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Chapter 294: Speed ​​Training

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scans

Now that the competition had ended, it was rare for You XiaoMo to not busy and have free time to spend. However, his leisure didn’t last even half a day, as Ling Xiao swiftly carried him into the dimension. It was only a day before when Ling Xiao mentioned about wanting to train him, and he just had to carry his word exactly today! You XiaoMo absolutely wasn’t mentally prepare for this.

You XiaoMo lied down on the grass bed and looked up to the deep blue sky, what a beautiful weather.

It would have been so much better if Ling Xiao didn’t force him here.

Ling Xiao came over, lightly kicking him with his toes, “Stand up!”

You XiaoMo turned his body and crawled up while sobbing, “Do I have to fight?” With his current strength, even if he attacked Ling Xiao with one thousand or ten thousand hits, he wouldn’t stand a chance to defeat Ling Xiao. In conclusion, a total one-sided match.

Ling Xiao asked You XiaoMo back, “You say?”

You XiaoMo then immediately procrastinated from standing up.

Ling Xiao pulled him up without hesitation, “I give you two choices, one, you attack me, or two, I attack you. So, choose wisely which choice to go for.”

You XiaoMo,”…”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows, “Don’t choose?”

You XiaoMo jittered, “…I will choose the first one.”

Ling Xiao crossed his arms, took back two steps and beamed, “Good. Now, attack me.”

You XiaoMo swallowed his saliva, “How?”

Ling Xiao grinned, “Like this.” – His sentence came out the same time he threw his fist toward You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo didn’t think he would attack so sudden, still, he managed to dodge on instinct, and luckily Ling Xiao didn’t really mean to hit him, so he avoided it easily.

Ling Xiao derided at him, “Why dodging? Fight back ah, idiot!”

You XiaoMo replied, “Let’s me adapt first.”

Ling Xiao said, “Idiot, would you let your enemy have some time to adapt in the middle of the battle?”

You XiaoMo pretended not to notice his mocking intention. After a moment, he once again faced Ling Xiao and suddenly shouted, “Ah, look behind you, there is a flying pig.”

You XiaoMo’s intention was to take advantage when Ling Xiao turned his head around, but sadly, Ling Xiao didn’t even flinch. In contrary, he gave You XiaoMo a ridiculing look, “This is my dimension, how could there be flying pigs here?”

You XiaoMo signed, such good strategy and it failed.

Ling Xiao squinted his eyes, “If you don’t attack, then I will.”

You XiaoMo clenched his teeth, shouted and rushed toward Ling Xiao. His posture seemed fine, but his hands and legs movement was simply out of pure instinct without any proper skill whatsoever. If he met a more experience opponent, he would definitely lose.

Ling Xiao stretched one of his legs out. You XiaoMo didn’t notice, so he tripped. His whole body rolled on the ground as he ate a full mouth of green grass.

Ling Xiao stood in front of him, casually said, “Looks like this is still too challenging for you.”

You XiaoMo immediately lifted his head, spat out the grass in his mouth, “I also think like that.” He tried his best to suppress the excitement in his voice.

Ling Xiao said, “If so then, we should start from the basics.”

You XiaoMo asked, “What basics? Do the martial art squat?” Like in every tv show.

Ling Xiao slightly smiled, “No. Since your movements are out of discussion, therefore, we should start from improving your speed first. As long as the speed gets faster, even if the response is inferior, one can still manage to avoid hits.”

You XiaoMo had a bad hunch, “So…how to improve speed?”

Ling Xiao laughed without saying anything while promptly beckoning a demon beast. It was a mid level demon beast specialized in speed, the Thunder Flame Leopard. This leopard released a strong thunder mixed with flame, quite a difficult type of beast to deal with.

Ling Xiao said, “Let’s play a hunting game. This Thunder Flame Leopard will be the hunter, and the prey, well, is you. When we start, I will command this leopard to mark you as target and it won’t attack you right away, but when it catches up to you, it will release the thunder to punish you. Of course, it won’t kill you…”

You XiaoMo turned around and ran for his life.

Ling Xiao, “…”

After a while, Ling Xiao patted the Thunder Flame Leopard, he glanced toward You XiaoMo’s back and laughed, “Go, don’t overdo it, but don’t make it too light, at least let him taste some sense of crisis.”

The Thunder Flame Leopard growled. It quickly geared its vigorous body toward You XiaoMo’s direction, took a leap and chased after him. It didn’t take the leopard much time to catch up.

With it’s quick legs, You XiaoMo immediately felt a tremendous threat approaching from behind. By the time his head turned around to see, the Thunder Flame Leopard had crept up on him. He felt like crying inside his heart, but he was still putting all the strength into his legs as he ran.

However, running on two legs couldn’t compare to running on four legs. When the black shadow passed by his eyes, the thought “dammit” finally came into his mind. He let out a scream and fell down, his body rolled a few times on the ground. His body sparked with a few electric current, a few sizzling sounds could be heard from him.

