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Chapter 34

Sometimes, there weren’t any intentions of wanting to do something purposefully; days just passed by as such unknowingly. Then, on a particular day, there’s a sudden realisation; everything experienced, be it intentional or unintentional, all of them happened just for this moment.


One morning in the chilly winter, Nan Ge Er woke with a start by Mo Shu’s elated voice outside. A little weary, he opened his eyes.

“Xiao Nan, the plum blossoms have bloomed.”

Huh? Nan Ge Er was still befuddled. He just turned his head instinctively, looking out the window towards the directions of the plum trees planted. His eyes widened in an instant.

Within a night, each and every plum blossom, as if planned, bloomed together. From his view, it looked as though layers of pure white snow had fallen. The thick, inextricable layers of petals blanketed the entire grove. With a slight blow of wind, they fluttered down one after another like snow. The wind rolled the snow-white petals along, appearing just like a dreamy romantic scene.

“Let’s view the blossoms.” Mo Shu was exuberant.

“Alright.” Nan Ge Er was surprisingly cooperative this time. After all, quite some years were used to obtain those fruits of labor; plus, the bountiful blossoming arrived rather suddenly. Thus, even Nan Ge Er, who always remained calm, would be stirred up and jubilant by that involuntarily.

The wind today just so happened to be small. Nan Ge Er was wrapped up with a long, snow-white fur coat. He stood under the plum trees and dazed above. Mo Shu took a stool out while bringing along a small wine bottle and a plate of snacks. He called out to Nan Ge Er, “Come over here, I can help you block the wind. You might catch a cold standing under the trees.”

Nan Ge Er thought, on this rare occasion of blossom viewing, if I get sick, it will turn such a good event into a bad one. Nan Ge Er sat obediently beside the downwind blocking Mo Shu.

Mo Shu poured a cup of wine. Noticing Nan Ge Er looking at him, he tilted his head, “Do you want some?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head. The severe consequences of drinking that year made him fearful of touching such stimulating items casually.

“Eat some bean cakes then.” Mo Shu pushed the snacks on the table.

Nan Ge Er nodded, before taking a piece out. He pondered a bit; unlike Mo Shu, he didn’t love sweet snacks. Thus, he halved the piece and placed one half back. After thinking again, he halved his remaining piece once more and set the other half back to the plate.

Mo Shu took a gulp of wine. Looking at Nan Ge Er’s actions, he couldn’t help curling his lips up.

Nan Ge Er was too focused on breaking the cake apart, as he didn’t want much powder to fall. Hence, he didn’t notice Mo Shu’s smile. In the end, he placed the piece of cake, one-eighth of bean cake, into his mouth.

The wind was blocked out by Mo Shu, and the clothes Nan Ge Er wore was exceedingly warm. Thus, even though he took quite some time breaking the cake amid the wind, his hands and feet still weren’t cold.

“Do you want the heater?” Mo Shu asked again.

Nan Ge Er considered for a while. With the bean cake in his mouth, he shook his head. He only replied after swallowing the snack, “Fire mustn’t be near the plum trees. Plus, blossoms should be viewed in slightly colder temperature, so to be able to smell the blossoms’ fragrance.”

Situated in the small forest of plum trees, with the air filled with the chilly fragrance of the serene plum blossoms, Nan Ge Er felt himself turning elegant. He was different from Mo Shu. Regardless of the various aristocratic etiquette he learnt from young, the memories of his previous life still lingered in him. He wasn’t someone elegant at all. Thus, during the few years he spent in Guang Tian, he found it easy to turn himself quickly from a prince to a commoner.

On the contrary, Mo Shu, who held on his wine as he sat in the midst of the plum forest, looked as though he just stepped out from a painting. His white clothes surpassing snow; his jet hair as black as ink. His sleeves fluttered around, setting off the white blossoms that occasionally fell behind him.

Noticing Nan Ge Er, unknowingly, started being preoccupied again, Mo Shu tilted his head as he looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

Only at this moment would Mo Shu’s eyes appear to be shining bright and exceptionally perceptive, like an unsheathed sharp dagger. It felt as though an invincible sword was placed against one’s neck when under such a gaze. Although frightening, it was hard to look away.

“Mo Shu…resembles the white blossoms a little.” Nan Ge Er blurted out his inner thoughts involuntarily.

Mo Shu was stunned a bit before smiling, “Is that so.”

Indeed, to Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu felt just like the white blossoms that only bloomed in the harsh chilly winter. Even though they were of different species, Nan Ge Er felt just as so.

Probably, it is because both of them look transcendently and outstanding? Or perhaps due to their elegance? Or maybe, Mo Shu is exceptionally compatible with the white blossom in himself? Even Nan Ge Er had no idea why such words jumped out of his mouth.

“Beautiful?” After sipping wine, Mo Shu asked.

“Mn.” Nan Ge Er didn’t know if Mo Shu was referring to the flowers or himself.

