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Chapter Eleven

“Shouta,” Ren groaned, reaching his hand out to touch Shouta’s cheeks. His fingertips drew Shouta in closer, their noses touching, their breaths minglining. They stared into each others eyes like a collector would stare at a rare painting. Fervently, enticingly and with trace amounts of greed.

Shouta was the one to bridge the gap between them, their lips touching in a kiss as soft as silk. Before he could even pull away, Ren growled low in his throat, laced his fingers through Shouta’s hair and dragged him in for a harder, lustful kiss. Their tongues danced, breath became one and their passion rose beyond what could be measured.

Groggily, Shouta thought, My head and my body have become weird, but… There’s not enough stimulation and Ren’s voice…his moans…

Ren’s hands wandered down Shouta’s body, teasing his naked skin with light scrapes of his nails. Shudder after shudder left Shouta feeling weak. It took him a moment to realize that they were no longer kissing and that Ren had moved his lips downward in fluttering trails. Each time those soft lips touched his skin, Shouta lost himself to the pleasure of those simple touches.

“Are you at your limit?” Ren rasped out, his teeth nipping and biting at Shouta’s nipple, causing the younger man to groan beneath him.

Gasping for breath, Shouta pushed Ren’s head away from his nipple, “Don’t. I’m sensitive there right now.”

“Huh? Well then.” Ren lowered his head again and bit down lightly on Shouta’s nipple. Crying out in pleasure, Shouta’s body bolted slightly away from Ren’s touch.

A quiet chuckle escaped Ren’s lips as he moved back to Shouta’s lips to tease and taste all he wanted. Ren was so insistent with his kisses that Shouta was beginning to think he was being devoured, not kissed. Ren’s hands wandered down Shouta’s body, kneading the translucent skin here and there, his touches soft and hard at the same time. Groaning, Shouta leaned into the kiss, now hoping he would be devoured by those ravenous lips.

Ren’s hands moved lower and lower until they wrapped around the soft towel around Shouta’s waist, growling, he tugged it off to reveal that slim body in the soft luminescent light. Unbeknownst to his, a soft, loving smile curled his lips upward and he grabbed Shouta’s bare waist with his hands, dragging him forward until their erections were touching and pulsing near each other. Shouta whimpered into the kiss, loving how rough Ren seemed to be as if he couldn’t get enough.

When his hands grabbed Shouta’s lower cheeks, fondling them, Shouta bit slightly down onto Ren’s lower lip, eliciting a groan. Unable to bare it any longer, Ren grabbed Shouta around the waist and picked him up.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Ren groaned, his eyes never leaving Shouta’s flushed face.

Doing as he was told ,Shouta wrapped his legs around Ren’s waist, his erection stiff against that washboard stomach. He then wrapped his arms around the back of Ren’s neck, his body hot and wanting. With one hand around Shouta’s waist, Ren used the other to drag Shouta’s lips back down to his. Even as they both began to lose themselves in that kiss, Ren walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom next door.

Each step jolted Shouta making his erection more prominent and his entrance clenched in memory of their first time. He felt the silk sheets against his back before he realized he was on the bed with Ren towering over him.

Their lips left each other and Ren sat up, his chest heaving as he panted, his eyes glazed. He crossed both his arm over his chest as he grabbed the edges of his shirt and ripped it off over his head, slightly messing up his auburn hair in the process. Shouta stared at Ren’s muscles with lust filling his eyes. He knew Ren worked out to be able to fling fifty pound bags of flour easily over his shoulder, but seeing it in person after so long made him lick his lips. Shouta moved his hands out and ran his fingers over each defining part of Ren’s abs, trailing them softly down until they reached the waistband of Ren’s pants. Auburn hair peeked out from the top of his low riding jeans and it made the naked Shouta shudder in anticipation.

Just seeing the front of Ren’s jeans tighten and constrict around his erection set Shouta on fire. He craved Ren with a madness he barely understood. It was as if he was meant to be filled with Ren’s everything, like that perfect piece to finish the puzzle. Without that puzzle piece, Shouta felt empty and seeing it before him, he ached with everything he had. He wanted it.

Ren watched the lust gather in Shouta’s eyes and laughed hoarsely as he bent down to capture those pleading lips once more. Their kiss was even more wild than before; tongues clashing, saliva dripping, breaths escaping. In that moment, nothing could break the hold their combined lust had on them.

As quickly as he was able, Ren shucked off his pants and briefs, throwing them to the floor haphazardly, his erection standing tall in the dim light. Their similar lust filled erections touched and they both groaned aloud, almost sighing in content. Shouta was stunned by the ferocity of the kiss they shared. He was shaken farther as Ren left his lips and moved down Shouta’s body, kissing his way down his neck, across his chest, along his stomach and finally down that that part of him that ached so fiercely.

