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Chapter 386: Finale

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As more and more people entered the venue, the time for the auction to begin drew nearer.

Below, the seats within the stall area were almost full of people. Those in private boxes were already seated and the entire venue was bustling with noise and excitement until the sound of a small gong rang from the stage of the auction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Goshawk Auction House. I am the auctioneer for this auction, Yue QianShan. With regards to the rules of the auction, I’m sure that many know them already, so I will say no more. I now declare the opening of the auction.”

It was not known when a man, with handsome and bright features who was wearing a cyan-colored brocade robe, had appeared at one side of the auction block. He looked to only be about thirty years old and the aura from his whole body was extremely valiant. He was a seven star Emperor Realm practitioner, and this was absolutely enough to make everyone in the venue fear the consequences of their actions.

The Cang Alliance actually sent out a seven star Emperor Realm expert as an auctioneer. With him overseeing this, it may be assumed that there would be no one who would dare to seize the treasures at the scene, or be unwilling to comply with the rules of the auction house.

“Yue QianShan, this person’s identity is no small matter. I’ve heard that though his strength is not in the top ten in Cang Alliance, he is still a disciple of the head of the Cang Alliance and many people want to curry favor with him.” Dao Yun said.

You XiaoMo looked in Dao Yun’s direction. This guy had only been out for a day, yet he actually even managed to gather information on the people holding the auction. No wonder Ling Xiao said that information gathered from a great thief is faster and more abundant than the average person’s. It seems that Dao Yun had attained his master’s genuine handed-down techniques too.

“Other than this, what other news do you have?” You XiaoMo asked.

Dao Yun could not help but become radiant with delight when speaking of his job, “The Cang Alliance is different from the Vermillion Blood Clan. It is said that the founder of the Cang Alliance is a Sacred Realm expert and this expert took in close to a hundred disciples in all. Each and every one of these disciples has pretty good accomplishments and the reason that the Cang Alliance is able to develop to its current state has an inextricable relation to his disciples.”

A light bulb flashed in You XiaoMo’s mind, and he tentatively questioned, “Then did you manage to gather information about your master?”

Dao Yun could not refrain from wearing a defeated expression, “How could it be that easy? It’s not possible to inquire about master’s whereabouts within the short period of one day. I’ve not been here long enough, and am currently unable to gather further information.”

The implication was he did not get any information on where there were any rare treasures.

You XiaoMo still wanted to say something, but a hand suddenly slipped around his waist and slightly pinched it.

You XiaoMo let out an ‘ai yo’ and his entire body became limp.

Dao Yun looked over in surprise, “What happened to you?”

A slight blush suffused You XiaoMo’s cheeks. Hearing Dao Yun’s words, he quickly shook his head, “No-nothing… …the competition is starting, let’s watch it.”

Dao Yun did not doubt him and as expected, he seriously started to pay attention.

Seeing that his attention was finally directed away, You XiaoMo immediately slapped off that salty pig hand wrapped around his waist as he turned his head and glared at Ling Xiao, “Keep your hands off.”

<strong>t/n: salty pig hand means pervert (esp. one who gropes women in public)</strong>

Ling Xiao gave a low chuckle, “My dear wife, you cannot stop your husband from exercising his right as a husband.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, what kind of right was this? “You have your rights. I also have my human rights. Now, I am protesting.”

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, “Protest overturned.”

You XiaoMo was dissatisfied, “On what basis?”

Ling Xiao said, “If you marry into a chicken’s family follow the chicken, if you marry into a dog’s family follow the dog.”

<strong>t/n: if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog means a woman follows her husband no matter what his lot is.</strong>

You XiaoMo blushed and refuted, “Who married into your family?” He was clearly a man, how could ‘marry into’ be used to describe him?

<strong>t/n: There’s jia and qu (嫁 and 娶) in Chinese, both mean marry, but jia (嫁) is to marry off a daughter or wife marrying into the husband’s family while qu (娶) is to take a wife. Since You XiaoMo is a man, he should be the one taking a wife instead of being married off.</strong>

Ling Xiao earnestly replied immediately, “Dear wife, my body and heart, and all my firsts have completely been given to you. You have to take responsibility for me till the end.”

You XiaoMo gnashed his teeth and glared at him, “Whose first time was it too? So many of my firsts have also been given to you, why don’t I see you taking responsibility for me till the end?”

When he finished speaking, You XiaoMo wanted to bite his own tongue off.

Ling Xiao’s eyes were filled with laughter and he had an expression of having gotten exactly what he wanted, “Since the wife has said as such, then I will definitely take responsibility for you till the end. Please rest assured my darling wife.”

Thus, the salty pig hand once again touched his waist and even wanted to move downwards this time.

You XiaoMo was alarmed and grabbed his hand, “Stop messing around, there’s so many people watching.” He would not need to be so anxious if the box was not transparent.

“Relax, they’re all watching the auction and won’t notice.” Ling Xiao whispered in his ear as his right hand started headed between his legs.

You XiaoMo immediately clamped his legs shut, “That’s not okay.”

