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Chapter 467: The Unknown Man

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo turned to look at the elderly man.

You Dan looked very old, but he had a well-built physique. He walked over and scrutinized You XiaoMo for a moment before saying, “Give me what you have and you can leave.”

This was burning the bridge after crossing the river!

Ok. That phrase might not be so appropriate here.

t/n: To burn the bridge after crossing = to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal

You XiaoMo slowly removed his remaining two storage bags and handed them over reluctantly. He had wanted to go and check out the ninth and tenth floors. Feng ChiYun was most likely there, though he didn’t know why they’d put him there.

You Dan glanced at him after receiving the bags. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

You XiaoMo could only go back the way he came.

You Dan stood there, watching his figure disappear to the eighth floor before returning to the ninth floor.

Five seconds later, You XiaoMo’s figure, no, the handmaiden’s figure appeared once more at the corner of floor eight’s stairs. This area was hidden from the guards’ lines of sight, because they had all seen him get chased down by You Dan. So he couldn’t go up there in plain sight.

That’s when footsteps sounded behind him.

You XiaoMo was about to enter his own dimension, but Ling Xiao pulled him into his.

At his feet, lay the You Ping brothers and the handmaiden. He didn’t know what Ling Xiao had done, but the three hadn’t woken up.

Fifteen minutes later, a newly crafted guard left his post.

Since the guards were stationed in a set place on each floor, it was risky for them to leave their positions. It was good that the guards here didn’t really butt into each other’s business, and the armor they wore covered over half their face.

The two came to the entrance of the ninth floor and waited for a short while. A patrol walked by just then and as they did, the two quietly followed. The guards in front didn’t realize anything was wrong either.

The ninth floor wasn’t as large as the eighth, and there were only ten prison cells, with five prisoners in total. Two of the prisoners were Divine level, and the other three were Earth level. The prisons were as extravagant as a five star hotel, but the bars were made from the strongest kind of steel in this world.

This legendary steel was called Nine Darksteel. Legend had it that this was the material most suited for building prisons. For anyone lower than Sacred level, they had no chance of escape, and it also suppressed the power of whoever was captive.

Under Nine Darksteel, there was also Eight to One Darksteel.

Each floor of the forbidden area had prison cells made of the respective kind of Darksteel.

To imprison these people, the Vermillion Blood Clan had really gone all outbecause the higher the level of the Darksteel, the harder it was to find.

But this was just for floors one to nine. As for the tenth floor, only the You Dan brothers could go up there.

After taking a look around, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao found that Feng ChiYun wasn’t on this floor either. The two left the group and hid into their dimension to discuss their future plans.

Originally, You XiaoMo’s dimension could move, but he couldn’t do that here because there were two Divine level powerhouses guarding this area. At his level, he couldn’t move around without being noticed. The stronger the practitioner, the more sensitive they were to sensing dimensions.

“If the tenth floor’s prisons are also made of Darksteel, then shouldn’t we find a way to deal with that first?” You XiaoMo asked, rubbing his chin.

Ling Xiao gave him a deadpan glance. “What kind of person is Nine Darksteel used to imprison?”

You XiaoMo answered, “Divine…” He hadn’t even finished speaking before he got it. With a Sacred level powerhouse, what trouble would Nine Darksteel give them?

“My guess is that there’ll be three or less people imprisoned on the tenth floor, so it’ll be easy to look through them. After we successfully save Feng ChiYun, I’ll distract the two brothers and you use your dimension to leave first and inform Yin Ge and the others.”

“Got it. You be careful, too.”

“I don’t need to.”


“Even if I’m not careful, no one can take me on.”

“…” Should he call this confidence or being conceited?

After leaving the dimension, the two headed straight for the stairs to the tenth floor. As they were about to go up, a cold, reproachful voice rang out, along with a suffocating spiritual pressure.

“Who said you could come up? Get out!”

The two naturally wouldn’t get out like the voice told them, charging towards the tenth floor as if they had gone crazy.

“You shits, who are you?” The owner of the voice immediately became enraged, an anger-filled pressure blanketed over them and a dark figure appeared in front of him.

You XiaoMo hurriedly ducked behind Ling Xiao.

