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Chapter 450: To Fight Alone

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

One-Eyed Scarface famous weapon was the broadsword. He had formerly specialized in researching sword techniques. Later he learned a lot of techniques to counter broadswords, but as it was too tedious and he was an impatient person, he dispensed with a lot of steps. In the end, he only learned two moves – cutting and chopping.

Although the moves were simple, the might of his two moves were really formidable. Many powerhouses were defeated under his two strokes and innumerable experts had been cut into two sections, or chopped into half.

You XiaoMo coldly snorted. Though this was his first time directly facing an Emperor Realm expert, this did not mean that he would be afraid. In actual fact, he had long been looking forward to exchanging hands with this kind of expert.

You XiaoMo speedily formed a hand seal. A wisp of white radiance carrying an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate collided with One-Eyed Scarface’s sword aura. In an instant, a hurricane surged inside the inn and the tables and chairs were all lifted into the air. Those weaker practitioners were also knocked down onto the ground and miserable shrieks could be heard all around.

Taking advantage of the time when everyone’s gaze was obstructed, XiaoHei grabbed You XiaoMo’s arm, “Let’s leave first.”

You XiaoMo threw off his hand, “You don’t need to worry about me. I feel like I can beat him. Furthermore, SheQiu is just upstairs. There’s such a big ruckus downstairs, he would definitely have long discovered this. Maybe he’s even watching from upstairs right now.”

“This is not a hundred percent guarantee. You’d better not risk it.”

Before this, XiaoHei did not know that You XiaoMo was already a level ten mage. However, his reaction was the same even though he knew it now. If You XiaoMo was wounded, he wouldn’t know how to explain it to others.

“Relax, I won’t make a move without having any assurance.” You XiaoMo lifted PiQiu and the Metal Swallowing Beast from within his clothes, “Bring them up and watch over them. Don’t let them run around all over the place.”

XiaoHei took the two and looked at him with a complicated expression. This was the first time that he felt that he was so useless, to think that he was only able to watch from the sidelines. Sure enough, they only didn’t pay attention for a moment and Master had already pulled far ahead of them.

You XiaoMo said, “Don’t run too far. I still have something to give to you guys when the issue is resolved.”

With that, You XiaoMo did not even wait for XiaoHei to reply before pushing him in the direction of the stairs. The ruckus that he and One-Eyed Scarface created had also calmed down. It was not known when two familiar-looking and strange old men had appeared between the two people.

Wu Cheng happily called out, “Old Lin, Old Zhou.”

The two old men nodded in his direction and soon after, they looked at the somber-looking One-Eyed Scarface. Old Lin calmly stated, “One-Eyed Scarface, this is the ShuangYu Hotel’s territory. Don’t blame this old man for being impolite if you make another move.”

One-Eyed Scarface ruthlessly stared at them and pointed at You XiaoMo, “Lin Tang, are you sure you two want to make enemies out of Eagle Guild over this youngster?”

Old Lin smiled, “One-Eyed Scarface, we don’t care about what happened between him and you. However, this is ShuangYu Hotel. I will definitely not allow anyone to start a fight in this hotel. If you want to make trouble for him, you can do as you wish when he has left the hotel and we will not get involved no matter what happens.”

Be that as it may, One-Eyed Scarface yet knew that the ShuangYu Hotel had actually made up their mind to shield You XiaoMo. This was because he would not be able to make trouble from You XiaoMo for even one single day if he never came out of the inn.

One-Eyed Scarface’s gaze coldly swept over them and he maliciously spat, “Good, very good! Lin Tang, Zhou Tian, I, One-Eye, will carve this in my heart. Let me tell you, I will definitely not let this matter rest. Since you guys want to protect him, I would like to see how far you all will be able to protect him. Let’s go.”

“Hold it!” You XiaoMo suddenly called out to him.

You XiaoMo actually ran out even though Wu Cheng saw that the matter could end here. He promptly pulled You XiaoMo to a stop, “You XiaoHa, what are you doing?”

“I have a sense of my own limits.” You XiaoMo shook his hand off and walked to One-Eyed Scarface, “Big fellow, we do not have to wait until later to resolve our matter. Let’s put an end to it now if you want to settle it.”

One-Eyed Scarface sneered, “Just you alone?”

You XiaoMo puffed his chest out, “That’s right.”

It was not easy for him to find a test subject, how could he let him run? In any case, the hatred had already been sown. One-Eyed Scarface would definitely not take things lying down with his character. If he didn’t make the best use of everything, he would instead be letting One-Eyed Scarface down.

“Very well, I’ll help you out since you want to die.” One-Eyed Scarface viciously said. With that, he turned around and walked out.

Just as You XiaoMo was able to follow him out, Wu Cheng suddenly stopped and reprimanded him. “You fool! One-Eyed Scarface is an Emperor Realm powerhouse that has been renowned for years and you’re merely just a level ten mage. Whether in the areas of combat experience or attack power, you’re totally not his match. Do you really like to run out and throw away your life so much?”

