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Chapter 454: Banished to the Frontier


Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Liao Ya totally didn’t expect that the Guild leader would actually sacrifice him. Although he knew that the leader was an extremely treacherous person, he always felt that he would be the exception. Instead, his life unexpectedly ended in this manner. He was burnt to ashes by the fiery Qilin with a face full of rancor and unwillingness.

If a powerhouse at the level of a peak Divine Realm wanted to run, even several people who were at the same level would be unable to obstruct him. However, Ling Xiao had long made preparations for this situation occurring.

Old Eagle rapidly retreated backwards upon feeling that there was something strange happening ahead. Ling Xiao’s figure emerged from a distorted space and he condescendingly enjoyed Old Eagle’s expression with delight on his face. This was exactly like the expression he had when he watched You XiaoMo in the past.

“Let’s see where you can run to.”

Old Eagle’s expression was frightfully gloomy. He considered himself as a person unexcelled in the world. Now, he was actually pressured to such a plight by an up-and-coming youngster. If someone had told him this before today, he would definitely have killed that person.

The strength of this man was outrageous. They were obviously both peak level powerhouses, yet he had no power to resist him at all. Are all the people from the Qilin Clan seriously so indomitable?

However, the dignity of being a powerhouse did not allow him to submit to this man. He was already used to being set on a pedestal and got used to other people submitting to him, so it was impossible for him to beg for mercy.

“What do we do now, Little Brother?” One-Eyed Scarface had gotten back on his feet. However, his current battle strength was only less than ten percent as his injuries were too serious. He, too, had never thought that this matter would develop to such a point.

Old Eagle sneered and a hint of maliciousness flashed through his eyes, “What to do? Elder Brother, I, your little brother, have protected you for so many years. You should also repay me a little now. Rest assured, your little brother will definitely take revenge for you after you die. You can just go in peace.”

Just as he finished speaking, Old Eagle hit One-Eyed Scarface’s back with a palm. A violent gale instantly sent him over to Ling Xiao.

It was impossible for One-Eyed Scarface to beat Ling Xiao, even if he was in peak condition. Thus, Old Eagle was clearly sending him to his death now that he was injured, all to obstruct Ling Xiao for a few seconds so that he himself could escape.

Old Eagle’s method had already chilled the hearts of many people – to think that he was so vicious and merciless to the extent of even being able to sacrifice his elder brother. This type of person was definitely an extremely dangerous existence.

Truth to be told, Ling Xiao had already included this situation in his calculations. But one point was beyond his expectations. That was One-Eyed Scarface’s reaction.

After being pushed out by his little brother and sent to die, One-Eyed Scarface who should have felt angry and shocked was instead not so. Perhaps, it was because he had already aware of this in his heart. If his little brother escaped, he could still take revenge for him. Thus, he yelled as he threw himself at Ling Xiao with an ‘I will take you down together with me’ expression while borrowing the momentum from his brother’s palm attack.

Experts could control their internal soul power to induce self-detonation. The destruction caused by this was much stronger than one caused by ordinary attack methods. In any case, he was about to die soon.

However, he did not have such a chance. Ling Xiao shot out a flame before he could self-detonate. The flame swiftly invaded One-Eyed Scarface’s body and directly burnt the meridians in his body.

The whole process only delayed him for two seconds. However, Old Eagle was able to use this opportunity to flee.

Ling Xiao had missed a golden opportunity. After taking some circumstances into account, he still did not chase after him in the end.

This big battle ended with Old Eagle being defeated and rapidly fleeing away. The Eagle Group would probably disband henceforth, because Old Eagle would obviously not dare to appear in front of Ling Xiao as long as he was in Central City for even one day.

The people who had previously ran away to take refuge came running back one after another.

The things that happened today were too shocking. Until now, they were unable to digest the fact that ‘Old Eagle had lost’.

Since they ran too far, they had not heard what Old Eagle had said and did not know that Ling Xiao was the person who defeated You AnTai. Otherwise, the news that Ling Xiao had consecutively defeated two people on the list of the Ten Gods would definitely cause a sensation.

In this case, he may even be able to aim for the number one spot on the Ten Gods Ranking with his strength.

The group headed back to the ShuangYu Hotel. They were treated as exhibits on the way back. People were constantly running over for the sake of seeing Ling Xiao’s genuine appearance with their own eyes. The crowd of people were isolated outside when they returned to the ShuangYu Inn. This situation was comparable to fans chasing their stars.

You XiaoMo supported SheQiu back to his room. That female snake was not inside anymore, but that particular smell actually remained inside the room. It was impossible for him to stay in the room no matter how thick his face was.

You XiaoMo threw SheQiu inside the room and gave him several magic pills for treatment again. Then he gave SheQiu a look of disgust and went to Xiao Hei’s room next-door.

It was impossible to squeeze into a single room considering that there were too many people in the beginning. Therefore, You XiaoMo requested for four rooms. PiQiu and the Metal Swallowing Beast were in one room and the rest all had their own rooms. It was fortunate that he had a lot of spirit gems. Otherwise it would have really been a huge expense.

The others were already there when You XiaoMo went over.