A strange smile appeared on Ling Xiao’s face and, pushing off with the balls of his feet, he charged forwards and quickly arrived in front of You Shuang, not letting even a sliver of his overwhelmingly powerful presence leak. The other’s shocked face was immediately magnified. Due to his miscalculation, he didn’t have time to dodge at all. A fist, flashing with purple and red flames impacted against his fragile abdomen harshly…

You Shuang coughed out a streak of fresh blood, his knees hitting the floor heavily and cracking the floorboards.

The two took the chance to charge into the tenth floor.

You XiaoMo was almost blinded from the situation inside, able to see it clearly even at the doorway. It was more or less a presidential suite. There was a massive mahogany bookshelf with all sorts of books placed neatly. The ground was covered in a very high quality fur carpet. Chairs, a coffee table, with a high quality tea set. The walls had glowing pearls four or five times the size of one’s fist, making the tenth floor as bright as day.

However, the most eye-catching was the enormous bed against the wall. It was more than two meters wide. On the bed half sat a man whose feet were chained by a white chain attached to the wall. He had his head bowed, hair messily covering his face.

Ling Xiao suddenly frowned, hesitating for a moment before charging in front of the man and flicking two embers at the chains, melting them.

The sound of the chain breaking startled the man, causing him to raise his head with a shocked face. This face was clearly not Feng ChiYun’s.

You XiaoMo opened his mouth in shock. He was about to speak when Ling Xiao abruptly sent the man into his pocket dimension and quickly said, “Let’s go.”

This all happened in a few short seconds. You Dan, having noticed something was wrong, had immediately charged up. He was shocked at seeing the injured You Shuang, helping him down from the tenth floor at once. After Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo left, they found that the entrance to the tenth floor had been completely blocked off. It seemed that all the guards of the eighth and ninth floors had gathered here with You Dan and his brother at the front.

As the two walked out, You Dan and You Shuang cautiously backed away. Someone who could injure them like that wasn’t any normal powerhouse. This person was very likely to be over Divine seven star.

This scene also roused the five prisoners’ attentions. Of them, a burly Divine level practitioner spat on the floor and began to laugh uproariously. “This is the first time I’ve seen anyone dare barge into the Vermillion Blood Clan’s prisons. You Shuang, you old dog, you can’t be injured, can you?”

“Shut up!” You Shuang’s face was shaking.

The burly man sneered in disdain.

Ling Xiao, standing on the steps, swept his gaze over everyone from where he stood high above them. Seeing everyone itching to fight, he flicked his finger and a red flame suddenly appeared in front of everyone. The temperature in the hall rose dramatically. As if remembering something, You Dan’s eyes suddenly widened. “Could you be…” Then his gaze suddenly flicked to You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. “Seems like you know where Feng ChiYun is?”

Hearing this, You Dan realized who they were, but his eyes were still filled with astonishment. These two really were daring, coming all the way here themselves. Seems like they knew that the family head wasn’t home.

Seeing him not responding, the flame in his hand shot out. The guards that didn’t dodge in time screamed in pain. The flames spread rapidly. You Dan and You Shuang didn’t realize that the flames that already spread to the prisons, eating away at the Nine Darksteel.

Seeing the Nine Darksteel slowly melt under the flames, a hint of crazed delight flashed through the eyes of the five prisoners. It was a mad desire for freedom. They had been trapped here for far too long. Their sanity was eroding, believing that they might spend their lifetime here.

As a section of the Nine Darksteel fell to the ground, the burly man roared at the sky and charged out of his prison. However, he didn’t choose to fight You Dan and the others and instead charged down towards the fourth floor. The other four prisoners quickly followed suit.

Hearing the sound, You Shuang turned and saw the five, his eyes going red. “Not good, they’ve escaped!”

The entire forbidden ground was in chaos. The burly man ran to the eighth floor and released the prisoners there. It wasn’t out of kindness, but to increase his own chances. It was the same reason Ling Xiao had released him.

Though Ling Xiao was a Sacred level powerhouse, there was no need for them to waste time here if Feng ChiYun wasn’t here. After beating back You Dan, Ling Xiao immediately left with You XiaoMo.

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