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Chapter 412:  They Perish Together?


Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

What was calmly floating, the sea of flames, as if something extra was added, the flames became twisted. Like a small tornado, it approached Ling Xiao with roaring rage.

On Ling Xiao’s handsome face appeared a slight mocking smile, was that all the heir of the Essence of Wind could do? Such a cheap trick?

The tornado that roared in a frenzy only lasted a few seconds before it was dispelled by a thought of Ling Xiao’s. Wanting to control his natal flame with wind, was there anything more laughable?

Ling Xiao compressed the sea of flames to about a one-meter diameter circle. Then he lifted his head and glanced at the frowning You AnTai. With a light smile he said, “You AnTai, to try in vain to use wind to control my flame, is that all the IQ you have?”

A merciless attack on one’s intelligence, You XiaoMo, who was in the dimension, had much experience.

However, You AnTai was not You XiaoMo, who was already accustomed to the attack, it was the first for this old man.

As they all say, the first was always the hardest. One could tell by looking at You AnTai’s livid face. This old man was probably about to burst with anger.

“Someone here is all talk. If you really want to die, this old fellow here will grant you your death wish.” Just as his words sounded, within the space around him appeared six small wind swirls. These swirls grew bigger and bigger until they became six gigantic tornadoes, spinning at a crazy speed. Hidden within them was a force that could destroy the Earth and sky. It was a force of nature, the wind power that was everywhere, which was stronger than any attacking ability.

After You AnTai obtained the Essence of Wind, he abandoned all other skills and focused on training the true Essence of Wind. Finally, he had become the Iron Blood God, other than the Nine Gods that he was part of, below the Divine level, he had never lost to anyone.

“Now let me show you the first move of the Essence of Wind.”

In accordance to You AnTai’s voice, the six tornados gathered above his head, along with an endless tearing sound of the wind. The ear-piercing sound slowly created a huge wind dragon. It swam in the sky, its large body almost covered half of the sky. It was at least five hundred meters long.

Once the wind dragon was formed, You AnTai pointed towards Ling Xiao’s direction, following his direction, the Wind Dragon locked on its target and with You AnTai’s roaring shout, “Take this—Roaring Sky Wind Dragon!”

The Wind Dragon let out a roar and its massive head twisted over towards Ling Xiao with a burst of speed, leaving its passing dimension twisted.

Ling Xiao watched the incoming dragon and let out a snort. The purple flame around him quickly floated above his head, creating an thirteen-meter-tall Flame QiLin. Although it was tiny compared to a wind dragon, its natural pressure clearly towered over the wind dragon.

After a slight pause midair, the Flame QiLin jumped up and quickly rushed over to where the wind dragon was. It wasn’t long before they collided, creating circles and circles of air waves, its shock immediately flipped those close-by over. As for those who were weaker, they quickly coughed up blood and fell to the ground.

The struggle between the flames and the wind, each devouring the other. It would appear as if the Wind Dragon had the upper hand, however, in reality, the Flame QiLin’s speed and force in which it strangled the Wind Dragon was many times stronger.

Not only that, Ling Xiao could control the Flame QiLin mentally, but due to the distance, You AnTai could only look from afar. Comparatively, if Ling Xiao didn’t win, that would be intolerable even by Heaven.

When the tail of the wind dragon was devoured by the Flame QiLin, You AnTai stepped back with a slightly pale face. Clearly the Roaring Sky Wind Dragon could not win against his QiLin Sacred Fire.

Goddammit, this QiLin Sacred Fire was the bane of him, even the Essence of  Wind couldn’t not stand up against it. Looked like he had to think of something else or the name of the Iron Blood God would shatter today.

However, the rest were not as composed as You AnTai.

As the Iron Blood God that comprehended the Essence of Wind, their first meeting could be considered a test without using his full strength, however, that could not stand the second time.

The Roaring Sky Wind Dragon was You AnTai’s specialty, but it lost a bit to cleanly.

“Xiong Laoge, by the intelligence of the Cang Alliance, can you figure out who Ling Mo is?” Qiao WuShuang asked with a face of contemplation. He couldn’t have imagined that two random strangers they decided to befriend had a top-notch practitioner amongst them. Even the Iron Blood God You AnTai wasn’t a match, if someone like that existed, the Cang Alliance wouldn’t not know.