The atmosphere which had originally been celebratory was instead filled with a depressed air.

XiaoHei, MaoQiu, PiQiu, and the Metal Swallowing Beast were akin to children who had done wrong. They stood with straight backs in an orderly manner before Ling Xiao, and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

The responsibility for this matter lay with PiQiu and the Metal Swallowing Beast in the first place. They went out to play and actually brought back a member of Eagle Group which had a peak Divine Realm expert overseeing them. If not for Ling Xiao, who happened to have just returned, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Although the incident of One-Eyed Scarface picking a quarrel happened first, the two still could not avoid this responsibility.

As for XiaoHei and MaoQiu, they did not even have the strength to protect their master despite being Master’s contracted beast and even needed their master to protect them instead. Using Ling Xiao’s words – you guys still have the face to be a demon beast?!

SheQiu would definitely rejoice if he had seen this scene.

Thus, it was now time for their banishment.

“You guys speak. How should you be punished?” Ling Xiao drank a mouthful of tea as he gave them the initiative.

The Metal Swallowing Beast jumped out and made a few turns at Ling Xiao’s feet. All kinds of animal calls came from his mouth from time to time, sounding like he was trying to fawn Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao lifted his leg, kicked him out and calmly stated, “Your contribution is not enough to make up for your mistake.”

The Metal Swallowing Beast licked its underarms and was somewhat distressed as it sat in a shadowed corner.

You XiaoMo immediately remembered that piece of tattered clothing upon seeing him. Taking advantage of the time that Ling Xiao was schooling the beasts, he walked to the front of the Metal Swallowing Beast and squatted down. Pinching its ears, he cajoled, “Little Metal, tell me. Why were the clothes you transformed in all tattered even though I chanted the three sentences without any mistakes?”

The ears of the Metal Swallowing Beast twitched. It turned around and used its butt to face You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo understood it as ‘I don’t want to tell you’, and simply grabbed his tail and lifted him up, “Say it. Otherwise, I’ll tell Ling Xiao.”

The Metal Swallowing Beast widened its eyes. The threat was a success, “Ji ji ji~”

– Because I’m not strong enough and I don’t know how to control it, so it was all tattered.

You XiaoMo, “…Do you have anyway to speak Human?”

The Metal Swallowing Beast grinned, “Ga ga ga~”

– I can’t!

You XiaoMo, “…”

Could this be considered as a Human language? It was clearly the calls of a crow. Don’t think that he would be easy to bully just because he did not belong to the crow clan. He finally gave up on communicating with the beast. The language barrier was really an issue.

You XiaoMo returned to Ling Xiao’s side. XiaoHei and the two had been schooled till their faces were all bloody. Even the insufferably arrogant XiaoHei also showed off a dejected expression. It seems that his psychological shock was also very great this time.

You XiaoMo remembered the items that he had prepared. He immediately took out six bottles of magic pills from his dimension and placed them on the table, these had been prepared before he went into secluded cultivation. The names of the six were pasted on the exterior of the bottles. The bottles were larger than usual and there were magic pills of different levels inside. They were high-grade magic pills worth their weight in gold for the purpose of raising one’s cultivation base and consolidating one’s foundations.

“These magic pills are for you guys. I’ve formulated them based on your current cultivation base. But don’t eat all of them in one go. These are all high-grade magic pills and the effects of their medicinal properties are much stronger than mid-grade magic pills…”

Before he could even finish speaking, the Metal Swallowing Beast who was being depressed in a corner jumped onto the table with the speed of a marten. He grabbed the bottle with his name in his mouth and ran off.

Other than SheQiu and CatQiu, all four had received their share and their eyes were shining brightly.

This was not the first time they had received pills that their Master had refined. In the past, their Master would occasionally give them a few pills to reward them when everyone was in the dimension. However, the levels of those pills were low at that time and did not have a very obvious effect on their cultivation.

It was different now. Master was already a level ten mage and had become a hot property.

“XiaoHei, bring this bottle over to SheQiu.” You XiaoMo picked up the bottle with SheQiu’s name and threw it to XiaoHei. Actually, he had also prepared LanQiu’s share but he was not here now. He did not have a bottle for the chick as the Demon Phoenix Clan definitely had no shortage of magic pills.

XiaoHei had not replied before a fluffy white dango suddenly jumped out from You XiaoMo’s bosom. After it bounced onto the table, it picked up the last bottle with its mouth and returned back where it came from. It was His Excellency CatQiu.

“You can all scram now since you’ve all gotten the items.” Ling Xiao commanded.

The five ran out of the room in an instant, including the room’s owner, XiaoHei.

You XiaoMo raised his head and asked, “Where are you going to send them to?” Other than the Metal Swallowing Beast, he had arranged for XiaoHei and the three to leave.

“To the organization of my father’s trusted aide for experience.” With that, Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, “Don’t think of diverting the topic. Take out that thing.”

You XiaoMo smiled, “What thing?”

Ling Xiao also smiled. It was a smile that harbored malicious intentions. Then he suddenly lowered his head and bit You XiaoMo’s mouth. You XiaoMo let out a shout of pain.

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