STSC Chapter 29

STSC Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Nan Ge Er noticed that something is actually wrong! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He does not mean anything bad about the problem in this area. Instead, it was Mo Shu-DaYe’s attitude toward him who changed a little.

Namely, Mo Shu went out with her and no one was forbidden to physically contact her. Sometimes he persecutes him … with actions such as friction and emotions …

Although Nan Ge Er has always expressed a lack of confidence in oxalic acid and Mo, but he did not do it, he really is disappointed with the touch of oxalic acid and Mo, he is, if it’s possible to stop it very annoying, I noticed that it was perfect.

The year was as calm as usual. Nangage asked others to buy extra trees a little more.

As usual, he opened his stable, he was later in Mo Shu, sometimes angry when it was free, which adds to the Mo week in this procession, himself laughing or wailing the emotion of people I did not know if it was …

Every day, as usual, every day was normal and calm.

Kozu went back to autumn to look for Nan Ge Eru, which I want to play with him.

Due to the accumulated document he was looking for, Mo Shu could not continue. In this way, he warned er Ge of the repeated Nan not leave the Xiao summer touched him and belonged to Geer hint and Nan He also asked for Xiao summer, which does not belong to any finger on it. Recognize that.

After all, he fell only when Zhu Xi was called Nan Ge Er at the end of his patience.

When two similar guys ran along the banks of the river, he looked brutal.

“The old man is not tedious, they are the same.”

Usually their colleagues finally talked about those who disturbed others. His face was full of anxiety and despair.

Xia JiaFu’s small jet has always enjoyed lifting people off the banks of the river. Of course, he is also planning to go to the river today. As usual, he found someone there.

Nan Ge took the trap unconsciously.

… What is your magnetic field?

Kozo was not surprised at all. He thankfully thanked the body with a stick that knew “another place”. His expression looked much more correct.

It’s Nan Ge Er and it’s more sporadic.

“How do you deal with it?” I told Nan Ge, which I long thought about.

“And how do you deal?” He, Xiao’s summer murmuran shooting saw him, it seems to find a strange question Er Nan Ge “Of course to come back to him.”

“Do you come back to the original?” Nan Ge though not clear.

“Guang Tian does not need foreigners” A small summer smile far from a distance.

“… At first I was also a doctor.” Rememor Nan Ge Er. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Mn, but you will be comparable to the deceased country.” Xiao summer he was laughing because of “glowing heads, the look of Nan Ge Er,” most likely that you have encountered in the past. Not only is it high, people wanted to die, they also want to kill you. “So, even if you return, you will still lose interest in the outside world.” It was.

Despite the tragic situation, he was then.

… I’ve been forced into the country since the beginning. Where am I lost, even if I live?

He remembered why he came here, I spent three years in black free and wet water in prison. He remembered that he was Prince of Bei Jun earlier. He only knew that the sun was dark and inevitable, but his anxiety and despair were gradually forgotten.

Maybe he wanted instinctively to remember a good situation, so his brain would have taken away those memories.

“Therefore, Nan Ge Er belongs to Guang Tian.” Xiao’s summer, and his body is new, they are not a life-threatening, unconscious man on the shore of a river, “that person looked and looked, laughed before laughing he was unconscious, but he had no internal damage. That would be bad for Wan Tianam if he stayed.

“Can he leave Wide Tian Existence? Ask Nan Ge Er.

Kozo smiles: “As expected, Nan Ge Er knows.

“Mn” He nodded to his head.

Indeed, he had already guessed the existence of Wide Tian, ​​which seems to be unknown to the four continental countries. Otherwise, Guang Tian people were not able to live such a pleasant life, because the king seems not easy to feel the hidden ability of Tennou.

It is possible that the river basin is the only place where you can freely access from the outside, so the little summer is responsible for this area, so we have to go around every day.

Thinking a bit, Kozo came with Nan Ge Eru with a finger: “Do you like this place?” Kozo asked, “Do you like us?

Does Nan Jae-el answer “do not like”, do you destroy me in the river?

Kozue has spread his eyes.

Akatsuki woke up. “What is the question?” He laughed, “Since we are all like you, if you hated us, it means that it is not enough for us to deal better.

“You did it?” Nan Ge, I was a bit surprised.

“Is not that the case?” Kosoy asked: “Breaking someone means giving someone. This mother told me that.

After a little silent, Nan Ge Er smiled.

“What does” Mn “mean? Kozo has always been a dark little doll. Nan Ge Er’s reaction mixes him even more.

Nan Ge This is a little silly, but before answering laughs, “I also like this place, I also like Guang Tian.

