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Chapter 312: Protector

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo felt like crying but he had no tears. He himself did not think that his advancement would begin so unexpectedly.

It wasn’t that he did not think that he may advance at any time these past few days, but he had relaxed his guard a little as there was no activity for twenty consecutive days. Who knew it would suddenly arrive now.

When that person had shouted that he was going to advance, he knew he was in deep shit.

He would probably have to advance under the watchful eyes of the public this time.

The only silver lining was that the academy had stipulated that no student was allowed to attack another in the Gravity Mountain. However, he also could not exclude the possibility that his enemies may throw caution to the wind. He had been absorbed in training so he did not know if Teng ZiXin or Chai Zheng’s people were inside the crowd surrounding him. In any case, he needed to look for a person to act as his protector.

Just at this moment, one person walked up to him.

You XiaoMo lifted his head for a look. His heart could not refrain from stuttering for a moment when he saw the person who arrived. It turned out to be Teng ZiYe.

Teng ZiYe stared at him expressionlessly, “I’ll be your protector.”

The brother of his enemy wanted to be his protector, this development was truly beyond his expectations!

You XiaoMo bitterly swallowed, should he accept the offer or not? He actually nodded after he met Teng ZiYe’s profound and veiled black eyes, “Thank you!” You XiaoMo did not know how that had happened, but it must be the work of demons and gods!
t/n: work of demons and gods means an unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation.

He only regained his senses after he spoke. However, there was nowhere to retreat now.

You XiaoMo was worried that he would suffer a backlash if he did not concentrate on mediating to advance in rank.

Looking at Teng ZiYe’s back, You XiaoMo decided on a bold decision to take things as they come no matter if he recognized him or not. Then he soon began his advancement.

There were many in the crowd who had recognized Teng ZiYe. They could not help but be astonished when seeing that he was acting as a protector for an unfamiliar mage. Such an event had never occurred before. Everyone knew that though Teng ZiYe’s disposition looked mild, his temper was actually a little cold. He was quite a contradictory person and few had seen him take the initiative to talk to someone, let alone take the initiative to act as a protector for others.

One person had witnessed this whole scene within the crowd. After his gaze went back and forth between You XiaoMo and Teng ZiYe twice, he immediately turned and left the Gravity Mountain.

Half an hour later, that person ran over to shriek loudly outside Chai Zheng’s room, causing Chai Zheng to come out.

Chai Zheng walked out from his room with a black face. He glared at that person and scowled, “What are you shouting about?! If there’s nothing urgent, you better be prepared to be dealt with.”

That man winced. Seeing that Chai Zheng patience was running out, he immediately blurted, “Young Master Chai, there’s some big news. I just saw Teng ZiYe at the Gravity Mountain, he… …”

Chai Zheng was sullen, “So what if you saw him? How is Teng ZiYe’s whereabouts a big news?!”

The man hastily continued, “No, there’s still another person. That person is You XiaoMo. He was also training at the Gravity Mountain. He was suddenly about to advance half an hour ago. Teng ZiYe took the initiative to be his protector.”

The last sentence was the most important point.

Chai Zheng was dumbfounded. Teng ZiYe was helping You XiaoMo as a protector? How could this be?

However this should be true, as he did not think that this person would dare to lie to him. Could it be that Teng ZiYe and You XiaoMo were on friendly terms with each other?

The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that this was possible. All of a sudden, Chai Zheng stood up, pushed the man away and walked out. He then proceeded to the Cultivation Center and managed to dig Teng ZiXin out after thirty minutes.

Teng ZiXin who had been bothered while in the Cultivation Center revealed an annoyed expression.

Chai Zheng was not in the mood to give her a lengthy explanation. After seeing that she had walked out he said, “Teng ZiXin, did you know that your brother and You XiaoMo are friendly with each other?”

“Impossible!” Teng ZiXin’s first reaction was denial.

Chai Zheng replied, “How is it impossible? Some people from the Stone Gate personally witnessed it. Your brother is acting as You XiaoMo’s protector in the Gravity Mountain. Based on his personality, how could he act as the other’s protector if the two were not friendly with each other?”

Teng ZiXin saw that he spoke with certainty, and suddenly hesitated.

In actual fact, the relationship between her and Teng ZiYe was not particularly good. As they had been compared against each other from young, this could be one of the reasons why Teng ZiYe had never been close to her from childhood.

In addition, he was also not very close to Father and Mother, so she had always assumed that it was probably largely due to Teng ZiYe’s personality.

However, no matter how Teng ZiYe’s personality was like, she was still only a woman. Being the eldest son, Teng ZiYe would inevitably inherit the position of the helm of the Teng Family. She definitely did not want to see the scene of him being friendly with You XiaoMo when facing Teng ZiYe who had boundless prospects.

“Are you sure that this is true?” Teng ZiXin was still unwilling to believe him.

Although Teng ZiYe was obsessed with cultivation, it was impossible for him to not have heard of the matter between You XiaoMo and her. They may not be close, but they were still siblings.

