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Chapter 418: A Pair of Small Enemies


Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wan Ya and the two each had different expressions upon hearing that it was four point two centimeters(1.65”). Although they had long expected that Jiu Ye would break the record, they did not expect him to exceed it by a full zero point five centimeters(0.2”). But following that, she heard Manager Yang’s ‘but’.

The three then discovered that unexpectedly Manager Yang did not look happy with the news of Jiu Ye breaking the record and instead seemed like he had something to embarrassing to mention.

Jiu Ye faintly raised his eyebrows.

An Qiao could not help asking, “What?”

Manager Yang thought for a moment but he still said, “However, young master Jiu Ye did not break the record on the stone plate.”

Zhang LanYu was puzzled, “Manager Yang, I remembered that the record on the stone plate was three point seven centimeters(1.45”). Jiu Ye’s record obviously exceeded it by zero point five centimeters(0.2”). How could this result not break the record?” They had heard about this record yesterday.

Wan Ya muttered to herself irresolutely, “Manager Yang, could it be that someone broke the record of three point seven centimeters before us? And their score was even higher than Jiu Ye’s record?” If this was so, that person was really incredible.

Manager Yang nodded solemnly. He too hoped that the person who broke the record would be a person from the Mage Guild, but it unfortunately wasn’t. The person did not seem very clear about the stone plate test, so it was not likely for him to belong to the Mage Guild.

“There was a man who broke the record of the stone plate earlier. His score was four point seven centimeters(1.85”), which was zero point five centimeters higher than young master Jiu Ye. If you don’t believe it, look here.” Manager Yang said as he pointed at the hole that You XiaoMo left.

The hole was at the lower right corner of the stone plate. Most people would rarely attack inconspicuous places. Moreover, his notch was very neat and it would not be noticed without careful observation.

The truth was at hand. They had no choice but to admit it.

Jiu Ye suddenly injected, “Could that person you’re speaking of be one of those people we had brushed past not long ago?”

Manager Yang, “That’s right.”

Jiu Ye asked, “What’s his name?”

Manager Yang replied, “You XiaoHa.”

The four thought over it when they heard this unfamiliar name, but unfortunately they had not heard of this name before.

Although You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had made a name for themselves in the June Mountain Range, the Tong Tian Continent was incredibly big so it was not possible that news of that incident would have spread to Zhong Tian in such a short time.

“No matter who he is, he should be an examinee preparing to register to XiaoYao Institute since he applied for the Mage Medal. We will meet sooner or later as long as he also goes there.” Wan Ya softly stated.  She really wanted to see the person who could defeat Jiu Ye.

Zhang LanYu also had the same thinking. One must know that Jiu Ye was a heaven-sent genius. Originally, they thought that he would be the one who would break the record, but a powerful enemy unexpectedly appeared. This was going to be really fun now.

“Let’s go to the XiaoYao Institute to register. Maybe we will be able to meet that person if we hurry over there now.”

“That’s right, there are so many people registering so they shouldn’t have left so quickly.” It was rare for An Qiao to echo along. Out of the two, he wanted to see You XiaoHa the most. He feared Jiu Ye, but he also did not like him because he always had a supercilious attitude.

His words roused the desire of the three and they agreed.

However, they were destined to be disappointed. If You XiaoMo did not have a recommendation card from HuangFu Li, he really would have to queue for a long time. However, the fact was that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had already left for some time when the group arrived at the XiaoYao Institute.

There was no assessment tomorrow so You XiaoMo went to bed early in order to raise ample energy to prepare for war. Ling Xiao used his free time to refine the spiritual power in his body.

Next day, the two left early and hurried to the XiaoYao Institute.

The assessment for the XiaoYao Institute began at eight o’clock. For convenience’s sake, they did not stay in the same inn as before.

The empty land in front of the XiaoYao Institute was already full of all kinds of people when they arrived. It was ten minutes till the start and people were arriving one after another.

When they registered yesterday, You XiaoMo comprehended the rules and contents of the assessment from Tan Ze. The rule of the assessment was to abide by discipline and not make a racket.

The contents of the first two assessments were relatively easy. It was a test of age and soul color. It looked simple but was very important. The examinee would be directly eliminated if their age exceeded a hundred years. The status of the examinee also would be better if the potential of their soul was higher.

Apart from this, You XiaoMo also asked about a very important matter.

It was something concerning Ling Xiao, as the XiaoYao Institute only accepted mages but Ling Xiao was not one.

Fortunately, Tan Ze said that one could bring their servants or manservants and such along after becoming a student of the XiaoYan Institute. Therefore, he decided that if people questioned him, he would say that Ling Xiao was his servant no matter if Ling Xiao was one or not.