So far he has finally realized. That’s correct. It was not too late. Or maybe I say that I could understand everything that accompanies me?

On his way up, Nan Ge Er spoke to Xiao Xia and “landed”.

Kozo gained a little. As he replied, “I think you did not approve of it.”

“Why?” Ask him if he is smart.

“When you saw this man, your eyes grew, I thought he could be your acquaintance,” this summer noticed.

Nan Ge Er nodded, “He said before.” He laughed: “The only ones I know are you guys.” This man is Bae Jun’s military service, which I saw earlier. It was.

Even the senior executives here exacerbated. Does the military status of Bei Jun seem to be wrong?

Akatsuki rose again and reached the shoulders of Nan Ge Er’s head. “Bad Nan Ge Er, you have to remember some awful memories, it was easier to touch the head of Nan Ge Er, because he was higher than Nan Ge Er.

He also got jealous: “I do not need you pain, I’m dumb, siren is poor!

Kick, Kozo, puts an unhappy man back in the river. “Yes, let’s see, his performance proved that he practically practiced it …

To be precise, his strength strength was probably not small. Scratches can get worse …

Her lips shake her eyes on the girls who flew to the river, after a moment, thinking “catch him.”

Kenzo is already in two stages. Nan Ge Era’s song heard a little crazy.

“I saw that his finger is moving now, Nan Ge Er was tired and said:

With light noise, Xiao Xia, “will you kill her?”

“Mn” Nan Ge Er’s reaction was right.

“Or you?”

“Of course.” Nan Ge smiled, but “I made this decision again and again in Bei Jun, who knew how many people were punished for my miserable thoughts when my existence could do this.

If the existence of Hirosh becomes clear, the peace will be foam, and peace will die from it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The one who stated that my love has died for my fault …

I definitely do not accept it. I do not know if he will survive, but I can not afford to play. I do not like to take the opportunity, never a person who does not do what is safe. No matter if I am in this castle, or Guang Tian. This part of ourselves will never change.

When I heard the name Nan Ge Er, Kozue stopped talking.

He soon flew through the sky and walked through the water. The cold knife grew by hand before it fell. The boy who started the fight was torn immediately. His cry was short. It was the only thing with which the blood had shed the river.

Xiao summer returns its knife from the sea, not just one sign,

Nan Jae’s Ears focused on the most important Xiao and summer expressions: “Do you think that you are a bit different from the fragile Nanga e, is it a bit dangerous?

Kozo traveled next to Nan Ge Eram and turned to his head. His clothes were clean, but his smell of blood at that time was an inevitable murder case.

“No” In the summer, a head shook: “I immediately went on again:” Indeed, I noticed that the boy was awake, he breathed. I noticed that someone had entered the river,

“Do not you want to show me this?” Nangge smiled.

“Mn” Xiao Xia nodded with his knees to wear his knife, and later touched his hands with Nan Ge Er: “Nan Ge Er has faced a really terrible situation.

Nan Ge was surprised.

“It became ruthless, because there was a desire to protect something, but was the flow still stopped at this point?” Kozuki’s voice went away to some.

Nags smiled, but he did not speak the name.

“Do not do it next time.” ChaoSia wiped out Nan Ge Era’s hair. “We will do it, you do not need it”

The body of Nan Ge Er shook a little and he saw Xiao Xia, and his appearance was something stupid.

“I think everyone wants it,” this summer called: “Peace here, Mo Shu – go with Xiansheng to tell the story of the government door in free time, chat and fighting neighbors All this is enough. It does not have to do with such things. You are so weak, the body’s condition is not good: such things are about you Do not worry about just anxious about yourself Do not worry about something we do not keep up with. Let’s do it We only hope that Nan Ge Er can live calmly .. . ”

Nan Ge Er looked at the new face of Shaashia and lifted her head. His vision was gradually changing.

I always wanted someone to tell me.

The need to do anything with all your strength is beautiful, but while you live freely, it’s not like you like it.

“So you want to do, you have to protect you do not have to worry, you are. We are still a Nan Ge Er smile greet everyone, more suitable in ordinary life I do not want to worry about us, as I want to feel like Mn, this … is yours … why are you weeping? Well, do not strive, I’m not glorifying you now, do not cry, no, ah, no, ah, Mo Shu-Xiansheng, of course, to meet with me! Hey, hey! Nan Ge Er, I’m wrong, I’m not crying anymore. Why am I missing to take your food for the next time? – Next time, are you? I am, I’m Now I catch the things in the river, fish. For not that they have never heard of you, please wait for me. Please do not complain.

“Idiotulo, the river, or I stomps fish, then I died in a murder?” Nangage becomes stronger when the tears are still floating. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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