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Chapter 411: Essence of Wind

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You AnTai’s voice arrived first.

When Ling Xiao raised his head to look into the distance, a blurred figure appeared, standing against the wind. With a few quick movements, a hunched old man appeared in front of everyone.

This person was the Iron Blood God, You Antai. He looked nothing like his title suggested, seeming to be a normal old man. His hair and beard was white as snow, yet, on his serene face, his eyes were bright, and anyone who came under his gaze could feel their scalp tingling.

No one knew if he just arrived, or if he had been watching for a while. But the latter was more probable, because he didn’t come over when You Ming was almost killed by Ling Xiao.

Though You Antai was old already, the fact that he had the title of the Iron Blood God meant that many had died at his hands. So, while he wasn’t the cruelest member of the Vermilion Blood Clan, he was definitely one of the top.

He brought a huge pressure with him that blanketed over the crowd. It was as if the air had solidified. Even breathing became hard and silence fell.

You Ming walked over, delighted, “Elder Tai, how come you’ve come?”

With Elder Tai there, the entire situation had been turned around. He refused to believe that this Ling Mo could turn the tides again. He had to use this chance to repay everything that has been done to him.

You Antai glanced at him, giving a soft harrumph. “You think I’ll just stand by while you embarrass the Vermillion Blood Clan?” After he said this, he glanced towards You Ming’s abdomen, frowning slightly.

You Ming didn’t retort, and instead bowed and said, “Elder Tai, you’re right to scold me.”

It was only then that You Antai’s expression smoothed out, and his gaze moved to You Qingshan, whose expression was equally as excited, but much more contained. Seeing that he wasn’t injured, You Antai was relieved. His sharp gaze then landed on Ling Xiao. He laughed, chillingly.

“I commend you on your boldness. You even dare to attack those of the Vermillion Blood Clan. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who dares to challenge the Vermillion Blood Clan. You’re the first in hundreds of thousands of years. You look quite young; I suppose it’s true what they say, a newborn calf isn’t afraid of tigers. But today I will represent your elders to teach you a lesson and let you know the consequences of going against the Vermillion Blood Clan!”

His words might have been threatening, but his tone was dismissive.

It was as if he thought that Ling Xiao was nothing to him, as if he thought that his strength was far above everyone else’s.

However, if he didn’t have this sort of confidence, then he wouldn’t be the Iron Blood god, You Antai.

The reason why You Antai was called the Iron Blood God wasn’t just because he was perfectly fine with killing people, but because he never left a single opponent alive. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, they would all die at his hands.

“You say that you want to represent my elders to teach me a lesson?” Ling Xiao side eyed him, his tone incredulous as if hearing something funny. However, it was more filled with a clear sense of disdain, and his handsome face held a hint of malice.

You Antai narrowed his eyes. “What? Do you think my words are wrong?”

The corner of Ling Xiao’s lips curled up. “You think you have the right to say that?”

You Antai’s gaze cooled, his tone chilling. “You’ll know if I have the right or not once you face the consequences of fighting me.”

Ling Xiao said, “Arrogant braggart!”

If You XiaoMo was present, he would definitely feel as if their words were more suited for the other, because those who called others an arrogant braggart would usually be older.

Seeing that the two in prepared to fight it out, the crowd retreated to a safe distance. Most of those present had never seen a fight between two peak Divine Level powerhouses, so they didn’t know how large of an area would be affected by their battle. They could only back away as far as possible.

Ling Xiao tensed. This was his first time fighting a peak Divine Level powerhouse, though he was confident, he couldn’t be careless.

Now, he was rather glad that he had put You XiaoMo inside the dimension, otherwise You Ming would probably take this chance to strike at him.

“Brat, let this old man see your strength, and see how much talent you have.” After You Antai said this, he took a step forward. The air under his feet seemed to ripple, and he suddenly disappeared.

Ling Xiao had a move in mind, and used the same method that he used against You Ming to move to the side a few steps. A blade of wind appeared from nowhere and swept past his ear, but did no damage.

