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Chapter 449: One-eyed Scarface

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

All demon beasts would somehow experience heats or mating seasons as long as they were demon beasts. XiaoHei claimed that he didn’t, but that wasn’t entirely true. However, as long as he didn’t think about it, it could indeed be considered as him not having a mating season.

This was because the more powerful demon beasts could suppress the instinct to mate during mating season purely through their cultivation and it would have no effect whatsoever on their bodies. However, as for SheQiu and MaoQiu, their urge to mate during the season tended to be stronger than others. In addition, their ‘do as I please’ personalities gave them no reason to intentionally suppress their urges.

After listening for a long while, Wu Cheng only just realised that the cold man in black was actually a demon beast. Although many demon beasts now could take up human form, his relationship with You XiaoMo still left him a bit of curiosity.

XiaoHei had long noticed that the person had been watching him. After he was done speaking to You XiaoMo, he cast him a cold look, his warning evident in his eyes. Wu Cheng shifted his gaze away awkwardly.

You XiaoMo caught his actions just in time and asked, “Hey, what happened to you?”

“I’m not called Hey, my name is Wu Cheng.”

“Fine, why are you still sitting here?” You XiaoMo said. He felt that he wasn’t so close to him to the point of sharing the same table.

Wu Cheng’s expression became even more uncomfortable.

“Shuang Yu hotel is my turf. Do I need to seek permission from others if I want to sit there?”

“Indeed you don’t.” You XiaoMo decided against arguing with him.

At this moment, a commotion could suddenly be heard from the outside. Hurried footsteps drew closer as if they were soon reaching Shuang Yu hotel. A few seconds later, a white figure burst through the main doors and dived into You XiaoMo’s arms like a bolt of lightning.

If not for the connection they shared through their contract, You XiaoMo would most definitely be so frightened he would have smacked it away. When he lowered his head to look, his eyes immediately met with a pair of sparkling red ones. Quickly following that was a smaller golden head peeking out from below its belly. Who else could it be other than than PiQiu and the Metal Swallowing Beast?

The corners of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched.

“You guys…” Before he was even done talking, a large group of men armed with swords and knives suddenly rushed in from outside, looking all aggressive and up to no good.

Before You XiaoMo even managed to react, PiQiu had already broken free from his arms and slipped itself into his clothes.


There was a long scar from a knife on the face of the man leading the group. The scar stretched across half his face and blinded one eye, adding to the viciousness of his originally rough and rugged face. On his shoulder he carried a two meter long broadsword and he reeked of blood. Standing by the doorway, his eyes swept across the lobby. Those who had been seen by him could feel the tension in their scalps.

“Oh Gosh, isn’t this the one-eyed Scarface?”

“Oh fuck, what brings this demon here?”


The hotel quickly started to buzz with murmured words and whispers. Clearly everyone recognised this scar-faced man, and they feared him greatly too. Even when they spoke, they lowered their voices to a whisper. In spite of that, some people still heard what was said.

One-eyed Scarface took one step forward and said domineeringly, “I am chasing after a silvery white demon beast. If anyone saw it, you better not hide it from me or else…”

Before the threat was even laid down, the people present all looked towards You XiaoMo in unison. They had all seen it clearly when the white figure ran in just now.

One-eyed Scarface followed their line of sight and saw You XiaoMo and the other two. An ugly and disgusting smile spread across his squarish face instantly as he took large steps towards them.

You XiaoMo knew PiQiu must have gotten into trouble judging by the situation they were in right now. This scar-faced man didn’t seem like an ordinary person and his temper wasn’t exactly very good either.

“You XiaoHa, you guys must be careful.” Wu Cheng whispered beside his ear. “He’s One-eyed Scarface from the Eagle Guild and his power is at Emperor level three stars. He behaves like a tyrant in Central City but no one dares to tell him off because the guild master of the Eagle Guild is one of the ten gods on the Tong Tian list—the Eagle God. He is One-Eyed Scarface’s younger brother.”

You XiaoMo nodded. So he had such a background like this. No wonder he dared to do as he pleased in Central City and barged into Shuang Yu Hotel as if there was nothing wrong in that.

To his knowledge, Shuang Yu Hotel currently also had a divine level powerhouse overseeing it. Although the powerhouse’s power wasn’t comparable to the Eagle Guild, due to the mysterious founder of Shuang Yu hotel, the Eagle Guild and Shuang Yu Hotel generally did not have huge conflicts.

However, as no one had ever seen the mysterious founder, the Eagle Guild thought themselves more superior and many times they didn’t see Shuang Yu Hotel as their equals.

When One-eyed Scarface barged in, he had that mentality. He walked in front of them and placed his foot on a chair. When his eyes landed on WuCheng, he smiled.

“Oh, so it’s young master Wu. Have you seen that demon beast by any chance?”

