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Chapter 385: Two Young People

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Early the next day, a crowd had appeared on the streets of Tian Xiang City. Most people were heading in the same direction, and that was towards where the Cang Alliance had organised their auction—the Goshawk Auction Hall.

Duan MuQing had already prepared a horse carriage just when the sky started to turn light. He then hurriedly brought his men along to fetch You XiaoMo and the rest from the inn. Not long after, a luxurious carriage pulled up near the main gate of the Goshawk Auction Hall. It was the exact same auction hall that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had passed by the day before.

The once empty area outside the gates of the auction hall was now packed like sardines. Carriages of all sizes were parked along the wide street, making it hard for a person to even move an inch. While Bei Dong’s population wasn’t much compared to other places, they could still tell the area for the auction was huge.

After getting out of the carriage, You XiaoMo and the rest walked for some distance before finally reaching the smaller gate beside the main gate. The smaller gate was for VIP access only, only those who were powerful in Bei Dong had the exclusive right to walk through it.

Compared to the enormous and boisterous crowd outside the main gate, the area outside the smaller gate was no doubt quieter and relatively more spacious. It was only every once in a while when a group of seemingly prominent and powerful people walked through the smaller gate. The middle aged man who was guarding the gate was neither obsequious or haughty, showing no sign of sucking up to them.

Just when they were about to pass through the gate, a few people suddenly popped up and intercepted them. In fact, there were two groups of people who were heading towards the small gate at the same time.

The small gate could only allow up to two people to pass through at any one time. Yet, both groups of people all seemed to want to pass through first. As a result, both groups ended up stuck outside the gate. The air crackled with tension. A hint of gunfire seemed to drift through the air.

“Tang Hao, it’s you after all!” The person who spoke was a young man who was walking on the right and he looked around the age of twenty-five. However, it was impossible to judge a person’s age based on appearance in the Tong Tian Continent. Many who looked young were already more than a thousand years old!

Behind the young man, two men of powerful presence flanked him. Judging from their appearance, one of them must be at least an Emperor level and the other, an Imperial Level. Seemed like those two were the bodyguards of the young man. To have the protection of two powerhouses, the young man definitely wasn’t an ordinary fellow.

The person addressed as Tang Hao looked similar in age as the young man, his handsome features tinged with a sense of self-importance. Similarly, he had two bodyguards at his side.

After hearing the young man speak, Tang Hao shot him a cold look and gritted out, “Hu Feng, you again. Looks like you want to vie with me again.”

“I should say, you want to vie with me instead.” Hu Feng reciprocated with a smirk.

Tang Hao scoffed. “Since you’re also here for that thing, then may the most capable win.”

“Then I hope you prepared enough spirit gems. Don’t want you chickening out when you see my bid.” Hu Feng’s eyes turned stone cold for an instant before returning to normal.

At this moment, a voice rang out from the side. “Excuse me, could you please let us pass?”

The sudden interruption caused the two people to turn towards the source simultaneously, only to find an eighteen or nineteen year old teenager standing not far away. From his aura, they could tell he was a mage. But as for the people beside him, one of them made the two do a double take.

Standing beside the teenager was a man with looks that could rival the gods. He was elegantly dressed in white and even with his lazy posture, they could feel power rolling off this man. He seemed as powerful as the men they brought along.

Despite knowing that, the two still frowned.

“Scram!” Hu Feng shot back impatiently.

You XiaoMo obviously wouldn’t scram. They all arrived at the same time and those two just had to block the entrance by squabbling there. They didn’t want to enter, fine, but others did. Since they didn’t receive his polite way of asking well, he had no choice but to use another method.

“I’m sorry, but if I remember correctly, the Goshawk Auction Hall isn’t owned by you guys.” You XiaoMo said.

“I dare you to say that again, brat.” Hu Feng’s expressions turned sour. Without bothering to listen till the end, Tang Hao’s face hardened. Both his expression and his voice turned dark and when he looked at You XiaoMo, it was as if he was shooting cold lightning bolts with his gaze. It had been a long time since someone dared to speak to them like that.

“Doesn’t matter how many times I say it, it’ll still be the same. You guys are blocking the entrance and not letting anyone enter. Is there anything wrong in asking you to move aside and let us pass? If you tell me this stretch of road was opened for you by the Cang Alliance, then I have nothing to say.” As if he had not noticed the foul look on their faces, You XiaoMo rambled on with his hate-inducing words. The other two couldn’t even rebut him.

DuanMu Qing, who was at the back of the group, had no time to stop him. After hearing what You XiaoMo said and seeing how Tang Hao’s and Hu Feng’s expressions darkened, he could tell the situation was going awry. He knew who those two were and knew very well not to offend them.

The Cang Alliance definitely wouldn’t open up this stretch of road specifically for the two of them. The Alliance wouldn’t do it even for people of a higher status than them, let alone Hu Feng and Tang Hao.

Hu Feng’s and Tang Hao’s faces flushed as they glared at him.

Just when they were getting ready to yell at You XiaoMo, the middle aged guard at the gate spoke up.

“Young Master Hu, Young Master Tang, this sir is right. If you’re not planning on entering, then please give way. It would be unsightly to have a huge group of people stuck outside because they are blocked by you. If the auction is delayed, I take it that you two are taking responsibility?”

Hu Feng and Tang Hao’s faces went pale and green simultaneously upon hearing his words.

They didn’t speak to him with the same attitude they used with You XiaoMo. After all, the middle aged man represented the Cang Alliance.

