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Chapter 417: The Broken Record

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The test engineer quickly recovered from his shock. He looked toward You XiaoMo with frightened eyes as if he just saw a monster, because the mark he left on the stone plate was the deepest, even deeper than the previous record.

Although not every mage need to go to the Mage Guild for the evaluation, it was required in order to enter Xiao Yao Institution. Among those mages, there were those that were praised as geniuses, yet, their results still fell short compared to this one.

The test engineer took the final measure and confirmed the mark You XiaoMo left on the stone plate was 4.7cm(1.85”) deep.

This record directly broke the stone plate record over the last few decades. It was deeper than the previous by 1cm (0.4”), and it seemed like there wouldn’t be anyone able to break this record for a long time.

When the test engineer knew You XiaoMo was not an ordinary high rank Mage, his attitude quickly changed to a more respectful manner. He took out and gave a high-rank medal to him while explaining the function of this medal.

The Mage Guild’s Medal was divided into three types: low, mid and high rank. It also was corresponded with three colors: ash gray, brown and black in that respective order. The one that was given to You XiaoMo was black.

Except for the registration purpose, the Medal could also be used for discounts in some shops in the Central City. The higher the rank, the higher the discount.

After accepting the Medal, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao immediately left.

When they left the room, they coincidently passed by a group of people that were talking and laughing with each other. However, both parties didn’t pay attention to the others.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao soon left the Mage Guild.

The test engineer was staring at the stone plate when he heard footsteps. He turned around and saw who came, his face quickly showed a smile, “Sir, do you come here to apply for the medal?”

“Duh! If we didn’t come here for the medal, you think we came here to play?” The youngster with the most vibrant manner glanced at the test engineer, accompanied him was two men and one woman.

The two men were elegant with an extraordinary temperament, while the woman was beautiful and gorgeous like a delicate flower that could touch anyone’s heart.

When the youngster finished his words, the girl immediately scolded, “An Qiao, don’t be rude.” But her voice was as if it was soaked in honey, making her scolding sound graceful and subtle.

The youngster stuck out his tongue. His attitude didn’t look like he put any of her word into his ear.

Her name was Wan Ya. She walked in front of the test engineer and smiled elegantly. “It seems like we have to bother manager Yang for the evaluation test.”

Manager Yang waved his hand, “Young miss Wan Ya, you don’t have to be polite, it’s my honor to test you. Everyone is all here for the test, correct?” He looked at the two men next to her.

These past few years, geniuses with first-rate potential kept popping up within the Mage Guild. Manager Yang had heard about them, but had only met young miss Wan Ya so far. However, he heard that this time those geniuses would apply for XiaoYao Institution’s entrance exam.

Speaking of which, although the younglings of the Mage Guild could learn directly from them, their masters couldn’t teach them very often. In addition, since XiaoYao Institution’s true backing was the TongTian Palace, they could learn more from them. Thus every year, besides the outsiders, those who registered for the entrance exam, would be the younglings from both the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild.

“Of course we also want to register for the entrance exam. You better measure us fast, or you could just directly give us the mage medal.” An Qiao said casually.

Even though this measuring stone plate belonged to the Mage Guild, the people of the guild rarely had a chance to to use the medal. The reason being that they themselves were already a part of the Mage Guild and they didn’t need the medal to enjoy the discount. Therefore, they only applied for one when needed. For An Qiao, this step was completely unnecessary.

“An Qiao, stop fooling around. Even if we are from the Mage Guild, we still have to follow the procedures.” The blue clothed man standing on Wan Ya’s left suddenly stepped forward. His appearance wasn’t very prominent, but his presence was extraordinary. His soul fluctuation was quite strong, he must be a high grade mage.

An Qiao pouted and ignored him.

The blue clothed man was Zhang LanYu, and seeing An Qiao remain unswayed didn’t surprise him. An Qiao’s personality was extremely rebellious, the type that would become more uncontrollable if one spoke against him. Only his master could move him.

But then that master hadn’t been to the Mage Guild since the year before, and not many people knew where he was. Now that there was no one to restrain An Qiao, he became more and more undisciplined and out of control.

“Manager Yang, sorry.” Wan Ya hinted at the test engineer, then said to An Qiao, “An Qiao, you’re up first.”

An Qiao shrugged whatever. Among the four, his strength was the lowest, but since he loved to steal the first spot, he didn’t object what Wan Ya said.

Manager Yang nodded and said to An Qiao, “Young master An, the measurement method is really simple, you only need to release your soul force then attack the stone plate with all of your strength.”

An Qiao took a step forward.

