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Chapter 332: Zhao DaZhou

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

From that day on, You XiaoMo was frequently dragged onto the bed by Ling Xiao in the name of Dual Cultivation.

As what Ling Xiao said, leveling up became slower after the first time they did Dual Cultivation. However, compared to the Heavenly Soul Scripture, it was still faster.

You XiaoMo never stepped foot in a cultivation center after that. These few days he was rapidly levelling up, from a low grade level seven to low grade level eight. And it hadn’t even been a month or two! Worried that there would be repercussions for his speedy progress, You XiaoMo frequented the Old Man’s Pill Refinement Room daily.

After spending some time observing, Duan QiTian was finally able to ascertain his third disciple’s character. An idiot, that’s what he was.
But it was also the very same idiot that made him want to pass on all his knowledge and wisdom to.

While he may scold him frequently, he was never half-assed when it came to teaching You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo worked for him willingly. One could even say You XiaoMo was enjoying the process as his treasury in his dimension grew. For example, a rare magic pill recipe that he lacked. The Old Man’s collection was not to be underestimated.

Ten days passed like that.

It had been half a month since the Trials. The Academy was still investigating the murders at the Trials and so Gao Yang had also became busy with work. As he was the leader of the patrol team, he had to organise and send people out to patrol, with he himself going on patrol occasionally.

On this day, You XiaoMo ran into Gao Yang, who happened to be looking for him, when he returned. Gao Yang had already been awaiting his return for quite a while.

“Gao-dage, What brings you here today?” You Xiao Mo looked toward Gao Yang in surprise.

Gao Yang downed his cup of water before he began. He said, “ You’re finally back, Fellow You. Indeed, I have matters to speak to you about. This morning, when my companions were out patrolling, they met a guy who said he knew you and wanted to meet you. He asked my companions to deliver the message to you. That person looked suspicious but he doesn’t seem to be lying, so I thought about asking if you knew him. If you don’t, then I’ll get people to get rid of him.”

You XiaoMo looked towards Ling Xiao.

“That person is Zhao DaZhou.” Ling Xiao answered.

You XiaoMo’s eyes blew wide open.

Ling Xiao’s words really came true.

No doubt Ye Han really sent someone to look for them. Zhao DaZhou had already found them much earlier, but due to the Academy restricting the movements of outsiders, he could only wander around Yan city for days. It was until he could wait no longer that he decided to look for an opening in the patrol patrol team.

Zhao DaZhou had luck on his side. Gao Yang just happened to be in charge of the patrol team that day. While the second-in-charge was suspicious of Zhao DaZhou’s words, he still carried the word to Gao Yang as he knew how close he was with You XiaoMo.

“Where is he now?” You XiaoMo grabbed Gao Yang’s hands.

“I got my men to arrange for him a place to stay in a rest stop in Yan City. The Academy doesn’t allow outsiders in, so if you want to meet him, you have to go out.”

You XiaoMo nodded his head. He never expected Zhao DaZhou to come see him.
As both You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were on the top one hundred strongest, they were given the chance to leave the school one time this month. Even if it was a measly two days, it was enough.

The next day, You XiaoMo ran to tell the Old Man he was taking two days off. As expected, he got reprimanded and with the help of Gao Yang, he and Ling Xiao left the Academy together.

This was the second time You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao entered Yan City. Ever since he entered Dao Xin Academy, he had never gone out. This time, he went out with a different feeling from before.

The rest stop that Gao Yang has arranged for Zhao DaZhou to stay at was in the business district of the city.

Initially when Zhao DaZhou was being watched by Gao Yang’s men, he was held in a place where conditions couldn’t be considered great. However, after finding out he was You XiaoMo’s acquaintance, Gao Yang had his men move him to somewhere with better living conditions.

On the day of visit, the crowd at the business district seemed larger than before, especially nearer the Lei Tian platform.

Having his mind set on meeting Zhao DaZhou, You XiaoMo couldn’t care less about the crowd.

Instead, it was Ling Xiao who took a glance in the direction of the Lei Tian platform. Thinking he was interested, Gao Yang explained, “ Recently a few weirdos entered Yan City. They are always challenging the strong ones in Yan city. It’s rumoured they haven’t lost once yet, and very arrogant too.”

“That good? Doesn’t Yan City have a lot of strong people?” You XiaoMo turned around immediately.

“It is as you said. But amongst those weirdos, there seems to be one person who is especially strong. Many have lost to him.” Gao Yang replied You XiaoMo.