“Are you taking me as an idiot? Who will go and do something that they have no guarantee in?” You XiaoMo was somewhat surprised and did not expect that the person who would dissuade him was Wu Cheng.

Wu Cheng hesitated for a moment, “You’re really certain?”

It was not that he was taking You XiaoMo lightly. It was only that he was skeptical as he understood One-Eyed Scarface but did not understand You XiaoMo. After all, there may be powerful people amongst mages, but mages were clearly inferior to practitioners with regards to endurance.

“Calm down!” You XiaoMo threw this sentence down and walked out.

There was an expansive plot of vacant land after exiting the ShuangYu hotel, turning right and walking for two hundred meters. Previously, this plot of land was actually the trading area. This plot became empty when several trading areas nearby merged afterwards. Today, it was the perfect place for them to settle things.

One-Eyed Scarface and his subordinates were already waiting there when You XiaoMo reached. Seeing him come over, each and every one revealed an expression showing that they were harboring evil designs.

One-Eyed Scarface moved forward by one step and sneered, “I was under the impression that you’d escaped. Who would have thought that you really came over to throw your life away?”

You XiaoMo picked his ear, “Don’t keep adding ‘throw your life away’ in every sentence. If you want to fight, let’s fight. But let me first state that both participants must make a vow no matter who wins or loses this match the loser is forbidden from making trouble for the winner again forever. How about it, do you dare or not?”

“In any case, I’ll be the one winning this. It makes no difference whether I make a vow or not.” When One-Eyed Scarface finished speaking, he raised his hand and pledged, “I, One-Eyed Scarface, vow to the Heavens that if I lose this match, I promise that I will never make trouble for the person who won from now till the end of time.”

You XiaoMo nodded in satisfaction and soon raised his hand and pledged, “You XiaoHa vows… …”

You XiaoMo didn’t feel any reaction after the vow was established and felt the same as before, similar to the last time he made a vow. Ling Xiao helped him so he did not feel anything at that time. But this time was different. His vow did not work because he was simply not called You XiaoHa.

One-Eyed Scarface lifted his broadsword. Before the start of the match was called, a force suddenly came from his feet, and his body became a black shadow that rapidly dashed towards You XiaoMo. Before he neared, he spun his two-meter long broadsword above his head and chopped in You XiaoMo’s direction with the momentum of a horizontal strike.

You XiaoMo’s body bent backwards. With his hands on the ground, he raised a leg and seized the opportunity to deliver a powerful kick to the broadsword. Then, he back-flipped twice, retreating ten meters away.

One-Eyed Scarface immediately gave chase. His attack range was much greater as his sword was two-meters long. In addition, this sword weighed one hundred kilograms( 220 pounds). His arm strength was also shockingly strong for him to heft it around so easily. The force of every swing felt like he was splitting a mountain peak into two. One could feel a strength that could cause one’s heart to palpitate from far away, splitting the air at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Just moments ago, You XiaoMo personally felt his arm strength and the weight of his broadsword with his kick. Thus, he did not dare to look down on his opponent. Moreover, what he didn’t expect was that One-Eyed Scarface was so nimble even though body size was so big. Sure enough, one could only know how powerful Emperor Realm experts were by personally experiencing it.

You XiaoMo could not refrain from feeling a little happy when thinking of this. His combat experience was not very plentiful, but every man more or less had bloodthirstiness in their blood.

A majestic soul power bubbled out from the space between his eyebrows like a storm and the horizon was engulfed in a flash, but he pulled it back again in the next second. The hair-raising might was compressed in his hand, forming a terrifying pressure that caused one to shiver, as exploded towards One-Eyed Scarface.

One-Eyed Scarface’s expression changed, but it was too late from him to defend. You XiaoMo’s terrifying soul power clashed into the broadsword, creating a sharp and resonant screech. One-Eyed Scarface who met a head-on attack let out an ‘oh’. His soul actually felt as if it had been attacked and he could only see darkness before his eyes as his body subconsciously retreated back. His vision returned less than a second later.

You XiaoMo did not pursue the retreating enemy. Although his soul energy could attack the other party’s soul, it would not cause him substantial harm since it was just an ordinary physical attack. Besides, that broadsword of his was indeed annoying.

Just at this moment, he felt a familiar aura from within the audience. In the next second, a golden shadow squeezed into his clothes with the suddenness of a thunderbolt. It was actually the Metal Swallowing Beast.

You XiaoMo’s mind could not help but recall a Beast Transfiguration he learned in the Beast Transfiguration Room before he went into secluded cultivation. He remembered that the Metal Swallowing Beast had a formidable capability and could not help but rejoice in his heart. Now was a good opportunity for him to experiment.

You XiaoMo immediately started chanting just as he thought of this. Ancient and somewhat shaky characters emerged from his mouth one by one, slowly forming into a word. The body of the Metal Swallowing Beast at his chest let out an intense and brilliant ray as if could feel a reaction to some extent. The ray of light shrouded him…

After a brief two seconds, golden strands of clothes appeared on You XiaoMo’s body.

The so-called clothes were actually tattered clothing.

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Don’t feel useless Xiao Hei… MoMo is special.. you know that…

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