successful, the shopkeeper drank two dishes of peanuts and sunflowers. Wei Wu Xian waved his head to recognize, continuing to eat sunflower seeds. “Did you know that something really is something?

Now the waiter laughed at the pitch, “laughing at the new masters, how do we order people who try to live to find out something about people flying into the sky? Logically, you As you all grow, you need to know more about I. He simply heard the ambiguous an argument about how they were angry with those they did not have. In any case, no one was responsible for the misery surrounding Yueyang.

Wei WuXian thinks, “Are they not angry?”

“Well, the waiter said,” We ate all these sects and everything that really was a criminal offense to others, I think that Kranchan is targeting other farmers. How are you, did you not kill a common treasure or something? Everyone says these books. Story and legend. I do not know who did it right It seems that it is connected to a very famous villain.

When he looked at his side and lifted a liquid bowl on his lips, we smiled Vu Sian: “Let me guess. Did you know that you are not a wicked? What?

The bulletin says: “I know it and win again, he’s something along the lines of” cracking curiosity “Yiling patriarch …. well,” patriot “!

Wei WuXian suffocated, leaving a series of bubble liquids, “What?”


The counselor was confirmed and “his last name was Wei, his name is Wei Wu Qian Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean … When they mention him, people are hostile and terrible. It sounds like that.”


Wei Wuxian thought about it, decided on two things: one, he had never been to Yueyang City, and 2: he was among all the people who were killed, which of them, although he does not die late due to a penalty. He felt a little stupid watching Ranch as if he wanted to explain. Lan Wang Ji is waiting for that. He replied: “We leave.

Wei WuXian soon realized. Lan Wang Ji says to him, and he could not say it in his entire nose-water store. He said: “After we have finished, I will heal, I left here. How much, of course, it has already been paid, leaving.” He said: Add the duonfosa: “Make sure it is still here, and it has gone up and I will come back”

For more than half of the board at the end of the board, the waiter replied: “Of course, our store is honest, let’s do it for our parents here, so young people, you close our store. Do not worry, we’re waiting until we get back to … Hey, the new teacher, or Are you going to Jang Residence now? Now it’s beautiful, I’m from an area, A person who’s not even there, I did it from a distance with some lines. Do you both go in? What will you do?

Wei Wu Xian, “We also throw a familiar look from afar. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The new waiter had a foreigner’s personality. They talked about the time, but he had already processed Wei Wu Xian as if they were friends. When he used “around Wei WuXian’s shoulder, he had to get hand-crafted in two difficulties. Perhaps not a ton, it’s not worthy of work. I heard you do something. Let’s see if you earn a lot of money.” “It’s hard to do.” I am … ”

While he was sleeping, he suddenly closed his mouth and nervously began nervously. He whispered: “The young Lord, why are you next to me? Did you look at me?”

Wei Wu Xian said: “Oh, he … This my friend grew tall, Ran Wang Ji rose up and stood up, followed by his eyes, coming out of the liquid store, when others hated him too much comfort in front of him.

The showroom slowly grown and pulled out a hand. “Of course, it’s strange that when he’s looking for it, I think he’ll put his hand on his wife …”

Lan WangJi was not able to catch anything at the court hearing because it was a low voice. Imagine what he feels now, Wei Wuxian almost laughed at hurt his stomach. He quickly told the waiter: “I finished the boat.

Bulletin, “Are you sorry?”

Wei Wu Xian said: “I stand.”

Finally: “After you finish it, if you can still stay, I’ll take your surname,” he remembered earlier, he said ah … ho! Um … Wow! I’m glad, but that’s not the case. “For the first time someone who can still stand up and talk properly after the jacket is also released. Young Master, what’s your surname?

Wei Wu Xian, “my sudden word …” suddenly remembered the waiter, “Wei Wu Qian”, in his brilliant corner. He crossed a bit: “Are you an orchid?”

The waiter stated that the expression did not change: “Yes, my surname will be Lan from today!

Under the glossy red flag in the liquid store, it seems that Lan Wang Ji’s appearance has always been reduced for a second. With a slight smile on his face, Wei WuXian shrugged his shoulder behind him: “Thank you for the payment of the expense HanGuang-Jun, I am my surname We accepted.”

After they left the city, both went to the place where the waiter indicated. The number of people gradually decreased, the number of trees increased. Wei Wuxian asked: “Why did I keep asking him at that time?”

“I suddenly remembered what happened to Yueyang and remembered, I do not have to ask,” said Lan Wang Ji.

Wei Wu Xian said, “Before you tell me, I’ll ask you something for you. It’s good if you do not have a Chang clan, I was not done, is not it so? Is it?”

Although he died ten years ago, his soul was quite stable, but he could not remember anything if he killed all the clans!

Lan Wang Ji, “no”

Wei Wuxian said: “Oh.

It seems that he had returned to this era before his death, everything was worse than a despicable dry rat. He has participated in all aspects. He was blamed for everything. Even if the neighboring grandchildren did not lose 5 pounds, it was proper to eat, due to the fact that the children were afraid of Yiling’s mother’s story that killed the general Ghost people.