Wan Ya suddenly spoke, “An Qiao, this measurement could affect the rank of the medal, if you do it half-heartedly, your result will come out terrible, which mean you will only get the low rank medal. By then, being lookef down upon is your problem to taken care of.”

The impatience on An Qiao’s face disappeared, he turned his head around and stared at her, “I got it!”

Based on his personality of course he would never be willing to be laughed at. Although he knew Wan Ya meant to provoke him, he still really didn’t dare to do it half-heartedly.

When Wan Ya saw him getting serious, she smiled tenderly.

Faint laughter of a man suddenly rang by her ear, “Wan Ya, I didn’t know you would give An Qiao a thought, ah…”

Wan Ya pursed her lips and smiled, “If something were to happen to him, in the end, we are the ones who would be in trouble.”

“Hmm, what a troublesome guy.”

An Qiao didn’t hear their conversation, his attention and spirit was fully on the stone plate’s surface. Two seconds later, a massive soul force burst out from his body, it floated in midair for a moment before brutally hitting the stone plate.

After he withdrew his soul force back to his body, An Qiao hurriedly asked, “How is it?”

Manager Yang glanced at the mark he made, then answered, “The mark is 0.9 cm (0.35 inch) deep. You qualified for a mid rank medal.”

“What do you mean, it’s almost 1 cm (0.4 inch) already! Why is it only equal to a mid-rank medal?” An Qiao was discontented. Regardless to whether his strength was enough or not, to him, a mid-rank medal couldn’t stand up to his status.

“Young master An, the high-rank medal can only be given when it’s over 1cm.” Manager Yang stated the fact.

“Who cares, I want the high-rank medal.” An Qiao ignore his explanation.

Manager Yang was immediately put in a difficult position.

Wan Ya jumped out right at the moment, “Manager Yang, don’t pay attention to what he says and just give him the mid-rank medal. Don’t destroy the Mage Guild’s reputation because of him.” Then she looked at An Qiao whose face was full of discontent, “If you have any objections, after we register our names, you can find the Mage Guild’s elder to discuss it.”

An Qiao couldn’t utter a word, if he did, he would be nagged to death.

After he finished dealing with An Qiao, the second to be tested was Zhang LanYu. His strength wasn’t bad as he left a 3.2cm (1.26’’) deep mark on the stone plate. His aptitude indeed belonged to the highest qualification, so manager Yang gave him the high-rank medal.

The third one was Wan Ya. Her strength was higher than Zhang LanYu, and she left a mark of 3.5cm(1.37”) deep on the stone plate. The stone plate was too solid, and even when her strength was higher, it was only 0.3cm(0.11”) deeper. But this achievement was already very high, and almost reached the previous highest record.

“Wan Ya truly deserves her title as the second best among her peers from the Mage Guild. What amazing strength! I believe you will break the record in no time.” An Qiao congratulated her with an enigmatic attitude, even though he didn’t say anything, everyone could see his unwillingness.

Wan Ya smiled indifferently, “I afraid that this record won’t be broken by me.” She replied while looking at the man next to her.

People noticed her line of sight and everyone looked tacitly at the man in the corner.

The Mage Guild’s number one genius, worthy of his title, Jiu Ye. Although Wan Ya was also one of those geniuses, compared to him, she was still a bit inferior.

“Jiu Ye, your turn.” Wan Ya said.

Jiu Ye walked out from the corner. His deep, raven pupils indifferently swept across the people, and it especially stopped on An Qiao’s body. An Qiao was so quiet as if he didn’t dare to say a word. Toward Jiu Ye, he felt afraid.

Jin Ye walked toward the stone plate. He raised his hand and condensed his soul force onto his palm. Under everyone’s attention, he suddenly charged his palm toward the stone plate with an attack as sharp as knife blade and hacked the stone plate.

“So deep!” Zhang LanYu sighed.

Wan Yu’s eyes flashed, Jiu Ye really broke the record like they have expected.

An Qiao widened his eyes in shock. Manager Yang suppressed his feeling from being shifted and went over to check. When he had made sure of the depth, he answered with a complicated expression. “Young master Jiu Ye has left a 4.2 cm (1.65”) deep mark, but…”

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May 18, 2018 6:15 pm

Hoping these guys won’t be too annoying, maybe even get to being friendly rivals.

Thanks for the chapter, Rara!

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Jiu ye is the 4,2cm is labeled the most genius. Momo is 4,7cm and not using his full power, what that make him then ??!

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August 31, 2021 5:30 pm

Here we go again it seems… arrogant upstarts that will hate the ‘nobody’ who’s robbed them of breaking the record. (Maybe I’m being a pessimist.)
High abilities really attract constant troubles.
Thank you for translating.

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