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Chapter 323: Qilin’s Sacred Fire

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Netherworld Siren’s eyes were a deep, watery blue, flashing with a resplendent shine. Those who looked into its eyes would often lose themselves within them. Those who didn’t understand the Netherworld Siren would probably be fooled by its tricks.

Netherworld Sirens were Emperor Beasts, his level was at ten, the same as his owner, but three stars stronger. In addition, the Netherworld Siren’s combat ability was formidable. They possessed immense offensive capabilities. Amongst the same level, there weren’t many that could match them in combat.

“Dong Shen, you, with your skill, can’t even beat a person from the Middle Level Realm?” A raspy, commanding voice sounded, coming from Netherworld Siren, his eyes filled with displeasure.

The man, the one Netherworld Siren called Dong Shen, his face darkened. “I hadn’t expected that my target would have a person whose strength lies above mine with him. I admit that I cannot defeat him, so that’s why I ask for your aid.”

An Emperor Beast’s pride didn’t lose at all to the human practitioner. If he had lost in the Higher Level Realm, they wouldn’t be so enraged about it. That was because there were plenty of powerhouses there. Dong Shen might have an Emperor Beast, but so might others.

However, the Netherworld Siren couldn’t understand how he had lost to a person of the Middle Level Realm, and thus didn’t hold back in expressing his anger. Dong Shen knew the thoughts that were going through the Netherworld Siren’s head, leading him to bow his own.

Emperor Beasts stood at the top of the pyramid of Demon Beasts, even more noble than human practitioners. He was extremely lucky to have been able to form a contract with an Emperor Beast.

Hearing this, the Netherworld Siren didn’t say anything more, assuming a human form in the next second. His gaze alighted on Ling Xiao. He could sense that this man was the strongest and couldn’t help but frown.

“This man’s strength is truly above you, and you aren’t to blame for not being able to defeat him, but…”

“But what?” Dong Shen asked.

“He gives me a very strange feeling, a sort of…” Netherworld Siren trailed off because he couldn’t think of how to describe what exactly he was feeling.

Not being able to think of an appropriate word, Netherworld Siren’s gaze fell to You XiaoMo, who was on Bird of Pride’s back. “Are you certain that young man is our target?”

“His situation is rather special. There’s a fifty percent chance it’s him.” Dong Shen wasn’t very certain either, because the people up top had only given him very vague information, but this young man seemed to fit the bill.

“If so, then let’s capture and question him,” Netherworld Siren made the decision swiftly. There was plenty of time to accomplish their task, if they were wrong, they could go and search again.

Dong Shen’s had thought alike and said, “I’ll leave that man to you, I’ll go and deal with the Bird of Pride.”

As soon as the words fell, the man and beast began their own tasks.

The Netherworld Siren attacked Ling Xiao in an attempt to occupy him, letting Dong Shen go to capture You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao looked over from the corner of his eyes, his eyes rapidly filling with murderous intent. Two streaks of cold light flashed in his sharp gaze, stabbing into Dong Shen who was attempting to pass by him from above.

Being stared at by these terrifying eyes, Dong Shen felt a chill in his heart. This feeling… instantly caused his expression to go cold. A Middle level Realm person wanting to kill me? Ludicrous!

If it was ludicrous or not, would be known only after trying.

Ling Xiao snapped his fingers and in the air above them, a flicker of purple flame that You XiaoMo had seen last time appeared.

Though the flame was just a flicker, but an immense power rolled within the tiny flame, its temperature feeling like it would annihilate everything around it.

You XiaoMo, who lay on the Bird of Pride’s back, realized that this purple flame seemed to burn much hotter than the one he had seen before. He could feel the heat even from here.

Dong Shen’s complexion changed completely upon seeing the purple flame.

Dong Shen immediately stopped his advance and retreated back to Netherworld Siren’s side, commenting in shock, “That’s the Qilin’s Sacred Fire?”

Netherworld Siren’s expression was ugly.

Qilin’s Sacred Fire was the Emperor Beast Qilin’s natal flame, it’s temperature burning extremely hot, able to turn almost anything to ash. It was a method of attack that Qilin’s had from birth. The color of the flame was purple.

The Netherworld Siren was an Emperor Beast, but compared to a Qilin, he was nothing.

Though Emperor Beasts were the strongest of all Demon Beasts, there were divisions between them, and Qilins were the kings of Emperor Beasts. Their blood was far above that of the Netherworld Siren’s. If he met one, he could only flee.

