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Chapter 383: The Commerce District

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Following DuanMu Qing to the inn was an old man with an imposing manner. He didn’t look like a guest of the DuanMu Clan, more like an elder of the clan, because DuanMu Qing was looking at him with a respect.

After entering the inn, DuanMu Qing had planned to go upstairs to find them, however, he unexpectedly saw You XiaoMo sitting in the lobby by the window, so he immediately said something to the elderly man.

The elder looked toward You XiaoMo’s direction. His glance was indifferent toward You XiaoMo and Dao Yun. Then his eyes fell on Ling Xiao’s body and stopped for two seconds before coming over.

DuanMu Qing strode over in front of You XiaoMo, “My benefactor, this is my uncle. He knew my three benefactors have saved my life, so he especially came here to express his gratitude.”

“My name is DuanMu Zhen. It should be little Qing’s father to personally pay a visit, but the clan leader happened to be involved in some business and is unable to come over, so I personally came instead to greet you. I hope you sirs won’t mind.” DoanMu Zhen cupped his hand and said, his aloof expression was replaced with a sincere regret.

Dao Yun saw that both You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao didn’t say anything, so he quickly replied, “Sir DuanMu, you don’t have to be polite, it wasn’t that much of an effort to save him.”

Both sides exchanged some greeting lines. Dao Yun was a talkative person. Regardless of the target, he always spoke frankly with assurance and therefore, he quickly broke the ice with DuanMu Zhen.

“About the Dimensional Teleportation portal, I have heard from little Qing. This matter surely is not a problem, I wonder when will you ready to leave Bei Dong?” DuanMu Zhen shifted his eyes toward You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, he felt that those two must be the ones to call the shots.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, seeing him not saying a word, he answered in return, “Probably after the auction. Before that, sir DuanMu, I have a thing I want to request.”

DuanMu Zhen politely said, “Sir You, you don’t have to polite, you are my little nephew’s savior, don’t say one request, even if there were two or three more, as long as it is within DuanMu clan’s capability, we won’t refuse.”

You XiaoMo smiled with his eyes closed, “So, before we came here, we had two more companions that we were separated from. Those two should also arrive in Tian Xiang City one way or another, but we don’t really have time. If we were to leave first, I want you to help us keep an eye out for them. If you see them, tell them our whereabouts.”

Such a small matter, of course DuanMu Zhen accepted at once. He then asked for their names and any distinctive features of their appearance. You XiaoMo told them everything.

Yin Ge had very eye-catching silver hair. On the TongTian Continent, a person would rarely appear with silver colored hair. As for Zhan YuXuan, his temperament was also unique, it shouldn’t be that hard to recognize them.

The next day, as expected, the DuanMu Clan sent over a black invitation card.

The black invitation card was the size of two adult hands. It was made from unknown materials and engraved with an extremely beautiful white calligraphy. On the bottom right corner were the two words: Cang Alliance.

This black invitation card belonged to the DuanMu Clan, but they had more than one invitation card, so giving them one wasn’t that much of a loss.

DuanMu Qing wanted to create a relationship with them, so he offered to guide them around Tian Xiang City.

Although Bei Dong couldn’t be compared with the Southern Continent, its long history of development made its reputation not that terrible. Tian Xiang City was such an example; or else the Cang Alliance wouldn’t hold an auction there.

Dao Yun didn’t follow them. He was a thief, and prefered going to places alone. So they went their separate way after leaving the inn.

You XiaoMo didn’t hold him back as he guessed that Dao Yun might have gone to inquire about his master.

As for DuanMu Qing, You XiaoMo politely rejected his good intentions. But he asked him for the most bustling place of Tian Xiang City, and then left with Ling Xiao.

DuanMu Qing guessed that they might want to go alone, so he didn’t say anything further and just told them the location of the Commerce District of Tian Xiang City.

This type of commerce district could be found in plenty of regions.

The commerce district was not far away from the venue where the Cang Alliance’s auction was to be held, which was right behind it.

To reach the commerce district, one must pass over the auction house. Since the auction would be held tomorrow, the surrounding area had already been tightly guarded.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but gasp in surprise the moment he saw it.

The venue was really big. Compared to the two auctions he had been in on Long Xian Continent, this venue was a dozen times larger. Its solemn ambience made a distinct contrast with the lively streets surrounding it.

Beside the tightly closed gate, there were several small doors and occasionally people were seen coming in and out of the venue.

After taking a peek, You XiaoMo looked away and left with Ling Xiao. In less than fifteen minutes, they reached the commerce district.

