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Chapter 361: Conditions for the Exchange

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Hong Yun, what are you saying?” Qiu Ran, who stood closest to him, asked when he heard him mumbling under his breath. He couldn’t catch what Hong Yun had said. With all his attention turned towards the Fire Phoenix, Hong Yun’s words barely registered in his mind. All he knew was that Hong Yun had uttered something weird.

With a hand on his face, Hong Yun’s panic-stricken eyes peeked through the gaps between his fingers.

“I can’t have guessed wrongly! This presence definitely belongs to the King of Emperor beasts, the Ancient Demon Phoenix!”

Had the Ancient Demon Phoenix wanted to subdue him, he could have easily been made to submit just from its bloodline alone. As they were both demon beasts of the Phoenix species, it could be said that they were closely related by blood. Hence, the added oppression would be felt from the bloodline.

Qiu Ran was shocked as he looked towards the man who had a Fire Phoenix in his hand. He was an Ancient Demon Phoenix? Or was it his life bound contract demon beast that was an Ancient Demon Phoenix? Regardless of the answer, it was a hindrance to obtaining the Elemental Essence.

While he was deep in thought, Ling Xiao was already on the move.

The elegant and beautiful Fire Phoenix rose into the sky and spread its magnificent wings before swooping down towards the elder of the Chai Family who had already gone on defense.


Cracks started to appear on the shield before it eventually shattered. The Fire Phoenix hadn’t even expended much of its energy as it continued to charge towards the elder of the Chai family. The elder had already expected that it was impossible for the shield to withstand the attack. Just a few seconds before the shield shattered, he immediately whipped out his weapon for defense…

Five minutes had passed. A charred corpse dropped off onto an island below. It was the elder Chai. The rise and fall of his chest was hardly visible anymore and it was as if he was hanging on with his last breath. Soon, he would be at death’s door.

At this moment, the elder of the Teng family suddenly swooped in towards the elder Chai, picking him up and making a speedy escape.

You XiaoMo found it unbelievable.

He had heard about the matters between the Teng and Chai families. While they weren’t on such horrible terms to be called enemies, the relationship between the two families wasn’t exactly great either, to the extent of buying pants for each other to wear. So why take the risk to rescue him?

“I have heard some stuff about the Teng and Chai families.” Lan Qiu said suddenly.

“Which is?” You XiaoMo turned to look at him.

“If the elder of the Chai family was left to die here, the Chai family will be kicked out of the Great Four Family Clans. The Teng family will have to deal with the BaiLi and Tong families on their own once the Chai family is gone. The BaiLi and Tong families are on good terms, sometimes they are even as close as siblings. They will definitely join forces to suppress the Teng family, so the elder of the Teng family rescuing the elder of the Chai family is an expected outcome.”

You XiaoMo remembered how BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu behaved as if they were biological brothers. It seemed it was indeed the case as explained by Lan Qiu.

After the two of them vanished, the surrounding became eerily silent.

Ling Xiao’s swift and decisive, yet ruthless methods had struck fear into their hearts. That was why subsequently after the elder from the Teng family, the men that the Azure Sea Dragon had employed all left. They wanted to live and knowing who the Elemental Essence would end up with, there was no point in staying anymore.

Seeing as his men left, the Azure Sea Dragon was enraged. In order for him to evolve from a sea dragon to a full-fledged dragon, the Elemental Essence was essential to him.

It hadn’t even been an hour when almost half of the strong ones left.

Only the BaiLi and Tong families, powerful individuals from the Boundless Sea, the DaoXin Academy and the Azure Sea Dragon remained.

Qiu Ran was also unwilling to give up on the Elemental Essence. It was not like he hadn’t considered attacking the Academy. But with superpowers like Hei Tian overseeing the school, the chances of success were slim. He reckoned it was less than twenty percent. All he could do was wait. And he had, for the last few hundred years. He had waited so long for this Elemental Essence to appear and he was definitely not offering it to the school without a fight.

“Everyone! I think we should put aside our past grudges and work together to defeat this guy. Or else none of us can even think of having the Elemental Essence.” Qiu Ran shouted, in hopes of fanning the flames.

He knew very well that both the Azure Sea Dragon and DaoXin Academy needed the Elemental Essence desperately as he was only half sure that they would agree.

His words received a mixed reaction.

Ling Xiao might be a Divine level powerhouse, but if they joined forces, they might still stand a chance of winning.

As the saying goes, even ants could kill an elephant when they worked together.

It was precisely this logic in the current situation.

With the Elemental Essence in hand, Ling Xiao looked darkly at the Azure Sea Dragon. When the latter turned to face him, he smiled.

“Speaking of which, I remembered my wife once told me he wanted to contract a Lord of the ocean. How about…”

The Azure Sea Dragon’s face immediately changed. He glared at the man darkly. He had a tiny bit of true dragon’s blood in him. While it may be little, he still had the pride of a true dragon. Obviously, he wouldn’t submit to a mere mortal. But after listening to the man speak, he had guessed that the man had the intention of making him form a contract with the wife he spoke of.

