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Chapter 424: I’ll Bury You Whole

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Making his decision, You XiaoMo reached out to ‘grab’ the biggest black box in the middle.

An Qiao’s pupils shrunk, it was finally his second chance. Thus, he, once again, stole it before You XiaoMo could.

You XiaoMo pretended to stare at him in anger.

Pleased with himself, An Qiao thought that if it wasn’t an exam, he would have laughed out loud. He loved seeing others make that kind of a face.

Suddenly, You XiaoMo moved sideways, reaching for a certain black box, but hesitated in the middle. With suspicion he looked over at An Qiao, why aren’t you stealing it?

The latter just wrinkled his nose while holding an expression of disdain.

Raising his chin, An Qiao said with a ‘I know what you’re thinking’ expression, “You wanted to bait me didn’t you, I’m not that stupid.”

You XiaoMo looked at him oddly and then proceeded to slowly put the black box into the magic bag. After that he glanced over. ‘If you could think of this, then how could I not have? I knew brat like you would be cautious so I purposefully reached for the one I wanted, and low and behold, I got the result I wanted.’

After putting the box away, You XiaoMo gave him a big smile. ‘You prick, think I can’t deal with you?’

An Qiao finally realized that his plan had backfired, all of his jauntiness from earlier disappeared. Even the pleasure of stealing the two boxes turned to fury.

Wan Ya slightly frowned at the scene, however, she did not warn An Qiao.

Although this exam had no written rules on giving hints, there wasn’t anyone who had done that before. Since it was a test for personal strength, if someone were to help them, then it wouldn’t be a reflection of their powers. Not only that, it would also leave a bad impression on the judges. If they were to be discovered, An Qiao would be disqualified.

She and An Qiao were not on such good terms that she would sacrifice this much for the other. Therefore, even knowing that he was tricked, she still kept her ‘none of my business’ attitude.

An Qiao couldn’t bear be reckless anymore, this time, not only did he watch You XiaoMo’s movements but also his expression.

You XiaoMo on the other hand had already locked in on the second black box. He ignored An Qiao and quickly walked over to grab it, while watching An Qiao with the corner of his eye. Much to his surprise, An Qiao made no move at all.

An Qiao thought that You XiaoMo was just waiting for him to take the bait, wasn’t he? With a cold laugh, without moving this time, a forceful Soul Force erupted from him, attacking You XiaoMo.

Since he couldn’t be sure if they were tricking him, all he had to do was not let them get the box either. He already had two, once the time came, he just needed to grab a random one. Not only that, the exam did not prohibit ‘stopping’ others. Of course, he had completely forgotten that You XiaoMo was much stronger than him.

You XiaoMo became super confused at the turn of events, this guy just blatantly attacked him?

He quickly looked over at the impassive Elder Qing, by the looks of things, this was not against the rules. Then…You XiaoMo grinned towards An Qiao. ‘I won’t hold back anymore.’

From between his eyebrows swiftly gushed out an even more majestically vigorous Soul Force. He had already trained his Soul Force to be extremely tenacious, so to repel a high grade level seven mage, he barely had to move a finger.

The two Soul Forces collided and instantly the difference in strength was apparent. The Soul Force An Qiao had conjured took one hit before dissipating, making him fly and land embarrassingly on the floor.

You XiaoMo still showed mercy, after all they were at the Xiao Yao Institution. He didn’t want to blow up the situation, even though it was justified.

When An Qiao got up, his face was slightly pale and his forehead was scratched, overall nothing major. However, he wasn’t grateful at all and instead looked at You XiaoMo with scorn, as if he was going to fight to the death with him.

“An Qiao that’s enough, if you don’t want to be kicked out that is.” Wan Ya finally stepped in and stopped him. If he really did publicly disrupt the rules, then he wouldn’t have any more chances.

The last sentence got An Qiao to regain his senses and he took a look at the expressionless Elder Qing. Feeling slightly afraid, he didn’t dare do anything more and could only hold down his hatred to take revenge another time.

