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Chapter 276: Beat Down

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After returning to the pavilion, You XiaoMo could not refrain from telling Ling Xiao what he had experienced today. He also jokingly included the events of that Hai Lan woman trying to honeytrap him. He had never thought that someone would ever try to honeytrap him.

After he finished hearing the story, Ling Xiao looked at You XiaoMo, “When she tried to seduce you, you didn’t come up with any thoughts?”

“Of course I did!” You XiaoMo suddenly smiled. Just as Ling Xiao had narrowed his eyes, he pointed at his own head and cheerfully said, “I felt that she had some problem here. Just to gain entry into the study, she tried to seduce me. Do I look like a lecherous man? I would think that you…”

“You think that I what?” Ling Xiao continued.

“Uh…” You XiaoMo gave a few hollow laughs, and haltingly said, “Of course I…think that if she wanted to seduce someone, she should seduce you ah. See, you look handsome, and you have no shortcomings. If she doesn’t seduce you, who else would she seduce?”

Ling Xiao pulled him into his arms, and patted his head a few times, “It’s good that you change your tune so fast.”

You XiaoMo guiltily gave an obsequious smile, how could he not quickly change his tune? Ling Xiao had been looking at him as if he wanted to eat You XiaoMo.

After talking with Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo remembered he had the magic herbs that Tang YuLin had sent to him over the past few days. As he was busy reading the encyclopedia every night, he had not refined pills for three days. Therefore, he decided to head upstairs to refine twenty magic pills tonight.

However, when he reached towards his waist, his face involuntarily paled. The magic bag that had been hanging on his waist was gone, and he did not know when it had disappeared.

When Ling Xiao went upstairs, he saw You XiaoMo’s rapidly paling face. Walking over, he asked, “What happened?’

You XiaoMo gave a woebegone look and replied, “My magic bag is gone.” Although there were not many valuable things inside, the things inside were worth a lot of points.

Ling Xiao frowned, “How could it be gone? Did any strange things happen today?”

You XiaoMo thought for a moment and recalled, “On the way back, someone was rushing around a corner and they knocked into me. But I’m not sure if I lost the magic bag at that time.”

Ling Xiao asked, “Did you see what he looked like?”

You XiaoMo scratched his head and replied, “I didn’t. I only know that he was wearing a blue robe, and his face was covered by something, so I didn’t manage to see it.”

Ling Xiao said, “Looks like the person who knocked into you seized the chance to take your magic bag. Were there any valuable things inside, like your card for example?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “Well, no. The things inside are only the magic herbs that Tang YuLin sold to me, the Jin Ming Cauldron that I use to refine pills, a small bottle of spiritual water, and some clothes.”

Ever since he stole other people’s magic bags, and found that magic bags were easily stolen, he transferred all his valuables into his dimension. His dimension was also more convenient to use. With a single thought, he could take things in and out. If he used the magic bag, he still had to reach out and rummage around to take things out.

Ling Xiao thoughtfully said, “It’s good that you have no valuables inside. However it looked like that person had some sort of scheme. Otherwise, he could not have been able to coincidentally rush out just when you were about to turn the corner. Moreover, he deliberately stole your magic bag. Don’t tell me that you showed off some treasure in front of people before?”

When he said the last sentence, Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes in You XiaoMo’s direction.

You XiaoMo immediately proclaimed his innocence, “I definitely didn’t show anything off in front of others. You also know that some things that I carry cannot be exposed to people. If I took it out to show off, wouldn’t I be courting my own death?”

Ling Xiao nodded and replied, “Right, you are very scared of death.”

You XiaoMo, “…” You don’t actually need to say this kind of thing out loud.

Ling Xiao said, “In any case, the other party must have thought that there was something valuable inside your magic bag. Tomorrow, tell your Shifu about this. Anyway, those who steal things in the academy will face expulsion.”

Daoxin Academy was a place of learning, and such despicable methods like stealing were prohibited. As for the person who dared to steal a magic bag while knowing of this regulation, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance of them having some backing.

“But my cauldron and magic herbs are just gone like this. Without my cauldron, how can I refine pills?”

You XiaoMo, who had just been rejoicing that there was nothing valuable stolen, frowned. There were not a lot of magic herbs inside, so only a few points were spent. However, what he missed the most was the Jin Ming Cauldron. Although he would have to change his cauldron soon, points were also needed to buy a new one.

You XiaoMo was not worried about the small bottle of spiritual water in his magic bag. The volume of spiritual water was not more than fifteen drops, and such a small amount could not prove anything. That person also could not depend on that amount of spiritual water to suspect that he had a dimension.

Ling Xiao supported his chin and replied, “Since there’s no other way, you’d just have to buy a new one. In any case, you have to change your cauldron soon.”

You XiaoMo still felt very unwilling, “Looks like this is the only choice.”

Meanwhile, that man who knocked into You XiaoMo cautiously appeared at a deserted place sometime later. When he walked in, there was another person standing inside.

The man immediately walked over, “Missy, I’ve acquired it.” When he finished speaking, he passed You XiaoMo’s magic bag over to that person.

That person turned around, and astonishingly, it was Teng ZiXin.

Teng ZiXin did not take the magic bag. Indifferently glancing at the man, she said, “Take the things inside the bag out.”

