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Chapter 374: An Auspicious Day

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Then what about Qiu Ran?” Duan QiTian had just come out of secluded cultivation when such explosive news reached his ears. However, he did not have the slightest reaction at all, and instead, started asking about Qiu Ran.

If You XiaoMo was here, he would definitely be able to tell that Duan QiTian’s entire personality had changed after he came out of secluded cultivation. In the past, You XiaoMo would still be able to tell his moods, but it was somewhat hard to tell now that he was more reserved.

“His lifebound contract beast, Hong Yun, saved his life. But it’s absolutely impossible for him to completely recover after two consecutive serious injuries this time. He probably wouldn’t show up again in the next few years.”

The one who replied was the Second Elder, as he was the one guarding the hidden thirty-first room in the Red card area, and Duan QiTian had been in secluded cultivation all this while inside this hidden room.

Duan QiTian struck the table as he muttered to himself, “If it’s like this, wouldn’t it be very difficult if I want to find him later?”

The Second Elder sighed, “This can’t be helped. The Long Xiang Continent is so huge. It’s generally quite difficult to find a level ten mage who is deliberately hiding. Oh yes, have you heard about the matter with your disciple?”

Duan QiTian, “Are you talking about that dunce?”

The Second Elder discovered that Duan QiTian’s temper was always very spirited in the past when he would scold using this word, “dunce”. It was unlike the present, where there was completely no expression on his face when scolding people. It looked like the results of cultivating these few months in the hidden room were quite good, but it is possible that Duan QiTian may have overdone it a little.

“It’s your third disciple.”

“What’s up with him?”

“Do you still remember that Divine Realm practitioner that appeared in the Boundless Sea? He’s the Ling Xiao who is always with your little disciple.”

“To think it’s him.” Duan QiTian narrowed his eyes. Although he had always felt that that man was a little strange, he had never thought that Ling Xiao was actually a Divine Realm expert who had been residing inside DaoXin Academy all along.

“It’s hard to imagine right? Who knows what his motive is.” The Second Elder questioned in concern. The principal was currently out of the academy. If he really harbored harmful motives towards DaoXin Academy, they would not be able to stop him with their current strength.

“You don’t have to worry that he will harm DaoXin Academy.” Duan QiTian had seen through his thoughts in a single glance, “If he had such motives, he would have made a move long ago. Is there anything else?”

“En, I have discussed with the Great Elder to prepare to let you negotiate with him. You are You XiaoMo’s shifu and I believe that he would give you some face.” The Second Elder immediately explained.

“I know, if there’s nothing else… …”

“Okay, I’m going now.” The Second Elder took the initiative to leave before he was chased away. Though there were a few changes, his innate character still had not changed.

When the incident involving You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao swept over the North, no one within DaoXin Academy even had the leisure to gossip as there were demon beasts bursting through Ward A every day since the barrier had been destroyed. So as to resist the demon beasts from the mountains, everyone had to run to the frontlines to help. Currently, the entire Ward A was so busy that they were beaten black and blue.

However, there was still a clear change.

There were now more people peeping at them. In the past, those people would be gossiping in front of them, but they did not dare to do so now, and would only converse far away from them.

Each and every one of those who had grudges with You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

For example, Tang YuCheng and Chai Zheng. Many people who didn’t like them popped out now, mocking the two.

You XiaoMo had not thought about them for a long time. They had already tasted defeated at his hands. If he continually thought of them, would he not be dragging himself down to their level?

They had a few relatively quiet days after that.

Ling Xiao had been meditating in the room to transform Chen QingEr and the others cultivation bases into his own.

There were many that made an excuse to find You XiaoMo for the purpose of catching a glimpse of Ling Xiao, fooling them to kill some time was fun enough for You XiaoMo. However, he had expected that the first who would knock on his door would be the old geezer instead of Yin Ge.

You XiaoMo immediately thought of Feng ChiYun upon seeing Yin Ge and felt depressed.

“Will you guys be going to the Higher Level Realm?”


“Will you rescue Feng ChiYun?”


“That’s good, I will go with you too.”


“YuXuan and I were originally from the Higher Level Realm. We had to come to the Middle Level Realm because of some circumstances. If you want to know anything, I will tell you everything I know about it.”

You XiaoMo was still a little surprised to know that they were from the Higher Level Realm. It seemed that everything that happened recently had some connection to the Higher Level Realm.

“I’ve heard that you hold half the bloodline of a demon beast.”

Yin Ge fell silent, “That’s right. My father is the Nine-Headed Serpent King, and my mother is a human practitioner. Due to some internal problems, I had no choice but to come here.”

