Sequel for NMA?

So, I had a lot of people say that they like Never, My Alpha and that they want me to write a sequel, but to feature Ren and his mate in the next one. However, I’ve been having a bunch of negative thoughts to myself, thinking that it won’t be read like my last two novels were not, and with such thoughts, I’m having a hard time trying to put pen to paper as they say.

So, here’s my question, should I continue it?

And If I do, will it be read?

This is literally all I have written for it right now:

The phone buzzed and vibrated constantly, the sound it woke Ren from his sleep. He grumbled and reached out his hand, searching aimlessly with his hand along his nightstand where he normally kept his phone during the night. When his hand didn’t find it, he grumbled louder and sighed before opening his eyes. Looking all over, he still didn’t find the phone that seemed to be on constant vibrate. Swearing under his breath, Ren flipped over to look at his other nightstand. However, as he turned the other way, he froze at the sight that fell before him.

Curled up on themselves was a gorgeous man, sleeping soundly in nothing but a pale blue shirt, his breaths even and the movement moving his light brown hair with each breath. His hands were clenched in fists, lightly touching his face. Ren was unable to move as he looked over the man beside him, he watched him breathe and was only able to regain control of himself when the vibrating sound jolted him back.

Beside the sleeping man was a phone, and it’s alarm was sounding nonstop. Unconsciously, Ren reached over and grabbed it, silencing it once and for all. He tried not to make any sudden movements, and looked around the room. For the first time, he recognized that it wasn’t actually his room, it was someone else’s. As he shifted his body, he felt the cold draft across his skin. Jolted, he realized, like the sleeping man, he was also wearing nothing.

Groaning under his breath, Ren connected the dots and knew that somehow he had followed this man home and they had done it. With another glance around the room, he tried to find traces of his clothes and cursed under his breath again when he found them in several places from where he had obviously thrown them off. Mixed together with his clothes were also those from the man still sleeping beside him.

Trying to be quiet and not wake up the man, Ren slipped his feet off the bed, but with even that slight movement, the bed springs beneath him creaked loudly in the now silent room. Ren flinched at the sound and glanced back at the man. The man groaned, his eyelashes fluttered but all he did was turn over onto his other side.

Ren was relieved that the man didn’t wake up, and breathed a sigh of relief. But, even as he turned away, to finally put on his clothes, he noticed something entirely unexpected that made his heart beat erratically. There, on the mans slim, pale neck, was a mark.

The mark of a mate.

That bite mark was still fresh, the area around each tooth indentation raw and blood still seeped slowly from the wound, creating bright red lines as it dripped beneath the collar of his shirt.

NMA Chapter 30 (END)

46 thoughts on “Sequel for NMA?

  1. I was wondering if you ever decided to pursue the story you teased about the Boss and his subordinate with the drunken “dick pic”? It started out great, and I would love to see where that story goes.

    Please keep writing for as long as you enjoy it. We the readers, silent or vocal, will keep following you to infinity and beyond.

  2. YESSSS PLEASEEE 😍😍😍 I love your writting 😍😍 I WANT MOREEE😋😋 Never My Alpha 👍👍👍 I love itttt💕💕

  3. Addis, I loved your story! no words to describe … I read everything in one day … I could not stop.
    If you free of your negative thoughts, we readers love you and now that I have discovered you will read everything you write.

    You know I’ve known this site for some time, but I only knew your story by referral from a friend.

    Answering your question … YES continue !! very curious to know about Ren.

  4. Please continue. You piqued my curiosity. I want to know more about this stranger and Ren. I like the way you write your stories.Thanks again

  5. This story NMA, one of my best ones. Love the ending. Even for Ren, if the story continues, I would love to read it

  6. Aww yess I saw this existed before finishing reading Never My Alpha so I was both excited to know how that one ends and also impatient to finish it to start reading this one. Ren, I hope you’ll reach your happy ending!

  7. OMG Addis!!! Great work!! Honestly, I’m craving for more~gonna binge reading your work from now on 😘😘😘

  8. Better late than never I suppose…but I really enjoyed this story! I would LOVE to read a follow up with Ren…I get so sad when the stories end, I ALWAYS want more. And FYI I LOVE LOVE LOVE your steamy scenes!

  9. Well, I came late to imfluence anything as it’s already there (actually your first nivel I read) but hey! never think we’re not reading! just that leaving comments is not easy unless you login, but we are soooo into your work!

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