However, Lan Wang Ji again said. “You have not killed, but it was related to you.

Wei WuXian, “what are the relationships?

Lan Wang Ji, “There are two relationships: first, one of those who joined him shared his mother with the past.

Wei WuXian stopped his way.

He did not know what I noticed and how his face was. When I stopped talking to my mom?

Wei WuXian was Wei ChangZe’s son, YunmengJiang minister of the industry and ZangSe SanRen, ruĝema farmers. Jiang Feng and his wife Yoo Ji-young, both were very familiar with the weiwishi parents. Still, Ebayashi never came up with his old friend before Wei Wuyi. In addition, Yu Yuan girls have never talked to Wei Wuyi. She was lucky. If she did not give him any kick and sent paths in the big hall, he could leave a distance from Jiang g. Others told him most of what he knew about his parents. He did not know much more than he really knew.

Ran Wang Ji also stopped watching her, stopped, “Have you heard the word Xiao XingChen? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wu Xian searched his memories, “no”

Lan Wang Ji, “No” is correct. He was known when he left the mountain for 12 years, but now nobody will mention him.

Twenty years ago, since Yiling’s apple on Luanzang Hill, it took only 1 year. Wei Wuxian asked, “What is the mountain, who taught her?”

Lan Wang Ji: “I do not know the state of the hill, his farmer’s teacher Xiao XingChen was a BaoShan SanRen student.

Wu WuXian finally realized why Lan Wang Ji said that she went with her mother. “Yes, that means Xiao XingChen is my shisha.

ZangSe SanRen was also BaoShan SanRen student.

rumoreata to Baoshan SanRen is, from the rest of the world was a farmer who lived separately, is Wen Mao and LAN Anne and the same generation. Most of the heroes of this generation have already returned to dust, but BaoShan SanRen said it has not yet happened. If this is true, she must be 100 years old, a high level of cultivation is needed. They must be observed as if it were a bamboo shoot after the concentration of rain in the rain, with Wen Mao’s lead, the world has become not a clan, sect, and linked to the growth potential of the blood in the blood I made. Without exception, all the breeders who were very famous, chose the denomination. However, this farmer decided to go to loneliness, living in the mountains under the cultivated name of Baoshan SanRen. Nobody knows what hill she was. No one knew about it, only to go to loneliness. If they go to loneliness, they are still easy to find and no longer retire in solitude.

She lived on an unknown heavenly hill. However, all pupils had to be instructed to save their time of life, never leave the mountain or not to enter a human society. On the other hand, why they never return. They have to rely on themselves to survive the dead world, and all connections with teachers must be discontinued.

For her view of this provision, they all talked a lot about BaoShan SanRen. hundreds of years ago, three of her students only mountain Yanling DaoRen, leaving ZangSe SanRen and Xiao Xingchen, did it. Of these three students, all died deadly.

Wei Wu Xian knew the fate of the first pupil and the second teacher after childhood, so no additional explanation was needed. Thus, Lan Wang Ji told him about the last student – his shishuo story.

When Xiao Xingchee left the mountain, he was only 17 years old. Lan WangJi never met, but he heard about Xiao Xingchen’s talent from others.

At that time, the Sunshot campaign ended a few years ago and the Yiling’s Luozang Hill siege was over. All outstanding tracks are hired by skilled farmers from all over the world and become part of them. Xiao XingChen left the mountain to save the world. With his excellent talent and ability as a teacher, during his first night hunting when he walked into the mountains alone, the need for the first place, on the one hand, the chest, took long swords cookies and others – He became famous during the night.

As the sect saw this beautifully equipped farmer for a very young man, everyone was invited to a nominal value. However, Xiao XingChen abandoned all offers. He said that he did not want to rely on any of the sect, but he wanted to create a new sect for your best friend, you do not have to evaluate blood in the blood.

He had a gentle personality, but the outside was soft, but inside was a hard heart. Whenever someone had something tough about, they first thought of him, asking for their help. As a man with moral integrity, he never gave up, so people often talked about him when evaluating.

This happened when the Yake Yang tribe was erased. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.
Translator Note

Wei Wu Qian: Wu Xian means “no envy,” Wu Qian means “no money.”

Farmer: A stone farmer is a farmer who is not part of a sect and is grown.

SanRen: This means “Grower Grower”, but it’s saved as a pinyin that supports story feeds.

Shishu: Similar to sitting and those, the shishu is used by his “apprentice uncle”, some refer to his mother’s SIT.

Cultivated name: This is just another name. Do not worry, because it’s not a complete problem. “Oh, God already has three or four words, and another comes.

Baoshan: This is literally interpreted as “rob the mountain”.

Celeste Volume: It refers to the mountain, there are many celebrities / spiritual people, farmers can absorb more energy and reach a higher level quickly.

Like DaoRen: SanRen, it simply means “grower”.
Hose Tines: Hoses tears are often used by farmers and general contractors. It has different meanings, and these meanings are irrelevant. It’s probably a white color, just to understand that Xiao Xing looks like white lotus. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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