Chai Zheng also did not want to believe this. If Teng ZiYe was standing on You XiaoMo’s side, he would have to be apprehensive of Teng ZiYe’s presence when he wanted to make a move in the future.

The two were standing there and letting their imaginations run wild. However, never did it occur to them that since Teng ZiYe was obsessed with cultivation, how could he possibly have seen You XiaoMo before?

Teng ZiYe had been instructed to become a qualified heir from childhood. No matter what he did, the basis of his actions was according to what would benefit the family. Therefore he definitely would not carelessly make enemies with others just because of some things like jealousy or lust.

If he had been a jealous person, the one who would bear the brunt of it would be his younger sister Teng ZiXin.

Chai Zheng and Teng ZiXin sent out some people to gather information in order to investigate this matter.

They soon got their answers without breaking a sweat. After all there were few who would advance in the Gravity Mountain, and the news travelled fast as Teng ZiYe was also a small celebrity at the Gravity Mountain.

You XiaoMo had successfully advanced with the help of Teng ZiYe.

You XiaoMo hesitantly glanced at Teng ZiYe, and took the first step to say, “Thank you.”

Teng ZiYe gave a slight nod, “You’re welcome.” He finished speaking and was about to turn and leave.

“Wait a moment.” You XiaoMo quickly stopped him. Though he did not know what Teng ZiYe was thinking, he still wanted to tell him, “I am You XiaoMo, pleased to make your acquaintance. I owe you one this time.”

Teng ZiYe paused and looked back, “You are the You XiaoMo that had defeated Teng ZiXin over and over again?”

You XiaoMo gave an awkward laugh. Teng ZiYe’s voice was very calm and he totally could not tell what Teng ZiYe was thinking about.

Teng ZiYe said, “You’re really good!” He returned to the fourth area when he finished speaking that sentence.

What in the world did Teng ZiYe mean?

You XiaoMo stared blankly at his back, but his first impression of Teng ZiYe was quite good. It was only that he did not know if it was faked or his personality was just like so.

The feeling that Teng ZiYe gave him was too confusing. You XiaoMo did not have the desire to remain inside the Gravity Mountain any longer, so he soon left. He now was a level seven mage. The effects of the gravity in the third area was no longer enough to satisfy him after his strength rose, so he could proceed the fourth area at any time.

However, he was not in any hurry anymore. What he needed to do now was to inquire about some information. He would not act shamelessly about the favor that he owed to Teng ZiYe just because he was Teng ZiXin’s brother.

Ling Xiao still had not returned and he was unable to enter into the Red card area to look for him without a Red card.

After thinking about it, he decided to look for Tang YuLin first. You XiaoMo had gone into secluded cultivation for close to a month, he was probably quite anxious now.

Ever since Tang YuLin had ascended to Ward A, he regained his original nature – not slacking in his cultivation, yet not being especially zealous.

When You XiaoMo went to look for him, he was in his room as expected, but… …

In the bright room, Tang YuLin was enveloped in sunlight as he lay on the ground with a deep blush on his face. A man was pushing him down, and was caressing/fondling him all over, but this was not the important point.

You XiaoMo could clearly see that Tang YuLin’s outer garment had been torn away, revealing a pale and white chest with two delicate red fruits. One fresh and tender red fruit had been sucked into the man’s mouth. The man lifted his head upon hearing a sound, and the scene of the sparkling and translucent salvia covering the red fruit was crystal clear.

Oh my God!

Isn’t this daytime sex?!

You XiaoMo sucked in a breath of cold air, “I’m sorry, you guys continue!”

After loudly screaming these words, he immediately closed the door with a loud ‘bang’. The ‘bang’ awakened Tang YuLin who had been teased until he was somewhat lost and delirious.

The adorkable Tang YuLin bewilderedly looked at BaiLi TianYi who was pushing him down while smiling obscenely. Then he looked at himself again. Just by lowering his head, he could see his own red fruits, it was truly quite lewd.

Tang ChunMeng stared for a moment, before he pulled his clothes up to conceal his naked chest, “You get up.”
t/n: Adorkable in Chinese is 蠢萌, and is read as Chun Meng. The literal translation is stupid and moe. As Tang YuLin is quite silly, the author made a word play on his name and called him Stupid and Moe Tang.

BaiLi TianYi bended down and kissed his lips, “No!”

Tang ChunMeng, “XiaoMo is here.”

BaiLi TianYi, “Is he more important or am I more important?”

Tang ChunMeng, “He is more important.”

BaiLi TianYi fell silent for a moment, before he suddenly gripped Tang YuLin’s semi-erect thing below. Hearing the breathing of the person below him abruptly becoming heavier, he pulled out his own erection, lined both up, and rubbed them together in his hand while saying, “Since he’s more important, we should quickly finish our affair.”

Tang ChunMeng already did not know how to respond, and was soon drowned in the violent surge of desire.

This was not the first time BaiLi TianYi had helped him do this, but every time BaiLi TianYi would make him feel extremely comfortable. He was a person who liked to go with the flow, and would naturally accept comfortable things. Thus, he soon forgot about You XiaoMo who was currently waiting outside for him.

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