You XiaoMo felt that the Heavens sprinkled some dog-blood drama in front of him again. It was definitely due to some issue like the bloodline not being pure enough or so on and so forth. However, the Nine-Headed Serpent King was not an ordinary demon beast. The Nine-Headed Serpent King was like the Four Ancients Clan, they were born as ruler. Their position was extremely lofty among the demon beasts.

<strong>t/n: dog-blood means melodramatic, contrived.</strong>

You XiaoMo said, “I don’t know when we will set off. It’ll depend on Ling Xiao.”

Yin Ge, “Then I’ll trouble you to speak with him.”

“Okay, I will.”

After sending Yin Ge off, You XiaoMo walked into the bedroom to take a look at Ling Xiao’s situation. It appeared that the cultivation bases of three Emperor Realm practitioners were not easy to digest.

Over the past few days, he learned from others what had happened during the period he was unconscious, and the whole battle sounded just entirely one-sided. However, You XiaoMo could not shake the feeling that there was some problem with Qilin that swallowed Chen QingEr and the two others. Otherwise, it was impossible for Ling Xiao to be sitting still on the bed for several days in a row.

You XiaoMo worriedly looked at Ling Xiao who had his eyes closed.

According to Tang YuLin’s description, that person called Yu WenNan did indeed say these two words ‘blood sacrifice rite ’ when Ling Xiao summoned the fire Qilin out.

Upon hearing something which had both “blood” and “sacrifice” within its name definitely did not mean anything good.

You XiaoMo sighed.

“What are you sighing about again?” A hand suddenly clapped on his head and pushed him down until his stature immediately shrank a little. It was with astonishment that he discovered this voice was from Ling Xiao whose eyes had just been closed.

“You’re all right now?” You XiaoMo pulled his hand off and happily asked.

“How can anything happen to this husband of yours? Or do you hope that something would happen to me?” Ling Xiao unconcernedly stated as he put on his shoes before he came off the bed.

You XiaoMo decided not to dispute over these trifles with him, “Yin Ge came to look for me. He said that he wanted to go to the Higher Level Realm with us. And he also said that he and Zhan YuXuan both came from the Higher Level Realm.”

“If he wants to follow, let him follow.” Ling Xiao indifferently replied.

“So when are we going to leave for the Higher Level Realm?” He was completely unclear about this aspect of the matter and could only depend on Ling Xiao to make decisions.

“Then let’s find a day.”

“What day?”

“An auspicious day.”


Duan QiTian came knocking just as the two came to a decision. You XiaoMo really missed the old geezer quite a bit and he also wanted to know how well the old geezer’s soul was recovering. But he did not dare to be too enthusiastic as he did not know whether the first or second personality would appear.

However, after You XiaoMo saw Duan QiTian, he covertly moved closer to Ling Xiao’s ear and whispered, “Ling Xiao, do you think that the old geezer has been switched?”

“The possibility is low.” Ling Xiao told him after observing for a moment.

“Why?” You XiaoMo asked.

“Because the look of disdain in his eyes is exactly the same as before.”


“I’ve already heard about your situation.” Duan QiTian walked in without leave, and got right to the point  without any superfluous words. He was so frank it gave the impression that they were chatting about domestic matters.

You XiaoMo simply did not know how to react to this, but he felt that the old geezer was a little weird today. His expression and voice still had the same terrorizing force, but he was colder than usual.

“Shifu, I did not mean to deliberately conceal it from you.” You XiaoMo quickly apologized.

Duan QiTian immediately glared at him, “I’ll pluck your head off if you did it on purpose!”

You XiaoMo blushed with shame. Actually one could also say that he had deliberately concealed it.

Duan QiTian ignored him and shifted his attention to Ling Xiao, “My disciple is not free for you to kidnap.”

Ling Xiao gave an indolent smile, “Then I’m sorry to say that he had already been kidnapped by me before he became your disciple.”

Duan QiTian choked.

You XiaoMo secretly gave a mental ‘thumbs-up’ as the tiny him in his heart laughed till its teeth were showing. Ling Xiao was really too cool, to completely defeat the hot-tempered old geezer in one sentence!

However, could they refrain from using such a word like ‘kidnap? That just makes him look stupid.

Ling Xiao continued, “Duan QiTian, don’t push your luck. It’s not because I respect you or the others that I helped DaoXin Academy to seize the Elemental Essence. If not for your little disciple, I couldn’t be bothered.”

Duan QiTian swelled with so much anger that his mustache puffed up.

He had another purpose for coming to find them, but he really felt a little unhappy about handing that matter over when seeing this man’s attitude. He could only fiercely glare at his little disciple; it’s all because of your man!

You XiaoMo was baffled by his glare.

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