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Chapter 448: In Heat

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After he found the room, You XiaoMo held back the desire to rush in, an ungentlemanly behavior, and knocked instead. However, after three knocks, the one he predicted to run out and open the door was nowhere to be found.

Thus, he knocked again, but still there was no one. Just as he was about to barge in, a faint moan almost nonexistent floated into his ear.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded.

It was a moan?

A moan?

He hadn’t misheard right? The room he booked for She Qiu and the others had a woman’s moan coming from it. Just because he was a homosexual now, didn’t mean he couldn’t tell a heterosexual voice, this voice was definitely from doing that.

She Qiu and the others…they picked up a woman?

You XiaoMo became troubled, should he go in, or shouldn’t he?

As the surrounding became quieter, the moaning from the room became louder and dirty language was spit out here and there. In the broad daylight, so brazenly, it couldn’t be Mao Qiu.

“Hey, you…what are you standing there for?” At this time, from the side appeared a slightly hesitant voice.

You XiaoMo turned around to see it was Cheng Wu, whom he had only meet once, who was also staring at him with a complicated look on his face. As he was about to speak up, a women’s moan appeared with a few pitch higher than before.

“Ah…so good…quicker…”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Cheng Wu, “…”

You XiaoMo quickly placed his hand down and faked a cough before looking at Cheng Wu, “Is there anything you want?”

Cheng Wu rubbed his nose awkwardly, “I didn’t think you would have such a fetish…although its nothing unspeakable, but if you really do like it, you can go to the Beauty’s Den, there is a lot there.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

He knew there was a big misunderstanding but what was the Beauty’s Den?

Sorting his complicated thoughts, You XiaoMo lowered his voice, “You misunderstand, I’m here to find someone, it’s just that when I knocked there was no reply.”

Cheng Wu looked at him, as if to check if he was lying or not, before saying, “You want to find the occupant of this room?”

You XiaoMo, realizing he wasn’t trying to pick a fight, became nicer in his words and actions, as he said, “Yes, but it doesn’t seem like they are here anymore.”


Although he was still suspicious, he didn’t want to believe that She Qiu and the others couldn’t get their priorities straight. Especially knowing that he would be coming today.

Cheng Wu said, “Let me help you double check.”

With Cheng Wu’s status, he quickly got out the record of the occupants from the owner. When Cheng Wu took a look, he said to You XiaoMo astonished, “The name on here is You XiaoHa, that’s you right?”

You XiaoMo fell silent. So, they really didn’t change rooms, that means the one inside who was enjoying himself with a woman was someone from his Qiu team.

With very high efficiency he eliminated Pi Qiu, Mao Qiu and the Metal Swallowing Beast. Then, all that’s left was She Qiu and Xiao Hei. It seemed that Xiao Hei was a bit of a neat freak and someone as cold and an elitist as him wouldn’t appreciate any random person from contacting him. Thus, the only option left was She Qiu…

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Wu asked, sounding things out.

“…nothing.” You XiaoMo’s expression slowly started to crack, he was ninety percent sure it was She Qiu.


She Qiu was a very lazy demon beast, if it wasn’t absolutely necessary he wouldn’t come out of his room. Not only that, he just remembered his original form, a Nine-Winged Unity Serpent. No matter how strong he was, it was still a snake, snakes were lewd by nature!!!

He didn’t think She Qiu was into the intense kind though.

With a blank expression You XiaoMo replied, “One of those inside should be the one I’m looking for.”

Cheng Wu listened to the slowly increasing  pitched moans and the faint sounds of a bed creaking, he felt that it probably wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Therefore, with hesitation he suggested, “Hey, how about we sit downstairs for now?”

“…okay” You XiaoMo wiped off his face of and followed Cheng Wu downstairs.

As for She Qiu, who was inside, soon realized that the people outside had gone, let out an evil grin. Just as You XiaoMo suspected, snakes were lewd by nature and because he was in the dimension all this time, there was no freedom. Thus, since he finally was able to come out with an unlimited amount of free time, he obviously did whatever he wanted to.

Although one may say that Mao Qiu was a woman, however, it wasn’t about having a female or not, it was the fact that there was more than him in the dimension.

She Qiu patted the plump butt of the female snake, who, from her expression, was very satisfied. Female snakes were flexible, enduring, and most importantly, could, without difficulty, accept both of his huge dicks. Thus, if he were to find someone to mate, it would most likely to be a female snake.

