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Chapter 447: Rejection

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Time passed quickly, and half a month seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

During the time You XiaoMo spent in closed-door cultivation, he tested out many magic pill recipes. He didn’t succeed a hundred percent of the time, after all the pills he was refining weren’t low or middle level pills. No matter how good he was, he wouldn’t be able to refine high level pills with a hundred percent success rate, so he failed a couple of times.

You XiaoMo stretched. In reality, he hadn’t originally planned on isolating himself for over a month at once. It was good that this wasn’t the first time, though.

Tidying up the vials and bottles on his desk, You XiaoMo washed his face with spiritual water and tidied himself up a little before leaving the interior room. He had only just opened the door when he got a scare from the people outside.

“What are you guys doing here?”

You XiaoMo looked in surprise at the awkward-looking Qiao WuXing and the delighted Tian Xin, who was pulling the former along, her eyes bright as she looked at him. Behind them was Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong, and behind Cheng XiangRong was Jiu Ye standing at his door, arms crossed as he leaned against the frame emotionlessly. They were all gathered in front of You XiaoMo’s door for some reason.

Tian Xin hurriedly pushed Qiao WuXing away and grabbed You XiaoMo’s arm. “XiaoHa, you finally came out. I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

You XiaoMo immediately felt goosebumps rise across his body. Why did it feel like that ‘XiaoHa’ had a strange layer of sweetness to it. Had something happened while he had been isolation?

You XiaoMo smiled weakly, tugging his arm from her grasp and asked, feigning nonchalance, “How come you’ve all run over to my place?”

“Er, Cheng XiangRong and I just passed by, that’s all,” Yan Hui hurried to find an excuse for them.

The honest and well-behaved Cheng XiangRong immediately nodded his head in agreement.

Only Qiao WuXing wore an expression of helplessness, saying apologetically, “Sorry, are we we disturbing you?”

You XiaoMo shook his head. “No, you came just in time. I don’t plan on continuing my closed-door cultivation. What a coincidence that you’re here just when I come out.”

When he said this, everyone’s expressions twisted.

In reality, it wasn’t a coincidence. Before You XiaoMo went into closed-door cultivation, he had told everyone that he would be doing so for a month and a half. Today was the day he was due to come out of isolation, so Tian Xin had come here early to wait for him. The others were here for the possible drama that was due to occur. Of course, no one would tell him this, but they couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t guess it himself.

“Where are you going?” Tian Xin asked, seeing that he seemed to intend to head out.

You XiaoMo backed away a step smoothly. “I have some business to do, so I’ll be leaving XiaoYao Institution for a while.”

Tian Xin followed, stepping forwards a step and saying with a beaming smile, “What a coincidence, I also need to head out. How about we go together?”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched. “No need. I really have some very important business to attend to. It won’t be convenient for you to follow.”

Tian Xin kept coming closer. “That’s alright. You can go and do what you need to, I won’t follow you.” It was rare that she would like someone so much, so she naturally wouldn’t back down so easily, otherwise she wouldn’t be Tian Xin.

You XiaoMo looked at Qiao WuXing for help.

Qiao WuXing understood his plea and pulled her away. “Tian Xin, behave, alright?” He had practically used up all his energy trying to discourage Tian Xin this month.

Tian Xin bit her lip in chagrin, looking at You XiaoMo in hope.

You XiaoMo held his forehead. He could feel a headache coming on. He suddenly felt a little jealous of Ling Xiao. He would just ignore people he didn’t like and wouldn’t push himself to give in to the other. If only he could be so blunt.

“Miss Tian Xin.”

“Just call me Tian Xin.” Hearing You XiaoMo address her, Tian Xin’s mood immediately rose, looking at the other with adoration.

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose. “Alright, Tian Xin, I actually need to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

You XiaoMo, not wanting to drag it out, quickly said, “I already have someone I like. I really like him, and don’t ever want to separate from them. So… er, sorry.”

Tian Xin’s smile faded from her face.

The atmosphere in the hallway immediately became heavy. Everyone looked at each other. They probably hadn’t thought You XiaoMo would be so blunt. However, this was the best choice. The earlier one made things clear, the less the other would have lingering thoughts.

Tian Xin’s complexion went pale. She realized that everyone was looking at her with pitying and sympathetic gazes. She couldn’t help but wipe her face harshly and lift her chin, saying, “What does you liking someone have to do with me? What are you sorry for? It’s not like I like you, don’t read too much into things. I would never like a weak-looking guy like you in that way.”

