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Chapter 488: Give It a Try

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just as You XiaoMo was lost in thought, the person he was thinking about suddenly turned their head, with their luxuriant eyes smashing straight into his vision. The once young and innocent face was replaced by mature and ruthless features. Recognizing him, Jiang Liu’s eyes flashed over a hint of displeasure.

“Is something wrong?” On his right, a middle-aged man asked, seeing that Jiang Liu kept looking at a young man in the corner.

Jiang Liu took a sip of tea before replying with an unmistakably sinister tone, “I don’t like how he looks at me.”

“Then let’s gouge his eyes out.” The man on the left let out a weird chuckling noise.

“Never mind,” Jiang Liu said, “the selection competition of the Vermillion Blood Clan is starting in two days, I don’t want to cause unnecessary problems.”

The man licked his lips and said with a disappointed smile, “That’s too bad.”

The group did not lower their voices and there weren’t that many people in the lobby in the first place, so their conversation was heard crystal clear by everyone, including You XiaoMo who sat in the corner.

Hearing that the man was talking about killing, the crowd actually gave You XiaoMo a sympathetic look, that’s what one would call an unexpected calamity.

You XiaoMo covered his face as the corner of his mouth twitched violently.

So, he was supposed to thank Jiang Liu’s generosity?

Speaking of which, he already knew a few people from Yin Yang Valley, but he knew none of the ones that came with Jiang Liu. They were all decently powerful, especially the one that spoke of killing him, he emitted an uncomfortable aura.

“This person’s quite interesting.” The man’s blood thirsty eyes shone with excitement, “just then he clearly heard me talking about killing him yet he’s still there, composed.”

His words caught the attention of Jiang Liu and the middle-aged man.

There was truth to his words, normally if someone heard that, their first reaction would be to leave the god-forsaken place, regardless if they intended on killing. However, You XiaoMo didn’t, and that got their attention.

“There is something odd about his strength…” The middle-aged man said thoughtfully, if he couldn’t see through their level with his strength then there were only two options.

The man stood up with an eerie smile, “We’ll know if we give it a shot.”

Jiang Liu said, “Don’t over do it.”

“Heh heh, don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” After saying that, the man walked over to You XiaoMo. His movements were so obvious that the others in the lobby couldn’t ignore it even if they tried.

What they didn’t know was that You XiaoMo was simply lost in thought. Also, he didn’t think he was worse than them, so he didn’t need to run.

Much to You XiaoMo’s surprise, the man came over again. Could it be that he turned back on his decision and wanted to kill him again?

The man stood still in front of You XiaoMo and said with an evil smile, “I’m Tang-lang, remember it, cause its going to haunt you forever.”


A mantis?

t/n: His surname is Tang(唐), and he uses -lang(郎), a very old-fashioned way to call oneself without giving name. But mantis(螳螂) is also pronounced as Tanglang, which is why Momo, who came from the modern world, got confuse. (Ra: Even I got confuse, Addis).


You XiaoMo thought to himself, well he’s not going to forget that.

Then suddenly the man attacked and a dark eerie light was directed at You XiaoMo’s face. Usually it was difficult to avoid a close ranged attack, but it was a good thing that You XiaoMo was prepared for it.

The eerie light was a strike of light blade, when it was avoided by You XiaoMo it landed on the walls of the hotel instead. It didn’t cause a big commotion, but the wall was sliced through by it.

You XiaoMo, who backed to a corner, frowned at the man. It looked like he was a blood-thirsty fighting maniac with a despicable personality too, attacking someone who he has no grudge or hatred towards. If it wasn’t him standing here today, anyone else would have probably been killed by him.

“Looks like you have a pretty quick reaction~” The man raised his hand to reveal a thin blade between his fingers, hidden by his sleeve. The thin blade shone chillingly, it appeared to be his weapon.

You XiaoMo didn’t talk and instead an unusually fierce Soul force erupted between his eyebrows, tearing through like a hurricane.

You XiaoMo’s Soul Force, after countless training, could appear as sharp as a knife even without the need of Hand seals, while keeping its destructive powers. Not only that, his soul was already stronger than most mages, thus with this attack, the tides instantly turned.

Everyone’s expression changed.

With a ‘thud’, Jiang Liu stood up from his chair and said with an astonished expression, “A level ten mage?”

Although on top there was still the rainbow level, it was already a rare level in the Tong Tian Continent, with infinitely stronger reputation then a level nine mage.

