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Chapter 472: Gift
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When You ZhenTian openly expressed his displeasure, the crowd didn’t even dare let out a heavy breath, the anger of a Sacred level practitioner was nothing ordinary. If they decided to fight it out, all of them would be affected too.

Just at this moment, the representative of the Mage Guild suddenly stood up and under everyone’s gaze, walked over to the beloved disciple of Fu CangQiong, then handed his gift over.

“Young master Wei, this is just a token of regard from Hu-mo. Happy birthday!”
T/n: -Mo: a way to prefer oneself without adding one’s first name.

However, Fu CangQiong personally took it and smiled while nodding, “I thank you for the gift on behalf of my little disciple.”

It was a first grade rainbow pill, in terms of value, the Mage guild was very generous since no matter the star, a rainbow pill was almost non-existent in the market. Not only that, it could only be refined by a level eleven mage and even in the Tong Tian Continent they were scarce, thus this was once again a priceless treasure.

Although they couldn’t see the expression of the birthday boy, but if Fu CangQiong was satisfied then it was still considered mission accomplished.

Hu Xiao returned to his seat.

With him leading off, the others were unwilling to be left behind. For things like presents, only personally giving them to the host was correct. If the host was satisfied with the gift, it would leave the host a better impression of them, and if the host didn’t like it, then that type of gift would be excluded in the future.

It was at this point You XiaoMo realized that he had forgotten to prepare a present.

At first, they were rushing to the Vermillion Blood clan’s territory to save Feng ChiYun, at that point they hadn’t considered whether or not to attend the banquet and thus he had forgotten about the gift.

Quickly, You XiaoMo started to recall what he had in his dimension.

The most valuable item in his dimension was the Spiritual Water, however, he couldn’t bring that out since there were people of the Vermillion Blood Clan present. If they discovered that the Spiritual Water was from the dimension, he probably wouldn’t walk out of the Southern Continent alive.

The second most valuable item he had were magic pills, however, with the rainbow pill from the Mage guild, his level ten mage pills weren’t presentable anymore.

Magic herbs didn’t seem plausible either since, to be a present, it would have to be at least level ten and above. His magic herb field did have level ten and above magic herbs. However, the growth period of a level eleven herb was too long, and his herbs were only planted a few months before, thus none of them had matured. He couldn’t possibly give an immature stalk as a present, that would be way too cheap and it would be a denunciation.

You XiaoMo thought it over again and realized that there was nothing presentable.

Looking at everyone running up to present their gifts, You XiaoMo felt cold sweat dripping. Quietly he moved towards Ling Xiao’s ear and in a not-very-hopeful tone asked, “Did you prepare a gift?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “What do you think?”

What did he think?

Without a doubt, of course not!

You XiaoMo didn’t bother asking Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan at the other table since they didn’t plan on coming here either, so they couldn’t have prepared.

What were they doing to do?

Going to a birthday banquet but bringing no gifts, now they were going to make a fool of themselves in front of everyone!

He could afford to lose face but not Ling Xiao!

“What’s wrong?” At this moment, a calm and disconnected voice appeared by his ear.

You XiaoMo turned around to find that the one who talked was the ‘crazy, handsome, cool, showoff’ Jiu Ye. He had almost forgotten about him and Qiao WuXing. He didn’t expect himself and Jiu Ye to be seated at the same table, right next to each other at that…

As for Qiao WuXing and his cousin Qiao WuShuang, they were also seated on the same table across from his seat, and when he looked over, both brothers actually smiled in his direction.

But speaking of his table, he just realized that they were all interesting characters.

There were the Four Ancient Beasts Clan’s young talents, Ji Feng and the other guys from their little dispute before. There was also You QingYun who had just arrived and adding the two of them, there were exactly ten people.

When Jiu Ye spoke, everyone looked in You XiaoMo’s direction. What was different was that some had a look of disdain, like Lin HaoWu from the Qilin clan. No wonder Ling Xiao wasn’t close with the Qilin clan, it looked like their bloodlines repelled each other.

However, there were ones who looked at him with a teasing expression. Don’t ask how he knew; when you had someone who looked at you like that all the time, it was impossible to ignore.

With hidden bitterness, You XiaoMo looked at Jiu Ye. Truly a lucky bastard, it was different when you had an elder as a companion, you didn’t have to worry about presents. Not like him, all that was beside him was a worrying bastard.

Jiu Ye was confused by his look and subconsciously looked at himself before saying, “Is there a problem?”

You XiaoMo let out a sign and answered, “Nothing, I’m just worrying over something.”

Jiu Ye paused before asking, “What thing?”

With his elbows on the table and hands lifting his chin, You XiaoMo said with sorrow, “I realized that I seemed to have forgotten the name of the protagonist of the banquet.”

