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Chapter 308: Nonsense

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It wasn’t until fifteen minutes later that Tang MengCheng and company arrived.

Chai Zheng hadn’t come. You XiaoMo heard that he hadn’t left the Cultivation Center for over a month and counting, putting his all into cultivation.

Another saying was that Chai Zheng was afraid of being overtaken by him and Teng ZiXin, so he had no choice but to put his all into cultivation. Tang MengCheng was an eye-catching figure in the crowd. He was handsome young man, clothing rich and elegant, poise regal, gaze sharp and holding the barest hint of disdain.

If it wasn’t for Tong YueXu informing them about Tang MengCheng, then it would probably be very hard to tell how fake this person was.

The two sides watched each other from afar, and sparks seemed to crackle in the air between them.

Tang MengCheng walked directly onto the arena, looking at them from above and saying, “My time is precious, let’s start.”

His tone was light and uncaring, evidently looking down on them.

It might be frustrating to be looked down on like that, but You XiaoMo and company weren’t normal people. They all turned to look at Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo whispered, “He seems really confident.”

Ling Xiao smiled, replying, “The fifty-first is challenging the fifteenth. He would be better off dead if he didn’t have confidence.”

You XiaoMo didn’t know how to respond to that. “Good luck, but don’t expose too much of your strength.”

Ling Xiao said, “Don’t worry, my current ‘strength’ is Spiritual Level 1 star, how could a Celestial Level 6 star possibly be my opponent?”

You XiaoMo said, “We’re civilized people; don’t be too hard on him.”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. “How hard is too hard?”

You XiaoMo answered, “As long as he doesn’t die…”

There were rules in the arena. Casualties were inevitable in the arena. You could maim, but you weren’t allowed to kill.

Ling Xiao gave him a look and smiled with mischief. “You finally said something I can agree with.”

You XiaoMo raised his head to stare at the sky. “…I’m a very kind person.”

Thus, Ling Xiao who had been ordered to be merciful by the kindhearted You XiaoMo finally walked into the arena. Under the watchful eyes of the audience, he came to a stop in front of Tang MengCheng, barely five meters away.

Not many people were truly interested in this match. In the eyes of most, there was no need for a match. A new student who hadn’t even enrolled for half a year wanting to win the ranked fifteenth Tang MengCheng? Ridiculous.

Tang MengCheng looked at Ling Xiao coldly, and said sinisterly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you lose too quickly. I’ll take good care of anyone who dares to go against the Stone Gate.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes narrowed with a hint of a smile. The corner of his lips lifted as he replied airily, “Then thank you very much for that.”

That wasn’t a response Tang MengCheng hoped to elicit.

Chai Zheng might be a bit fearful of You XiaoMo, letting his underlings bother them instead, but he didn’t want anyone to think Stone Gate was weak. So, he was trying to use this chance to punish You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Tang MengCheng huffed in a very queen-like fashion, becoming a dark shadow that streaked towards Ling Xiao. In a flash, he appeared behind Ling Xiao, his fingers clawlike and flashing with poisonous green like as they darted for Ling Xiao’s neck.

These movements were swift, but for Ling Xiao they were at a snail’s pace. The claws approached, but their target had disappeared.

Staring at the lingering afterimage in front of him, Tang MengCheng was startled by his opponent’s reaction speed, but didn’t panic. The spiritual energy on his body struck behind him, baring a sinister air.

“Are you fighting with the air?” The lightly spoken words that rang out from beside his air held a mocking tone. Tang MengCheng tensed, gaze coloring with shock. He gave up on attacking, quickly backing away from the source of the voice.

It was only until he had retreated to a distance he felt safe with that he looked back at the source of the voice, only to find that Ling Xiao hadn’t moved at all, still standing in the same place and smiling.

Their first exchange, no, it was just simply a round of attacks from Tang MengCheng’s. Ling Xiao hadn’t truly acted at all, but Tang MengCheng was already at an obvious disadvantage.

This situation elicited a wave of surprise from the audience. Though a single round couldn’t predict the conclusion, but it seemed that the course of this fight would be far from what they had believed.

Tang MengCheng’s face was pale. Ling Xiao’s performance had scared him and he didn’t dare hold back any longer. He immediately took out his weapon, a black spear that didn’t seem to be made of a special material.