Jiang Liu had thought that his level was high enough for him to be proud of, but to think that out of nowhere would appear a mage stronger than him. And that mage didn’t look like an old monster wearing a façade either.

The middle-aged man’s face didn’t look good either, “To think it was a level ten mage, now its become troublesome.”

Although the man was surprised by his level as well, what flashed over his eyes was excitement. It was only fun if they were on the same playing field after all, he could feel his blood boiling.

From the man’s body exploded a tremendous soul power that, with his hand gestures, formed into a roaring black leopard. With an angry battle cry, it charged into the incoming Soul Force, ripping at each other with neither backing down.

Seeing this, You XiaoMo quickly formed a new hand seal, and suddenly a Golden Seal slowly took form in his palms, causing turbulence in the natural spiritual energy around him.

“Tang He be careful!” Jiang Liu, who saw everything happen from the sidelines, warned.

Tang He showed a smile of contempt, clearly not worried about You XiaoMo. The thin blade in his hand started to spin rapidly, causing a strong light to erupt and flew towards the Golden Seal.

When the thin blade and seal slammed against each other, sizzling sounds occurred and after a few seconds of stalemate, the spinning Golden Seal suddenly cracked open.

You XiaoMo raised his brow, it looked like a Golden Seal wasn’t enough. Although he really wanted to test out the Earth Seal, if he did, the hotel would probably be destroyed, and the guards of Xing Luo City would come out.

His power wasn’t strong enough to take on the Divine level practitioners of Xing Luo City, thus he couldn’t be like Ling Xiao and make trouble so openly to ‘raise’ his reputation.

The thin blade spun around once more before returning back to Tang He’s hand.

With a look of contempt, he said to You XiaoMo, “That’s all you got? If that’s so, then it’s my turn now.”

With that, he once again spun his blade and with even quicker speed it turned, creating a small tornado.

You XiaoMo glanced at him before shifting his gaze to what was outside the entrance.

Before the others could be surprised at his lack of reaction, from the door came another commotion. A group of guards flooded in.

“Who dares make a ruckus within Xing Luo City?” The captain at the front walked in briskly and shouted. With a lance in hand and a suit of armor, he looked very intimating and the lobby instantly quieted down.

With displeasure furrowing his brows, Tang He still put away his thin blade.

The middle-aged man casually took out a plate to show the captain, “Nothing happened here, you can go now.”

With one look the captain could tell it was from Yin Yang Valley and instantly gestured politely before answering, “Yes!”

In the next second all of the guards were gone without a trace.

However, when everyone’s attention returned, they realized that You XiaoMo had disappeared, quietly without a sound, with almost no one noticing.

Tang He let out a cold huff, “He sure runs fast.”

After that he returned to his seat.

The middle-aged man looked at him to say, “This might not have been his actual strength, you better not look down on him. Some mages are even more powerful than practitioners.”

Tang He didn’t take his words to heart. Still with a face of arrogance he let out a laugh with disdain, “Then explain to me why he ran away? If he was stronger than me, then why run?”

The middle-aged man was about to refute.

Jiang Liu replied, “Tang He, you’re from the Yin Yang Valley, but at most he’s a solo mage, you think the guards of Xing Luo City would be on his side? Don’t make me laugh, I think he’s quite realistic.”

From his comments he seemed to be on You XiaoMo’s side but in reality, he was looking down on him, putting them at different levels completely.

You XiaoMo didn’t actually leave the hotel, instead he was upstairs.

He also heard Jiang Liu’s comment, a sudden feeling of alienation washed over him.

However, the problem of his still didn’t change and instead got worse in the Tong Tian Continent. You XiaoMo was really curious as to how he got to the Yin Yang Valley to train and invest in him seriously.

Once he closed his door, You XiaoMo let out the Metal Swallowing Beast as well as the Golden Winged Insects.

Just as he expected, Jiang Liu and the others stayed in the same hotel, but unluckily, their room was right across from his.

In the evening, after the three ate in the lobby, they returned to their rooms.

Around 7:30pm, the middle-aged man and Tang He went to Jiang Liu’s room at the same time.

You XiaoMo thought of listening in, however, he realized that they had set up a Restriction barrier. Once he got close, he would be instantly discovered, and just as he was troubled, the Golden Winged Insects suddenly flew out of the room.


We are sorry to say, that with an overload of work and school, the next chapter will be Rachel’s last chapter with us. She may come back in the future to help out again, but for now, we hope her RL calms down enough for her to take a breather. We will miss you~

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