You XiaoMo curled up his body, he knew that this lightning wasn’t fatal, but the numbing sensation from the electric shocks still gave him goosebump.

The taste was simply too unbearable, he cried, he wanted to go home!

The Thunder Flame Leopard held him up using its mouth and brought him back in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao looked down at him, “You haven’t passed 300 meters yet and you were caught. This speed is totally unacceptable, you must practice further!”

You XiaoMo lied down on the ground like a dead dog.

Ling Xiao said, “Stand up, continue running, or do you want to taste the electricity again?”

You XiaoMo immediately revived with a face full of blood, he jumped up and ran away.

When he ran about one hundred meters, the Thunder Flame Leopard decisively began to chase him. Not long after, You XiaoMo was once again being ‘rewarded’ with another thunder strike, and was brought back to Ling Xiao like a dead dog. This time, even though it was not much, his speed had improved two meters more than the last time.


One hour later.

You XiaoMo was flattened on the ground, panting and couldn’t crawl up.

The You XiaoMo at the moment was barely recognizable. After being struck by lightning repeatedly, his cheek were black like charcoal was smeared on his face, his hair was also like coke.

“Wah wah, …. I quit!”

Ling Xiao stroked his head, laughing, “Then we will stop here for the day. Anyway, your speed has indeed improved, you managed to run for seven hundred meters before being caught up. So, let’s continue our training tomorrow.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes and passed out.

The next day, came the same training again, but this time, the situation had changed a bit. After growing accustomed to the thunder, his body had developed some resistance against it. He was no longer like yesterday, laid flat on the ground with both hand and feet paralyzed after being struck by it.

When he was busy strutting around Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao gently raised his mouth as he instructed the Thunder Flame Leopard, “From now on, increase thunder’s volt .”

You XiaoMo slipped, he was so dead!

On the third day, since they needed to depart for Ward A, the training was postponed.

You XiaoMo almost shed out hot tears as he joyously cheered, this was so not easy!

On the morning of the same day, after finishing all the formalities, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao both came to the meeting site, however both BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFei didn’t go with them. Both of them were inspired by You XiaoMo’s victory, thus two days ago, they bid farewell to You XiaoMo and then immediately went into closed-door cultivation.

At the meeting site, flocks of people had gathered at the open space with ten eye-catching Gigantic Firebirds.

Crossing through the crowd, You XiaoMo saw Tong YueXu and Feng ChiYun standing ahead, while next to them were Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang. Since students from Block One and Two would leave here together for ward A, the meeting site was the same for both.

Standing on the left of Tong YueXu was Chai Zheng’s group. On such a worthy celebrational occasion, every single expression on their face wasn’t very eye pleasing, and especially worsened when they saw You XiaoMo, which was really obviously because it reminded them of the competition two days ago.

You XiaoMo looked at them, then walked toward Tong YueXu’s group.

When they saw You XiaoMo, everyone nodded with a friendly manner. Although the competition had ended, there was this saying, “Making a friend is better than making a powerful enemy”, of course, this sentence didn’t include Teng ZiXin’s party.

You XiaoMo excitedly held Tong YueXu’s hand, “It’s good to see you all.”

Tong YueXu, “…”

You XiaoMo, “Right, why are there so many people gathered here?”

Supposedly, students from both blocks gathered here, however, it shouldn’t be this crowded.

Feng ChiYun actually wanted to make friends with You XiaoMo, so he initiatively explained, “Every year, in addition to the students on the top rank of the competition, there were also some that had breakthroughs to a higher level, and there are also students that got an exceptional recommendation by the elders that took a liking of them.” As his sentence finished, Fifth Elder also appeared.

“Next, we will leave for the Ward A. This ward is located on the other side of the deep mountain, if you want to go there from here, you must pass through to the top of the deep mountain, which is highly dangerous, so we need the Gigantic Firebird as transportation. Now, make a group of ten and let’s go.”

Listening the Fifth elder’s word, the practitioners of Block One one after another jumped onto the gigantic firebird’s back.

The Gigantic Firebird of the academy was a little different from the one in Yan City. There was no fixed seats on their back, only the empty vacant space. Somebody almost fell down from slipping while jumping on their back, so this could also be seen as a form of test for the students.

You XiaoMo was picked up by Ling Xiao and firmly fell on the gigantic firebird’s back. Although it quite embarrassing, but with his skill, climbing on it was definitely not an easy feat.

When everyone had settled down, Fifth elder gave the order and the Gigantic Firebird instantly flapped the wing and took up to the sky. You XiaoMo leaned on Ling Xiao’s body, his waist was being held by Ling Xiao so that he wouldn’t fall off. But some other people weren’t that lucky. They almost fell down from the Gigantic Firebird, fortunately there were two elders on each one of them.

A moment later, their figures disappeared into the sky.

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