“No!” You XiaoMo was the first to reject the suggestion.

She Qiu was puzzled. “Why?”

The Azure Sea Dragon was decently powerful. Though not an emperor beast, he could one day reach Divine level judging from his current situation. With him around, he could provide added protection in dangerous situations when they travelled to a Higher Realm, even without Ling Xiao around.

“Anyway my answer will still be ‘no’.”

Worried that Ling Xiao would really force him to enter a contract with the Azure Sea Dragon, You XiaoMo got his communication stone out.

Ling Xiao glanced at You XiaoMo before slowly retrieving his glowing communication stone.

“What is it?”

“I don’t want that Sea Dragon.” You XiaoMo gripped his communication stone tightly.

“Why?” The exact same thing that SheQiu had asked.

“Because he’s too old.”

“What’s bad about being old?” Ling Xiao couldn’t understand why You XiaoMo was so adamant on not taking the Sea Dragon.

“… I just don’t want an old grandpa.”

“I understand.”

“You understand what I’m trying to say?”

“If you don’t want it then so be it. But currently we haven’t found a suitable one till now. Looks like you can’t form a contract this time.”

“That’s okay, we still have next time.”


“…The voice from the communication stone, is a man?” Everyone else had the same thought in mind.

Blissfully unaware that he had just revealed his gender, You XiaoMo happily kept his communication stone. It was a pity, but he wasn’t the least bit interested in a demon beast that looked like an old grandpa.

Said old grandpa that was despised for being too old was so furious that not even words could describe how he felt. Yet, he could do nothing about the person who had thoroughly insulted him.

“Azure Sea Dragon, they have mocked you and you did nothing but bear it. If the other strong individuals of the Boundless Ocean hear about this, your reputation will be tarnished.” Qiu Ran took the chance to stir up trouble.

The Azure Sea Dragon gave him a disgusted look before spitting out, “You don’t need to goad me.”

“I can’t believe the hegemon of the Mirage sand Ocean also has something he’s scared of.” Qiu Ran casually said.

The Azure Sea Dragon snorted.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. You only want to use me. What I should do, I will decide for myself. No need for your reminders.”

Qiu Ran’s face turned grim.

Ling Xiao shifted his gaze to Hei Tian. The latter’s cold and collected eyes had betrayed a hint of a struggle. He had been debating whether to attack Ling Xiao or not. To be honest, Ling Xiao genuinely admired Hei Tian. He calmly looked at Hei Tian before saying, “Do you want the Elemental Essence?”

Hei Tian fixed his composure before replying, “Indeed. DaoXin Academy needs it urgently. Would you be willing to give it to us?”

“I can give it to you. But there are conditions.” It was as if Ling Xiao had thrown a grenade at them.

“What conditions?” After the initial shock, Hei Tian asked calmly. He knew things weren’t going to be that easy. And true to his belief, Ling Xiao’s words confirmed his prediction.

You XiaoMo was equally stunned. He didn’t remember Ling Xiao ever talking to him about conditions.

Ling Xiao smiled and said, “My conditions are simple. With DaoXin Academy’s ability, I doubt it’s difficult to satisfy. I want seventy percent of the leylines spirit gem. I’m exchanging an Elemental Essence with seventy percent of the spirit gems, isn’t that a good deal for you?”

Hei Tian lowered his eyes, “It is a good deal, and I agree to the conditions. But…”

People were waiting with bated breaths. Not only was this a good deal, the Academy had practically benefitted immensely. The Elemental Essence was worth more than a few spirit gems. In fact, it could even be considered priceless. And yet this man was exchanging it for the spirit gems? Did he have an ulterior motive?

“But what?” Ling Xiao asked.

“Why would you use an Elemental Essence to exchange for spirit gems? With your experience, wouldn’t you know how precious the Elemental Essence is?” Hei Tian voiced his suspicion.

“Of course I know.” Ling Xiao laughed out loud, humor evident in his eyes.

“But, compared to the Elemental Essence, my wife prefers the spirit gems.”

Said wife who was used as a shield again was speechless.

Hei Tian became silent. So, did everyone else.

Based on what he and his wife had talked about over the transmitter stone, it seemed like these were things that his wife would have said. Even a powerful demon beast like the Azure Sea Dragon was despised and rejected because he was found to be too old. How ridiculous was that?

She Qiu looked at the fuming You XiaoMo and sighed lightly. “Master, you don’t have to get so angry actually.”

You XiaoMo whipped his head around to look at him. “And why is that?”

“Think about it. If you were given the choice of the Elemental Essence or that many spirit gems, which one would you have chosen?”

“Ehh….” Now that he thought about it, he most likely would have taken the spirit gems too…

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