During this commotion, You XiaoMo already grabbed three black boxes. He wasn’t interested in playing more games.

Between now and the end, they were left with only a bit of time, but An Qiao was still missing a box. The first time he tricked himself, the second time he was tricked by You XiaoMo, now he had one chance left.

If he could pick the jackpot black box then that’s for the best, otherwise his journey stopped here.

Of course, An Qiao didn’t know this and was fully confident that he could pass with the two boxes at hand. Thus, under the ruminating gaze of You XiaoMo, he randomly chose a box.

Wan Ya could only shake her head.

“Times up!” Elder Qing’s voice abruptly appeared.

An hour wasn’t long but wasn’t short either, everyone finally had chosen their preferred boxes and next up was the examination period. Whether or not they could pass to the second round depended on this moment.

You XiaoMo’s boxes were as such:

The first was a rock, it  was a very tough metal element mineral. Normally one would to say it had no value but because it was very specific, this could only be considered as medium grade.

The second was a level nine pill formula, considered as high grade.

The third was the main event, as Elder Qing opened the black box, a strong light erupted from inside. It was a round black magic pill, on top was a pink rainbow strip, emitting an extremely condensed medicinal smell as well as a heart-clutching pressure.   

Elder Qing took out the pill and gave a light smile to You XiaoMo before saying, “This pill has the highest value in this exam, it is a rainbow pill. I didn’t think you would be the one to take it.”

You XiaoMo blinked in response, what did that mean?

Elder Qing, however, wasn’t about to explain.

The others were all surprised, but Jiu Ye and the others frowned a little without others noticing. It seemed like their aim was this rainbow pill as well. You XiaoMo didn’t see that but Ling Xiao noticed.

Before, An Qiao was still gloating but who could have thought that the last box would contain a rainbow pill, instantly his hatred went through the roof.

The last was An Qiao.

Looking at the black boxes he placed on the table, Elder Qing didn’t say anything at all.

Although the previous incident made him very embarrassed, now he looked at You XiaoMo with provocation, as if saying ‘me passing was all because you’re help, I’m so thankful to you’.

You XiaoMo laughed inside, what a fool.

However, he should thank An Qiao instead, if he wasn’t for him stealing his black box, he wouldn’t have found out the trap behind it so quickly. Should he tell him this?

The first black box Elder Qing opened was a level three pill, although not a one or two but definitely not enough to pass.

The color on An Qiao’s face shifted, this black box was the first one he stole from You XiaoMo, how could it be a low leveled pill? However, remembering that his first box was also a not-so-useful rock, his face paled, could he have thought too highly of You XiaoMo?

Then Elder Qing opened the second and third box, the results weren’t surprising, it was all low leveled stuff that could have easily been bought. The only way to describe his luck was ‘unfortunate’.

The first two was due to personal reasons so it was understandable, however, even the one he randomly chose was bad then all he could say is bad luck.

Elder Qing calmly announced, “An Qiao is eliminated, the others have a two minute break before the final round.” After he finished he left with Tan Ze and the others behind him.

It was silent to the point one could’ve heard a needle drop in the exam room. Everyone looked over at the bloodless-pale face of An Qiao with pity but thought he deserved it for not trying and instead stealing from others. Even if he was disqualified there was no one to blame but himself.

“You XiaoHa, you framed me on purpose, didn’t you?” As everyone set out to leave, An Qiao’s angry yell sounded, as he looked at You XiaoMo with a hideously, ferocious expression.

He was the An Qiao from the Mage Guild. The one who was a high grade level seven at such a young age. How could he have been disqualified, if he went back now, he would be ridiculed for life. He couldn’t accept that.

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He doesn’t even realize that he tells him that he can’t do the test without him.
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Muchas gracias por el capitulo.!!!!

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Character of An Qiao is an utter dickhead who doesn’t deserve to be an assitant at the Mage Guild, never mind an actual Mage!
No doubt he’ll be causing more trouble, but I’m sure LX will have an eye on him.
Wonder what the implied significance of thst rainbow pill is.
Thank you for translating.

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