“Where do they come from?”

“Not sure, they were only here a few days ago.”

You XiaoMo stopped with his questions. They had already arrived at their destination. In treating a friend of a friend, Gao Yang was very generous. He chose the best rest stop in the business district for Zhao DaZhou.

With Gao Yang leading them, You XiaoMo rushed to the room, only to find it empty. Zhao DaZhou wasn’t in the room and not even Gao Yang’s men who stayed to keep watch could be found.

Just when everyone was still in shock, a waiter walked in and asked, “Are you looking for the guests of this room?”

“Yes, do you know where he is?” You XiaoMo asked immediately.

The waiter fumbled for a piece of paper before handing it to him.

“The guest has requested me to pass this to you.”

“What’s written on it?” Ling Xiao asked.

You XiaoMo crumpled the paper into a ball.

“Zhao-shixiong said he hasn’t visited Yan City before, so he got Gao-dage’s men to show him around. He said he’ll be back at about 9.45 am.”

Zhao DaZhou probably knew they needed time to get from Dao Xin Academy to where he was but what he didn’t know was that they were already there early in the morning. Faster than what he expected.

“Don’t worry. If he still can leisurely stroll on the streets and shop around, it means nothing major has happened to Tian Xin Sect.” Ling Xiao comforted him.

After thinking about that, You XiaoMo found that Ling Xiao made sense and stopped worrying. However…

“Zhao-shixiong said he’ll be back around 9 to 11 am. It’s past 11 already and he’s not back. Do you think something could have happened to him?”

“How about this, I’ll go ask around.”

Gao Yang got his transmitter stone out. It was something that every member of the patrol team carried around, main purpose being for communication. Before Gao Yang even did anything, his Transmitter Stone lit up, followed by a voice of a team member.

“Captain, it’s bad!”

He briefly asked a few more questions before hurrying to the Lei Tian platform with You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Good thing the business district wasn’t far from Lei Tian platform as they managed to reach it in fifteen minutes.

The situation at Lei Tian platform was similar to the scene they saw before. The crowds surrounded the stage and by looking up one could see two people challenging each other up on stage. You XiaoMo stared hard. Wasn’t one of them his Fifth shixiong Zhao DaZhou?!

They were only a tad bit late and Zhao DaZhou had managed to go from shopping on the streets to fighting on the stage. For one to get into this much trouble, it could be considered a talent.

Gao Yang’s team mate Ding Shi had long been waiting for them. He looked utterly relieved when he saw them.

“You’re finally here, Captain. I was worried to death.” He said helplessly.

“So? What happened?” Gao Yang questioned.

“Recently wasn’t there a group of people who go around challenging the strong ones in Yan city? When Fellow Zhao and I were out today, we didn’t expect to meet those guys. Fellow Zhao had a brush with them and somehow they ended up in the arena. They’re preparing to fight it out now, but please try and talk to him, he can’t win!” Ding Shi explained.

You XiaoMo immediately started to shove people out of the way to get nearer to the stage. Ling Xiao followed closely behind, taking care of those that were grumbling about being shoved. When they reached the innermost circle of the crowd, You XiaoMo could finally clearly see the people up on stage. In front of Zhao DaZhou stood a young man, he was a practitioner no doubt about that.

You XiaoMo was filled with rage. He felt fire burning in his eyes at what he saw. Zhao DaZhou was only a mage! His opponent was a practitioner who was decently strong! How could he be so foolish as to get involved with such an opponent and dare to challenge the guy on stage!

Yet, You XiaoMo also knew that, without a special reason, Zhao DaZhou wouldn’t seek the other party out to challenge him.

“Hng! An idiot who doesn’t know his limits! Let’s see who’ll save you now!” The young man spat out condescendingly.

Backing down was never in Zhao DaZhou’s vocabulary.

“How about you pray for someone to save your sorry ass, you piece of shit.

The young man’s face darkened.

While Zhao DaZhou’s words were crude, people couldn’t help but laugh at it. Some even laughed out loud, including You XiaoMo.

“You will pay for this.” The young man spoke darkly.

Tch! Cutting all the useless talk, Zhao DaZhou summoned his lifebound contract beast.

“XiaoHu, show him who’s boss!”

A mage’s soul had the power to attack, but Zhao DaZhou didn’t learn that. The only card up his sleeve was the Six-winged Divine Tiger that You XiaoMo had gifted him in the past. Now, the Six-winged Divine Tiger was no longer the ball of fluff it was before.

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