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Chapter 466: Forbidden Area

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The tale of the forbidden area in the huge manor could be traced back to five to six thousand years ago.

According to the legends passed down in the Vermillion Blood Clan from generation to generation, one of the legends stated that there were treasures hidden in the forbidden area that the Vermillion Blood Clan had accumulated over the past many years. Another legend stated that the forbidden area had been used by the head of each successive generation to confine important figures. So on and so forth, the legends were spun till truth could not be distinguished from rumors.

You Yong had always not been too concerned about the Vermillion Blood Clan’s matters so she only roughly knew about it.

You XiaoMo decided to scout out the forbidden area after having a discussion with Ling Xiao.

CatQiu did not undo the illusion on You Yong. Following his Master’s request, he manipulated her to sleep on her bed. Then, before leaving the pavilion again, You XiaoMo used the identity of You He to tell the maid that Ninth Young Lady wanted to rest and not to let anyone disturb her.

The little maid did not doubt him and nodded in acquiescence.

Based off to You Yong’s memory, the two immediately seized the moment to rush to the forbidden area.

The forbidden area was only half an hour away from the Ninth Young Lady’s pavilion. The two hastened on their journey and arrived in less than five minutes.

The security of the forbidden ground was extremely tight. There were three layers of security, both inside and outside. According to Ling Xiao’s perception, there were two Divine Realm experts and ten Emperor Realm experts guarding the forbidden area. The line-up was formidable and was practically able to make those who burst in go on a one-way journey to the underworld.

You XiaoMo could not help but give a palpable gulp upon hearing these numbers.

The ShuangYu Hotel and the Eagle Group only had one Divine Realm expert and this was enough for them to leap to one of the front ranking powers in the Tong Tian Continent. This was just a trifling forbidden area and they actually dispatched two such experts. Just looking at this single point was enough to tell how deep the foundations of the Vermillion Blood Clan were.

“How do we enter?” You XiaoMo asked in a whisper.

It was extremely difficult to burst in and remain unnoticed by people. The difficulty of finding Feng ChiYun in the forbidden ground would greatly increase if they attracted the attention of those two Divine Realm experts, unless there was a promising opportunity where they would not be discovered.

Ling Xiao contemplated for a moment, “The memory of that Ninth Young Lady is not reliable or practical. It doesn’t allow us to know who can enter the forbidden area.”

Just at this moment, there was movement from the transmitter stone used to communicate with Yin Ge.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao only took the transmitter stone after entering their dimension In order to avoid being overheard. He asked, “What’s situation like now?”

“We’ve done a rough search, but we haven’t any trace of Feng ChiYun. He should be in your area.” The person who answered the question was Zhan YuXuan.

You XiaoMo replied, “We have found a forbidden area. It’s possible that Feng ChiYun is locked up inside, but we can’t get in. There are too many experts inside and we’d get caught in encirclement if we barge in.”

“A forbidden area? There should still be others who are able to freely enter and exit besides You ZhenTian. Will the four sons of You ZhenTian do?” Zhan YuXuan made a guess.

Ling Xiao continued the conversation, “It won’t do even if they are able to get in. In the first place, we don’t know where those four people are. It would waste a large chunk of time to find anyone of them and it is likely that their cultivation levels are high. To capture them alive under these circumstances where we have to avoid inadvertently alerting an enemy is too risky.”

“In that case, do you have a way to search the memories of the guards?”

Ling Xiao’s eyebrow twitched, “I can give it a try.”

The guards would definitely know who usually came to the forbidden area. It would be even better if there was a fixed timing when the person arrived as You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao would only need to set an ambush on their journey here. But this was a technical job and there were already four guards outside the forbidden area. It was fortunately that he had already advanced to the Sacred Realm, otherwise there would be no guarantee on the outcome.

Every Divine Realm practitioner had a domain. The attributes of each domain were based on each individual’s characteristics. However, as Divine Realm practitioners were still not experts in defiance of the natural order, the odds of discovery once the domain was put to use was still relatively high.

However, the same could not be said for Sacred Realm practitioners. Not only would the range of the domain expand, the attributes of the domain would also be ungraded. The probability practitioners below the Sacred Realm discovering the domain was extremely low as long as it was not an expert of the same rank.

Ling Xiao began to steal the guard’s memory after determining that no one would be passing by their surroundings.

The domain was like a protective screen that isolated the guard from the other three. There was absolutely no chance of their companions discovering them even if they were face-to-face with each other. It was in this situation that the two showed themselves.

They used the same methods they used to deal with the Ninth Young Lady on the guard. It took a little longer as he was stronger than the Ninth Young Lady.

