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Chapter 333: Sneaky Actions

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Idiot. What’s so great about a high level demon beast? I can even defeat you without my life-bound contract demon beast.” The young man scoffed as he saw Zhao DaZhou summon his contract demon beast.

As a Spiritual five star practitioner, the young man could have easily crushed Zhao DaZhou if not for the Six-winged Divine Tiger he had. After all, he also had a life-bound contract demon beast of his own.

Hearing this, Zhao DaZhou rolled his eyes.

“Remember what you said. If you have the balls, don’t use your contract demon beast.”

“You want to goad me into doing that? As you wish then!” The young man smiled evilly.

He knew what Zhao DaZhou was trying to get him to do. If Zhao DaZhou was able to make such bold retorts, it would also mean that he was confident of winning. Moreover, for someone as proud as the young man himself, using his lifebound contract demon beast against someone like Zhao DaZhou was nothing more than an insult to his pride.

Zhao DaZhou was waiting for these very words. Of course, he knew this young man was no ordinary guy. This guy must have been extremely confident to lay down such claims. But Zhao DaZhou too, had faith in himself.

From a normal person’s point of view, Zhao DaZhou couldn’t even be on par with the young man. But that was a given that it was a normal situation.

Zhao DaZhou shouted out a command to the Six-winged Divine Tiger in front of him. “XiaoHu, show him who he’s messing with.”

The expression on the Six-winged Divine Tiger changed after Zhao DaZhou gave the command. No longer the clueless little ball of fluff, it seemed to have become more intelligent. It’s body grew to be more than four or five times larger than Zhao DaZhou in less than two years. And when it jumped, it reached heights of four to five meters high. Now, this agile creature was charging towards the young man not far away.

The young man snorted dismissively, easily dodging the Tiger that threw itself at him. As if his contempt wasn’t evident enough, such a move seemed to outrightly mock Zhao DaZhou.

Six-winged Divine Tiger’s power was at level eight four star. While the tiger’s power looked like it’s lower than the young man’s by a star, demon beasts are naturally stronger than humans, which meant the power difference could be easily compensated by their superior physical build and bloodline.

In the first few exchange of blows, neither got the upper hand.

You XiaoMo watched on worriedly.

“Ling Xiao, do you think Zhao-shixiong can win?”

Ling Xiao seemed slightly bored by the spectacle but surprisingly he gave You XiaoMo an unexpected answer. “Yes.”

You XiaoMo whipped his head around to look at him. “What makes you so sure?”

“Does your Zhao-shixiong look like the type to act rashly?” Ling Xiao replied.

You XiaoMo gave it some thought. “Yea!”


“Oh alright! I meant that he was like that in the past. Now he looks like he’s matured. Doesn’t seem to be a rash guy anymore.” You XiaoMo laughed awkwardly.

Ling Xiao gave him a side glance before saying, “On the surface it may look like the Six-winged Divine Tiger is only a level eight four star, but it’s not going all out yet. It’s true power probably can be suppressed.”

To be honest, for that cute little tiger to cultivate from zero to level eight four star within less than three years since it was born was considered quite fast. While such progress could be greatly attributed to absorbing its mother’s concentrated spirit, its own hard work and talent should also not be dismissed.

If what Ling Xiao said was true, that the power of the Six-winged Divine Tiger was greater than level eight four star, then such growth could be considered horrifying.

As they were having their conversation, the fight between the young man and the six-winged beast was getting more and more heated. The young man obviously underestimated the Six-winged Divine Tiger as he was ultimately forced to take out his weapon—a long, black bow with intricate details carved into its grip. There were no arrows but as the young man drew the bow, a dark red arrow immediately manifested between the bow and the taut bowstring. The man aimed it at Zhao DaZhou who was standing on the edge of the arena. The arrow zipped through the air and straight for Zhao DaZhou.

The Six-winged Divine Tiger immediately stopped its attack in midair and ran towards Zhao DaZhou. The young man noticed and smirked. He rushed to stop the tiger but the tiger barely spared him a look before bursting into an even greater speed.