The man promptly followed her order. There were not many things inside the magic bag. It was just as You XiaoMo had said before; there were only the magic herbs and cauldron and such. Teng ZiXin originally thought that You XiaoMo had brought out the level eight encyclopedia from Duan QiTian’s study. But, this outcome was against her expectations, could she have made a wrong guess?

The man clasped his hands and replied, “Missy, this servant did not see a second magic bag.”

Teng ZiXin coldly ordered, “Put everything back and find an uninhabited place to destroy this.”

The man held out the bottle of spiritual water, “Missy, do you also want to destroy this?” With a single look, he had perceived that spiritual water was stored inside. Although it was not much, it was still a good find.

Teng ZiXin’s eyes glinted, and she suddenly gritted her teeth, “Give it to me. Destroy the other things as soon as you can. Be sure not to be discovered by others.”

“Yes, Missy.”

After the man left, Teng ZiXin pinched the bottle of spiritual water, and remained perplexed despite much thought.

The next day, You XiaoMo told the old geezer of what happened the day before.

Despite the fact that the old geezer normally enjoyed tormenting You XiaoMo, when he knew that someone actually stole his disciple’s magic bag at the door of his Orchid Courtyard, the old geezer flipped out on the spot and called the Vice Principal Yan Fa over. The geezer’s wrathful and imposing manner immediately caused You XiaoMo to jump in fright.

Yan Fan was astonished, “Old chap, what was so urgent that you asked me to hurry over?”

You XiaoMo was full of embarrassment. He felt that the old geezer had made a mountain out of a molehill by calling Gao-dage’s teacher over. You XiaoMo hurriedly began to explain before the old geezer could open his mouth, “Vice Principal, actually what happened was…”
t/n: Dage means Elder Brother/Big Brother. However, Gao Yang is not blood-related to You XiaoMo. In this case, this is just a more intimate way of calling an older person.

After hearing his explanation, Yan Fa frowned.

The old geezer snorted, “Yan Fa, didn’t you say that the academy does not condone theft? How do you explain this now?!”

Faced with Duan QiTian’s aggressiveness, Yan Fa was helpless. Still, this was a matter that only happened occasionally. Although, it would not be easy to find the culprit, Yan Fa could not let off someone who dared to challenge the academy’s authority, otherwise this could happen again in the future.

“The fact that my disciple could lose his things is due to your mismanagement. You have to compensate my disciple with a cauldron.” The old geezer domineeringly stated.

Yan Fa helplessly shook his head and replied, “You old bastard, you still didn’t forget to blackmail me in this situation.”

Even though he said as such, in the end, Yan Fa still gave You XiaoMo a cauldron that was better than the Jin Ming Cauldron. As the Vice Principal of the academy, he was still able to give out a slightly better quality cauldron.

That day, You XiaoMo happily hugged the cauldron as he walked back.

Subsequently, Yan Fa carried out an investigation on the matter. Although he could not find the culprit, he gave some of the powers in Ward B a beat down, concentrating his efforts on those powers that had a grudge against You XiaoMo. The degree of attention caused Teng ZiXin who was in the know and those who saw You XiaoMo as an eyesore to jump in fright. As for the bottle of spiritual water, Teng ZiXin held onto it and did not dare to use it. After the beat down, no one dared to demonstrate any aggressive actions for a period of time.

Just like this, You XiaoMo lived comfortably.

Although he would be chewed out by the old geezer from time to time, these situations were happening more rarely.

Afterwards, as the old geezer had something to do, You XiaoMo reduced the number of times he went over to the old geezer’s place. However, he would occasionally go over to the old geezer’s study to borrow a few books.

You XiaoMo’s comfortable life continued until three months later, when the news of Teng ZiXin advancing surfaced.

As he and Teng ZiXin had a promised duel, when the news was spread, there were people who brought it to him.

“XiaoMo, Teng ZiXin is already a level six Mage. Why are you still a level five mage? There’s only one month left until the duel. Didn’t you see those people have been running rampant recently? They’ve been going around saying that you’re definitely going to lose.” BaiLi XiaoYu anxiously paced up and down in front of You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo was trying to split his attention three ways. The past three months, he had learned an easier and more awesome method to refine pills from the old geezer. However, as he was still a novice, it was a little hard to implement. When he heard BaiLi XiaoYu’s words, You XiaoMo gave him a little of his attention.

“What are you being so anxious for? I’m not even anxious.”

“I’m being anxious on your behalf ah!” BaiLi XiaoYu said.

“You don’t need to be so worried. I’ll definitely advance before the duel. You should be more concerned about yourself. You are now at the peak of level four. You only need one more step to advance to the fifth level. Try harder and put in some extra effort ba.”

When he said that, he took out a magic pill and gave it to BaiLi XiaoYu.

BaiLi XiaoYu pinched the magic pill and said, “What pill is this?”

You XiaoMo said, “A Chalcedony Pill. This can increase the probability of breaking through the fourth level.” The pill recipe for this pill was given to him by the old geezer, but he had no use for it now.

“XiaoMo, you’re so awesome!” BaiLi XiaoYu exclaimed, and nearly wanted to throw himself at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo chased him away, and BaiLi XiaoYu ran off in a hurry. Two days later, he broke through the fourth level and became a level five mage, and made Jiang XiaoFeng deathly jealous.


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