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Chapter 451: Old Eagle

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo’s expression slowly cracked upon seeing the golden apparel. What on earth? Why was it all tattered? Could it be that he had pronounced something wrong?

You XiaoMo couldn’t figure it out no matter how he tried. He wanted to ask the Metal Swallowing Beast, but One-Eyed Scarface was already charging over, so he could only set the question aside for now.

One-Eyed Scarface, soul having been attacked, was on high guard now.

Without giving You XiaoMo the chance to rest, One-Eyed Scarface suddenly gained an explosive increase in power, appearing in front of You XiaoMo at an even faster speed and momentum, his sword swing down at You XiaoMo’s head with a mountain-splitting power.

Just when everyone thought You XiaoMo would dodge, he instead raised his arm to block…

Seeing the sword about to split You XiaoMo in half, some more squeamish people covered their eyes in fright. XiaoHei and the others who were watching from the crowd felt like their hearts were going to jump out of their chests.


When the razor sharp blade came into contact with You XiaoMo’s arm, a shockwave of energy was unleashed, whipping up a strong wind.

Everyone had thought that You XiaoMo would be one arm short, but it was still whole, unaffected even. On the contrary, it was One-Eyed Scarface whose face was red from strain.

What… happened?

A flash of delight appeared in You XiaoMo’s eyes. He really had found a treasure. Physical attacks were useless against the Metal Swallowing Beast. He had been worrying over how he would deal with One-Eyed Scarface’s sword and now he had a perfect solution.

“How is this possible? How could someone of your strength possibly block my sword?” One-Eyed Scarface widened his eyes in shock, muttering to himself. He was always very confident in the power of his sword.

You XiaoMo grabbed the sword and whirled around, giving One-Eyed Scarface a heavy kick. His sword slipped from his hand and he was sent flying.

You XiaoMo casually discarded the sword, dashing forward in pursuit.

One-Eyed Scarface finally came back to himself, glaring at You XiaoMo red-eyed. He might’ve lost his weapon, but he was no weakling.

When he landed, One-Eyed Scarface used the ball of right foot as a pivot point, swiftly re-adjusting his position and, with a push, shot out at You XiaoMo like a bullet.

He didn’t know that, without his sword, You XiaoMo was no longer afraid of him at all.

A powerful burst of soul force appeared above his head with an aura that made people’s hearts contract. That was when it transformed into a massive sword, mercilessly striking down towards One-Eyed Scarface’s head. At the same time, a barely perceptible sliver of soul force darted out from under his feet.

Seeing this, everyone’s expressions twisted.

It seemed like this young man wasn’t someone who you wanted to get on the bad side of. After disarming One-Eyed Scarface of his sword, the other had conjured an identical sword, even down to the hilt. Was the other trying to cause him to explode with anger?

One-Eyed Scarface swiftly jumped, rage filling his eyes. How dare he taunt him like that? Unforgivable!

Majestic spiritual energy formed a barrier in front of One-Eyed Scarface. In the next moment, the sword made of soul force descended harshly onto the barrier. It caused the air to whirl around wildly, picking up the dust and sand on the ground and making it near impossible for everyone to keep their eyes open. It seemed that the two forces were equal in strength.

When the two forces canceled each other out, You XiaoMo’s figure instantly vanished.

One-Eyed Scarface didn’t immediately notice due to the dust that had been whipped up. By the time he noticed, that young, average face had suddenly appeared in front of him, giving an abrupt smile when he saw the other looking.

One-Eyed Scarface’s heart skipped a beat. Before he could react, a soul-wrenching pain erupted from his head, and he screamed out.


When the dust dispersed, the arrogant One-Eyed Scarface was rolling on the ground in pain, hugging his head, occasionally banging his head against the ground, his bloody face looking exceptionally frightening.

The crowd looked to You XiaoMo in shock. What had he done?

The soul was the foundation of a person, and fragile.

You XiaoMo hadn’t shown mercy when he attacked. As Ling Xiao said, kindness to an enemy is cruelty to oneself.

The victor had been decided.

That was when One-Eyed Scarface’s underling ran out to One-Eyed Scarface and, seeing the other’s state, yelled in rage at You XiaoMo, “What did you do?”

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose. “Didn’t you see what I did? Plus, this is what happens when you duel. What are you running out and yelling at me for? You want to avenge him?”

Liao Ya, taken aback, didn’t know how to respond to his words. If even One-Eyed Scarface had lost to the other, then someone weaker like him wouldn’t stand a chance. The reason he charged out was to show off his loyalty, because once their guild leader got word that his older brother had been injured, there was no way he’d let things go.

Thinking of that, Liao Ya said threateningly, “Don’t think it’s over. Though the boss won’t come after you for now, he was the only one to make that promise. Our guild leader never promised anything. Just you wait.”

You XiaoMo wasn’t surprised, In reality, he had already considered this when it all started. But being able to deal with one troublesome person, what did it matter that he had to make a promise.

“I’ve already sent people to inform the guild leader. He’ll be here soon. You won’t be able to run.” Seeing him unmoved, Liao Ya continued to talk.

