LMW Chapter 416

Chapter 416: The Mage Medal


Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On the second day, You XiaoMo woke up early.

The deadline for applying for Xiao Yao Academy was in the afternoon and he had to arrive before then. Once he finished his morning routine, he and Ling Xiao went downstairs for breakfast.

Coincidentally, they saw the muscular man from the day before. Seeing them come down, he instantly straightened his back.

Although You XiaoMo thought it was strange, he wasn’t curious.

After they finished breakfast, they asked the owner for Xiao Yao Institution’s address. Hearing that they wanted to go to the Academy, the beautiful owner asked with surprise, “Are the two of you going to signup for Xiao Yao Institution’s entrance exam?”

You XiaoMo, not wanting to explain more, nodded.

The owner smiled, “I couldn’t tell that you two would be so capable. However, you should be prepared, there aren’t many that can pass the entrance exam.”

You XiaoMo continued nodding, HuangFu Li had told them this already.

Next, the owner told them its location. It was at the center of Central City, and was very conspicuous. If one was close to the center, they would see it.

After thanking the owner, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left.

XiaoYao Institution was actually between the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild as well. That piece of land was the busiest part of Central City because it had the biggest Trade Center in Zhong Tian. Supposedly every year it would hold multiple trade fairs of various sizes with countless attendees.

The two did not walk over and instead rode a Zhong Tian specialty, the Liger Beast. This was because the owner had told them that Xiao Yao Institution was ten thousand miles from the hotel. If they walked, it would have taken most of the day.

The Liger Beast was a level seven demon beast with a pair of wings on its back, so it could soar through the sky.

The owner had said that it would take about one hour taking the Liger. Not surprisingly, an hour later, they landed on a spacious plaza.

There were already hundreds of Ligers parked on the plaza, mostly those wishing to take the entrance exam.

Looking up from the plaza, they saw the building described by the owner. Xiao Yao Institution was like a giant, silently creeping amongst the many smaller structures. They served to create a grandiose air for the academy.

A few steps out of the plaza and they heard the bustle, as if someone was arguing, ahead. It was a tens of thousands of square meters wide open space. The open space was filled with moving heads in a line that was as long as a dragon.

Looking from afar, above the open space was a door engraved with three words, “Xiao Yao Institution.” The words felt as if they were going to fly away, generating an air of magnificence.

Xiao Yao Institution had no particular age requirement, as long as one was below a hundred years old, one could apply. Once someone passed the entrance exam, one would become a student with very good benefits. Every year the applicants were above the tens of thousands, however only a few hundred would pass, due to its difficulty.

Since he had a recommendation, You XiaoMo was not stupid enough to line up. He and Ling Xiao looked around for a bit before they finally found someone who looked like an advisor at the institution.

Seeing the two in front of him, the advisor’s expression darkened in displeasure, “If you want to apply for the exam then line up, don’t think you can cheat.”

By the looks of it, it wasn’t the first time he encountered something like this.

Hearing this, You XiaoMo knew he was mistaken, and hurriedly took out the recommendation from HuangFu Li, “Advisor, this is Elder HuangFu Li’s letter of recommendation, please give this a look.”

“Elder HuangFu Li?” The advisor paused before taking the letter. Then he realized who this elder was, he was from Southern Continent’s Beast Transfiguration Guild and his expression finally softened. It was then when he said, “Then come with me.”

With glee You XiaoMo dragged Ling Xiao along.

The registration was only done outside, however, if one had a recommendation, then advisors would help then apply second. It was not technically ‘going through the back door’.

The advisor took them in to the institution and turned right, after a few hundred meters, they arrived at a conference hall like building. He then called over a young man standing outside.

“Tan Ze, they were recommended by an elder from the Beast Transfiguration Guild, help them with the registration.”

The one called Tan Ze immediately walked over and answered with respect, “Yes, Advisor!”

The advisor nodded and then told You XiaoMo to ask him if they had any questions. Then he hurried along, with other stuff to do.

“Hello, I’ll be helping you with your registration, I’m Tan Ze, nice to meet you!” Tan Ze said with a smile to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, “Now, please come with me.”

