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Chapter 415: Easy to Bully


Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After the incident of the Underground Palace, You XiaoMo and the others returned to June City. They didn’t have SheQiu and the others stay in their dimensions, but they didn’t return to the tavern they had been staying in originally, either, and found a new place.

That night, Ling Xiao dealt with the Elemental Essences in his dimension. This time, to prevent them from running around and wrecking havoc, he imprisoned them in a vessel.

As for the Metal Swallowing Beast, it never left after coming out of the Underground Palace, clinging to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. Perhaps it was because it was worried that they would send it away, but it kept using a pair of heart melting teary eyes that were even more adorable than CatQiu’s to stare at them.

You XiaoMo never intended to send it away in the first place, so made a contract with it directly.

It wasn’t until after they made a contract that You XiaoMo gained some understanding of the Metal Swallowing Beast.

The Metal Swallowing Beast was only slightly younger than the two Elemental Essences. To be exact, it had been conceived through the combined powers of both Elemental Essences. However, since it couldn’t shapeshift naturally, it was still in beast form even now.

However, You XiaoMo thought it was lonely.

After living for so long in the Underground Palace, it was as lonely as snow. So it had wanted to find someone strong amongst the people who had invaded the Underground Palace to follow, and ended up choosing… him?

When You XiaoMo came to this conclusion, Ling Xiao had looked at him with disdain.

“You actually have the face to say that?” Ling Xiao glanced at him, almost smiling with amusement. “To me, it looks like the Metal Swallowing Beast had chosen me, but it was afraid, afraid that I might decide to kill it, so…”

So it decided to target someone easier to bully?

You XiaoMo gave Ling Xiao the middle finger in his mind. This was just insulting!

Ling Xiao, naturally, wouldn’t be able to see it. He looked at the Metal Swallowing Beast who stood beside You XiaoMo and said, “But it knows to turn the boat when the wind comes. It knows our relationship, and thus wanted to suck up to you.”

You XiaoMo laughed dryly.

The Metal Swallowing Beast backed away a step.

After dealing with the Metal Swallowing Beast, You XiaoMo checked out of the room and went to find June City’s Dimensional Teleportation Portal. There weren’t many transport circle from the Southern Continent to ZhongTian. June City had one, but since the destination was so far, Dimensional Teleportation Portals to ZhongTian were all extremely expensive.

After You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao found out the location of June City’s Dimensional Teleportation Portal, they finally arrived there at around three in the afternoon. There weren’t many people, only a few.

June City’s Castellan had control over the Dimensional Teleportation Portal, and could wrangle a lot of profit from people who wanted to use it. However, since it was so expensive to get to ZhongTian in the first place, most people didn’t have that sort of money, so it was good enough if two or three people showed up in a month to be transported. Sometimes, a month would pass without a single customer.

Hearing that they wanted to go to ZhongTian, everyone present looked over in surprise.

The people who could go to ZhongTian were all rich, because it was twenty thousand spirit gems per person.

You XiaoMo generously gave away the required forty thousand spirit gems. Since SheQiu and the others were already in their pocket dimension, they wouldn’t have to pay over a hundred thousand spirit gems. He wasn’t that stupid.

Seeing how straightforward he was, the manager was smiling so much that his eyes had become slits and immediately took them to the Dimensional Teleportation Portal. The Dimensional Teleportation Portal was more or less the same as the one in TianXiang City. There were many people standing guard. The managed had wanted to recommend the Leaf Boat to You XiaoMo, but could only be disappointed upon hearing he already had one.

Not long later, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao disappeared right at the entrance of Dimensional Teleportation Portal.

This time, it was Ling Xiao who was cultivating while You XiaoMo watched. Apart from shortening the time they had to spend, the Leaf Boat also protected them, thus why Ling Xiao was relaxed enough to enter a cultivation state.

In the middle of being transported, time dragged by.

But it hadn’t been a month before Ling Xiao opened his eyes.

Since ZhongTian wasn’t a small place, they had to find a way to head to XiaoYao Institution immediately. Thus, they were more rushed now than they had ever been.

It was just good that they hadn’t wasted their forty thousand spirit gems. The exit of the portal was just outside a city, and with XiaoYao Institution both famous and in the Central City of ZhongTian, many people would be heading to and from there. Therefore, many cities would have Dimensional Teleportation Portal to the Central City.

Like transferring trains, the two didn’t stop to rest, getting on another Dimensional Teleportation Portal.

The fee was a tenth of what they paid before. It seemed cheap, but actually wasn’t.

In just two days, the two arrived at the Central City of ZhongTian.

Central City was the most prosperous area in ZhongTian. Apart from the Mage and Beast Transfiguration Guilds being based here, the TongTian Palace wasn’t far from here either. Rumor had it that the TongTian Palace was at the peak of the highest mountains.

The Central City had three main specialties, magic pills, magic herbs and demon beasts.