The commerce district had always been the most bustling and prosperous place of every city. In front of them were wide streets with endless flows of people and noise. Just like what DuanMu Qing had said, the place was extraordinarily lively with noise and excitement.

“The commerce district of Tian Xiang City is truly livelier than those on the Long Xiang continent. There are so many great things here, lots of high level magic herbs and magic pills with plenty of varieties.” You XiaoMo went running in excitement toward busy vendors. Ever since he became a level eight mage, because of all the messy situations, he rarely had time to stroll around commerce districts. Even if he did have time, there usually wasn’t anything worthy enough to buy. Although the Long Xiang Continent was a Middle Realm, in the end, it was still far inferior than the Tong Tian Continent which was the Higher Realm.

However, You XiaoMo was still slightly surprised.

On his way, he found out spirit gems were really used as currency, and the price of most items was definitely not low.

“Let’s see if there is anything good.” Ling Xiao let him wander around, nevertheless, he still managed to follow right behind.

You XiaoMo immediately freed himself and ran toward vendors he was interested in. Although the place was crowded, it couldn’t stop his enthusiasm. He went from east to west and bought so many different items.

He could refine the magic pills himself, so all the magic pill vendors were totally ignored by him, because if there were magic pills from level eight to higher, there was no way it would appear in this place.

But his unrestrained spending really made people blind with jealousy.

Bei Dong was a wasteland, so most people weren’t rich. For normal people, a few hundreds spirit gems were enough for them to get by for a few years.

One could see how poor Bei Dong was, no wonder many people were jealous of them.

Some wished that all of You XiaoMo’s spirit gems would become theirs.

You XiaoMo didn’t notice, but Ling Xiao, who was following him, saw everything. Thus, he released a faint pressure. When they felt that pressure, no one dared to offend them despite still being quite envious of them. The people in Bei Dong were considered outcasts and wanderers, they didn’t have any mountains at their backs to support them.

You XiaoMo put all the materials he just bought into his dimension, but there was one thing he felt regret about.

Not a single magic herb seed was being sold in the commerce district. Not even a half-mature magic herb. All of them were mature stalks of magic herbs. At the very least, most of the magic herbs on the market were mid grade and high grade, although the quantity of the latter was relatively small. It completely wasn’t like the Long Xiang continent, as there was no sight of high grade magic herbs.

You XiaoMo didn’t want to waste the spiritual water to soak the herbs so he went and directly bought high grade ones. His action left people in awe and admiration.

The price between high grade and mid grade magic herbs was as different as the sky and earth, yet, he could casually buy a great quantity of high grade magic herbs with just a swing of his hand. This situation wasn’t rare, but it was still an eye-catching scene. As a result, more and more people with bad intentions flocked around them without You XiaoMo noticing. It was just that no one dared to approach since Ling Xiao had scared them away.

(Ra: personal bodyguard and bed warmer, what a multi-functional hubby)

“Sadly there isn’t anyone selling cauldrons.”

You XiaoMo had wanted to use this chance to find a good cauldron, but he had come across over twenty vendors and the number of cauldron sellers were pitifully low, only one or two. Not to mention that the quality of those cauldrons were way lower than the one the vice principal gave him. He couldn’t help but feel deep regret.

Ling Xiao came over to comfort him, “Most people here in Bei Dong are practitioners, even if they have a good cauldron, it won’t show up here. If you really want to change your cauldron, wait until we go to the Southern Continent.”

You XiaoMo knew being persistent wouldn’t help anything, so he didn’t grieve over it for long as his spirit quickly sprang back and he started dragging Ling Xiao to another vendor.

This vendor was a bit different from the others. Displayed in front of him was a bunch of junk and miscellaneous items. They weren’t magic pills or magic herbs, instead, they looked like small toys.

The seller was a thievish-looking man. From his appearance one could tell he was not a good sort of person. A smile quickly appeared on his face, “Hey there big bros, feel free to look at them. I have some good items here, definitely not some shady junk to trick you.”

The man had noticed their existence, his eyes especially fell on You XiaoMo.

When he was trying to figure out a way to lure them over, they came to him on their own and saved him from a huge deal of trouble. Their unexpected visit gave him a very pleasant surprise.

You XiaoMo casually viewed all of the items.

Every single item here was trash, how could he call them good items?

The man saw the dissatisfaction in You XiaoMo’s eyes, he quickly gave an explanation, “Hey big bro, you can’t judge everything by its outward appearance. My stuff might not be pretty to eyes, but they are all good stuff. For example, this thing on my hand, don’t see it as some sort of thin layer, this is a silk cloak made by the famous master Yong He of the Tong Tian continent. You only need to cover your head with it and you will become transparent.”

Master Yong He? Who?

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