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Chapter 313: Gossip and an Encounter

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo bitterly grinded his teeth. He had been waiting for fifteen minutes, and had not even seen any sign of them coming out.

They had actually continued. Under these circumstances, wouldn’t most people immediately come out?

You XiaoMo had overestimated Tang ChunMeng’s IQ, and underestimated BaiLi TianYi’s shamelessness.

Half an hour passed before Tang YuLin was helped out by BaiLi TianYi. The stupid and moe person’s legs were completely soft, and his whole body was hanging off BaiLi TianYi. His complexion was so rosy that one could almost squeeze dew out of his cheeks, and they could even tell that he had undergone moisturizing with one glance.

You XiaoMo was not one bit surprised.

It was very easy to eat ChunMeng’s up with his personality. If BaiLi TianYi was still unable eat him up, then he could only be called useless.

However, wasn’t thirty minutes too short?

You XiaoMo suspiciously eyed both of them. He absolutely did not harbor any resentment about the waiting time being too short.

Although he looked a little exhausted, Tang YuLin’s eyes were still bright. He happily told BaiLi TianYi, “Go bring out the magic bag that I used to store magic herbs.”

BaiLi TianYi helped him to the tea table sat him in a chair before he walked into the bedroom. After a while, he walked out while carrying a magic bag.

Tang YuLin fished the list out and passed it to You XiaoMo, “I’ve already found those herbs with a tick beside its name. The rest are the magic herbs which are not commonly found, and it’s going quite difficult to gather them together. Just give me more time, I will definitely find them.”

You XiaoMo received the list. Besides ones that have been ticked, there were also some which were crossed out. Those were the herbs which You XiaoMo had paid for and left with Tang YuLin. At the side, there was also an annotation with the quantity he was looking for.

You XiaoMo did some calculations. He had gotten more magic herbs this time, and though there were still less mature magic herbs, he still spent more than thousand and five hundred points after settling the bill.

You XiaoMo was silently distressed upon seeing that there was only more than a thousand or so points remaining in his card. He constantly consoled himself that he would doubtlessly be able to earn it back in the next few days.

It just so happened that he had just advanced and could refine level seven magic herbs.

After bidding farewell to Tang YuLin and BaiLi TianYi, You XiaoMo returned to his own room, locked the door and entered his dimension straightaway.

You XiaoMo walked to the lakeside. There was still only half of the water remaining in the spiritual lake. In order to conserve spiritual water, he made SheQiu and the rest help with clearing the weeds and tilling the soil to make several magic herbs fields. He had them plant the high-grade magic herb seeds that he had gotten the last time, and then use diluted spiritual water to slowly cultivate them.

Although the growth rate of the magic herbs was a little slow, with careful planning, he would be able to use the herbs in the same manner when he advanced again.

Next, he took a look at SheQiu and the rest who were cultivating.

PiQiu and CatQiu had really become quite obedient ever since he ordered them to cultivate.

After making a surprise inspection and seeing that they were not playing around, You XiaoMo then believed that the two really did listen to his words.

You XiaoMo returned to the small log cabin. He took out the seeds that he had gotten from the Paradise Realm from a drawer in a cabinet. He had found some seeds that resembled his in a high-grade scroll when checking the notes in the old geezer’s study.

The surface of these seeds were full of bumps and hollows, and they were significantly dehydrated. Since they had been left out for so long, he did not know if the seedlings were able to survive even after being planted.

You XiaoMo looked for a wooden tub, put the seeds in, and ladled in a dipper of spiritual water.

As per the content recorded in the old geezer’s scroll, the higher the level of the seed was, the lower the survival rate. He did not know if there was life in these seeds as once it was ruined, it was less likely to be successfully brought back to life.

After he was done, he looked at SheQiu and the four at the lakeside and could not help but think of that demon beast egg.

He did see that egg lying on the grass alone when he had gone with Ling Xiao to his dimension to train his speed. It was truly a slightly pitiful sight.

He remembered the time where he had locked PiQiu and CatQiu in the beast cage. You XiaoMo then decided to get the egg back from Ling Xiao when he returned.

Half a month later, an event happened to You XiaoMo before Ling Xiao had returned.

That event was related that Mountain Trials. As the time for registration was approaching, practitioners on the top hundred rankings were beginning to pick mages to cooperate with and many mages had also tossed an olive branch out to the practitioners.

One of the most sensational news was related to two celebrities in the top hundred rankings.

They were Yin Ge and An XinRui.

It is a known fact that An XinRui fancied Yin Ge. However, there was a female mage who had recently recommended herself as a partner to Yin Ge.

The strength of that female mage was quite solid. She was a mid-grade level eight mage, and had a high level demon beast with a water attribute. That demon beast was a Scarlet Thunder Heaven Shark which had a level eight bloodline.