“Ren,” Shouta groaned, reaching his hands out to stop Ren from going any farther, but when those velvet like lips touched the tip of him, he lost the will to move. Ren kissed his way down Shouta’s erection, paying special attention to the underside and the tip. Nipping gently, sucking slightly, licking occasionally. Shouta twisted and turned under the administrations of that mouth, lost in the pleasure he had never felt before.

Shouta could no longer breathe from the intensity of the pleasure that coursed through his body. He tried twisting away, knowing he was close, but Ren captured his hips in his hands and held him still, taking Shouta’s full length inside his mouth, the tip reaching the back of his throat. Shouta’s eyes slammed shut and he clenched his teeth tightly, resisting with everything he had.

“No,” he pleaded. His eyes misted with tears as they begged Ren wordlessly. “I don’t want to.”

Ren released Shouta, his lips kissing the shuddering and twitching member. “What don’t you want, Shouta?”

“Not without you.” Shouta sobbed, his hands reaching out to softly glide through Ren’s hair. “Together, please?”

Ren smiled into Shouta’s palm and kissed the sweaty skin before he ran a hand along Shouta’s thigh, caressing the inside lightly before lifting it up and kissing the area between his knee and hip.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” Ren asked, nipping at the skin along Shouta’s thigh.

Crying, Shouta hiccuped, “I want you inside me. I want to come together.”

Without another breath, Ren thrust his full length inside of the part of Shouta that screamed out to be filled. Shouta gasped at the sudden fullness but soon whimpered when Ren didn’t move. His eyes fluttering, and his mind in chaos, Shouta reached out to Ren.

Shouta wrapped his legs around Ren’s waist and shoved that length inside him deeper, but when Ren still didn’t budge, Shouta’s whimpers became louder.

“Please move?” He begged, his fingers running down the length of Ren’s arm. The expression on Ren’s face became an array of different emotions before he reached out to Shouta, lifted him up and changed their positions in a mere second.

Shouta cried out at the sensation of Ren driving deeper inside of him, hitting the edge of his womb in a caress that only Ren was privileged to. With their eyes locked on each other, Ren whispered, “What do you want?”

Tentatively, Shouta lifted his hips, his entrance sliding along Ren’s length until only the tip was still within him. Staring into those gold speckled eyes, Shouta lifted up Ren’s hand that was cradling Shouta’s thigh to his lips. He kissed each and every finger on that hand, sucked and nipped at the calloused skin. Shouta put that hand against his cheek, closing his eyes, cradling it to his face and breathing in the scent that solely belonged to Ren.

Ren swallowed loudly, his member twitching as he asked again, “What do you want, Shouta?”

Shouta’s eyes slowly fluttered open, still on his knees with only the tip inside him and one word escaped him before he encased that entire length within him with one simple thrust, “You.”

Even as Shouta moved in a slow pace, he kept that hand gripped in his, their fingers entwined and laced together. Each movement caused a low growl to escape Ren causing Shouta to chuckle before he began to speed up little by little. He loved looking down at Ren, watching as his cheeks flushed with lust. He loved to see Ren’s stomach muscles clench and contract with each thrust as he held himself back, letting Shouta create the tempo. With a growl, Ren’s eyes locked with his and he took his free hand and touched Shouta’s raging erection.

Those deft fingers caused Shouta to jerk and shudder, his eyes closing in pleasure. Ren laughed and began to stroke his mate in time with his thrusts. He loved seeing Shouta bite his lower lip until it turned white. Each stroke caused Shouta to quicken his pace, moving the both of them closer to the end. Ren was so close to releasing he could almost taste it. But he didn’t want this to end. He wanted to be within that warm embrace for the rest of his life.

Grinding his teeth together, watching Shouta’s face flush a brighter red, he felt Shouta’s entrance clamp around him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Their hands still gripped tightly around each other, Shouta’s fingers tightened even harder. As Shouta’s orgasm rocketed through him, his walls tightening around Ren, Ren lifted his own hips and dove as far as possible into him.

They both cried out, the sound echoing in the entire room. Skin slick with sweat, the smell of heat and lust invading the room, Shouta collapsed on top of Ren, his breathing fast as he panted and shuddered with the last throes of ecstasy. Their fingers still laced together, Ren used his other hand, wiping the cum off of it before slowly running his fingers through Shouta’s hair. As their breathing evened out, the two of them didn’t move from that position even after their heartbeats regulated and became normal once more.

Content at just being like that, the both of them just closed their eyes and laid there in silence. Not moving, not talking, just breathing and being peaceful with each other’s existence. Ren realized that he had feelings running through him that he had never felt for anyone else not even Kichirou.

Hope, contentment, and most of all, love.

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