In almost a hundredth of a second, its speed increased more than two times its original. The six-winged beast grabbed Zhao DaZhou and dodged. However, it was as if the arrow had a built-in radar, following Zhao Da Zhou wherever he went.

The six-winged beast put Zhao DaZhou on the ground immediately. Its energy rose up suddenly as its level immediately broke out of four star to five star, and yet, the progress hadn’t stopped.

The Six-winged Divine Tiger didn’t bother to pull back punches anymore. It roared before hitting the arrow flying towards them with a punch. As the two forces collided with each other, the air manifested into visible air streams and spread out in all directions with what seemed to be the need to destroy. A few seconds later, the arrow shattered.

The young man looked grim. He now knew where all that confidence Zhao DaZhou had came from.

The Six-winged Divine Tiger’s power actually rose from four stars to seven stars! Three whole stars! Judging by the situation now, he was the weaker one instead and the difference in power was definitely greater than just one star.

Below the stage, the people who came together with the young man looked no better. One of them even said, “We were wrong about this one. This guy, Zhao DaZhou, is not that simple after all.”

“Boss Cheng, if we let this continue, the young master will lose.” The youth beside him said worriedly.

Previously, the young master had promised not to use his contract demon beast. Furthermore, his words were heard loud and clear by everyone present. Should he go against his own words, he would most definitely lose face. But if he were to lose to a level five Mage, it would be a greater insult than the former.

The middle aged man clearly knew the severity of the issue. He debated about what to do before finally giving the word.

“I know what to do. Later on if the young master can’t win, I’ll help in the dark.”

While there were many strong people in Yan City, the real strong individuals would not personally stand out to help. There might be many strong ones near Lei Tian Platform, but with their current level of power, calling him out on his actions was nearly impossible.

The fight soon became a countdown match. Due to the Six-winged Divine Tiger’s surge in power, the young man was no match for the beast. Even with his weapon in hand, the power difference of two stars made it near impossible for them to be on par. Not only that, the Six Winged Divine Tiger had unimaginably strong combat power.

While the young man might have been strong, it was clear he was lacking in combat experience. Very soon he became the receiving end of the attacks. With one hand placed on the edge of Lei Tian Stage, the middle aged man secretly sent an invisible force towards the six-winged beast who was currently having the upper hand.

As he expected, no one in the vicinity of Lei Tian Platform was more powerful than him. Yan City wouldn’t send an Imperial or Emperor level just for this brawl. One must also keep in mind that powerful individuals like himself were basically considered the backbone of powerful and prestigious families. Even if he were to manipulate the situation from behind the scenes, it would be hard to tell.

However, he forgot about one person.

Ling Xiao couldn’t just sit back and watch Zhao DaZhou’s demon beast get defeated by some underhanded tricks. No matter what, Zhao DaZhou was You XiaoMo’s shixiong.

He already noticed when the middle aged man made his move.

In that instant when the tiger was going to finish off the young man with a swipe of its paw, a loud sound could be heard. About four to five meters away from where the man and beast stood, a slab of stone exploded.

The sudden change stunned everybody.

The Six-winged Divine Tiger slowed down because of the commotion. Seeing his chance, the young man seized the opportunity to retreat, narrowly escaping the death blow.

“So this is how you guys defeat so many of Yan City’s powerful people on Lei Tian Stage? Use underhanded means when you can’t win? How interesting!” A voice spoke mockingly.

The middle aged man’s expression darkened. Never did he imagine that he would be found out, and he couldn’t even find where the voice came from!

It didn’t take much for a person to put two and two together.

An explosion occurring on Lei Tian Platform for no apparent reason, and coincidentally when the Six-winged Divine Tiger was about to win? If not for the explosive destruction, the demon beast would have crushed the insolent young man long ago.

Someone dared to cheat on the holy Lei Tian Platform?

The crowd started to buzz.

The people of Yan city saw the battles on Lei Tian Platform of nothing short of holy. Such incidents had never happened before and now these outsiders dared to do such a thing like cheating to desecrate their holy stage. Hard to say, maybe even the past few battles were won using such dirty tricks.

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