Uncontrollably, the corner of Jiu Ye’s mouth twitched. After receiving the invitation and arriving within their territory, he didn’t know who the event was hosted for. His nerves were not small at all.

After Jiu Ye regained his composure, he lightly said, “If I remember correctly, he is called Wei Bai.”


You XiaoMo’s chin fell from his hand onto the table. This name was really, really familiar, super familiar! Accordingly, he had a ShiXiong called Wei Bai but he went missing and no one knew if he was dead or alive. God don’t tell me this was real, it was just the same first and last name, how was there something so coincidental in this world!

The above was not a representation of his true thoughts, it was a pure representation of his shock that’s all!

Seeing his reaction Jiu Ye slightly raised an eyebrow.

Even Ling Xiao turned to look because of his violent reaction.

You XiaoMo didn’t have time to be bother by the weird looks he had been getting and quickly repositioned his chin to ask, “Is he really called Wei Bai?”

Jiu Ye replied, “What do I gain by lying to you?”

You XiaoMo, “Lying obviously has its benefits.”

Jiu Ye, “…”

You XiaoMo let out a dry laugh before saying, “I’m just joking with you.”

Then he remembered what Xiong Xiao said at the June Mountain Ranges, Wei Bai was only taken in by his Master two hundred years ago, which was exactly the time his second-shixiong went missing. Also, when he was found by the Cang Alliance head, he was seriously injured. Adding on all of the coincidences, he could conclude that Wei Bai was at least eighty percent his second-shixiong, Wei Bai.

Ling Xiao obviously heard their conversation and his lips slightly moved a little, “If I remember correctly, you also had a second-shixiong called Wei Bai?”

You XiaoMo nodded his head.

“He’s the same one?”

“Should be.”

“Then, have you thought of a present?”


“Very good.”

Very good your sister! You XiaoMo suddenly rolled his eyes at him, if it wasn’t for their luck, they would probably lose a lot of face right about now. At this point, from the main table came a small uproar with people voicing their surprise.

“Wow, it’s the Golden Stringed Armor, the Vermillion Blood Clan is so lenient!”

You XiaoMo raised his brows in astonishment, this name was so familiar, but he couldn’t recall where he had heard of it.

Ling Xiao’s voice floated over from the side, “It’s an armor made from the golden strings produced by the Golden Winged Insect.”

That made sense, You XiaoMo thought. Beneath his shirt hid two golden string producer, Golden Winged Insects. Another day he would make them produce some, if he ever lacked spirit gems, it would definitely sell for a lot.

The Golden Stringed Armor was a treasured armor, supposedly not even a full hit from an Emperor leveled practitioner could harm it. It was super rare and precious, on the same level as that rainbow pill from that Hu guy. Normally these kinds of treasures were kept for their family’s use but You ZhenTian was actually willing to give it up. You have to understand that there were less Golden Winged insects than even the Four Ancient Beast Clans.

All around him was people’s compliments and even Fu CangQiong showed a slight satisfied expression.

Since he had worried over his beloved apprentice’s safety, he had assigned people to look for the insects or an armor, however he never heard anything back.

As for You ZhenTian, the one who gave out the armor, he was calm and collected with no hint of distress from giving away something so precious.

Most of the crowd had given their presents with the best being the rainbow pill and the armor, nothing else was comparable.

When Fu CangQiong got people to take the armor away, he was ready to announce the ending of the banquet before an elder from the Vermillion Blood Clan suddenly stood up. Once he realized that everyone’s attention was on him, he then turned towards You XiaoMo’s table.

Seeing that, You XiaoMo knew the Vermilion Blood Clan was up to no good and it was probably directed at them too. It was just by a different person this time.

“I’m so nervous!” You XiaoMo rubbed his hands together.

Ling Xiao silently glanced at him, “What are you nervous about?”

You XiaoMo said, “What do you think he’s going to say?”


Hearing this word, You XiaoMo was dumbfounded and turned to him with a look of astonishment, “You know?”

Ling Xiao looked at him worriedly.

You XiaoMo felt his mouth twitch and finally decided to shut up. His instincts were telling him that if he continued asking, his tolerance of being attacked would definitely go up.

Just as he was doing some self-assurance, the elder finally decided to open his mouth and said with a pleased tone, “Alliance head Fu, you seemed to have forgotten that there is one other who has not presented their gift. No doubt they have prepared something spectacular and will not disappoint.”

You XiaoMo finally realized what the ‘worrying’ gaze of Ling Xiao meant. That was a pure, unadulterated worry over his intelligence. He really wanted to say this one sentence, ‘my IQ is already in the negatives, there is no need to worry.’

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