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Chapter 373: Feng ChiYun Is Kidnapped

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Yu WenNan didn’t look too good. He took a quick look at the other battlefield and found that the Fire QiLin had already swallowed three people, two of them being Chen QingEr and the FeiXie.

Speaking of which, FeiXie was actually stronger than Fairy Fu Rong by a bit. However, during the crucial moment Fairy Fu Rong pulled a trick on him which resulted in his plight of being gobbled up by the Qilin.

Yet, after swallowing three powerhouses, the Fire Qilin’s imposing and powerful presence couldn’t compare to how it was before. Its strength had clearly weakened by a lot and its aura seemed to have withered a bit. As the Fire Qilin had to digest the cultivation of the three people it ate, it used up quite a fair bit of energy doing so. Nonetheless, even in its weakened state it still posed a significant threat.

Yu WenNan did the mental calculations. Looked like they wouldn’t be completing this task.

After realizing that Ling Xiao was going to be a tough nut to crack, this was the first time Yu WenNan had thoughts of retreating. Additionally, he found the need to investigate that person’s background. If he’s somehow involved with the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan, then it would make his goal of obtaining the Clan Treasure even more difficult.

“NanShen, don’t even think of escaping.” It took the middle aged man just one look to read his intentions of running away. He immediately shouted, alerting everyone else of Yu WenNan’s intentions and drawing their attention to him.

Yu WenNan cursed before glaring daggers at the middle aged man. The latter immediately reciprocated with a look that said, “Don’t think of escaping alone.” Ling Xiao couldn’t be bothered to pay them any mind at the moment. You XiaoMo had woken up.

He turned around and looked below to see You XiaoMo surrounded by Lan Qiu and the rest. Seeing You XiaoMo staring at him all wide-eyed and amazed, he couldn’t help but smile.

After realizing that Ling Xiao was looking at him, You XiaoMo touched his nose sheepishly.

Ling Xiao retracted his gaze before raising his palm in the direction of the Qilin.

“Return.” He commanded.

As if it could read Ling Xiao’s mind, the Qilin stripped itself of a Qilin’s appearance and transformed into flames before returning to his hand. It disappeared within a moment.

Judging by how things were playing out, Yu WenNan feared for the worst. If Ling Xiao were to convert the cultivation of the three people the Qilin swallowed for his own use, none of them would even stand a chance of escaping.

Yu WenNan slipped something that looked like a jade stick out but it was actually a Dimension Seal. Dimension Seals were split into three different grades, the high, medium or low grade. The one he had in his hand was a high grade dimension Seal. Only Sacred level powerhouses who were very experienced with using the power of dimensions could refine it as it had the ability to teleport between Realms. Even in the higher Realms it was a priceless piece of work. Originally, the Dimension Seal given to him by his higher ups was meant for teleporting that person’s descendant to a high Realm in times of emergency. Looking towards the heavily guarded You XiaoMo, he had no choice but to use the Seal on himself. To think that he had to end up using it, he was definitely going to be punished when he returned. One had to understand that the master he was serving had spared no costs in order to bring You XiaoMo back, even to the extent of using a high grade dimension Seal.

No one noticed Yu WenNan’s actions, not even the middle aged man who prevented him from leaving.

After Ling Xiao recalled his Qilin, QiuRan and his group barely had time for a breather before they had to deal with HeiTian and the rest. With elder Teng no longer wishing to trust Fairy Fu Rong because she pushed FeiXie out, the group was caught up in internal turmoil. Losing was just a matter of time.

“It seems like we have no other choice but to work together this time round, MuShen. How about this, we put the past behind us for now and focus on dealing with the matter at hand. What do you say?” Yu WenNan shouted at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man was surprised by what he said but indeed they had no other option but to cooperate. He replied, “How do you want to do it?”

“Simple. You go distract him and buy me some time. I want to use that thing.” Yu WenNan had a crafty smile plastered on his face.

The middle aged man just wanted to reply before he suddenly realized the man opposite him had disappeared. His expression changed and he immediately mustered all his strength to get away as far as possible from the spot he was standing. As he had expected, red flames appeared at the place he had just stood. However, there was no trace of the man. Just as he began to search, an explosion could be heard from where Yu WenNan was at. From his peripheral he could see the man clashing together with Yu WenNan. He was moving so swiftly that he barely managed to catch a few glimpses.

“Can you hurry up?” Yu WenNan yelled at the middle aged man.

An odd look flashed across the middle aged man’s eyes before he made his decision a second later. Just when everyone else thought he was going to help Yu WenNan, the middle aged man suddenly transformed into beam of light and shot to the sky. A spinning black whirlpool appeared in the sky and his voice boomed as he spoke.

“NanShen, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. What working together? You just want to use me. You can dream on!”

Yu WenNan looked absolutely horrible. He was actually fooled by MuShen!