“Who are you? How come you have the Qilin’s Sacred Fire?” Netherworld Siren asked, face stormy. No wonder this man had given him a strange feeling. He had Qilin’s Sacred Fire on him.

It wasn’t as if the Netherworld Siren didn’t consider that Ling Xiao might have contracted a Qilin, but he couldn’t sense the presence of one at all. This made him even more suspicious and anxious.

“Who am I?” Ling Xiao chuckled lightly, looking at the two like they were dead men. “Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be asking that question? Anyone who dares to touch what belongs to me should be prepared to die.”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when he struck.

The Qilin’s Sacred Fire formed two roaring purple Qilins, bearing the presence of Emperor Beasts and letting out thunderous cries as they whirled wildly at the two.

If you were touched by these flames, you’d probably end up half dead if not completely so.

Dong Shen and the Netherworld Siren didn’t dare let down their guard.

Seeing Ling Xiao dealing with two of them easily, You XiaoMo put his chin in his palm, making a contemplative expression. He wasn’t that stupid, quickly taking apart the meaning to the conversation.

SheQiu openly considered You XiaoMo. After all, the two’s conversation had revealed too much. Though You XiaoMo sometimes acted extremely stupid, but most of the time he was pretty sharp.

If the Qilin’s Sacred Fire was the Qilin’s natal flame and Ling Xiao had it, then there were two possibilities.

One, he had a lifebound contract beast, which was a Qilin; two, he himself was that Qilin.

You XiaoMo had never seen a Qilin appear by Ling Xiao. Why would he bother to hide such a thing? If Ling Xiao truly had a Qilin, then he should’ve seen it long ago, so…

The answer was obvious!

“SheQiu, you already knew about this, didn’t you?”

SheQiu, who had been watching You XiaoMo, heard this, his expression twisting into something a little unnatural.

However, You XiaoMo evidentially didn’t need an answer from him, and mumbled to himself, “No wonder he didn’t want me to eat his Monster Fruit. Only Demon Beasts can taste them. He had hidden it from me for so long. Would he have ever told me if I didn’t find out…?”

SheQiu didn’t know what to say, because everything You XiaoMo had just said was right.

“I had always thought he was human. I never would’ve guessed that he was actually…”

This thing was too shocking. In an instant, the words “werebeast” and with it came a flash of lightning, charring him inside and out.

It was a Qilin that had made love to him all those nights!

It was a Qilin that had pushed him down and had him all those nights!

You XiaoMo withered inside. He once again realized with utmost clarity that it was impossible for him to ever top Ling Xiao. The idea of him topping a Qilin made him cringe inside.

“Actually, the boss didn’t keep this from you intentionally,” SheQiu said with caution.

You XiaoMo nodded, “I know, he did it purposefully.”

SheQiu: “…”

With boss Ling Xiao’s… rather evil personality, it might just be true.

As they chatted, Ling Xiao’s fight was going strong. However, since Dong Shen and the Netherworld Siren both feared Qilin’s Sacred Fire, they were being suppressed by Ling Xiao. The two were losing in a most ugly fashion. They should’ve ran, but with their target almost in reach, they would have a hard time getting this close if they missed their chance.

However, it would only cost them to keep fighting, and such a big ruckus might attract the attention of other powerhouses. Not long later, others would arrive.

“Dong Shen, retreat!” Netherworld Siren rapidly made a decision. Though this was a once-in-lifetime opportunity, they had no chance. Instead of dying here, they’d rather retreat to live to see another day and find another chance next time.

Dong Shen gritted his teeth. This was their only choice.

He immediately called on the power within him, and the surrounding spiritual energy began to swirl chaotically. An overwhelming energy gathered above his head, and instantly transformed into a chilling black mist. The pressure of it could be felt from afar.

Within this black mist, a long, thin sword began to condense and then absorb all the rest of the mist into it.

“Sword of Breath, go!” Under Dong Shen’s manipulation, the back sword began to hum loudly, trembling and forming a streaking of lightning, darting towards Ling Xiao. The razor sharp energy pierced open the air, the surrounding space seeming to distort as it passed by.

After this, Dong Shen and the Netherworld Siren quickly fled.

T/n: Qilin, also known as Kirin in Japanese, is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. It is a good omen thought to occasion prosperity or serenity. It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body.

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