“Huh?” You Antai reappeared about seventy meters in front of Ling Xiao, making a confused noise. He had evidently not been expecting that Ling Xiao would dodge so easily.

One had to know that he had mastered the essence of wind. This extremely rare ability only appeared in very few lucky chosen ones and not only allowed his body to turn into wind, but also allowed him to control all the wind within one hundred meters of his body. That was why he had come within seventy meters of Ling Xiao, to control the wind.

Logically speaking, this man shouldn’t be able to dodge unless his strength was above You Antai’s own, or he was one of the so called ‘lucky ones’ as well.

You Antai immediately rejected the first possibility. If this man’s strength was above his, then he had to be a Sacred Level powerhouse. He had never heard of such a young Sacred Level powerhouse. As for a ‘lucky one’, did such coincidences exist?

“It seems that you do have some talent. No wonder you’re so arrogant, but it all ends here. I will crush your pride and dignity right here right now.” In the end, You Antai ended up dismissing his two theories. The other probably just got lucky.

Ling Xiao suddenly laughed. “Old man, cut the chatter. What’s so amazing about being able to control the wind? At your level, your range of control is only around a hundred meters. Do you think you can beat me with just that? You’re too naive!”

You Antai’s pupils dilated; how did he know?

It was true that his control over wind was no secret in the TongTian continent, but very few people knew his attack range. Most of them would be killed immediately.

He was shocked at hearing the other say this so easily.

Just when everyone was feeling shocked, an intense presence that made everyone tremble blanketed over the crowd as purple fire danced from Ling Xiao’s body through the air. The air around him was like a sea of fire, even those who were standing far away could feel the heat burning them, their shocked expressions were lit up by the flames.

“Peak seven star Divine level?” You Ming swallowed drily. This Ling Mo’s true strength wasn’t three star, but at the peak, the same as Elder Tai. How was this possible!?

You QingShan clenched his fist, his expression revealing his shock.

Everyone felt like their throats were blocked. If he were three stars like they thought before, they would be surprised and in awe. After all, Ling Xiao looked very young. However, being at the peak was a completely different concept. It meant that he would soon become a Sacred level powerhouse and one of the strongest in all of the TongTian continent.

With this sort of talent, it could be pretty much confirmed that he was a part of the QiLin Clan, and, if it were a contract, it wouldn’t be possible for him to summon so many flames at once.

Actually, it wasn’t just them. Even SheQiu and the others didn’t know Ling Xiao’s true cultivation level.

They had always thought that Ling Xiao’s cultivation level was at most around the four star Divine level. They would have never guessed that he was only a step away from Sacred level.

However, they still overlooked something.

Ling Xiao’s current cultivation level was, indeed, peak seven star, but that was after he had summoned the devouring QiLin. He had gained his current strength through devouring Chen QingEr and the other two’s cultivation levels. Originally, he had wanted to breakthrough directly from Divine level to Sacred level, but they had never found a time to settle down since coming to TongTian continent.

If he were given a few months to digest the remaining energy inside him, then even You Antai with his control of wind would be nothing more than a paper tiger.

You Antai’s expression became very serious. He hadn’t determined the others true cultivation level before now. That was because he didn’t feel like it was a need. He had thought that no matter how strong Ling Xiao was, it wasn’t possible that the other would be stronger than him. But it seemed that he was wrong

Ling Xiao, bathing in the sea of flames, opened his strange purple eyes, his cold gaze landing on You Antai. The corner of his lips curled. “What are you going to do next? Are you going to run away with your tail between your legs after losing to me, or are you going to be more direct and just die here?”

You Antai’s eyes flashed, his expressions severe. “Young man, do you think that you can defeat me just by being a peak seven star? Let me tell you, many peak level powerhouses have died at my hands; your power doesn’t mean anything.”

“Is that so?” Ling Xiao asked calmly.

“Good, very good. Let me see what gives you so much confidence!” You Antai’s cheek muscles were twitching, clearly enraged.

Just as he finished speaking, the flames around Ling Xiao suddenly began to change…

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