“Whatever are you talking about, good sir? We’ll be going in now.” Tang Hao expressed awkwardly.

He then looked at You XiaoMo and snorted coldly. Clearly, he had put the blame of getting reprimanded by the middle aged man on You XiaoMo. Tang Hao proceeded to the auction hall with his men trailing behind him. Hu Feng glared hard at You XiaoMo and soon followed after with his two bodyguards.

You XiaoMo was not the least bit stressed, not even after offending two highly prominent people in the short period of time. They were the ones being petty and despising others.

Instead, it was DuanMu Qing who broke out in a cold sweat. When they entered the auction hall, he quickly grabbed You XiaoMo.

“My benefactor, this is bad!”

“What’s bad?” You XiaoMo had no choice but to stop when he was pulled by DuanMu Qing.

DuanMu Qing explained anxiously, “The two that just went in, I told you about them yesterday. They’re the forces from the Southern Continent. They definitely won’t let you off after you offended them today.”

The Southern Continent? What a coincidence.

“Don’t worry, we’re leaving Bei Dong in the next few days. Even if we are heading to their territory, we might not even see them since the Southern Continent is so huge.” You XiaoMo said. If all else failed, they could just change their appearances. He and Ling Xiao had originally planned to do that when they reached the Southern Continent, lest people of the Vermillion Blood Clan recognised them.

“But what if…” DuanMu Qing still had something to say, but You XiaoM and Ling Xiao had already entered the small gate. He could only catch up to them.

The Goshawk Auction Hall was very large, it was like half a gigantic bird’s nest. The auction hall was deep underground and the seats were organised into rows on elevated levels. At the top, different rooms were prepared for each of the forces. The rooms were allocated based on the black invitation letters given.

The black invitation letter the DuanMu family gave them was for a single room. As everyone needed their own privacy, they specially gave him a room of his own. After leading You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao to the room, DuanMu Qing went to the room next door.

The room was transparent from all angles so they could clearly see the people from the DuanMu family next door. After he went over, they saw DuanMu Qing speaking into the ear of a middle aged man who looked similar to him. They were unsure of what the middle-aged man said, but DuanMu Qing’s brows furrowed at his words.

You XiaoMo might have limited IQ but he could guess what they were talking about, most likely what just happened outside. Dao Yun also noted what he saw before walking towards You Xiao to take a seat beside him. Suddenly, he realized someone was staring at him. He turned his head only to see Ling Xiao watching him expressionlessly.

Dao Yun felt a shiver run down his spine. He straightened his body which was already halfway in the sitting position and forced a laugh before moving to the next seat.

“Fellow You, you’re really not worried they’ll take revenge on you? Those two don’t look ordinary to me.” Seeing You XiaoMo’s excited expression, he couldn’t help but ask.

Hearing his question, You XiaoMo nonchalantly replied as he laid against Ling Xiao’s shoulder, “There’s nothing I can do. I’ve already offended them.”

To say such a thing so lightly, You XiaoMo had DaoYun’s admiration.

From his observations, the two of them were most likely from the top force in the Southern Continent. The bodyguards they brought along was one factor, another being their clothing. It wasn’t just the usual expensive stuff. The accessories they adorned looked very valuable and definitely not what a person from an average force can afford.

Without a doubt, those two must be rich and powerful people.

As they were talking, You XiaoMo saw the room opposite from them. It was Hu Feng and Tang Hao’s room. Despite being separated by two layers of glass-like walls, You XiaoMo could see the flames of fury in their eyes.

You XiaoMo’s heart thumped a beat as he shot them a brilliant smile.

As expected, those two were pissed off.

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Shira Jung
Shira Jung
June 1, 2019 12:36 pm

The problem with this novel is that the Male Lead tend to find trouble wherever he goes. He relies on Male Protagonist too much. I’m not saying everything is his fault but like the accident on this chapter, he decided to get in between two clan’s fight at the entrance. I mean, they reach the higher plane not ling ago, and MP might not be so OP as in the lower plane where he’s the only strongest there. It’s time to lay low la. You might say he’s going to make enemies with them when they bid, but at least,… Read more »

October 17, 2019 4:08 pm

Adorei suas traduções li quase todos e adoraria que vcs traduzisse a esposa é a primeira novel
Por favor ficarei muito feliz

March 25, 2020 4:46 pm

if I look in the wiki and don’t see “offending rich people” as XiaoMo’s hobby I’m going to be very disapointed

May 20, 2020 3:35 am

Momo’s aggro level is too high.
Skill: taunt, level: max.

July 5, 2020 2:00 am

This is my 4th time reading thos novel and still cant stop giggling over YXM and LX.

YXM always picks a fight with rich and/or powerful people. And he absolutely loves it!!! 🤣 While his adoring hubby just lets him be, always ready to fight those who would try to hurt little Momo. 🥰

July 23, 2020 4:52 am

Xiao Momo offend people again 🤣

Anyway, thank you for your translation. ^^

September 9, 2020 3:58 pm

Atp Momo breathed and it offends someone. I wouldn’t care either. 🙄 For one, I’d have Ling Xiao, and two, I’m a believer in karma. These petty ass little shits will get what’s coming to them eventually. It’s one thing to be confident in one’s power/status. It’s another to display such embarrassing conduct. Like please, go be snooty to the /side/.

August 30, 2021 3:35 am

Momo really has balls sometimes, especially when confronted by upstarts using either their social standing or level, to act rudely (or when his hubby is at risk of being in danger). He hates arrogance more than almost anything else it seems. Good for him!
Thank you for translating.

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