Honto no Bokura

Hontou no Bokura Cover
Our True Figure
Artist: Shiromiya Esu
Language: English
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Sueoka is popular and friendly to all of his classmates, but he hates being around people. Hiding during lunch in the bathroom, Sueoka ends up hearing two of his male classmates having sex! Stuck in the bathroom, Sueoka has no choice but to endure through the entire thing. However, he is somehow caught!!

“If you don’t want me to tell anyone, suck me off.” Blackmailed by the quiet Oohashi, what will be Sueoka’s decision? Hide his true self or let it be revealed to the world?

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Kuro X Koi
Urusai Kurai no Kokuhaku Kudasai

134 thoughts on “Honto no Bokura

  1. So… the premise is to tell people that he,Oohashi , had sex and Sueoka (babyboi) was there? In the school’s bathroom? Ok…

    … Is they boy Oohashi was with, still in the bathroom?
    (Gotta see… But don’t wanna)

  2. thank you so much for all the hard works!!! ^^

    hopefully you’ll do the extras too. 😀
    (i assume there are extras, since you haven’t put the full volume link)

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