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Chapter 297: Enrollment

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The young man suddenly made a face like he had eaten a fly.

You XiaoMo didn’t care if the other could take it; he just wanted to show this senior how he had obtained his championship.

As soon as the words left his mouth, he flung the golden seal between his palms at the other.

The wild and majestic soul force instantly flew at the young man. The space around the golden seal was distorted, and the ground exploded under its immense pressure.

The young man started to tremble. He knew with certainty that he couldn’t take this attack, but he couldn’t stay there like a sitting duck. He raised his hands and gathered his soul power in front of him, creating a Spiritual Barrier that was three to four times as thick as the one You XiaoMo had made.

The gold seal flashed a few times before viciously smashing against the young man’s Spiritual Barrier under everyone’s shocked eyes!


A powerful shockwave erupted from where the two forces met, like a raging storm, it swept across the entire field. Two seconds later, everyone heard a loud crack. There wasn’t even time for cracks to spread across the young man’s Spiritual Barrier; it just shattered directly.

Yet, what was most surprising wasn’t that, but the Golden Seal seemed to have only used half its power in that collision. It’s size had decreased, but it still held an immense energy within it, streaking towards the young man after shattering the Spiritual Barrier.

Luckily for him, Elder Tang was prepared to interfere and quickly pushed the young man aside.

The Golden Seal created a massive crater where it hit the ground; half the stage had been annihilated.

Not far in front of the crater, the young man sat, pale faced. If it wasn’t for Elder Tang’s quick acting, he might already be dead.

You XiaoMo panted, looking at the massive crater in shock.

He remembered in the competition two days ago, Chai Zheng had faced this attack head on as well, but nothing like this had happened then.

You XiaoMo guessed that though the young man was of a higher level than Chai Zheng, he didn’t have the backing of a powerful group like the Chai family, so his techniques weren’t as high grade as Chai Zheng.

Elder Chang stared at the massive crater before moving his gaze to You XiaoMo. He had defeated his opponent in just two moves, as well; it seemed like this year’s freshmen were very impressive.

Elder Tang immediately declared, “This round goes to You XiaoMo!”

The young man reluctantly gave his card to You XiaoMo. No matter what, defeat was defeat, no amount of reluctance would change that.

You XiaoMo excitedly took out his own card, transferring ten points from the young man’s card to his own before returning the card.

The young man stared at the red card in his hands and suddenly flushed. He had only just realized how silly his taunting had been.

You XiaoMo ignored him, running to Ling Xiao and triumphantly giving him a thumbs up, “Ling Xiao, I won!”

Ling Xiao grasped his thumb, narrowing his eyes and saying, “Your speed wasn’t bad just now!”

You XiaoMo immediately deflated. He wanted to retract his thumb, but Ling Xiao’s grip on it was too firm. However, it was as Ling Xiao implied; not only did this match prove his strength to those from Ward A, it also proved that his speed training from the previous few days had borne fruit.

“Fine, fine, I’ll keep training.”

Under Ling Xiao’s gaze, You XiaoMo could only compromise. In reality, the feeling of reaping his harvest was great.

Ling Xiao chuckled, saying, “Great, then we’ll add an hour to your daily training.”

You XiaoMo: “…”

After a beat, he gripped Ling Xiao’s clothes, begging mournfully, “Please no, two hours is too much! I still need to cultivate and refine pills. Let’s each take a step back; how’s one and a half hours?”

Ling Xiao said, “Ok!”

You XiaoMo: “…” That was a little quick, wasn’t it?

He regretted his actions. If he had known, he would’ve fought for just one hour. He felt like Ling Xiao was playing with him again.

Not long later, the other four matches came to a close.

Apart from Tong YueXu who managed to endure five rounds, the other three had all lost.

You XiaoMo took a closer look before realizing that apart from Tong YueXu who had a high grade level six mage as an opponent, the other three had level seven mages due to their higher skills.

The gap between level six and seven had always been great divider, completely different from the gap between the high and middle grades of level six mages. One could say that level seven was a sublimation of quality. The three weren’t able to endure, all losing in the third round.

However, it might’ve been You XiaoMo’s victory that provoked them/ In order to not lose so badly in front of everyone, the three students all did their best, leaving their opponents helpless.