“Why should I tell you?” WuCheng scoffed.

One-eyed Scarface snorted, “What I’m going to do next are my private matters. I hope young master Wu is smart enough to not interfere.”

Wu Cheng’s face darkened with displeasure, “One Eye, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because someone’s got your back. This is Shuang Yu Hotel’s territory. If you dare to start any trouble here don’t blame me if I throw you out.”

When he finished, two powerful presences appeared in the hotel all of a sudden.

One-eyed Scarface stared at him coldly before his eyes shifted and landed on You XiaoMo.

“Brat, I know you hid the demon beast. Hand it over.” He said darkly.

“It’s my contract demon beast, why should I hand him over to you?” It didn’t matter if PiQiu caused trouble intentionally or not, You XiaoMo didn’t plan on handing him over.

“Brat, don’t make us force you to do it. Your contract beast offended* our boss so you better hand it over. Otherwise you’ll not live to enjoy the next day.” One of One-eyed Scarface’s underlings yelled angrily.

You XiaoMo raised his eyebrows.

“My contract beast collided* into your boss? Then did it injure him? How much skin did he scrape? How many spirit gems do I have to pay for compensation?”

T/n: * 冲撞:1) collide or 2)offend

At this moment, a broadsword fell from sky and hit their table with a loud ‘Clang’! The fragile table couldn’t bear the burden and immediately shattered into pieces.

You XiaoMo raised his head to look. The owner of the sword was One-eyed Scarface himself. His veins were popping on his face. His square face became more menacing with the slightest hint of anger as he pinned him down with the vicious look in his eyes.

“You’ve got guts brat!”

“You flatter me.”

One-eyed Scarface wasn’t one to lose all rationality over You XiaoMo’s words. It wasn’t a lie to say that he had survived and gotten by in Central City for so many years. Furthermore, he was on Shuang Yu Hotel’s territory now. If he dared to attack or destroy anything, those two old fellows would also take action. Getting into a conflict with Shuang Yu Hotel because of a brat who popped out of somewhere wasn’t worth it.

While he didn’t really view Shuang Yu Hotel as much, his younger brother had told him that unless absolutely necessary, he was not to engage in a fight with Shuang Yu Hotel.

“Since you’re willing to compensate for your contract beast’s wrongdoings, for the sake of young master Wu, I’ll give you a chance. Give me one million spirit gems and I’ll let you guys go.” One-eyes Scarface demanded an exorbitant price.

The crowd in the lobby almost spat out their saliva. One million spirit gems as compensation? But then again, it was very much like One-eyed Scarface’s style of doing things.

“A million spirit gems for bumping into you? You think earning spirit gems is easy? Even a three-year old won’t say this. I don’t have a million spirit gems, but a hundred of them I still do.” You XiaoMo said calmly.

The lobby went silent again.

One million spirit gems was just plain extortion and daylight robbery but a hundred gems? Compared to one million, it was just money to make beggars go away. For One-eyed Scarface’s status, it would definitely lower his worth.

“Watch out!” The person who shouted was WuCheng. He knew One-eyed Scarface best. That guy was just taunted by You XiaoMo and he would definitely be angry from embarrassment, so the first thing he would do was strike.

Without his reminder, You XiaoMo had already noticed One-eyed Scarface’s murderous intent and backed up quickly. One-eyed Scarface might be an Emperor level powerhouse but he was a level ten mage. If they really fought he might not lose.

The shattered pieces of wood from the table were crushed to smithereens by two equally powerful auras. Afraid of getting involved, the people around them quickly moved towards the sides, followed swiftly by their faces of shock when they looked at You XiaoMo.

One-eyed ScarFace kept his ground but his expression was the same as everyone else.

“You’re actually a level ten mage?” He looked at You XiaoMo unbelievably.

Tong Tian Continent was different from Long Xiang Continent in that most ancient soul and skill techniques had been circulated and passed down. As long as one learned these things they were considered a mage. In terms of attacking power, they could even be on par with practitioners.

But that wasn’t the most important part. A mage’s worth was much greater than a practitioner’s. The higher level mages could casually issue a bounty and there would be more than enough powerhouses willing to offer their services. Luckily, he was only a level ten mage now. If he was to become a level eleven mage, that would be a real trouble.

Thinking of this, One-eyed Scarface couldn’t contain the cold, murderous glint that flashed across his eyes. Since he already offended You XiaoMo, he might as well destroy him.

At this moment, XiaoHei finally regretted his own power. He was only a six star level nine. Although the speed at which he improved and leveled up was already considered very fast, he was definitely not a match for an emperor level powerhouse.

“One-eyed Scarface, you dare to cause trouble in Shuang Yu Hotel?” Sensing his killing intent, WuCheng shouted angrily.

One-eyed Scarface ignored him. He raised the sword in his hand and swung it towards You XiaoMo.

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