That female mage’s qualifications were really good from every point of view, and she would not be unworthy of Yin Ge when cooperating with him. It should have been a pairing that would be in favor with the general public, but An XinRui disagreed as she felt that that female mage had an ulterior motive.

There was a special rule pertaining to the Mountain Trials.

If the students that were competing honestly did not want to find a mage to cooperate with, there was an exception that allowed them to find another practitioner to cooperate with.

But he needed to find a practitioner that was in the bottom fifty rankings, otherwise the academy would regard it as them voluntarily renouncing the reward if they won.

An XinRui willingly gave up, but was rejected by Yin Ge.

This matter could be said to have spread till there was uproar in Ward A, its momentum was no less than what You XiaoMo had experienced at that time in Ward B.

But the climax was yet to come.

Everyone originally thought that An XinRui would never give up.

Three days later, there was news that An XinRui had picked a mage to cooperate with. The person she was cooperating with was the first on Block Two’s top hundred ranking, who was also An XinRui’s suitor.

When this news came out, many people started booing.

What a fickle woman! Though she may have done it to provoke Yin Ge, but Yin Ge did not have the slightest reaction even after he knew of this.

This news was gossipy enough that when Tong YueXu told him about it, You XiaoMo found it somewhat hard to believe.

He felt that Tong YueXu definitely was a lover of gossip, though Tong YueXu would never acknowledge it.

You XiaoMo only began to pay attention to the top hundred rankings for mages after he had heard of this matter. He had just become a level seven mage not long ago, so he was not on the top hundred ranking, but… …the academy’s sole requirement for the Mountain Trials was that the participants have to be experts on the top hundred rankings. This restriction applied not only to practitioners, but also to the mages that were cooperating with them. Thus he needed to squeeze into the top hundred rankings before the trials began.

You XiaoMo started to plan once he thought about it.

The strongest mage on the top hundred rankings was a peak level eight mage, who was also the male mage that An XinRui was cooperating with. As the crossing over from level eight to nine was an immense gulf that many were unable to overcome, that man had delayed his advancement.

Despite this, his strength was still the strongest.

Further down, the top fifty were mostly level eight mages, and the bottom fifty were the level seven mages.

You XiaoMo did not need to enter into the top fifty. He only needed to ensure that he was in the top hundred rankings, and then form a contract with Ling Xiao when he came out.

A few days later, You XiaoMo went to consult with Tong YueXu.

Tong YueXu was not able to give him any suggestions this time. Despite being very familiar with most of the happenings in Ward A, he was not as familiar to the extent where he was a walking encyclopedia.

For lack of a better option, he had to put the matter aside and wait until Ling Xiao came out to revisit the matter.

You XiaoMo was preparing to go to the Cultivation Center on this day as he had not been there for more than a month.

However, he unexpectedly encountered a person en-route – that person was Teng ZiYe. It had been more than half a month since the event which caused You XiaoMo to owe him a favor. Even if they met at the Gravity Mountain afterwards, they also had not held a discussion about it.

“Hello.” You XiaoMo awkwardly opened. They were almost face to face this time. He would not be able to justify it if he did not call a greeting out.

Contrary to his expectations, Teng ZiYe responded to him, even though it was just a modest nod.

The two walked along the same road. The mood became a little tense with both not saying a word, so You XiaoMo could only look for something to talk about, “Are you heading to the Cultivation Center too?”

Teng ZiYe, “Yeah.”

You XiaoMo, “What a coincidence. I’m heading there too.”

Teng ZiYe stared at him.

You XiaoMo let out a forced laugh. He knew that these questions were really stupid, but as there was nothing to talk about, it was normal to have this sort of outcome.

The mood became tense again. A long while later, Teng ZiYe suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Are you preparing to participate in the Trials?”

You XiaoMo was somewhat taken aback, “Yeah, how about you?”

Teng ZiYe, “The Trials can be a good opportunity to train.”

This implied that he was preparing to participate, however he did not seem to be participating for the sake of the reward.

You XiaoMo, “You really go all out.”

Teng ZiYe looked ahead, “It’ll be no good if I don’t go all out.”

You XiaoMo hesitated, then said, “You’ll need to be in the top hundred rankings if you want to participate in the Trials. Are you inside?”

Teng ZiYe replied, “No. This kind of thing is of no matter to me. But since it is a requirement, it’s enough to just undergo a little test and appraisal when required again.”

He really said it like he was indifferent to it. You XiaoMo really admired his relaxed and serene attitude. He would be able to befriend him without any qualms if he was not Teng ZiXin’s brother. It was a pity that life was unpredictable and the one he first met was Teng ZiXin.

The two separated when they reached the Cultivation Center.

Both were preparing to head to the third passage in the Purple card zone but they were coming from different directions.

Teng ZiYe took a turn and glimpsed the back of You XiaoMo entering from the corner of his eyes. Just as he was about to head in, he suddenly stopped and lifted his head to look at Teng ZiXin who had long been standing at the entrance of the passage.

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