Afterwards, Teng ZiXin also managed to last five rounds with her skills, and did it without too much struggle. She might’ve even defeated her opponent if they went a few more rounds.

However, no one else managed to last five rounds after Teng ZiXin. In the end, only four managed to win. It seemed very few, but in the previous years it was usually only one or two who came out with a victory.

“Now that that’s over with, everyone follow me.” The Fifth Elder stood forth and said, looking over the crowd of both excited and disappointed people. Then, he immediately turned and walked towards the passageway.

Everyone composed themselves the best they could and hurriedly followed.

You XiaMo and Ling Xiao walked at the very back of the group. Though they were surprised at having to go through another test, the result was satisfying. Ten points wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.

Ward A was like Ward B, hidden inside a valley, and the area is took up was at least twice of Ward B. Looking at it from above, the towering buildings seemed like models, turning into miniatures.

The Fifth Elder left them along the way because he was busy, and the one leading turned into Elder Tang.

Elder Tang took them directly to their future abodes.

Ward A’s accommodation was different from Ward B. They weren’t split into compounds named after the four seasons and weren’t separated by strength. But there was one thing that was the same, and that was accommodation fees.

“There’s something that everyone should know. Ward A only has two kinds of accommodation, and those two are good and bad. The good ones have individual and group rooms. Individual rooms cost two points a day and group rooms cost three points. The bad accommodation is also split into individual and group rooms and the furniture inside isn’t as good, but it doesn’t cost anything. Don’t choose the better one out of pride, because you’ll soon find out there’s another very important use for the points inside your card. Now, everyone should choose. Those who choose the better accommodation stand to my right, those who choose the worse one stand to my left.”

After he finished speaking, Elder Tang didn’t attempt to interfere in their decisions anymore.

So, everyone began to choose according to their own thoughts. Most people chose the worse one, either because of what Elder Tang had said, or because they had their own plans.

Though the better one only required a measly two points a day to rent, everyone was still willing to live in free accommodation. Most of the people present, apart from those with some sort of background, were all independents, able to make sacrifices.

You XiaoMo decisively pulled Ling Xiao to the right.

It might be as Elder Tang had said, but if they had the ability to do so, why not enjoy the better option? He wasn’t stupid.

Plus, if they really did run out of points in the end, it wasn’t too late to move. It wasn’t like the school would prevent students from moving.

Apart from them, Tong YueXu and Chi YunFeng also stood over on their side. Of course, Teng ZiXin and the others did as well, but for them it was a matter of pride, not points.

You XiaoMo thought Chi YunFeng would choose the left side, so when he saw the other approaching, he couldn’t help but ask, “You seem like someone who doesn’t like to waste, how come you came over here?”

Chi YunFeng replied mildly, “If it gets to it, I can just move. It’s no biggie.”

This thought was the same as his own. No wonder he felt a bond with Chi YunFeng.

You XiaoMo smiled.

Next, Elder Tang had another Elder lead the ones on the left away before personally leading You XiaoMo and the others to the better equipped accommodation.

After walking for a few steps, Elder Tang asked, “Do any of you want to share rooms?”

Everyone shook their heads. Even if they were friends, it didn’t mean that they were willing to room together. Plus, it wasn’t like any of them couldn’t afford it.

Elder Tang didn’t speak again, assigning them rooms as they went. You XiaoMo purposefully lagged behind with Ling Xiao, so they were the last ones to be assigned a room.

Elder Tang opened a door; the décor and furniture inside wasn’t bad and the color of the room was warm. He said to You XiaoMo, “You can have this room.”

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao in conflict before flushing and saying, “Elder Tang, we’re going to share a room, so you don’t have to assign another one to us.”

Elder Tang paused for a second, his gaze flitting between them. However, he was someone who had seen much in his life; this kind of thing would only make him surprised for a moment. He then said, “Do as you want. Also, Ward A has no classes and focuses on independent study. From tomorrow onwards, you have to rely on yourselves to improve.”

Then, he left.


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August 27, 2021 7:19 am

Momo’s left everyone in no doubt he won the competition and got there using his own ability, not tricks (unlike some).
Seems it will be quite a different life from before. Will the old geezer be there too; doesn’t he live in Ward B? Maybe he has places in both.
Thank you for translating.

January 2, 2023 4:45 pm

thanks for trans ♡ you’re the best!!

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