With the Mage’s Guild there, the pills and magic herbs available were more comprehensive than anywhere else. Apparently, there was a level 12 mage in the Mage’s Guild. As for Demon Beasts, no matter how many Demon Beasts there were in Central City, it wouldn’t compare to XiJing.

Having finally arrived at Central City, You XiaoMo sighed in relief.

He was exhausted by the end of it, having never been so rushed before. It was fortunate that the next day was the registration deadline. They didn’t have to rush anymore.

“Speaking of, I’ve never seen such a clean city,” You XiaoMo said, sweating a little.

Standing there on the road, the air of prosperity smacked them in the face. The streets were impressively wide; it was the first time he had seen a ten meter wide street, and the sides were so clean, not a single vendor with a stall set up, only individual shops.

Ling Xiao explained, “Central City enforces its laws rather strictly. It’s illegal to set up stalls here. Unless you’re in a special zone, you’ll be harshly punished for it. However, there are quite a few popular trading districts in the city. If you want to go and have a look, it won’t be too late to do so after you register.”

You XiaoMo nodded. He wasn’t in a hurry. Right now, he just wanted to rest.

Thus, the two asked around before finding the location of the nearest tavern. This tavern was more expensive than any other You XiaoMo had ever visited, but more importantly, there were many people and they weren’t loud. In the hall that was half filled, everyone was talking quietly amongst themselves.

“Would you gentleman like to stay for the night or drink?”

The boss of the tavern was a lady, dressed brightly and beautifully. Her voice held a demure gentleness to it, clear and pure. She was rather pretty.

You XiaoMo noticed that there were many people sneaking glances at the boss, their gazes adoring.

You XiaoMo said in a business-like tone, “Is there a third option?”

The owner paused for a moment. “May I ask why you want to choose a third option?”

You XiaoMo said, “To eat!”

The owner suddenly began to giggle. The idea of a smile being like a flower in bloom was probably describing the sort of smile she had. Her natural beauty made the guys in the hall stare.

“You’re very humorous. Though this tavern sells alcohol, we definitely do food as well.”

You XiaoMo nodded. “Then could we have a room, please?”

The owner was stunned again. “Did you not want to eat?” So did he actually just want to stay the night and not eat after all that?”

“Hey, brat, how dare you tease the owner like that? You wanna die?”

Just as You XiaoMo was going to reply, there was a bang of a fist hitting the table and a displeased voice.

You XiaoMo looked around. It was a bearded and muscled man, his thick brows furrowed as he glared. His ugly face became even scarier and the muscles on his arms swelled, almost like you could see his veins twitching.

He said tease?

Why would he go around teasing a lady who was probably far older than him? It wasn’t like he was some sort of playboy.

You XiaoMo ignored the muscled man and said to the owner. “I’ll have to trouble you to rent a room to us and then bring up some food.”

The owner immediately smiled. “Alright, please come this way.”

The muscled man then realized he had made a fool of himself, angered by the laughter that erupted around him. He glared at You XiaoMo murderously before returning to his seat.

Before going upstairs, Ling Xiao, who was at the back of their little group, glanced at the muscled man. The latter coincidentally looked over in vexation, making eye contact suddenly. His hand trembled, his wine cup falling and the wine spilling everywhere.

The owner brought them to a deluxe room in the tavern. It cost five spirit gems a night to stay in a deluxe room. For most people, this was rather expensive, so she thought nothing of it when they only asked for one room. Before leaving, the owner said that she’d bring up their food in fifteen minutes.

After the door closed, You XiaoMo immediately lunged for the comfort of the soft bed.

You XiaoMo rolled around on the bed, groaning in satisfaction. It had been a month since he had last slept on a bed and now he was finally where he longed to be.

Ling Xiao sat down next to the coffee table and glanced at him. “If you keep crying out like that, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to rest tonight.

You XiaoMo went silent.

Not long later, their food arrived.

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March 16, 2019 1:47 am

Pi Qiu is the only one who geniunely loves and respect YXM as his master.. Others are more afraid of Ling Xiao..

June 15, 2019 10:42 pm

Thank you!

July 24, 2020 6:45 pm

Thank you for the chapter ^^
Just go for it, Boss!! 😏

September 11, 2020 7:00 am

Men like that muscle bound guy, who got aggressive for no reason. I really hate them and they are a lot in this novel smh. Why did he get offended for no reason when Momo was talking to the owner smh what a clown. I’m glad he got his due. I hate most of the men in this story (not the good ones), they’re all so stupid but its fun to see them get wrecked by Boss and Momo all the same 😆. I know there were once horrible females too (with the exception of Ning Jing daoshi, Qing Qiu… Read more »

February 26, 2021 12:02 pm

I still wonder y boss & momo travel like this, I mean boss could place momo inside his dimension & save a spirit gems that way.. Aren’t they wasting a lot? Or maybe boss don’t want a minute alone without his wife..

August 31, 2021 4:42 pm

So many people that lack humour and then regret it 😉
LX does make me laugh with his one track mind.
Thank you for translating.

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