STSC Chapter 20

STSC Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“It does not know when we can meet again after this trip” The person who said that the man was a little child. His young face was a serious expression at present. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

In addition, Nan Ge Er noted at this point that all the children were headed by Mo Shu as Darren.

Mo Shu saw a crowd of little children, sitting in the hall, and no words were spoken.

“Please protect your health” I spoke of another girl of age not too far from the old boy. “You are our hope and support.”

Nan Ge Since, sitting next to Mo Shu, wanted to criticize how Mo Shu could support it, but the atmosphere was too heavy and calm on earth alone.

“I’ll give you Darren too.” Another child led it to Nan Ge Era while he was a cowboy.

Nan Ge had conserved a peace mind on the surface, but in fact he was completely stupid in the heart – what does this faithful signal mean?

Why did he leave me?

In the morning, children in each 13-year-old group gathered at the government office. His families and elders did not come in and they just looked quietly out. People who talked to Mo Shu had a little child.

Nan Ge has tried to ignore many emotions of Guang Tian, โ€‹โ€‹but at least as Guang Tian thought he could not recruit soldiers elsewhere.

The soldiers in this world were usually young adults who did not go to the military and had no choice because they could not find the right work. Meanwhile, they just tried to work. The title of the work was only a “military man.”

Some of them were known, for example, to become combat heroes, but they were still minorities. A typical soldier usually confuses until reaching a certain age and receiving state gold before going home.

This was the whole premise that we could survive in the army.

At last, the preparation of the military was only an option for the next people, but in Guang Tian it was almost condemned as a kind of solitary misery and responsibility.

Everyone who was able to attend calmly walked out of the room. The offices of the government offices are widely opened and children of Moshi speak precisely and a great crowd stands in peace.

When Nan Ge had bought food in the morning, he also noticed the unusual quiet atmosphere of the region.

Sitting there, I felt that he probably knew the reason for now.

Is it because the children left Hiroshi and joined the Yao Yao Army?

Silently and calmly, I saw the child I said.

At last they were not grown up. After a little talk they began to choke their name. Some could not speak, only wings flowed through their faces.

However, there were no children refusing to join the army, but only the fact that parents, friends, teachers, neighbors, dogs and cats had disappeared in the next house.

Before the great group of young children, Mo Shu has not yet spoken names. On the contrary, the crowd exclaimed and wept and the tears disappeared.

Mr. Nan Er seemed precisely without knowing what Mo Shu thought, or maybe he did not understand this practice of Guang Tian.

For a long time, Mo Shu lifted his head, looked at the sky, easily said “This is a wonderful time.”

Mo Shu’s words were not loud, but they were all pressure.

When listening to this, Nan Ge Er jumped out of the sky. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

At the beginning of the spring, the sky was slightly pale and cold, still alarmed, but still the spectators could feel vigorous.

It felt that everything was just the beginning. It is full of strength and hope.

“Under this weather it is fitting to do something.” Mo Shu then smiled. “Have you decided to leave, because you want to disseminate your career for yourself?

Of course, Mo Shu does not encourage anything, but the atmosphere at that time was gentle.

“Because your family, brothers, all can do that, you can do it,” said Mo Sung quietly. He did not express expressions and he did not raise his voice, but he simply said silently. The word he spoke was true, so I did it.

You can hear a pin to empty out of the medication.

They all listened to Mo Shu and Nan Ge Er, who did not feel a submersion, also changed their head to Mo Shu when he heard the story.

Moshi said, “Do not forget your identity.” It seems that expressions were particularly cold when he said his last words.

It was not cold, but rather a kind of crime, not invisible insomnia.

Mo Shu’s “drink” testified Nangale. He saw praiseworthy Mo Shu – he was still quite sure of his intuition. He believed now that his intestinal path was correct.

In addition, his gentle environment has confirmed that his intuition is not too sensitive.

Just then Mo Shu really showed her extremely cold side.

“And” Mo shuu can suddenly come back when you’re tired, you can return at any time. Please be aware that no one can hurt you, except me and yourself, “again broke a warm and gentle smile. In spite of everything, you have become ours, we will always take you here. This place is your home. speech and I’m ready to go. You are also our pride. ”

“Yes!” With pride and suction filled, he cried a little childish voice.

Nan Ge Although I saw Mo Shu. I was a bit surprised, but it’s not timid. He was not surprised by the child’s anxious feelings, he said these words Mo Shu, was not shocked, but he could say such a thing Mo Shu, I just felt it was strange in himself.

However, he understood a little why the inhabitants of the city are very often perceived by Mo Shu.

He only spoke simple words in his usual calm voice, but everyone could make it emotionally.

Nan Ge Er was very familiar with the following Auras. He saw it before the king.

The only difference is that he has seen more Moses because of the advantages of the dynasty than the war before. Colorless, cold, acute, sky. The king could not work better than he.

At that time, Nan Ge Er really thought about that.

“… I thought – I’ve seen a bit of light the truth of Tian.” He caught it in my mind.

Good or bad

Moshi, why does he want to show it to me?

Did he want to share something with me, would you like to do something?

Did you want to know me innocently?

When he thought of this, Nan Ge Er was slightly excited about Mo Shu.

Going to Ge to Me about Mounnan Mo, he revealed a pair of future eyes “while cooking tits”, blinking and lip synchronization, turning his head to him while doing it.

Again, however, Ge Er de Nan returned to his usual expression on Mo Shu, almost before the cross border.

After a while, I’m sure I’ll lose control of my emotions and Mo Shu will eradicate!

He could be a really wonderful colleague, but he was sure that he was foolish.

Even if he’s an exception, he’s still being offset by just exceptional, free cute menus and food! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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