With this, You XiaoMo was quite proud of himself for some time.

“Zhong Tian is indeed full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.” You XiaoMo discovered that there were many strong auras around him. He had thought that he had already seen this sort of grandness at DaoXin Academy before. Never did he think that the current scene before him would outdo that sight from that time.

Ling Xiao said, “This amount of people is nothing when taking into consideration the rallying power of the XiaoYao Institute. There could actually be even more people with the Tong Tian Continent’s background. However, Zhong Tian is not a place where everyone can enter if they wish.”

You XiaoMo shrugged, he reckoned that this was an issue of spirit gems.

The assessment time had finally arrived after some time. The scene immediately became restless when several teachers appeared. They had waited for a long time just for this moment, and the time where their destiny would be decided had arrived.

The first assessment was the age test. This assessment was relatively simple and fast. Those who passed could enter the XiaoYao Institute and proceed to the second assessment.

Due to the large number of people, XiaoYao Institute dispatched a couple of teachers in order to cut down the time.

You XiaoMo snatched a place in front so it wasn’t long before his turn arrived.

The soul stone used by the XiaoYao Institute for the age test was different from the one used by DaoXin Academy. It was a smooth stone tablet with a height of around one meter and the examinee just had to stick his palm on the stone tablet.

“Place your hand on the surface.” The cold voice of the teacher sounded.

You XiaoMo did not dare to tarry and placed his right hand on top. The surface of the stone lit up after a moment. When the light faded, two numbers were already shown on top – twenty-two!

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed. You XiaoMo was already a young man. However, he still looked like a youngster as his appearance was too fair and delicate. At this moment, the eternal pain in his heart could never easily mentioned.

The tutor glanced at this number as an expression crossed his face. His gaze when he did a double take at You XiaoMo contained a hint of surprise. After quite a while, he said, “Pass!”

It wasn’t unreasonable for him to be so surprised. He could see You XiaoMo’s rank with his strength of vision and a twenty-two year old level nine mage was extremely rare even in Zhong Tian.

You XiaoMo delightedly waved in Ling Xiao’s direction. He then happily stepped into XiaoYao Institute for the second assessment after receiving the latter’s response. He had to let Ling Xiao wait outside as he could not bring outsiders in during the assessment.

The second assessment was located next to the building that they had visited when they registered. It was an immense venue and there were multiple small rooms inside.

He did not arrive too late and there were only one to two hundred people in the venue at the moment.

However, the rest seemed to be divided in some distinct fractions apart from a small group of people.

The left and right sides appeared to consist of two different factions and there was a large empty space in the middle. The atmosphere had a stiff and tense feeling, as if a verbal battle would erupt at any time.

You XiaoMo guessed that the two sides probably consisted of people from the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild. Then he stood at one side like the others and put on an unconcerned and standoffish attitude.

Unknowingly, someone had already noticed him when he came in as there weren’t many young level nine mages.

“An Qiao, don’t you usually boast that you are very awesome? How did you only get a mid-level emblem in this test?” Just then, a light mocking voice rang out from the right camp.

The owner of the voice was a maiden in a pink skirt who was around the same age as An Qiao. She looked very cute, with a pair of big sparkling eyes and fluttering eyelashes.

An Qiao immediately glared at the maiden, “Aren’t you the same? What right do you have to mock me?”

The maiden in the pink skirt jeered, “How can I be the same as you? You’re so domineering and hateful while I’m so diligent and cute. At one glance, you know that we can’t be compared.”

“You’re not even ashamed of complimenting yourself as cute!” An Qiao disdainfully scoffed.

“It’s better than being as embarrassing as you.”

“You rascal… …”

What is with this strange direction that the topic going in? He felt that he could smell a hint of the enemy. Although the two of them dislike each other, wasn’t this dialogue between mages just too childish?

A cold voice suddenly sounded throughout the venue at this moment, “Shameless!”

“Who is it?!” An Qiao and the pink skirt maiden shouted in unison.

You XiaoMo discovered that the direction they were looking coincided with where he was standing. Two pairs of sharp eyes roved over the group one by one. It seemed that even though they were young, they were not to be trifled with.

Seeing that no one was admitting to it, An Qiao harrumphed, “That person sneaking around must definitely not be a good person. You have the courage to say it but not the courage to admit it?!”

Could it be that this was reverse psychology?

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Must be tough to be 22 and still look like a teenager, as people wpuld look differently at him and treat him differently too. Time’s passed so quickly! All the characters that have appeared and disappeared since chapter 1 😌
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