STSC Chapter 24

STSC Chapter 24

Chapter 24

It seems that Nanga el was accompanied by Mosh during a tour, but apparently he could not often go to Mosh. After all, he had many tasks at the government office. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

However, he was deeper than before.

At least he will not tolerate any malicious mischief that he had a year ago.

Parserb in general Mo Shu said Nange Er is born. These places were fair when Nan Ge Er went to find him.

Similarly today, when he finished his office and poured water for a fee he bought at the beginning of this year, he escaped from the door with a small package.

Interestingly, Mo Shu’s official salary suddenly increased. Mo Shu spent his money unrestricted, but Nan Ge Er still confirmed his entire salary. So he opened his sword only in the spring and was a fun time between the other two seasons. Upon autumn, Mo Shu stayed at the government office, so he fled away when he missed his last chance.

When Nan Ge Er walked to the door, some general thieves had to tell him when they saw him outside, “Mo Shu-Xiansheng is in the red light district of Chong transport I went to the place from

Nangage threw in his lips: “Oh, I saw the Gao police here.

Listening to this message, the thief, called ah Fa, was simultaneously caught, surprised, along with the other thief, in front of you in the opposite direction …

Given that Gao’s policeman knew the situation when he realized the young man, he told Nan Ge Eram: “Nan Ge Er, I look at everything and we will all live. Why did you tell them instead of helping us?

Nan Ge Er’s reaction was practical. “… Rice at home is not enough.”

I will have to buy more rice if I give young officials free meals.

Politician Gao confused with words. He finally ordered his subordinates behind him. “These young people have gone very fast, I will go on fast as soon as he issues the report he seized and the thief who was persecuting him, he said:” You will not go to Mo Shu nowhere – Xiansheng just sent some to ask why you do not come nan ge er.

Nangage did not speak at all.

He had never seen that someone was so arrogant when visiting the red zone. It’s also amazing for Messenger to ask him …

Nan Ge Er touched his Master’s Fight, went to the red light district and won.

As before, red light has passed, countless people have taken. From the door, the staircase face can roam the scene that delivers a delicate smile on the face of a fresh and decorated woman’s dress. As they encouraged conversation and conversation, they were very attractive and challenging to their customers for their position.

Nan Ge Er went to the brothel Chun Lou where Chun Jiao worked. After a greeting in the door cabinet, he asked her that Jeon Jao’s room was before going up the food.

He tried to open the door, but it seemed to me that the plants had knocked the entire body with a monsoon. Even changing his expression or giving one go to the heart, Mo Shu emptied a pie with a table talking to Chun Jiao.

When she announces her arrival, Chun Traffic greets Nan Ge’s ER smile and, like her, “Nana Er Er sits and drinks,” unconsciously Mo Shu Leaner

“No, thank you, Nange answered and encountered.

Who did not know that he could not even touch the things that disappeared because of his weakness?

Only a woman was someone who wanted to ask him to drink.

“Do you once again have meals on Mo Shu-xiansheng?” Jiao saw. She got up and picked up the paper pack with Nan Ge Er’s hand.

Nan Ge Er gives her a well-known answer: “I can not let him eat all the cakes here, is it for me? The bill is very expensive here” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Helping her to open the code in the Mo Shu paper bag, Chung Traffic laughed quietly: “Nan Ge Er, if you accompany me overnight, Chun transportation – Jie Jie 1, Do you know if you want to eat it at home?”

Nungen bent, “… no”

He just could not understand. Why is a woman fascinated by him all over the world with all the bucket and body cross? Everyone apparently wanted to kidnap him in his bed.

Well, maybe this is due to Mo Sh’s magic? Do you like what he loves, is it something?

“I hurt, do you know?” In the case of Jiao, it was bound to a pink reaction from the reaction of Nan Ge Er. “Nan Ge Er does not know how to treat a woman by taking part of a fresh bacon made specially in a brothel, she sent it to Mo Shu’s mouth”, Mr Xiansheng. Please enjoy this pastry and you do it in person. ”

Mo Shou is a non-resistance ounce.

Nage did another thing. “Hey, as I said, I do not eat your food for him, I do not worry if I pay it later.