You XiaoMo knew he had mistaken something but didn’t explain immediately.

Tan Ze got out a registration booklet and asked, “Excuse me, what are your names?”

You XiaoMo said, “I’m You Xiao…Ha! Actually, only I will be applying.”

With surprise Tan Ze looked up at Ling Xiao and after a few second nodded in understanding. Clearly, he was either over age or not a mage, “You XiaoHa right? Then please show me your Mage Medal.”

“Eh?” You XiaoMo were taken back, “What is a Mage Medal?”

“You don’t know?” This time it was Tan Ze’s turn to be surprised.

“It…is my first time in Zhong Tian…” You XiaoMo replied awkwardly. Qiao WuShuang didn’t tell him. How was he supposed to know one needed some kind of medal?

Tan Ze explained, “To apply, there are only two requirements, to be below a hundred of years old and have a mage medal. If you don’t have one, it good to get one now at the Mage Guild, because any later and the registration will close.”

With astonishment You XiaoMo asked, “How far is it from here to the Mage Guild?”

Seeing he was this stressed, Tan Ze comforted him, “Don’t worry, if you ride the Liger it would take five hours for a round trip. There is plenty of time.”

“Thanks for the warning!” Throwing out his words, You XiaoMo dragged Ling Xiao out of there.

Before Tan Ze could react, they were out of his sight.

Once they were out of the academy they were back at the plaza. Of the Ligers there, there were ones going to the Mage Guild and luckily they got on one.

“Didn’t that person say there was time? You’re way too nervous.” Ling Xiao said without care, he felt that there was no rush.

You XiaoMo objected, “What if something unexpected happened? We took a month to get here, if something happens that brings it all to waste, who I’m I going to cry to.”

Calmly, Ling Xiao replied, “Me.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Actually, he felt that many things pointed towards the fact that the more critical the situation, the more likely there would be accidents.

However, they arrived at the Mage Guild in one piece, further exemplifying the stupidity of You XiaoMo’s caution.

The Mage Guild was in the busier part of town, its headquarters were not much smaller than the Institution. There was an endless stream of pedestrians walking by, not only for the Mage Medal but also to see if there were any jobs to do.

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao walked in, the first thing they saw was the jam-packed reception, good thing it didn’t take long for it to die down. You XiaoMo walked over to a young receptionist and asked, “Excuse me, I want to apply for a Mage Medal, where should I apply?”

The receptionist looked up, assessed him and then said, “If you want to apply for a Mage Medal then please head towards the room inside. There will be a specific test engineer. The price for the exam and medal is ten spirit gems.”

You XiaoMo paid ten spirit gems.

The receptionist immediately asked for someone to bring them over.

The room was a square with windows and a very plain interior. There was only a stone plate and a few chairs in the middle. The stone plate was half a meter wide and about two meters tall, filled with mottled markings. Some were very old while some were new.

The test engineer looked at them and asked, “Who is taking the test?”

You XiaoMo replied, “Me.”

Then the test engineer explained, “Later you will be asked to release your soul force at full strength to attack the stone plate. Then I will give you a medal corresponding to the mark you leave on the stone plate to determine your strength.”

You XiaoMo nodded, the testing method came as a surprise.

“Then let’s begin.”

You XiaoMo took a deep breath and released a streak of soul force attacking the stone plate. At his last fight with Chen QingEr he wasn’t able do anything, so afterwards he was set on training his soul force. He was determined to have it as sharp as a knife.

It had been a long time since then and he rarely tested its strength, so even he didn’t know how much his soul force had improved. But as long as it left a mark and he got a medal that was good enough, therefore he didn’t attack with full strength. Even with that though, he successfully shocked the test engineer.

Once the dust faded, a deep mark appeared on the stone plate.

Within a sea of light markings, this was especially eye-catching.

The test engineer was simply bewildered, this stone plate had a long history and had a record of displaying one’s level accurately. Therefore, only a high leveled mage could leave a mark that was above one centimeter deep.

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