After that, she ran off.

Qiao WuXing glanced at You XiaoMo apologetically before chasing after her.

You XiaoMo was speechless. This was a personal attack!

So what if he was weak looking? This was a world where strength spoke for everyone. One couldn’t judge someone by their appearance. No matter how weak-looking he was, he was still stronger than the majority of people here.

However, he knew of Tian Xin’s pride and sense of dignity. She probably felt that his rejection would lose her face, so used this to retort. It was good that he had been prepared.

Yan Hui patted his shoulder in comfort. “Brother, don’t think too much of it. You rejected her, so she had to find some way of maintaining her pride.”

You XiaoMo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Yeah. In the time you spent in closed-door cultivation, she came to check up on you daily. We can tell that she really does like you. Try to forgive her; it hasn’t been easy for her.” Cheng XiangRong thought that he was sad about it all, but he sympathized with Tian Xin. She had just fell for the wrong person.

You XiaoMo silently glanced towards the room next door to him. Should he check up on things when he goes past? “Don’t worry, I don’t mind. Alright, I’ll be leaving now.”

Seeing him hurry off, Yan Hui scratched his head. “He’s in quite the rush. Could it be that Ling Mo is coming back so he wants to personally welcome the other back? How about we tail him secretly and go see?”

Cheng XiangRong was prepared to return to his room and frowned upon hearing this. “This is his personal business, you can’t suggest something like that.”

Yan Hui raised his hands in surrender. “I know, I’m just joking.”

Cheng XiangRong said, “In the future, you shouldn’t joke about something like that, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if you’re overheard.”

“Got it, Uncle.”

Jiu Ye had long since disappeared, having watched his fill.

On the other side of the corridor, Qiao WuXing had planned on consoling Tian Xin with a few words after catching up and telling her to not think too much of it. However, he found her teary-eyed, as if she’d start crying in the next moment, but wearing a determined expression. He couldn’t help but soften at this.

“Don’t cry. It’s his loss if he doesn’t like you. You’re the young miss Tian Xin of the Beast Transfiguration Guild. There are plenty of people pursuing you. You can’t let others see you like this, no?”

Tian Xin wiped away her tears and said in disappointment, “He’s my first love. It’s not so easy to forget him.”

Qiao WuXing helplessly asked, “Tian Xin, I actually always wanted to ask, what about him caught your liking?”

Tian Xin flushed. “I just feel like he’s a good guy, someone who’s worthy of me, and he’s different from others. He knows who we are but never tried to kiss up to us.”

“If that’s why, then that isn’t love. You just have positive feelings for him. The two are different. Listen to me. He isn’t suited to you. When you meet the right person in the future, you’ll know that that’s the person you’ve been waiting for all along.” Qiao WuXing patted her cheek.

“Can I really meet that person?” Tian Xin looked up.

“Of course.” Qiao WuXing nodded in certainty.

Tian Xin forced out a smile. “Remember what you said today. If I don’t find one, then brother WuXing, you’ll owe me one.”

Qiao WuXing smiled. “Alright, how about I give you WuShuang?” He didn’t hesitate to offer up his cousin.

“No way, that guy only ever bullies me.”

“Maybe he bullies you because he likes you.”

“Don’t speak for him.”


After You XiaoMo left XiaoYao Institution, he didn’t pause at all and headed for the ShuangYu Hotel. He had told SheQiu and the others to meet him at ShuangYu Hotel before he had gone into closed-door cultivation, because this was the last day of the three month promise Xiong Xiao had given them. Though they didn’t know if he would send the info over as promised, he still had to check.

ShuangYu Hotel was near XiaoYao Academy, so it didn’t take You XiaoMo long to walk there.

The hotel was as lively as always. Even during the day, there was still a never-ending flow of customers coming to gamble. There were many people sitting in the lobby, excitedly discussing things about gambling. It was very noisy.

After making sure he was in the right place, You XiaoMo walked inside.

SheQiu and the others lived in the room that he and Ling Xiao had lived in originally. Familiar with the place, he easily found the room.

Just as his figure disappeared up the stairs, an elderly man who had brushed past him, prepared to leave the hotel, suddenly turned, contemplatively gazing at him before turning and heading for the entrance of the casino.

If You XiaoMo had seen, he would know that the elderly man was one of the two protecting Wu Cheng in the underground casino from before.

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