His figure blurred, dashing towards Ling Xiao even faster than before. His spear cut through the air to his will, swinging in a half circle. His spiritual energy rapidly covered the spear, no longer white, but a light grey that crackled with energy…

In a few rapid movements, leaving behind afterimages, Tang MengCheng arrived in front of Ling Xiao. The spear was like a razor-sharp tooth, tearing apart from the very air around them. Arcing in a strange angle, the imposing energy locked onto Ling Xiao’s surrounding and a sinister force erupted from the tip, heading straight for Ling Xiao.

Tang MengCheng smiled darkly. “Take this! Moon Shattering Spear!”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. It seemed to be a lower high-grade skill, pretty powerful by the looks of it.

Moon Shatter Spear was what delivered the Tang family to fame. It might’ve only been a lower grade technique, but the power of it had been closing in on mid-grade, thanks to generations of adjustments made by the Tang family. All members of the Tang learned it, and it could count as an ultimate technique.

Tang MengCheng seemed to want to finish this as soon as possible. It hadn’t been long into the battle and he was already taking out the ace up his sleeve.

Surprise spread amongst the spectators. It seemed like Tang MengCheng really wasn’t going hold back this time; they never expected for him to do this so soon.

To make it more realistic, Ling Xiao flipped his hand around and a fan appeared between his fingers.

Seeing the fan, You XiaoMo startled.

Speaking of, he hadn’t ever seen Ling Xiao use a weapon before. This was the first time, and it was a fan as well. It seemed flimsy compared to Tang MengCheng’s spear.

“Lightning Ace!”

Ling Xiao opened the fan and a miniscule spark of red fire that hid amongst his majestic spiritual energy darted to his fan from the center of his palm. The silver fan shone blindly. As Ling Xiao waved the fan, the energy shot out like a blade with the howl of wind as it tore through the air; a streak of white and red flame entangled together crashed against Tang MengCheng’s Moon Shattering Spear…

The scene was like watching a volcano erupt. The shockwaves from the clash between these two powerful energies rapidly caused the arena floor to crack and crumble. The crumbling stone was swept up by the whirling wind, into the sky, and a massive crater was left in the ground.

The spectators ran for cover as they saw this. Though it was just crumbling stone, they would still be injured if they got hit.

As everyone ran around in a panic, a sliver of red flame darted out, heading towards the shocked Tang MengCheng in an arc, and latching to his body.

Tang MengCheng screamed in pain. He may have been wearing armor, but it was melted in an instant. The flame shoot into his body and burned him everywhere it touched. It wasn’t until he had been torched half dead that the flame disappeared without a trace.

Waiting for the dust to clear, the spectators finally were able to see the situation in the arena.

Upon setting eyes on Tang MengCheng, whose fate was yet to be revealed, they couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

It was really as You XiaoMo had said: as long as he didn’t die.

Stone Gate’s people’s faces were green. They couldn’t believe that the most powerful person in Stone Gate would lose to the ranked fifty-first. They had been give a harsh slap to the face in front of everyone.

“That man is much more than he looks,” An XinRui exclaimed with surprise, her beautiful eyes looking over at Ling Xiao with brimming curiosity.

Zhan YuXuan smiled. “It’s not an unexpected result from a Celestial 6 star going against a Spiritual 1 star. Tang MengCheng underestimated him because he was a new student. Someone like that won’t get anywhere.”

Yin Ge glanced coldly towards You XiaoMo and company, his gaze void of emotions. Two seconds later, he calmly said to Zhan YuXuan, “Let’s go!”

Zhan YuXuan smiled softly, following. An XinRui bit her lip with disappointment, following after them closely. She knew that this was simply how Yin Ge was, but she was left hurt every time.

On the other side, You XiaoMo watched Ling Xiao come down from the arena with excitement, approaching him first.

You XiaoMo exclaimed, “Ling Xiao, that Lightning Ace you used was amazing!”

Ling Xiao smiled lazily. “Oh, Lightning Ace?”

You XiaoMo immediately nodded.

Ling Xiao replied, “I just made it up on the spot.”

You XiaoMo: “…”

Please don’t tell me the truth!

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