STSC Chapter 34

STSC Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Sometimes, rather than going to something special, you do not have to spend a lot of days, even if there is no knowledge. Then one day, there are sudden results. Even if it was not deliberately even conscious, all did not happen at this point alone. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.


On a cold winter morning, Nan Ge Er woke up from the amazing voice of Mo Shu. A little bit tired, he opened his eyes.

“Shaonan, the flower of the flower blooms.

So then?

Nan Ge Er was still innocent. He instinctively turned his head, I looked across the window towards the direction of the pipelines in the factory.

His eyes rose immediately.

One night, each pen of the flower has bloomed as planned. Looking from the perspective, it looked like a layer of pure white snow dropped. Thick, layers of inevitable petals were on the whole tree. In response to a small blow, they whispered one with the other, such as snow. As if it were a romantic dream, the wind rolled petals of snow.

“Let’s see the flowers” Mo Shu was rich.

“Well,” Surprisingly, Nan Ge had to cooperate this time. After all, it was a sufficient number of years to be used to get work results. In addition, the beautiful blossoms suddenly appeared. In this way, always calm fire Jae-El (Nan Ge Er) excited, will retire it unknowingly.

Today, the wind was just that. Nan Ge Er is tall, was covered with a leather coat covered with snow. He did not doubt standing in the lead.

Moshuu is, but with a small bottle of wine and biscuits plates, was taken in the stool. He had to call Nan Ge Er. “Come here, you can help to blow the wind.

Nan Ge Er is in this rare flower bloom, which shows if I got sick, I think it would be a bad such a good event.

Nan Ge Er was obedient to Mo Shu from the low block.

Moshuu poured a cup of wine. Southern Eu is noticing that he saw him, he bowed his head, “Do you want somebody?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head. The serious consequences of drinking this year were to tap into the stimulants in time to the object.

“Then eat a beautiful cake.” Mo Shu shoved snacks on the table.

Nange has bowed to her head before work. He thought a bit. Unlike Mo Shu, he does not love sweet food. Therefore, he reduced his work, returned half. After thinking again, he rested for the rest, returned to the other side of the dish.

Mo Shu drank gourmet wine. If you look at the behavior of Nan Ge Er, he was not able to move his lips.

Nange was illegitimate also to split the powder. This is because the powder is because I do not want to fall a lot. So he did not notice the smile of Mo Shu.

Finally, he put one eighth of a cake to bake a cake in his mouth.

The wind blocked Mo Shu, the outfit from Nan Ge Er was very hot. So, he spent a lot of time breaking the cake in the middle of the wind, his hands and legs were not cold yet.

“Do you want a heater?” Moshuu asked again.

Nan Ge, but I think to some extent. If there is a soft cake in his mouth, he shook his head. He did not answer just after baking baking, “the fire should not be in the vicinity of the pipeline. In addition, the flowers should look at a slightly cold temperature to smell the fragrance flower.

Little is located in the wings of the forest, the cool breeze of selenium from the flapping flower has become fully fledged. Nan Ge Er felt a shining modern atmosphere. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

He is unlike Mo Shu. Despite his labels, he learned from a young man a variety of noble things, his memory of his previous life was continued by him. He is not stylish at all. Therefore, he has spent several years with Guang Tian, have found that it is easier to convert faster than a prince.

On the contrary, he is Mo Shu who drank wine while sitting in the middle of a plural form, looked like a picture. His white clothes are above the snow. The hair of his jet is like ink. Flipping around his sleeve, the white flowers fell behind him at that time set aside.

In fact, in the mind that Nan Ge Er was worried again, Mo Shu bowed his head when I saw him. “What is the problem?

The only moment Mo Shu’s eyes, such as sharp water peeling, are bright, seem to be extremely perceptive. At a time of this kind of appearance, the inevitable sword felt like hitting a neck. It’s terrible, but it’s hard to see.

“Moshuu, starting with white flowers. Nange was blown up without creating his own thoughts.

Mo Shu I was a little surprised before you laugh. “It’s like.”

In fact, having Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu is, I felt like a white flower that blooms only in the cool winter. They were different types, but Nan Ge Er also felt the same.

Maybe it seems to stand out and both stand out? Could it be because of its elegance? Is Mo Shu itself also compatible with white flowers? Even Nan Gue did not know why such words jumped out of his mouth.

