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Chapter 452: Complain

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The atmosphere surrounding the empty space became more tense as Old Eagle continued.

Just as You XiaoMo suspected, those in the Eagle Guild, especially the man himself, was all arrogant with eyes only on themselves. There was no point in reasoning with them since he believed that he was reason.

It was just a normal fight till the younger brother came out. Upon seeing his older brother defeated, he wouldn’t let it go until he gave a beating to the one who won against his brother.

Although, it was the first time something like this had happened, for those in the Central City, it was pretty common and because of that, their reputation was already at the bottom. However, there was nothing to be done, they had their fists and it was very strong. Except for the other nine people who were of the same title, or another Sacred leveled practitioner, there was no one who could oppose him.

You XiaoMo wasn’t stupid enough to make that choice, even if Ling Xiao wasn’t there.

This life had been smooth sailing for him, but even then, he had met a few oddballs, however, this situation was a first. What Old Eagle said really pissed him off, he felt like he was going to explode in anger, but even then, his brain wasn’t muddled.

If he were to really choose, he would choose the third option.

You XiaoMo didn’t answer and instead, slowly moved backwards.

Seeing this, Old Eagle gave a contemplating smirk and with an eerie smile he said, “I’ll count from three, if you don’t choose by then, I’ll do it for you.”

He wasn’t really in a hurry, after all, he had a teasing personality, this wasn’t the ‘schoolground playful’ kind of teasing, rather what he appreciated was the expression people made during times of despair. It got his blood boiling.

“One!” Old Eagle called out slowly.

You XiaoMo twisted his foot, about ready to run.

A black silhouette quickly rushed out from the crowded and pulled You XiaoMo along by the arm.

Old Eagle blanked for a moment before suddenly laughing again. He didn’t think anyone dare stand up for You XiaoMo, much less a level ten demon beast. Although it was surprising, too bad it was way too weak.

Liao Ya looked distressingly at his guild master, seeing that You XiaoMo was about to escape.

Old Eagle was peaceful and calm, without a hint of nervousness. All he did was effortlessly wave in the direction that You XiaoMo and the dark shadow were escaping to when that space around it warped.

The dark shadow, unable to stop, could only forcefully take the hit and as a result, was sent flying. It wasn’t until ten or more meters before he stopped, and a line of blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth

You XiaoMo quickly rushed over and said with worry, “She Qiu, are you okay? Don’t scare me.”

The one who saved him was She Qiu, when the conflict first started in the inn, he had already known. He didn’t immediately appear because he saw that You XiaoMo was already level ten.

Not only that, he also knew You XiaoMo, if it wasn’t something he could do, he wouldn’t have done it. Thus, when he decided to fight One-Eyed Scarface, he didn’t budge in. To be completely honest, he didn’t think One-Eyed Scarface would have such an ‘amazing’ little brother who really took the words ‘power is everything’ and ‘one of a kind’ to the next level.

“I’m fine, it’s just some internal injuries.” She Qiu stood up, covering his wounded chest.

The moment You XiaoMo heard of his internal injuries, he pulled out a Sacred magic pill for him to take, “Eat this and you will be fine.”

She Qiu didn’t waste time with courtesy and chucked it into his mouth, like he was chewing candy or something. Instantly his injuries became much better and he shielded You XiaoMo behind him before saying, “Master, go ahead and leave this to me. I’ll try to fend them off as long as possible, it won’t take long before Boss comes back.”

“No.” You XiaoMo said, the moment he heard he was going to take on Old Eagle alone, how could he be at ease with that? “I can’t leave you guys, even if I expose myself, I’ll make sure you guys are safe and sound.”

Even She Qiu became sentimental at that, but even if he was moved, his attitude didn’t change.

At this moment Old Eagle spoke, “I changed my mind.”

The two quickly turned towards him, alert.

Old Eagle laughed and looked at You XiaoMo as he said, “You seem to be a level ten mage. I won’t kill you, you will make pills for the Old Eagle Guild till I’m satisfied. Then I’ll consider sparing your life as well as your friends.”

You XiaoMo spat in response.

Instantaneously Old Eagle’s expression darkened, “Looks like you guys want it the hard way. Since you want to die so much, I’ll grant you your wish.”

Seeing murderous intent, She Qiu quickly pushed You XiaoMo away as he made a low shout, “Quick, go!”

“Don’t think you can get away!” Old Eagle said in a chilling tone. With that, he stepped forward with his right leg and his body suddenly disappeared. Then his bottom flashed in front of the two of them with his hands above You XiaoMo, ready to hit his head.