Much to his surprise Xiong Xiao shook his head and said disappointingly, “Although the Cang Alliance has information on the QiLin clan, there isn’t anyone who matched Ling Mo, it was as if he had appeared out of thin air.”

Hearing that, Qiao WuShuang said in deep thought, “It looks like Ling Mo and You XiaoHa are more remarkable than we first imagined.”

“Haha, no matter who they are, this Ling Mo doesn’t look to be our enemy.” HuangFu Li, who was standing beside them, entranced said as he overheard their conversation. With a joyous laughter he continued, “Also, it would seem that the spot for the Iron Blood God is changing hands.”

Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang glanced at each other and in tacit understanding, and laughed. It demonstrated that their eye for people was pretty good.

As they were talking, You AnTai, to recover his lost face, finally decided to not hold back and a thin, skinny soul force erupted from his body. It connected with the wind around him, upgrading the killing power of the wind by three, four folds. This was the second move he comprehended from the Essence of Wind, the Killing Domain.

As long as anyone stepped foot within the radius of his Killing Domain, then he could strangle anyone within 360 degrees. He had once used this to kill a few Divine leveled practitioners, one was even before he became the Iron Blood God. At that time, they were even above him in level.

After he finished his preparations, his silhouette suddenly disappeared.

The range of the Killing Domain was limited, just one tenth of the Essence the Wind, which was ten meters. Thus, he must get close to Ling Xiao to use it.

It seemed that Ling Xiao found out about his intention, however, rather than backing off, he got closer instead. No matter how one looked at it, there was some other meaning behind it.

Seeing that, You AnTai became a little more cautious, he was too confident in his Killing Domain that he ignored the oddity he felt in his heart.

As they say, within one’s domain, one is invincible.

But if two domains collided? Then there was only one outcome, an explosion.

Even if they were both domains, they have different elements, so when two elements collide, especially when Ling Xiao purposely choose so, an explosion was inevitable.

It wasn’t as if You AnTai had not meet a Divine leveled practitioner who did have a domain, however, they were all normal, so usually before they could use it, they would’ve died.

Most importantly though, he couldn’t have imagined that Ling Xiao would do this, because once a domain has exploded, it would also harm him. It goes from extreme wounds to being never able to summon a domain again.

When the aftermath of the explosion blew him away, all that he could think of was that he was crazy, to choose to end in common ruin, if not crazy then what else!

However, when he saw that Ling Xiao was standing not far away safe and sound, his body gave a violent shook and his eyes went wide. What’s going on? How was he fine!

Actually he wasn’t fine, Ling Xiao just transferred the after effects.

Because his body not only consisted of QiLin blood but also of the Ancient Phoenix, and since ancient times they were known for ‘Rebirth’.

In reality, Phoenixes were not immortal, they just had a secret technique that only they could practice. This secret technique didn’t need to be given, all Phoenixes were born with it.

However, of everyone there, only SheQiu and the others knew, no one else did.

Thus, no matter how much they guessed, they couldn’t figure out why Ling Xiao was fine.

Being someone well established, You AnTai knew he couldn’t stay for long, thus with decisiveness, he rushed down to You Ming and You QingShan. At the same time, he crushed his Dimension Talisman and grabbed a hold of their shoulders, preparing to escape.

Just as their figures were about to be absorbed by the Dimensional Powers, half of You Ming’s body became engulfed by flames. That burning sensation made him let out a shrieking cry of pain.

Seeing that he was burned to a useless piece of meat, afraid that he would stall their best window of running away, You AnTai hardened his heart, and let go of You Ming’s shoulder. The latter fell with a face of fear and dread, and then was completely devoured by the flames.

This whole process took no longer than a few seconds.

When everyone saw You Ming, who was abandoned by You AnTai, fall to the ground, he was completely burned.

It was deafening silent all around, but no one looked at You Ming with sympathy.

Ling Xiao didn’t bother with You Ming since he was good as dead, as well as those disciples of the Vermillion Blood Clan, who were abandoned by You AnTai. He flew back to the huge rock and looked over to SheQiu and the other’s direction, then left.

Seeing as everyone was focused on Boss Ling Xiao, the five, including SheQiu quietly left from the back.

To their surprise, a figure suddenly appeared from the side and stood in front of Ling Xiao…

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