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Chapter 275: Seductiveness and Fickleness

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

When he walked into the courtyard, You XiaoMo subconsciously looked inside. Discovering that the old geezer was not around, he heaved a little sigh of relief. After the past few days, he had managed to come upon a small difference between the two personalities.

The first personality tended to wake up later in the mornings. When he came over, he usually found that the old geezer was still asleep in his room. The second personality was more troublesome. He was usually awake before You XiaoMo arrived, and he spent most of his time in the Pill Refining Room or the magic herb field.

However, You XiaoMo did not show his relief too clearly when he discovered the old geezer was not there, as Teng ZiXin was still behind him.

Not seeing the old geezer at the magic herb field, You XiaoMo directly headed towards the Pill Refining Room. To his surprise, Teng ZiXin and her companion also followed him. The two also seemed to be headed to the Pill Refining Room to look for the old geezer.

You XiaoMo gave a discreet frown. To tell the truth, to have a person who he hated and also hated him back, walking at his back was very weird. It made him feel as if a viper was staring at him.

When he reached the Pill Refining Room, You XiaoMo did not even knock before walking in.

He did not notice that for a moment, Teng ZiXin and her companion who were walking behind stared at him in surprise with bulging eyes.

After walking inside, You XiaoMo saw the old geezer standing in front of a jade cabinet to select magic herbs and shouted, “Shifu, I’m here.”

The old geezer turned back and shot him a glance. You XiaoMo immediately knew it was the second personality. If it was the first personality, he would definitely have responded to his sentence with a smile.

“Bring over the magic herbs on the shelf.” The old geezer paused for a moment before he spoke.

You XiaoMo immediately carried the magic herbs to him.

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door. Teng ZiXin’s soft voice was heard, “Shigong, I am Teng ZiXin. May I enter?”

Hearing this, the old geezer glanced at You XiaoMo, and then he said, “Come in.”

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose while feeling a little guilty.

He was aware that did not knock when he came in just now. However, when he had tried to be polite several times before, he would always be scolded in the end. Afterwards, when he tried entering without knocking, the old geezer did not say anything, and he had even expressed acquiescence to his behavior. At that time, You XiaoMo had guessed that the old geezer probably did not like people who procrastinated.

The old geezer gave Teng ZiXin a brief look, and coldly asked, “What?”

Teng ZiXin had a very respectful attitude, and did not have her usual haughty demeanor, “Previously, Shigong permitted this disciple to stay in the study for two days every month. This disciple has already learned all the materials on level six magic herbs, and wishes to enter the study today to learn about level seven magic herbs.”

The old geezer’s study was akin to a gold mine. There was such an abundant collection inside, that even Qiu Ran himself would salivate at the collection.

Although Qiu Ran was also a level ten mage, his qualifications and experience were not as high as the old geezer’s. There were some things that even Qiu Ran had not seen. As for Teng ZiXin, Qiu Ran could not possibly remain at her side forever. Thus the previous time You XiaoMo had met her on the road was also due to Teng ZiXin visiting the old geezer’s study.

The old geezer casually said to You XiaoMo, “Go bring her over.”

You XiaoMo gave a hum in agreement, and walked out of the Pill Refining Room before saying to Teng ZiXin, “Come with me.”

Teng ZiXin turned her gaze downwards and followed behind You XiaoMo together with the beauty. They soon reached the entrance of the study.

You XiaoMo took out his card and swiped it at the indentation at the entrance, and the energy shield immediately opened. When he looked back, he saw Teng ZiXin had on a stupefied expression that she could not conceal in time, and her gaze alighted on the card in his hand very obviously.

That’s right, until now, few knew that he had a Red card. It was mainly because he had not been out setting up his stall. Instead, Ling Xiao had been going in his place.

However, You XiaoMo did not know that what Teng ZiXin was truly astonished about was not his Red card, but the fact that he actually could freely enter and exit the old geezer’s study. One must know that even the eldest disciple, Qiu Ran, did not have this privilege. If Teng ZiXin discovered that not only did You XiaoMo have free access to the study, but he could bring the encyclopedias out, who knew what she would think.

After Teng ZiXin entered, the beauty suddenly said, “Classmate You, can you let me in to take a look too?”

Although the beauty came with Teng ZiXin, she did not have the old geezer’s consent to enter. Thus, she could only wait outside or go back now.

You XiaoMo was taken aback, “Sorry, if you want to enter, you have to seek Shifu’s consent first.”

The beauty put her palms together, and pleadingly looked at him while saying, “Master Duan is too solemn, and I don’t dare to ask him. You-tongxue, just take it as a request from me, can let me in for a look? I promise that I will not tamper with anything, okay?”

You XiaoMo quickly looked away. Why did he have a feeling that the beauty was trying to honeytrap him? That pleading expression, coupled with her good looks, gave the impression that she was somewhat pitiful but lovely. However, what gave most people a nose-bleed were her big breasts. Because her body was leaning forward, the two lumps of shining white flesh were exposed in front of him. It was definitely a honeytrap ah!