She Qiu didn’t have time to pull him away so he could only use his body to block. With an attack from a Divine leveled practitioner, he felt his insides crush with the impact. Forcing back the blood that wanted to come out of his throat, he quickly retreated with You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo was furious and disregarded the fact that he wasn’t Old Eagle’s opponent. Instead his hands rapidly formed his hand seal, with strings of soul force and the natural soul energy, a Black Seal slowly formed in his hands. He had wanted to form the Earth Seal. However, he was still unfamiliar with such a seal and there wasn’t any time for him to waste so the moment it was complete, he locked on Old Eagle’s direction and released it.

Seeing that he actually wanted to fight back and with some kind of a seal that looked decent at that, Old Eagle made a chilling smile and said, “That’s all you got?”

With that he held out his hand to grab the Black Seal.

Even before You XiaoMo could express joy, the Black Seal shook a few times in his hands and slowly weakened, then it disappeared.

“Since your performance is over, it’s my turn. You should feel honored, since today I’ll be letting you get a taste of the power of the Corrosive Yin Claw.”

Old Eagle shook his sleeves and from his right palm appeared black air, and it sinisterly twined around his hand. In the next moment, it turned into a huge black claw and locked onto You XiaoMo, coming towards them with an appalling air.

As one of the ten gods, there was no way he didn’t have a signature move but compared to the open and honest techniques of most of them, Old Eagle’s attack were just like his personality, sinister. Thus, most of it had to do with poison and things of a similar nature.

Take the Corrosive Yin Claw for example, supposedly it was created by killing countless young girls then used the hand to cultivate Yin and after refining it for many years, it could become an incredible Yin poison. Those who were hurt by the technique would not only get their flesh eroded but also their soul would be harmed as well. It caused a huge uproar before.

For a mage, the soul was incredibly important, once it was damaged, fixing would be difficult, and it would have a lasting effect on one’s level. Thus, even if it was going overboard, one could tell the sinister intentions of Old Eagle; if you can’t have it, destroy it.

Although She Qiu didn’t know the power of the Corrosive Yin Claw, he could tell that if they didn’t dodge it, it was a death sentence.

Just as he was about to push You XiaoMo away, You XiaoMo got ahead of him and pulled him towards an empty area by the collar. “Run!”

Although it wasn’t a fitting time, She Qiu felt his lips twitch.

But no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t dodge the black claw that had already locked onto You XiaoMo.

Unless one of them took it head on, even if it seemed like suicide, there wasn’t another other. Realizing this, She Qiu lifted his hand and steeled his heart, then slapped You XiaoMo’s back to send him away.

What he didn’t realize was that You XiaoMo grabbed onto him with unbreakable force, as if afraid he would face it alone. Therefore, when his hand met You XiaoMo’s back, he did send him flying, but…at the same time he was dragged along.

She Qiu was almost strangled to death.

What was odd was that She Qiu flew in front of You XiaoMo, as if he was thrown back by You XiaoMo, when the two landed, it was You XiaoMo who didn’t fall far from the original spot.

When You XiaoMo climbed up, the huge black claw was already in front of him. Just as it was about to devour him whole, an arrow attached with a purple flame on its feathers appeared, slicing through space. It went past You XiaoMo and solidly landed at the center of the black claw.

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, the black claw, as if it met its match, with incredible speed vibrated and, in a few seconds, stopped struggling and was split down the middle by the arrow.

Before You XiaoMo realized what had happened he fell into someone’s embrace. A nonchalant tone of the person spoke above his head, “Stupid, did you have fun fooling around?”

‘Stupid’ melted in his embrace and argued, “But I wasn’t playing around.”

Ling Xiao pulled him out from his hug and made him look at him eye to eye.

‘Stupid’, instantly was met with a pair of deep, onyx eyes that contained some complex feelings that he didn’t understand. He couldn’t help but shrink his neck and, in an attempt to reduce his sentence, started to complain in a pitiful fashion.

“Sob sob, It wasn’t my fault, it was Old Eagle who didn’t play fair. He refused to accept his loss and even wanted to kill me…”

Then he summarized the situation for Ling Xiao.

At this point, the commotion caused by the flaming arrow and black claw finally died down. Thus, the silhouettes of Old Eagle and his opponent finally showed itself to everyone, who looked on with amazement.

Ling Xiao tilted his head, and from within his piercing gaze flashed something that was stunningly fierce. As it locked onto the anxious and doubtful gaze of Old Eagle, he gave a light smile and said, “Just you watch, I’m going to turn this Old Eagle into a little chickling.”

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this chapter nearly gave me an heart attack.. I thought we would lose She qiu for sure.. I really really was so anxious.. Boss thank God u came, it was really hard seeing both momo & sheqiu trying to save each other I almost cried..

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