At this very moment, a purple blade flew out from nowhere and hit the middle aged man’s body which had not fully entered the black whirlpool. Fresh blood spurted out and the middle aged man didn’t even have time to scream before he was sucked in by the whirlpool. As for the middle aged man’s companion, after he saw that he had escaped, he lost his bearings. Hei Tian saw the chance to tear through his defences and ripped out his heart.

The shock on Yu WenNan’s face had yet to leave as he saw Ling Xiao charging towards him as quickly as possible from the corner of his eyes. This time, he had an odd looking fan in his hand. In a panic, he crushed the Dimensional Talisman he had in his hand and the space around him warped. The spacial force pulled him in and he disappeared.

Ling Xiao appeared dumbfounded for a moment before snapping his gaze towards You XiaoMo in the next second. Yu WenNan, who had disappeared into thin air less than a moment ago, was currently standing among the crowd. Ling Xiao’s eyes widened as unadulterated fury burned within them.

“Watch out!” You XiaoMo heard Feng ChiYun’s voice and before he had time to react, he was pushed aside. Amidst the chaos, he saw Yun Ge’s expressionless face morph into one of shock as he dashed towards a certain direction.

“Damn it all!” Yu WenNan spewed a string of curses. Indeed, he had planned to use the Dimensional Talisman to leave the middle realm but he was unwilling to give up just yet. So he tried and failed unfortunately. You XiaoMo turned his head around only to find that together with Yu WenNan, Feng ChiYun had also vanished for some unknown reason.

You XiaoMo hadn’t even processed what had happened before he was drawn tightly into a familiar embrace. It was as if the person wanted to crush his waist.

“What…what happened?” He received a response in the form of a tighter hug by Ling Xiao. This time his waist wasn’t just snapping in half, he couldn’t even breathe.

“Fuck, are you trying to crush me to death?” You XiaoMo started coughing.

Ling Xiao sighed from above his head.

“It’s such a good atmosphere. Don’t you know how to savor the moment?”

Good atmosphere?

You XiaoMo surveyed their whereabouts only to find chaos running amok. The corner of his mouth twitched. Good atmosphere my ass, more like all hell has broken loose.

“Alright, stop with the jokes. What happened to Feng ChiYun?”

“He’s kidnapped by Yu WenNan.” Ling Xiao simply said.

“How’s that possible?” You XiaoMo looked at him in shock.

“He has a Dimensional Talisman so he can teleport around easily. And it looks like he has more than one of them. His original target was you, but Feng ChiYun pushed you away and took your place. Since his Dimensional Talisman was already activated, Yu WenNan didn’t make it in time to capture you.” Ling Xiao explained.

You XiaoMo’s mind was blank. Feng ChiYun was captured because he tried to save him. He hesitated for a while before asking, “Will Feng ChiYun die?”

Ling Xiao understood how he felt.

“Don’t worry, Yu WenNan may not be very clear of your relationship with Feng ChiYun, but since he saved you it shows that you’re more than just acquaintances. And his target is you, so Feng ChiYun will not be in danger for now.”

“You aren’t lying to me right?” You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao answered in the form of a smile before catching him off guard by smacking his head from the back.

You XiaoMo grabbed his head. He already tried to anticipate it, but he was still unable to escape from having his head smacked.

“I’m really glad that you weren’t the one taken. Or else I would definitely kill my way to the high realm.” Ling Xiao hugged him.

You XiaoMo was very touched. “Mhmm, I believe you would do just that. But I still feel we should go rescue Feng ChiYun.”

Ling Xiao remained silent for a while before saying, “You know, you should be running into my arms all touched and hug me and kiss me fiercely now.”


This would have been an emotional scene if not for Ling Xiao saying it out loud. He made it sound so dumb if they were to do that.

As they talked, the battle had already come to an end. Due to their main force running away, Qiu Ran and the rest who remained naturally couldn’t hold their enemies off. There were also some who had the foresight, such as the Teng elder. Clearly, he feared death. At the sign of something wrong, he immediately packed up and fled. However, if the Teng family ever wanted to gain a foothold in Yan City, it would not be easy.

As for Fairy Fu Rong, she even went so far as to bare her naked body for others to see in order to escape. With her top half naked, it got people blushing till their ears were red. What was more tragic was that when she battled the Third elder, she was berated for having no shame.

Fairy Fu Rong might have made it out alive, but her reputation definitely had been thoroughly destroyed.

FeiXie could rest in peace now…

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August 17, 2020 12:34 am

Why is nobody commenting on how loving LX is?!?! Like holy crap, if it takes a huge battle to accomplish this, then have those happen all the time!!😱😂 On a serious note – thank y’all for the chapters! I really appreciate how dedicated y’all are🤗💜

August 29, 2021 8:42 pm

Unfortunate that some got away. Is Qiu Ran dead?
Please let Feng ChiYun be rescued; Yun Gi must be as devastated as Ling Xiao would be if Momo were kidnapped.
Thank you for translating.

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