He was thankful that he had the foresight to secretly inform the guild leader of what had been happening, having been worried that the boss would attack those two cockroaches from the ShuangYu Hotel. The guild leader was someone who didn’t like showing his faults.

Surprise flashed through You XiaoMo’s eyes. That Eagle God of the Top Ten Gods of the TongTian rankings?

If that was true, then that wasn’t good at all. Time for a tactical retreat!

Seeing his intention to escape, Liao Ya was desperate to keep him in place and, before he could react, he was already blocking You XiaoMo’s way.

You XiaoMo immediately thought this funny. “This was a willing bet. His loss was because he wasn’t as strong as I am. What do you mean by this? Are you telling everyone that your Eagle Guild is full of sore losers?”

Liao Ya’s face went red. Seeing the disdain in the eyes of the crowd, he was already feeling regret.

“Brat, you really are rather brave. You dare to hurt my older brother, impressive!” That was when a prideful sigh sounded above their heads. The voice was rather low, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere at once.

Delight flashed across Liao Ya’s face, looking at You XiaoMo in triumph as if saying, brat, you’re so dead.

You XiaoMo frowned. He hadn’t thought that this Eagle God would actually come. If Ling Xiao was by his side, he would have nothing to fear at all. Unfortunately, he was the only one here, and his opponent was a peak divine seven star powerhouse, too. You didn’t have to look to know he stood no chance.

As he thought to himself, the owner of the voice finally appeared in front of everyone.

You XiaoMo raised his head and looked towards the sky. A figure suddenly appeared there, suspended in midair. Seeing his face, You XiaoMo could help but feel shocked.

The man had an air of sophistication about him, but his features were on the softer side, especially his slanted eyes that destroyed what trace of hard masculinity that remained. This ruined his image. He was the complete opposite of One-Eyed Scarface’s fierce looking face. It really made people wonder, were they actually brothers?

You XiaoMo frowned, saying, “I’m not exactly daring, but at least I know that death and injury is normal in fighting, unless you believe that fighting is two people sitting down and having tea, then I’m really not sure what to say.”

“You have a silver tongue.” The man huffed.

You XiaoMo said, “This isn’t called having a silver tongue, it’s just stating the truth.”

The man slowly said, “I don’t care about what personal grudge you and One-Eye have, but you dared to injure my brother. If I just let you go, then I’d lose face. I can let you go, but you’ll have to pay double for whatever you’ve done to my brother.”

You XiaoMo had already figured out this man’s personality. In short, he was just extremely arrogant and did whatever he wanted. This sort of person definitely wasn’t someone to make friends with, because he might go against his word whenever he was annoyed.

He had thought Ling Xiao was already arrogant enough. Who would’ve thought that there would be skies outside of skies and people even worse. He had truly learned something new today.

“With your attitude, I’m surprised you’re still one of the Ten Gods. With your magnanimity, I’m certain that people are more likely to laugh at you behind your back than not,” You XiaoMo quietly muttered.

“What did you say?” The man’s gaze went cold.

You XiaoMo smiled. “Nothing.”

Liao Ya came to his side, glaring at You XiaoMo and saying, “Guild leader, he put the boss in such a terrible state, you can’t forgive him; avenge the boss!”

The corner of the man’s mouth curled up in conceit. “Alright now, would you rather leave an arm and leg here or die. Choose.”

Wu Cheng, who was in the crowd, wanted to charge over, but was stopped by his two elders.

Old Lin tried to talk him down. “Young Master Wu, you won’t be able to do anything about Old Eagle’s interference here. The master would not go against Old Eagle for a simple mage. It’ll be better to watch and wait. After all, that man isn’t here, yet.”

Wu Cheng was very pale, but knew that Old Lin was right.

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June 21, 2018 1:17 pm

Wow Momo is so cool!!

Wooo can’t wait to see what happens next 😆

Thank u for the update!!!

Worldwide handsome Jin(@worldwidehandsomejin)
June 21, 2018 10:54 pm

Momo u did awesome.. but now I think you need to find a way to run 😅
Or magically power up idk. Would be sick if SheQiu powered up and fought this dude

July 7, 2018 1:33 pm

I think Momo is going to get in trouble once Ling Xiao finds out he used a practitioner with good backing as a test subject 😅

May 5, 2019 2:55 am

Metal beastie is such a responsible fella, rushing to help his master, so cute~

July 24, 2019 6:57 pm

These f******people can’t take losing and it’s ridiculous. Instead of learning from their losses or jealousy they just act like petty douchebags!

September 11, 2020 1:48 pm

They’re all a bunch of bitches. Plain and simple. Just walking around waving their Ds all over the place and when someone finally get them to stop they throw a tantrum. Are they bored? Is that what it is? Is it boredom?

September 1, 2021 6:17 pm

So, basically, if challenged by this lot, one dies whether they win or not! Most seem to abuse their power worst than in our realm!
What will Momo do all alone? His available beasts aren’t a high enough level. Gripping stuff.
Thank you for translating.

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