“Beautiful?” After drinking wine, Moshi asked.

“Mn” Nangge did not know if Moshi was tied to the flowers or himself.

However, at the moment both were impressive views on Nan Ge Eru. The faithful reaction of Nan Ge Era spoke on Mo Chen’s content. Mo Shu’s lips shouted with a smile.

The gentle wind blew away. The branches of the apple slightly swell and pure white petals spread over the floor. Mo Shu’s snow clothes were surrounded with her black hair.

He looked like a really beautiful and thin ink.

“Your hands are a bit cold.” Before I knew Mo Shu arrived. He rubbed in Nan Ge Eras’ hands, but a little glance: “Are you cold?

Nan Ge Er shook his head. The reason that the limbs were cold was only because the body was weak, but in fact the body was still warming.

“He knows that for many years he needs to be healed, Mo Shu opened his mouth a little, pulling his arm to stretch his head:” You have never complained about. It seems that nothing needs to be done. ”

Nan Ge Er laughed: “What should I say?” My current life is wonderful, if I still complain, I will be over-inherited.

“Shao Nang is a truly obedient child.” Mo Shu smiled before he helped reinforce his coat by hiding his hair.

“I’m not a kid, right?” He spoke about Mo Shu’s children when he spoke to Nan Ge Er.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Of course Mo Shu was not worried about Nan Ge Er’s protest.

It did not help. Usually, Nan Ge Er was able to use the words to hesitate to stumble. However, when Mr Chung said such a clear expression, Nan Ge Er became quite hopeless.

He was not able to seriously resist harsh events when the opponent made easy access.

Unfortunately, in fact, when Mo Shu looked like this, he began to grow more and more …

Thinking, Nan Ge Er was surprised that his future in his mind would probably be complicated. He’s greeted with flora, so next time you do not have to worry about the neighbors of bare trees. “I raised them for a long time.

As soon as the words came out, Mo Shu did not react very well, but on the contrary, Nan Ge Er quickly froze.

So then?

So, in fact, these top groups are growing and every year I grow in Mo Shu.

When did I start doing this? When did I take that word, Mo Shu said in my heart? Maybe since I always remembered this, did you decide to do something about him?

Therefore, the feathers are planted this spring for this person. But I did not notice it.

Nan Ge Er was terribly surprised, but I felt a little joyous. He hid his head in Mo Shu.

Oh, did you notice? What did i do

Mo Shu simply smiled, not to mention words.

Nange searched for some time with Mo Shu. I felt that he was a bit tricky, but obviously I understood a bit.

“What are you worried about?” Mo Shu flashed when he stretched out his hand to remove the petals that fell on Nan Ge Er’s head.

Perhaps Nan Ge Er could have believed that now he is pretty good. But, according to Mo Sou, he could only see the round white ball that was sitting next to him. The white corduroy danced around the ball with the wind. His appearance is very cheerful …


Nyanjael called forward without words. A little upsetting, he decided to eat and calm himself. He bent his head and took the rest of the fried cake pieces that had previously stayed on the ship.

Some petals also fell on the plate. They give a delicate smell.

He looked at the white flowers, and suddenly saw a short full of beautiful cake.

Later he lifted the petal close to his lips and gently touched it. Then he lay on the table and bowed his body. Then he lifted the petals and placed them on Mo Shu’s lips.

Mo Shu was surprised at the beginning, when the lips were soft and delicately affected the greens of sweetheart. He could not answer what today means Nan Ge Er.

The nail saw him. He opened Mo Shu’s hand and placed white floating petals that kissed his palm. When his face turns white, he smiles at him and is a little shame.

Nan Ge Er smiled broke Mo Shu ceasefire. He saw Nan Ge Eru a tasty smile and his eyes gradually lit up, but it looked like soft water. At that time, in front of Mo Shu, the white flower dance sky in the sky was a little red forearm.

Or maybe the only thing in the world that is eye-catching is the red flash.

Mo Shu carefully captured his arm that did not leave the palm and unfortunately pulled out Nan Ge Eru.

A little wind blew and stops for a while. Tree flowers, like white rain, move one after one wind.

He had a heavenly and sophisticated white stone, such as a white flower. His white clothes leaned slightly, so he shook the wind. His clever red lips, wet with wine, slowly touched his bright white lightest colors in his neighbor.

In fact, I’m not completely sure. But now it’s good enough. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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