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Chapter 402: A Degrading Name

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Looking at the chick that was crying so sadly and shrilly, You XiaoMo was struck dumb.

After a few minutes, a hand lifted the chick. The owner of the hand casually threw it to PiQiu. PiQiu could only accept his fate and help the chick clean up the mud on its beak. Only then did the chick stop its crying.

Ling Xiao domineeringly shot them a glance, “What are you all staring blanking for? Hurry up and dig!”

The five immediately took action.

You XiaoMo sighed. Sure enough, Ling Xiao had more authority than him, the master, but he had long become numb to this fact.

The chick no longer joined the troops. He had originally wanted to stay on his master’s head. But after seeing the yellow clay stuck in his master’s hair, he immediately abandoned his own master and returned to PiQiu’s head once again. He fastened himself so tightly on top as if trying to merge their bodies.

The speed increased with five people joining.

It was not long before there were several dozen piles of small yellow crystals beside You XiaoMo. Afterwards, he let everyone stop.

Other than the clean and neat Ling Xiao and the chick, the rest had all turned into mud men. This was especially so for You XiaoMo whose face was nearly covered completely in clay. In the end, everyone was chased by Ling Xiao into his dimension to wash themselves. There was a small lake in his dimension filled with ordinary water.

When they came out again, Ling Xiao had already walked out of the loess world.

The chick, which had been left with him, was already contentedly standing on his shoulder. It probably really wanted to take the top of Ling Xiao’s head as its nest, but it didn’t dare to.

You XiaoMo was not used to seeing the suddenly law-abiding chick because it would always be making an incessant disturbance every time he saw it.

SheQiu and the rest had also followed him out. This time, You XiaoMo did not intend to let them enter his dimension. Everyone must be self-reliant from now on.

The taciturn LanQiu suddenly said, “Master, after we come out, I have something to do. May I leave for a period of time?”

“What is it?” You XiaoMo did not think that the first to respond to him would be LanQiu.

LanQiu replied, “I want to go back to take a look at my hometown.” The Seven Sins Beasts only existed in the Tong Tian Continent so his hometown was here. He had not returned for many years and wanted to know how his other six brothers were doing.

Before You XiaoMo could reply, the chick suddenly flew up.

“Chirp chirp!”

Xiao Mo blinked vacantly.

The chick was so anxious that it started flying around in circles.

Ling Xiao opened his mouth and stated, “Take this chicken together with you too when you go.”

You XiaoMo and everyone else stared at him. You want to abandon this chicken, huh?

Ling Xiao calmly explained, “Its hometown is also in Xi Jing and every Ancient Demon Phoenix must return to their clan to receive their inheritance. This chicken’s bloodline is very pure. If it can return to the Demon Phoenix Clan, it may be integrated into the Demon Phoenix Valley in the future.”

This chicken, this chicken, people were obviously Demon Phoenixes.

You XiaoMo’s mouth was wide open.

Ling Xiao lightly commented, “He is your contracted demon beast.”

You XiaoMo immediately understood what he meant and looked at him with even more incredibility. The chick was his contracted demon beast. If it inherited the Demon Phoenix Valley in the future, this was tantamount to having the entire Demon Phoenix Valley in his pocket.

Sure enough Ling Xiao was the only one able to think of such a malicious and visionary idea.

The chick had a contractual relationship with You XiaoMo, so even if the two were separated, they could still sense the each other’s existence and aura through their minds. This would not only would create a sense of familiarity, but it would even draw the relationship of the two closer together.

The reason why the chick was frantically chirping just now was because it had the desire to return to the Demon Phoenix Valley. Although it had been born not long ago, there was an innate connection between the Demon Phoenixes. It could sense that the Demon Phoenix Valley was beckoning it back.

Xi Jing was a world inhabited by demon beasts like the Four Divine Emperor Beasts, the Seven Sins Beasts, Yin Ge’s father, the Nine-Headed Snake King, and other powerhouses. Each and every one all dwelled inside Xi Jing.

Actually, he already had this idea long before knowing of the chick’s breed. After arriving in the Tong Tian Continent, this idea surfaced over and over again. However, it had been repeatedly shelved because the chick was not strong enough, and they were not able to escort it to the Demon Phoenix Valley for the time being.

It was only until now, when LanQiu proposed his intention of returning to his hometown in Xi Jing did he feel that this was an opportunity.

Though LanQiu was still not strong enough, as long as he escorted the chick to Xi Jing, the people from the Demon Phoenix Valley would naturally be able to find it.

LanQiu agreed without further ado. This was a good opportunity to gain a favor from the Demon Phoenix Valley.

Thus, the final destination of the chick was determined in this manner.

“I’ll give the chick a name before it returns. We can’t always call it chick or chicken right? After all, it is an Ancient Demon Phoenix. That would be too degrading.” You XiaoMo suddenly interjected.

Once this statement came out, except for the ignorant chick, everyone simultaneously looked at You XiaoMo.

Everyone had different expressions, but they all conveyed the same meaning – do you mean that being called SheQiu (HeiQiu, MaoQiu, PiQiu, LanQiu) wouldn’t be degrading, ma?

