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Chapter 464: Play Dead

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo got the Metal Swallowing Beast off of his head, it wasn’t pleased and started to struggle within his hands. Once he slapped it’s butt did it calm down.

The two Golden Winged Insects laughed with glee.

In response, the Metal Swallowing Beast rolled its eyes and thought, I’m not going to play with you guys anymore.

Carrying the Metal Swallowing Beast, You XiaoMo went inside the wooden cabin and took out a wood bucket. He diluted the bucket of Spiritual Water and moved it in front of the magic herb field, then proceed to sit beside it.

You XiaoMo placed the Metal Swallowing Beast on his lap and immediately the two Golden Winged Insects landed on his head, with the intention of making a home there. You XiaoMo’s body stiffened up for a moment and tried his best to ignore their presence, good thing was that they were relatively well-behaved.

The two bugs and one beast stared at their master, what was he trying to do?

You XiaoMo took a deep breath and closed his eyes. During the last few months, he had used up too many magic herbs, almost all of the ones he had picked with Ling Xiao had been used by him. Thus, he was going to take the time he had now to harvest all of the matured magic herbs.

However, this time he didn’t plan on doing it himself. Last time, because Ling Xiao was there, working together was much more fun, but this time he was by himself, thus he was going to use a simpler and quicker method.

Time drifted away soundlessly…

The Metal Swallowing Beast looked up with its tiny head and it’s perfectly round eyes stared at its master with ignorance.

Suddenly something moved in the magic herbs field, and the small beast’s ears moved. Its head turned towards the direction of the field and its deep blue eyes reflected a scene of wonder.

In a patch of vivid greenery, a flourishing field of magic herbs, stalks of swaying magic herbs, as if given life, automatically rose from the soft soil. As if lead by an invisible thread, the magics herbs flew by themselves towards the bucket filled with Spiritual Water. One by one, repeating till the bucket was completely filled by magic herbs.

You XiaoMo opened his eyes and his tense back finally relaxed, at the same time he breathed a sigh of relief as it wasn’t something he didn’t do often, he was a bit tired.

After he placed the Metal Swallowing Beast back on his shoulder he rose and brushed off all of the dirt and grass, ready for the second round.

At this moment the Metal Swallowing Beast jumped off his shoulder and with its four tiny, short legs it ran towards the direction of the wooden cabin. Just as You XiaoMo was confused about its action, it came dragging a sieve that was even bigger than it. After it threw the sieve by its master’s feet, it went running back to get more.

Seeing this, the Golden Winged Insects, as if refusing to lose, flew over as well.

However, because their mouths were too small, after a while of trying they weren’t even able to pick up one. The two were not discouraged and kept fighting.

You XiaoMo promptly called them over, “Okay, this is enough, you don’t need to get more.”

Following that, You XiaoMo washed all of the magic herbs in the bucket before placing them in the sieve and placed them back on the counter in the wooden cabin. Then began his second round of work.

Thus, after about two hours later, You XiaoMo was finally able to organize more than half of the magic herbs. At a much faster speed than with Ling Xiao too.

When he was finished with everything, You XiaoMo calculated the time, realizing that it was about to be morning, he prepared to leave the room. That was when his pants were suddenly bitten by the Metal Swallowing Beast. It looked as if it wanted to go out with him as it wouldn’t let go.

You XiaoMo hugged him close, “Xiao Jin, be a good boy and stay here. Once I’m finished with everything I’ll let you guys out.”
T/n: Metal Swallowing =TunJin, so Momo called him Xiao Jin, aka little Metal.

The Metal Swallowing Beast let out a cry and unwillingly let go.

You XiaoMo smiled as he patted his little head and then moved to his own head, attempting to get down the two Golden Winged Insects, but to his surprise, there was nothing there.


You XiaoMo searched around but still didn’t see them, so he thought that they left to play on their own and thus he didn’t think much of it. But when he turned around, the Metal Swallowing Beast was gone too. It was probably still a kid at heart and couldn’t wait to run around and play.

When he got out of the dimension and took a look around the room, he realized that Ling Xiao still wasn’t back yet. Just as he was about to leave, something moved around his chest area.

You XiaoMo lifted his shirt to see and became speechless.

As it turned out, the three that disappeared were all hidden within his shirt and he actually didn’t realize.

With a dark expression You XiaoMo dragged them out one by one, “Good for you, you guys actually dared to play tricks in front of me.”

The two Golden Winged Insects, relying on their tiny stature, flew to the bed and climbed in. From the outside there was nothing out of place.

Seeing this, the Metal Swallowing Beast copied them and climbed in, however due to its size, the bed sheet instantly heaved up a little bump.

Doing something wrong and now you’re running away?

Without hesitation You XiaoMo lifted up the bedsheets and the two insects and one beast were once again exposed in front of him, frantically crawling around.

Just as he was about to scold them for their actions, the Metal Swallowing Beast suddenly flipped to it’s side, exposing its smooth belly. It was…playing dead?

