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Chapter 321: Profound Hatred

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“What is he mumbling to himself?” You XiaoMo asked.

He had faintly heard the word ‘Emperor’, but he did not manage to hear the details.

Ling Xiao said, “He said that he was preparing to surrender.”

You XiaoMo turned his head and looked at him. Did Ling Xiao really think that he was a three-year-old child? No matter how lousy he was, he knew that it was impossible for the Bird of Pride to have said this. He could not refrain from suspiciously squinting at Ling Xiao, “What in the world was he saying?”

Ling Xiao opened his mouth.

Just at this moment, the Bird of Pride furiously roared, “You are definitely not the Emperor Beast!”

You XiaoMo, “… …”

Ling Xiao, “… …”

After quite a while, Ling Xiao helplessly admitted, “Actually he’s crazy in the head.”

You XiaoMo was at a loss for words, “We’ll have to cure him if he’s crazy ah, if not how will he be my contracted beast? No, wait, I don’t want to contract with a demon beast that’s crazy.”

Ling Xiao cajoled, “Why don’t you go into your dimension first and come out two minutes later?”

You XiaoMo stared at him, “Why do I have to go into my dimension? Just put me down, I’ll wait there for you.”

Ling Xiao hesitated for a moment, “All right, but call SheQiu out.”

You XiaoMo would have discovered the problem if he was too insistent.

After safely putting You XiaoMo down onto a grassy patch, Ling Xiao immediately rolled up his sleeves for battle as he prepared to get rid of the Bird of Pride. Who permitted you to shoot your mouth?

After the Bird of Pride had discovered Ling Xiao’s identity, he took advantage of the time when the two descended to make a hasty escape. He was not even able to defeat the Emperor Beast, don’t even mention one that was above the Emperor Beast. Though the Bird of Pride was prideful, he knew when to cut his losses. If one couldn’t beat them then one should run – this was a characteristic of the Seven Sins Beasts.

However, Ling Xiao would never easily let off someone who had nearly exposed his identity.

With one figure in front and one behind, the two quickly vanished into the horizon.

You XiaoMo hid in the underbrush while occasionally sticking his head out and looking around. He had not planned on calling SheQiu out. Still, the Uneven Slope was very dangerous and he did not want Ling Xiao to worry, so he took SheQiu out of the dimension.

SheQiu’s level was ever more sophisticated. He immediately noticed when You XiaoMo’s intent arose.

After coming out, he looked at the surrounding situation with no surprise at all.

“Where’s Boss?” SheQiu asked.

You XiaoMo dully supported his chin, “He went to chase the Bird of Pride. He should be back very soon.”

SheQiu was astonished, “The Bird of Pride, one of the Seven Sins Beasts? Who would have thought that a Seven Sins Beasts would exist on the Long Xiang Continent?”

You XiaoMo suddenly became very energetic after hearing him say as such, “What does that mean? Are you saying that the Seven Sins Beasts are not a local specialty of the Long Xiang Continent?”

A local specialty? The corner of SheQiu’s mouth twitched.

All right, this term was not entirely inaccurate.

“The Long Xiang Continent is only a Middle Level Realm. The Seven Sins Beasts which are only second to the Emperor Beasts were originally living in a Higher Level Realm, but everything is not absolute.”

You XiaoMo knew of the Emperor Beasts. To speak frankly, it was just about the same as the pinnacle of the aristocracy in the human race. It was only that the Emperor Beasts had a pressure emitting from its blood and the aristocrats did not have that.

“Is the Higher Level Realm that awesome?”

“Of course, there are two differences in the Higher Level Realm and Middle Level Realm. The first is in the spiritual energy. For realms on a higher plane of existence, their spiritual energy would be denser, leading to a faster speed of cultivation. The second is related to strength. The Middle Level Realm receives a restriction due to its location, so the people here will never be able to breakthrough to a higher realm. You will know this after you go to a Higher Level Realm.”

“You are so certain that I would go to a Higher Level Realm?” You XiaoMo saw that SheQiu seemed to be seriously convinced that he would definitely go there in the future, thus he could not help but be curious.

“Did you not know that the Boss is from a Higher Level Realm?” SheQiu asked in astonishment.

“No I didn’t… …” You XiaoMo replied. But he always had a faint inkling in the back of his mind so he did not feel too surprised when he heard SheQiu say as such. You XiaoMo had never believed that the Long Xiang Continent would be able to produce such a person like Ling Xiao.

SheQiu did not feel that he had said anything extraordinary and indifferently stated, “Now you know.”

You XiaoMo mused over it before he asked again, “Just now, that Bird of Pride said this as he looked at Ling Xiao, ‘You are definitely not the Emperor Beast’. Do you know what these words mean?”

SheQiu was taken aback but he pretended to be indifferent so as not to let You XiaoMo discover any lapses, “It was probably that he didn’t believe that a human practitioner would actually be stronger than him. He had thought that only the Emperor Beasts would be able to suppress him, so he felt that this was impossible.”