However, at the moment, both were a sight to behold in Nan Ge Er’s eyes. Nan Ge Er’s honest reply made Mo Shu satisfied. Mo Shu’s lips curled into a smile.

A gentle wind brushed along. The branches of the plum trees quavered lightly, the pure white petals scattered across the floor one after another. Mo Shu’s snow white clothes, together with his jet black hair, fluttered around as well. He honestly looked as though from an ink painting, handsome and dashing.

“Your hands are a little chilly.” Unknowingly, Mo Shu reached his hands over. He rubbed Nan Ge Er’s hands as he frowned slightly, “Are you cold?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head. The reason why his hands and feet got cold easily was simply due to his weak body condition, but in actuality, his body still was warm.

“Who knows how many years are needed to recuperate.” Mo Shu sighed slightly. He reached his hand out to rub on his head, “Fancy you never once complained about it.”

Nan Ge Er laughed, “What do I have to complain about.” My present life is great, I will be too greedy if I still complain.

“Xiao Nan really is an obedient child.” Mo Shu smiled as he stroked his hair, before helping to tighten his coat a bit.

“I’m not a child, alright?” Nan Ge Er was speechless as he looked at Mo Shu’s babysitting-like actions.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Obviously, Mo Shu paid not a single mind towards Nan Ge Er’s protest.

It couldn’t be helped. Usually, Nan Ge Er could use words to trample on the idiotic Mo Shu without any hesitation. However, Nan Ge Er became utterly hopeless when Mo Shu spoke with such a coddling expression. He seriously wasn’t able to resist with strict measures when his opponent adopted a gentle approach. Unluckily for him, the instances when Mo Shu looked as such had started increasing more and more…

While pondering, Nan Ge Er had a hidden premonition in his heart that his days in the future would probably be hard. He sighed, “We have plum blossoms here too. So next time, you don’t have to gaze at the bare plum tree of our neighbors.” I grew them for quite some years, you know?

Mo Shu didn’t react much as soon as the words came out, but contrarily, Nan Ge Er froze instantly. Huh? So actually, these plum trees are gathered and grown year after year by me for Mo Shu. When did I start doing this? When did I start taking that sentence Mo Shu said to heart? Maybe I always remembered it in heart, and then became determined to do something for him? So, the plum trees I planted every spring are just for this person. But I don’t even notice it myself.

Nan Ge Er was flabbergasted, yet feeling a slight joy from it. He tilted his head towards Mo Shu. Oi, did you notice it? The things I did. Mo Shu simply smiled, without any words uttered. Nan Ge Er stared blankly at Mo Shu for some time. He felt himself being a little perplexed, yet seemingly understanding it a bit.

“What are you dazing around for?” Mo Shu chuckled, as he reached his hand out to remove a fallen petal on Nan Ge Er’s head.

Perhaps Nan Ge Er believed he was probably quite graceful at present. However, in Mo Shu’s perspective, he could only see a round white ball sitting beside him. The white velvet fur all around the ball even danced along with the wind. His appearance was exceptionally hilarious and… adorable.

Nan Ge Er frowned, with no words out. Feeling a little confused, he decided to calm himself down by consuming food. He lowered his head and pinched a small piece of the remaining bean cake he left on the plate previously. A few petals had fallen onto the plate too; they emitted a delicate fragrance. He stared at the white flowers in a daze, suddenly placing the bean cake down after a while.

After that, he picked a petal up, placing it near his lips and had them come into contact gently. Next, he bent his body down, lying on the table. Then, he raised the petal and placed it on Mo Shu’s lips.

Mo Shu was stunned at first when his lips lightly touched the soft, delicately tender sensation of the petal. He was unable to respond to what Nan Ge Er meant at the moment. Nan Ge Er peered at him. He pulled open Mo Shu’s hand, placing the white blossom petal on his palm. With his face blushing red, he smiled towards him, slightly embarrassed.

Nan Ge Er’s smile broke the curse of Mo Shu’s pause. As he looked at Nan Ge Er’s bashful smile, his eyes gradually brightened, yet turning as soft as water. At that moment, in Mo Shu’s eyes, the scene of white blossoms dancing around the skies was incomparable to the slight flush of redness in front of him. Or perhaps, the only thing in the entire world that could catch his eyes was that red flush.

Mo Shu carefully clutched the hand that hadn’t left his palm, pulling Nan Ge Er towards him deftly. The light wind blew, not ceasing a bit. The petals from trees, as if a white rain, sprinkled down one by one after being swept along by the wind.

A slender male, as heavenly and refined as the white blossoms, was beside the white stone stool. His white clothes swayed in the wind, as he leaned over slightly. His beautiful red lips, moistened with wine, lightly touched on the pale white, water-coloured lips of the person next to him.

In truth, I’m still not quite sure. But now, it is good enough…good enough.

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Audry Gazali
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Truth. Life isn’t perfect. It’s just good enough. And that’s okay. Perfection doesn’t exist.

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