Following the same ‘monkey see monkey do’ principal, the Golden Winged Insects also exposed their bellies. In the spirit of playing dead authentically, none of its sixteen legs moved an inch.

You XiaoMo was angered to the point of laughter.

“I’m telling you, don’t think you can get away by playing dead. I told you that I couldn’t let you out this time, no matter how ‘dead’ you are, you’re still going back.”

Neither the Metal Swallowing Beast or the Golden Winged Insects moved, truly a case of professionalism.

You XiaoMo reached out to the closest insect and just as he was about to touch it, its legs abruptly moved. Heh, lets see how long you can last.

That was when the door was pushed opened from the outside.

Subconsciously You XiaoMo retreated his hand. What he didn’t see was that the tense legs of the Golden Winged Insects suddenly relaxed, in celebration of getting off the hook this time.

You XiaoMo gave them a warning glance, I’m letting you get away for now.

The one who came back was of course, Ling Xiao. When You XiaoMo walked out, he was seated over there, drinking water.

After eyeing him from top to bottom, making sure nothing happened, You XiaoMo then proceeded to ask, “So, how did it go, did you find out which day?”

“The second day in the morning, there will be a lot of people accompanying him. However, it doesn’t seem like the old guy is going to arrive immediately to the celebration.” Ling Xiao didn’t keep him guessing this time and told him the answer straight out. By the looks of it, it didn’t seem easy.

“Then, what about Feng ChiYun?”

“Didn’t see him.”

Well that sure was a quick and concise answer!

But, if the time was set on the second day then that means they had three days’ worth of time. However, to prevent the old head going and leaving, they needed some time on the road.

You XiaoMo suddenly thought of another important question and couldn’t help but be hesitant.

Ling Xiao glanced at him and said, “What do you want to say?”

You XiaoMo, mincing his words, said slowly, “Um, about, about the father who left my mom, did you find out anything?”

Ling Xiao sneered, “He isn’t even your real father, what are you paying attention to him for? Not only that, you knew that he left ‘your’ mom and ‘you’ behind, unless you actually want to get him back?”

You XiaoMo scratched his head in response, “For the better or for worse, at least in name he is my father.”

“Heh, then what’s your dad called?” Ling Xiao stopped arguing and simply asked.

“Ah?” You XiaoMo became instantly dumbfounded.

With a laughing scold Ling Xiao said, “Stupid, if you don’t even know the name, how are you going to find him?”

You XiaoMo felt as if a lighting struck him on a clear sky, suddenly he was charred completely. When he first gone to the Peach Blossom Village to find his ‘lost’ father, he had actually missed something this critical. As he recalled, all the villagers seemed to refer to his dad as ‘that man’. Now he only knew that his dad’s last name was ‘You’, but all of the main family of the Vermillion Blood Clan was named ‘You’, there was no way to tell which one his dad was.

“Just go with the flow.” Ling Xiao didn’t feel much for his dad. Although, it was very likely that he left to protect his wife and child, but that was also an act of irresponsibility. For a woman, for her loving husband to suddenly disappear, that would be as if the sky had fallen.

“But what if it doesn’t go with the flow.”

You XiaoMo had a similar thought to Ling Xiao, but since he occupied their body, he felt he might as well try to find it’s original father.

“Then it was not fated to be, you can just assume he’s dead.”

“Ah, such an irresponsible thing to say.”

“There is something more irresponsible, want to hear it?”

“…no thanks.” Hearing that, he knew it was nothing good. No point trying to choke himself with it.

“That’s too bad.”

No, it’s not ‘too bad’ at all!

It didn’t take long before the Vermillion Blood City started to wake from its slumber as the streets once again filled up with noise. Once Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan arrived, You XiaoMo told them what information Ling Xiao had gathered. After some discussion, they decided to take action tomorrow night, when the sky was dark, and the moon was dim. The optimal time for committing a crime.

Then, they split up to play, being a true tourist. You XiaoMo brought Ling Xiao along and ate all of the gourmet dishes of the Vermillion Blood City, however, he simply tasted a bit of each. That was because it was way too expensive, pure robbery.

The currency for merchandise in the Vermillion Blood City was Spirit Gems, although some places shared the same currency, here, even a bowl of noodles cost five Spirit Gems.

At first, You XiaoMo thought it wasn’t a normal noodle, however, once he ate, he realized that the cost was at most a few gold coins. The amount of spirit gems gained from a bowl of noodles was close to pure profit.


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July 7, 2018 4:28 pm

The tiny demon beasts are so precious! I’m glad they can’t turn human. They are cuter this way.

Also, Momo seems more affectionate when they are like this.

Lol I think with Ling Xiao’s pride as a husband, he specially dislikes how irresponsible Original!YXM’s father was.

March 19, 2019 4:58 am

Those beasts… cute guyss…

December 17, 2020 7:13 am

I’m glad the two bugs finally got more screentime this chapter! 😆

Thank you for the translation!!

September 2, 2021 12:05 pm

Those 3 contracted beadts are so sweet ☺
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