You XiaoMo let out a sigh and turned his head and said, “Sorry Xuejie, I am unable to make that decision.”
t/n: xuejie means senior or older female schoolmate

If he agreed to let the beauty in, he could guarantee that the first person the shitty old geezer with a particularly bad temper scolded would be him. He was not so generous to be their scapegoat. Even if the beauty stripped naked and stood in front of him, he would not waver at all. He was not that stupid to get a tongue-lashing on behalf of Teng ZiXin’s friend!

Seeing that seduction was not working, the beauty’s expression twisted.

You XiaoMo shook his head and walked away, leaving the beauty to stand outside alone.

When he returned to the Pill Refining Room, the old geezer looked in his direction and after pausing for a moment, said, “Just now, did that woman called Hai Lan beg you to let her enter the study?”

You XiaoMo’s nearly tripped over the threshold, then he lifted his head and looked at the old geezer in surprise, “Shifu, how did you know that?” He did not know the beauty was called Hai Lan, but from the old geezer’s words, he could deduce that he was talking about the beauty.

The old geezer gave a cold snort, but did not explain why he knew, and only said with displeasure, “The next time she says such things, just directly tell her it’s my intent.”

He disliked people who loved to scheme. That Hai Lan was clearly this sort of person. Of course, he also knew that Teng ZiXin was also the same type. However, she was his eldest disciple Qiu Ran’s apprentice. Even if he did not like her, he would not obviously show it.

You XiaoMo saw the old geezer’s face suddenly becoming black, and speculated that it was related to that Hai Lan, he promptly nodded his head. Even if the old geezer did not tell him so, he also would not have let that Hai Lan into the study.

This day, to his surprise, the old geezer did not torment him. Instead, he let You XiaoMo stand at the side to watch him refining pills. Furthermore, this time he did not use the big cauldron in the Pill Refining Room. You XiaoMo benefited from the lesson as he happily watched the old geezer.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo went to the study.

He saw that the Hai Lan woman had already left. Swiping his card and entering, he saw Teng ZiXin.

Teng ZiXin was enthralled with her book, and did not discover his arrival. You XiaoMo gave her a glance before looking away. He climbed up the stairs and took a level eight magic herb encyclopedia down from the bookshelf. Taking advantage of the fact that Teng ZiXin was not paying attention, he put the encyclopedia into his dimension.

Only after he climbed down the stairs did he tell Teng ZiXin, “Teng-shizhi, the time is up.”
t/n: Shizhi means Martial Niece.

Teng ZiXin’s attention was suddenly drawn away from the encyclopedia. She looked at You XiaoMo and silently closed the encyclopedia, and put it back into the bookshelf. Just when she was going down the stairs, she unexpectedly caught sight of an place on the bookshelf, and her eyes ferociously narrowed at once.

You XiaoMo probed from where he was standing at the door, “Are you done?”

After a while, Teng ZiXin nonchalantly walked out. Seeing You XiaoMo close up the study’s energy shield, she abruptly asked, “You-shishu, did Shigong refine level eight magic pills today?”
t/n: Shishu means Martial Uncle, Shigong means Martial Grandfather

You XiaoMo was astonished as he looked in her direction. Teng ZiXin would actually take the initiative to chat with him? Was the sun rising from the west? Moreover her words did not carry any provocations, and there was even the slightest softening of her attitude. Although he felt it was strange, he still answered her with a word, “No!”

Teng ZiXin fiddled with her hair, and in a moment, let loose an amorous attitude. She lightly smiled, “You-shishu is so fortunate. Presumably Shigong let you interact with level five and six magic herbs ba? You’re so lucky to be able to have hands-on practice!”

Teng ZiXin’s behavior was so “dazzlingly” saccharine it nearly blinded him. Teng ZiXin must have eaten the wrong medicine today ba!

You XiaoMo did not know how to reply to her, so he could only give her a stiff smile.

However, in Teng ZiXin’s eyes, this reaction seemed to be an expression of tacit approval. As if having gotten the answer she wanted, she did not say anything else, and without speaking, turned around and left the Orchid Courtyard.

While looking at her retreating back, You XiaoMo once more discovered another shortcoming of this woman – fickleness!

After informing the old geezer, You XiaoMo also left. Having felt great all day, his footsteps were more lively than normal. However, just as he was walking out of the door of the Orchid Courtyard and preparing to turn the corner, a person suddenly rushed out. The shuddering body carelessly knocked into him, and You XiaoMo staggered back a few steps, nearly twisting his ankle. Without even an apology, that person hurried away.

You XiaoMo could not resist letting out a complaint. Did he not know that by running so fast around a corner, it was easy to knock into people?

Taking it as a stroke of bad luck, You XiaoMo patted down his clothes and returned to the pavilion.

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