There were so many experts here, which one would not be aware of everything in all directions? Maybe there may even be one who wasn’t too interested in the auction and was instead watching the people all around. Though those who came to participate in the auction would normally be very interested in it, there was no lack of people who are not interested in the beginning, as he was also one of them.

“Okay, I get it.”

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo confronted each other for a few seconds before the former gave up.

You XiaoMo was finally relieved.

At the time of their dispute, the auction below was already underway in full swing. The atmosphere of the venue was extremely intense and many were competing with each other. The price of every item in the auction steadily rose and the highest hammer price was forty four thousand spirit gems. However, the auction was only two thirds of the way in. Thus one could imagine how the prices of the next items would climb once again.

The items sold in the Cang Alliance’s auction were all good quality so the price would remain high every time. Some small groups who did not have enough spirit gems could only watch the proceedings while green with envy.

For the fifth to last item, You XiaoMo saw a beast cage was brought onto the auction block. There was actually a Thousand Illusions Cat Ball inside and it was even an adult one. Its level was definitely higher than his CatQiu.

“Other than being able to freely transform into the appearance of the person you want, an adult Thousand Illusions Cat Ball also has one more skill. That is the creation of a dreamland. Generally, even Emperor Realm practitioners are not able to perceive it. The auction for this item starts now and the starting price of the item is fifty thousand spirit gems.” Yue QianShan’s clear voice introduced the data on the Thousand Illusions Cat Ball. This type of demon beast was not very common in the Tong Tian Continent because their reproduction was difficult. An adult Thousand Illusions Cat Ball was even rarer.

This was the first time that You XiaoMo had heard that an adult Thousand Illusions Cat Ball actually had the ability to create a dreamland.

Looks like he would have to frequently supervise and urge CatQiu’s cultivation and let him grow up as soon as possible.

After Yue QianShan finished speaking, there were people putting out bids immediately. A dreamland that even Emperor Realm experts could not detect was a treasure that was absolutely hard to come by.

“Sixty thousand spirit gems.”

“Seventy five thousand spirit gems.”

“Eighty thousand spirit gems.”

Once one person started bidding, the other clans also scrambled to keep up. After a couple of raises, the price had nearly doubled from its starting price. However there were no signs of it stopping and the price was still rising. Some people were competing so hard over it that they were red in the face, and slowly, those with not enough financial resources to fight with had no choice but to step down, only leaving a few clans with strong and solid strength.

You XiaoMo discovered that Hu Feng and Tang Hao in the box opposite seemed to not have put in a single bid from the beginning till now. It looked like they were really only interested in the later items.

Finally, the Thousand Illusions Cat Ball in the beast cage was sold for one hundred and fifty thousand spirit gems. The one who won it was a female cultivator.

Next was a low-grade high level cultivation skill manual for mages.

A soul cultivation manual for mages was much better than a skill cultivation manual. However, high level manuals were scarce. As long as it was a high level manual, the people at the auction would always fight over it till they were red in the face and it was no exception this time.

There were not many bidders left after the biggest power in Bei Dong, the XiaEr Clan, put in a bid. When some groups saw the XiaEr Clan making a move, they withdrew one after another. Finally, it was sold off to the XiaEr Clan for a high price of two hundred and thirty thousand.

“Next, I believe that everyone has been waiting long enough. That’s right, the next item will be the last auction item and it is also this time’s finale. I believe that everyone seated here has already heard of it.” Yue QianShan had a faint smile on his face as always. Soon after, he ordered the people to bring in the Heavenly Caldron.

A tray with a red cloth over it was carried out and the item beneath the red cloth did not seem to be very large. Then, Yue QianShan pulled off the red cloth. A football-sized red colored caldron stood still on the tray.

You XiaoMo was completely astonished, “This is the Heavenly Caldron?”

This was his first time seeing such a small caldron. This thing, can it really refine pills?

Ling Xiao replied, “It is the Heavenly Caldron. Don’t judge it based on its appearance. Essentially it can change its size from big to small, and it is an awfully convenient item.”

You XiaoMo looked at the Heavenly Caldron with wide eyes.

With the appearance of the Heavenly Caldron, the attention of everyone in the boxes was concentrated, and many people unwaveringly stared at the Heavenly Caldron as if they were itching to carry it home now. This was especially so for the mages at the venue as a good caldron was a necessity.

There was no shortage of mages participating in the auction and many had rushed here for the Heavenly Caldron. Once they saw the true form of the Heavenly Caldron, their breathing suddenly became heavier. If not for the Cang Alliance deterring them, there might have been someone jumping up to snatch the caldron this moment.

At the box opposite You XiaoMo, Hu Feng and Tang Hao suddenly became very energetic and a glint of determination to win flashed through their eyes.

“It’s certainly the Heavenly Caldron. Who would have thought that the Cang Alliance would actually be willing to auction off the seventh-ranked Heavenly Caldron? I must definitely get it and gift it to that great person.” Tang Hao clenched his fist. There was a hint of deep fear and yearning in his voice when speaking of that great person.

Hu Feng who was opposite him also had the same objective. Both parties harbored a determination to win the Heavenly Lord Caldron, but there was only one Heavenly Caldron.

You XiaoMo who was opposite them took note of their expression.

It looked like their objective was really the Heavenly Caldron as well.


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