With their silence serving as a foil, the chick joyously chirped away. It had long felt that this name of ‘chick’ was totally unbecoming and wanted to change it at once. Unfortunately, it did not know how to speak and the others would thoroughly ignore it even if it was speaking in Bird.

You XiaoMo pretended not to see their expressions and smiled, “Look at it, it’s very happy.”

Everyone rolled their eyes. Thinking about how they had been unknowingly deceived that way in the beginning, they could only hatefully regret their past deeds.

“Chirp?” The chick found that the atmosphere was not quite right.

You XiaoMo immediately asked Ling Xiao, “What name do you think is good?”

The chick immediately looked at Ling Xiao with incomparable expectation.

Ling Xiao indifferently spit out two words, “HunQiu.”

<strong>t/n: HunQiu(混球) literally translated as Douche-ball. Ahaha! I can’t, Boss just too strong and this is not even a pun for Qiu(Ball), it’s a real word for bastard, jerk, asshole, etc. </strong>

You XiaoMo, “…”

The chick, “…”

SheQiu and the four’s inner voice – Master, we were wrong. You really are the kindest!

At this moment, they were incomparable grateful that the person who named them in the beginning was not Boss Ling Xiao. If they carried such a name on their heads, they would not dare to leave the house again in this lifetime.

Ling Xiao said again, “This matter is concluded now, let’s talk about proper business…”

Everyone’s expression immediately became solemn.


Deep in the underground palace, a half-meter-high ancient stone platform stood in the middle of a simple and crude stone room. A stone of one meter in size lay quietly on top of the stone platform. The surface of the stone was suffused with black, red and gold. The brilliant lights and vibrant colors from the stone exuded strong fluctuations of spiritual power.

In a flash, the door to the stone room was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Two people, an old and a young man, came in. Astonishingly, it was You Ming and You QingShan. It was unknown why they were the only two who reached here among those who entered the underground palace.

“Old Ming, are you certain that it’s here?” You QingShan glanced around the stone room, only to see the stone on the stone platform. There was nothing else and he could not refrain from doubting.

“There should be no mistake.” You Ming was actually not very sure too, especially after seeing this extremely simple and crude stone room. He simply did not see a shadow of that Metal Swallowing Beast.

You QingShan walked to the stone platform and frowned at he stared at the stone on top of it, “Old Ming, come here and take a look. Is there something strange inside this stone?”

You Ming quickly walked over. As the stone was a dark gold color, so he could not see clearly. But he could see an indistinct shadow with his strength of vision. The pupils of his eyes suddenly shrunk and he stared at that shadow for ten seconds without blinking, before he stuttered out.

“It-it’s the Metal Swallowing Beast! There’s no mistake! The Metal Swallowing Beast is inside.”

A hint of ecstasy suddenly rose on You QingShan’s face. His entire person was so excited that he was about to throw himself up to take a closer look when a crack suddenly split open on the stone with a ‘bang’.

You QingShan immediately exploded back without further ado. However, he was a step too slow. The Metal Swallowing Beast in the stone broke through its bindings in an instant. Shooting out from inside as fast as lightning, it directly knocked against You QingShan’s chest. Blood sprayed out in an instant. After injuring him, the Metal Swallowing Beast fled out of the stone room.

“Don’t worry about me, chase after it.”

You Ming had wanted to take a look at his injury, but after hearing this, he did not hesitate to chase after the Metal Swallowing Beast and rushed out of the stone room.

You QingShan wiped the blood from his mouth and a glint of ruthlessness and malice flashed through his eyes. Fortunately, he took preventive measures and put a layer of defense on the most vital part of his body. Otherwise, he would not be vomiting blood now, but would have been seriously injured.

After ruminating on his luck for a while, You QingShan immediately searched for the signs left by You Ming by the wayside and followed after.

The Metal Swallowing Beast was like a slippery loach. Although was not as strong as You Ming, it was extremely fast. It seemed to be able to foresee when ever You Ming chased after it and left earlier, leading You Ming in circles around the underground palace. In the end, it was discovered by some people following its tracks.

“The Metal Swallowing Beast, I’ve found the Metal Swallowing Beast!”

The people who saw the Metal Swallowing Beast were all ecstatic, and a person even started shouting loudly. As a result, even more people were attracted over.

“Asshole!” You Ming cursed with a black face. He had wanted to secretly subdue the Metal Swallowing Beast. Actually making its location widely known, everything was going so swimmingly!

As more people knew about it now, the more unfavorable it became for him. Those people from the Cang Alliance would definitely rush over and it would not take them long. At that time, his chances would be even lower. He needed to seize the Metal Swallowing Beast before they came over.

After waiting for You Ming’s figure to disappear, that person who shouted loudly just now suddenly sneered in the direction You Ming disappeared in.

You want to hog the Metal Swallowing Beast? Dream on!

If Laozi can’t get it, you all from the Vermillion Blood Clan can’t get it either.

t/n: Laozi: prefer to oneself in a very arrogant, anger way.

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