“It is OK.” About Jiao, a sweet smile was shaken. “He can repay it only with his flesh”

His lips throwing Nan Ge Er intersect to meet the power of their home-grown Mo Shu powers in the mouth: “If you do not want to eat, I just want to pay you my debt. I leave it here.”

“You now despise my eating habits when you call me Shao Shu Shu 2 …” Moshi agreed without stopping to climb.

Nan Ge Er felt known nerves, often returning to the forehead with anger from the previous Mo Shu step …

“Who knew that Mo Shu-xiansheng and Nan Ge Er are so close?” Jiao smile

Before Nana Ge Er photographed Mo Shu’s line of sight and opened her eyes, she responded to the breath and Chong transport: “Do you think Chon Jeong Jie is possible?”

Despite the fact that the disaster is an explanation and understanding of the female abuse, to become another foolish, he is still a bit stupid explanation.

“Why can not you do that?” Jiao always shakes, but she’s te Ge Er, do you know that there’s nothing impossible here?

See …?

Thanks to Chun Jiao, Nan Ge Er drank tea and drank bait.

Mo Shu often visits the red light district to solve some problems. However, the equatorial district of Guang Thian was quite different from what he had previously visited.

The women’s cosmetic air continued, but in reality the children who visited the red zone were kind of …

They simply did not have the appearance of a typical prostitute broker belonging to the employer.

They ran simple and fun when they ran around the city and talked to people in red.

When Nan Ge Er went to the house for a while, so that for some time he could learn the wild culturally, it was the most important part that he did not notice about the boy. So he asked for an invoice. My aunt naturally responded to her and found that the child got into the red light.

Nan Guang was quickly surprised. Guang Tian women are very frightening and very calm, knowing that their spouses were in red.

However, after a while, Nan Ge Er noticed that there was a contradiction.

Guang Tian red lights. The women in the district were not ashamed of their condition. Everyone did not have a view of the view. Instead, they dealt with them as if they were doing their normal job.

“Shao Ya, who came out today, Jiao, who is still clinging to herbs, while she spoke calmly:” I still think that children are better. Her words showed discomfort to her: “I knew that the child was not bigger than Mo Shu-xiansheng.

Mo Shu just smiled without a response.

“Mo Shu-Xiansheng, when are you going to go out?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Guang Tian equatorial women and children sometimes leave Guang Tian. Most people will leave Guang Tian, โ€‹โ€‹including Mo Shu, for some time.

Some of them went shopping. Some of them left their leave, but there were more people …

Going for unknown reasons …

In short, Guang Tian definitely had such a place.

It was filled with various strange phenomena, but it seems extremely calm.

“Maybe sometime later”. Mo Shu said: “I do not have letters.

After “little” traffic, we talk a bit with Mo Shu, she began to move to Nan Ge Er, yelling and Nan Ge ER, I said that you are Mo Shu – along with Xiansheng I heard that I was asleep. Have a hilarious event, What to talk about? For example, is it shameless? ”

Nangge was a spokesman and lifted her head to see how women’s women look more subtle than a flower.

Maybe I think your dictionary is not “awkward”.

In fact, no one in this street!

“Jiao stop him.” Mo Shu, he finally returned to his consciousness. Before Nan Ge gave him the opportunity to thank him, Mo Shu continued. “How does Nan Ge tell you this? He’s afraid that he’s really easy.

… I saw Nan Ge Er again.

She, your donkey! We do not do anything.

In the past, for a long time, Nan Ge Er knew that people simply sent him to be abusive. Basically, many people did not take it seriously.

Mo Shu’s voice really changed me uncontrollably.

Focusing on the red appearance, such as Nan Ge Er absurd smoke, Mo Shu said: “You see, his face is soon red.

Nang does not like a silly mouth, so he did not show me one rejection. He simply made a plan, packed snacks and wrapped them in a miserable mouth that left terrible words.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Her sensation became brighter, so that Jiao looked depressed on the other side.

This place sucks!

With the highest degree of victory, I always identify myself and do well-regulated behavior?

T / N

1Jie: From Chapter 6, T / N remarks apply to older women than you English equivalent = sister

2 Xiao Shu Shu: Like Shao Nang, this is (fake) loving nickname Mo Shu This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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