You XiaoMo checked the guard’s memory and found that a maid would deliver things to the forbidden area every seven days. Their luck was good since tomorrow was the day when the maid would send things to the forbidden area. In addition, only the head of each successive generation could enter the forbidden area. The others, even including the four sons of the head, were all unable to enter.

This was the most feasible approach. There was no other choice expect for them to wait for some time.

Thus, during this period of waiting, Yin Ge and they re-hashed their plan of retreat after rescuing Feng ChiYun. They repeatedly went over it to ensure that it was absolutely safe.

Time slowly ticked by as they discussed and finally, dawn arrived.

In the winding corridor, a delicate maid gracefully walked towards the direction of the forbidden ground. Hanging on her waist were several magic bags of different colors.

Just as she reached the sparsely populated part of the road and turned a corner, her pace suddenly slowed down and she stood in place with a dazed expression. However, none would be suspicious even if someone saw her. In reality, this was just an illusion created by CatQiu and the real maid was already in Ling Xiao’s dimension.

You XiaoMo looked at the maid who had fainted and turned to Ling Xiao, “Who is going to impersonate her?”

As the level of CatQiu’s illusions was still insufficient to fool the two powerhouses, he could only change the face but not the clothes. Therefore, the person posing as a maid needed to change into her clothes for the impersonation to be a success.

Ling Xiao shot a glance at You XiaoMo, “If it’s not you, then don’t tell me it’s me?”

You XiaoMo hatefully glared at him. Don’t think that I’m unaware of you secretly laughing at me in your heart. After cursing silently for a few times, he still accepted his fate in the end and changed into the clothes. However, the removal the maid’s clothes took quite a lot of effort. It was fortunate that he only needed a few pieces of her outer garments.

Fifteen minutes later, the delicate and charming maid who had been standing still in a daze seemed to have revived.

It was just that this time, her pace was no longer graceful. Instead, it was quite awkward. Steps as graceful as a lotus were not that easy to perform.

Only when the forbidden area was right in front of his eyes did You XiaoMo suppress his expression of bitterness.

The guard recognized the maid and was very familiar with her, so he just glanced at the plaque and let You XiaoMo in. Relying on the maid’s memory, You XiaoMo directly passed over areas where the maid had seen and walked towards the innermost area.

What was termed as the forbidden area was actually an enormous prison with a total of ten levels. However, the levels of the prison were not built upwards but downwards into the ground. Therefore, the further down one went, the higher the cultivation of the people imprisoned and the better their treatment was. Taking the sixth level as an example, the cell was a room with chairs, quilts and a bed. In addition, the food served was much better the lower one went.

He scanned through the cells from the first to sixth level. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Feng ChiYun.

You XiaoMo was somewhat bewildered. Feng ChiYun’s cultivation was not high. If the levels in the forbidden area were really separated based on the cultivation of the inmates, it was impossible for him to be lower than the seventh level, as there were already prisoners at the Imperial Realm on the sixth level. He estimated that those on the seventh floor and higher were Emperor Realm and above practitioners.

“Feng ChiYun’s circumstances are rather unusual. It’s possible that he may be imprisoned below.” Ling Xiao’s voice resounded in his mind.

You XiaoMo nodded and continued walking downwards.

He had come across several guards on the way, but not one stopped him.

“Hey you, come over here!”

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out.

You XiaoMo raised his head and discovered that the other person calling him was a middle-aged man in red armor standing in front of the passage. He had seen this man in the maid’s memory. He was the captain of the guards on the seventh level.

The forbidden area had a very strict hierarchical system. Each floor had a corresponding supervisor and the so-called supervisor was the captain of the guards of each level. The captains of the guards were very strong and they seldom left the forbidden area, so if they needed something, the maid would bring it to them once every seven days.

This captain of the guards of the seventh level was fond of the bottle and he would feel itchy all over if he did not drink daily.

You XiaoMo removed the magic bag containing wine and passed it to him.

The captain of the guard impatiently took the magic bag and waved him off.

You XiaoMo gave a faint sigh of relief. It was fortunate that the guard did not ask questions, otherwise, it was not guaranteed that he would have put on a good performance. Further down was the eight level and the strength of the prisoners on this floor were at upper star Emperor Realm. It was possible that for them to break through to the Divine Realm at any time if they were released.

Just as he was about to head to the ninth level, another person called out to him. It was not the captain of the guard this time, but a gentle-looking elderly man with a reserved bearing. Yet, You XiaoMo immediately felt that he was rather disconcerting – because Ling Xiao had immediately warned him, hehe!

The old man was one of the two Divine Realm experts guarding the forbidden area. He was called You Dan and the other was called You Shuang. The two were twin brothers and both were Divine Realm five-star practitioners.

Relying on the telepathy belonging to twins, even an ordinary seven star powerhouse would scurry and flee about if the two joined forces.


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