(Ra: I can’t still get over the fact snakes have two dicks, called hemipenes .-.)

The female snake sat up and suddenly used her toes to tickle She Qiu’s yet-to-be-limp dick. With silk like eyes, they sent electricity towards him, “How about another round?”

She Qiu cursed beneath his breath and once again, pushed the female snake down with an expression of uncontrollable lust, as if ready for another hundred rounds.

Even when the female snake was pushed down, she didn’t forget to ask, “Ahh, who was it just now, outside and why did you suddenly have me make noise?”

“It was my owner.” She Qiu said without concealing, “if you didn’t call out and no one answered the door, he would have kicked the door down.”

“Hehe, then let him see or are you bothered by something like this?” The female snake giggled as if it was something funny, if it was a female then there wasn’t a problem being cautious, but the voice was clearly a male and most men were flirtatious, it wouldn’t matter even if he saw.

“Noisy.” With a deep thrust, the female snake let out a comfortable scream and her flexible waist started to twist and turn, her feet naturally hugged his waist.

To be honest, She Qiu didn’t have to be wary of something like this. If You XiaoMo knew that after he had left, She Qiu not only didn’t start to clean up but rather started a new round, without another word he would have rushed over, kicked the door down and closely examine if a snake did have two dicks.

As for the two downstairs, before their seats were even warmed, Xiao Hei arrived.

When he came through the door, he saw You XiaoMo seated there and after a slight hesitation, he went over.

Cheng Wu saw Xiao Hei, who emitted an air of cool coldness and thought it was someone trying to pick a fight. Just before he was about to shout, You XiaoMo luckily spoke just a step before him.

“Xiao Hei, finally someone’s back.”

Xiao Hei walked in front of him and looked coldly at Cheng Wu, “Who is he?”

You XiaoMo said with a laugh, “He’s Cheng Wu, a familiar stranger.”

Cheng Wu choked.

A familiar stranger? What kind of an introduction was that!

Xiao Hei stopped looking at him and asked, “Why aren’t you going up?”

Hearing that, You XiaoMo knew he didn’t know about She Qiu doing that, and just as he was hesitating about telling him, he heard him continue.

“Was She Qiu up there?”

“You know?” You XiaoMo lifted his head and looked back.

Expressionless Xiao Hei nodded, “Right now, every three days he would do it to his heart’s content in the room. Normally its for the whole day and for us, we would have to be out that day since you can hear it next door.”

You XiaoMo, “…” Snakes, they truly lived up to their reputation. How had he endured it while in the dimension anyways?

“You say he will do it for a day, was it from yesterday to now?”

“It’s about to end.”

“Good gracious, what about Pi Qiu and the others, why aren’t they back yet?”

“Mao Qiu said she was going to gain some levels and has been running wild outside, but when the time comes, she’ll come back herself.”

You XiaoMo thought he had understood something wrong and asked, “What do you mean ‘gaining some levels’?”

Xiao Hei replied, “It’s just as the words imply.”

“What do you mean ‘just as it implies’?” You XiaoMo was still a bit confused and silently stared back at him.

Xiao Hei paused a second before saying, “Her heat came too, so, for convenience’s sake, she’s going to absorb a men’s essence (sperm) and turn that into her power.”

A fox demon beast, other than the normal ways of training, could also use these methods to train. However, Mao Qiu was very picky and wouldn’t force anyone, even if it was during heat. She would make them do it willingly so as to not get them tangled into this mess. Not only that, their original forms were all demon beasts so, things like embarrassment, although not completely missing, was very minor. Thus, no matter if it was She Qiu or Mao Qiu, they would follow their instincts.

You XiaoMo was astonished, it was the first time he had realized that he knew nothing of his demon beasts. One was having a great ‘battle’ with women, one with men, so, was there going to be one with transgenders as well?

“Why are you looking at me like that for?” Xiao Hei was discontent with the way You XiaoMo looked at him, as if he was one the same level as She Qiu and Mao Qiu.

You XiaoMo retracted his gaze, “Your original form is a Golden Black Leopard so other than when in heat, there shouldn’t be much sexual desires, right?”

Xiao Hei said, “Stop with your weird looks, I don’t have a heat period.”

“…Why?” It took awhile for him to finally get those words out.

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