“That makes sense.” You XiaoMo accepted this explanation when it was combined with the fact that the Seven Sins Beasts were only second to the Emperor Beasts.

SheQiu inwardly wiped away his cold sweat, what a fortunate escape!

The two’s conversations had lasted for two minutes. Just as they had finished talking, the sound of the wind whistling was suddenly heard approaching from far and the mass appeared to be reaching the airspace above the Uneven Slope soon.

You XiaoMo thought that Ling Xiao was back and became delighted. He stood up and was about to walk out when SheQiu abruptly grabbed his shoulder as his expression slightly changed, “No, wait a moment!”

“What… …Hmmph… …” You XiaoMo was just about to ask when SheQiu covered his mouth.

“The one approaching is not Boss.” SheQiu whispered to him while looking extremely imposing. It appeared that the one approaching had ill intent. SheQiu was strong. But with how fearful SheQiu was of the other party, it was evident that that person’s strength was above SheQiu.

You XiaoMo immediately quieted down.

As the master, he knew SheQiu’s strength best. SheQiu was already a peak seven star level nine demon beast, who would be able to have a breakthrough with just a little more time. Although he couldn’t compare with the Bird of Pride, he had no problem traversing the Long Xiang Continent with his strength.

“Come with me into… …” You XiaoMo was worried about leaving SheQiu alone.

“Those two hiding there! When do you want to hide until?”

You XiaoMo had not finished speaking before a sinister voice abruptly interrupted him. The two raised their heads seeing three figures in the air that had already discovered them. The black robed man was looking at them with a hint of amusement in his eyes, giving off an exceedingly disgusting feeling.

There was no other choice since they had been discovered.

SheQiu did not dare to let You XiaoMo enter his dimension at this moment, as the dimension was his master’s secret. If it was known by this three people, he couldn’t guarantee that they would not think of killing them and stealing the treasure.

“Eh? A mage and a demon beast? Then it shouldn’t be these two.” The black robed man began to mutter to himself without waiting for them to speak. Lifting his head, the man saw SheQiu’s guarded expression, and the corner of his mouth lifted “The little mage at the back, you are a student from DaoXin Academy right? Answer a question of mine and I will consider leaving both your corpses intact.”

SheQiu’s expression became taciturn.

You XiaoMo also did not know what to say.

This man was really arrogant. For such a deal whereby he asked for answers and a satisfactory reply from the addressee would lead to him leaving an intact corpse, did he would assume that people would accept these terms? Could the wires in his head be crossed?

However, the weak are prey to the strong. It was a fact that this man was very strong, even stronger than SheQiu. He could only be so arrogant be because of the basis of his strength. However, You XiaoMo felt that he would not hate it at all if the person who said this was Ling Xiao instead, at the most he would look down on Ling Xiao a little. When it was said by this person, he didn’t know why but he felt really disgusted.

The man seemed as if he did not need them to agree to this ‘deal’ as he went ahead and asked, “Do you know these two called Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo? Where are they now?”

SheQiu and You XiaoMo were simultaneously stunned.

“What are you guys looking for them for?” The man’s words were beyond SheQiu’s expectations. It just made him even more alarmed, as one of the two main characters was just behind him.

The man looked at him sinisterly, “Tell me, where are they? You know it right?”

SheQiu replied, “That’s right, I know where they are. But I’m afraid that if I tell you, you will immediately kill us right?”

The man darkly looked at him and broke into chuckles as he malevolently said, “It seems that you’re very chatty. Are you trying to buy time to try to escape? Or are you waiting for some person? Ha, sure enough you’re an inferior demon beast. I’ll be sure to cut you up into pieces since you’ve already lost your last chance.”

With that, he then shifted his gaze to You XiaoMo behind, “Little mage, I’ll give you a chance. Where are they? Don’t attempt to answer me half-heartedly. I have many ways to make you beg for death.”

You XiaoMo gave a grieved sigh, “I can tell you, but I have a small request. You don’t even need to lift a finger to fulfill it.”

This answer was beyond the man’s expectations, “Oh? Tell me about your small request.”

You XiaoMo gnashed his teeth as said with profound hatred, “Actually, I have a little personal grudge with You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. When we were in the academy, they had once embarrassed me in front of everyone. I hate them so much that I cannot wait for them to die, so I hope that you could kill us later. I want to personally watch them die before me; otherwise I won’t be reconciled.”

SheQiu, “… …”

Hearing this, the man took some interest in him instead, “You look so fair and clear, yet who would have thought that you are such a black-hearted person. Not bad, you’re really to my liking.”

You XiaoMo continued with his con, “This is the Uneven Slope, which is where the objective of their task is at. They should be reaching soon with their travelling speed. You only need to wait for about half an hour before they will deliver themselves to your doorstep.”

“Good, I will let you guys live for half an hour more.” The man mercifully stated.

SheQiu suddenly felt like kneeling.

This was the first time he found that his master was such an awesome person.

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