STSC Chapter 39

STSC Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Mo Shu accepted that Nan Ge Eram did not like the fact of killing others, but Nan Ge Er really feared that he did not know that it was a practical expression when he killed another person. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nan Ge could survive because he fought twice due to the death threshold. It seems that it has always ended with a sad death. In addition, he was much stronger than ordinary people. If it was a little sustainable person, this person may have already split into the past.

In the first life, he was burned with fire. This expressive fog exhales a bad breath of the medium somatic body. All of them were what he had ever experienced.

Five years ago he suffered three years. He suffered any suffering. Foam, violent pillar 1, bone-pin needle. The misery of the battle that could destroy him, he is prepared to consume the dirty limestone in the water. The cold water of the ice was very cold. It almost frozen his soul.

Every day he approached death.

His most immediate part was everything that came from protecting it from new things.

He was relieved only when the rock fell.

People die calmly. It was a blessing from heaven. In adoration of difficulties in human life, Heaven gave them natural deaths. It was a punishment of the sky that he died of a dead body and cruel death. While unfortunately past rape, a punishment should end up absurd

But each of them came as a pity of heaven.

Despite being natural or repayable, all died. It is not necessary to suffer or worry about the unexpected future. Slim and long sleep must rest.

However, people could not die by natural death, but once they died, they suffered again, but did not they die?

It can really be regarded as hatred from heaven.

He did not really know what he did wrongly and nothing about the free crime he had made. After all, he still needed to die at another time. Who knew how much he had to endure until death?

Therefore he wanted death. He may accelerate the process leading to a smooth and pure death not to experience painful suffering in the unexpected future when he dies.

After all, he felt a terrible life and feared the next tomorrow.

This alone is nothing else.

But he still decided to finally live.

Life is full of suffering, but I still want to live.

This time he slept for half a million people. Of course, I spent the New Year in bed.

Originally, someone else who originally tried to download them was ordered by another user. Because he lived peacefully in the small city of Junsu Yao, Mo Su accompanied Nangael.

The citizen hirosato that lives in this small city was a merchant. Those who knew what method they used temporarily while staying in the city did not find more than 20 lives on the same day.

Although the doctor’s discipline was waiting for Guang Tian, I promised repeatedly that Nan G Eram was not really in jeopardy.

When Mo Shu spent another week with Nan Ge Er, the half-month of the first month of that year passed. Despite his rescue, his straight face will not delay soon

With this, Mo Shu excited a long time. However, Wide Tian’s work can not be ignored for a long time. So, when Nan Ge Er improved a bit, both returned to Bei Jun.

Certainly, as promised, Mo Shu never killed the soul during the trip.

But Nan Ge Er really could not see him very strictly. But if you allow him to be killed freely, blood can go from a trip from Jun Yao to Bei Jun.

Actually, he was great, I could not ignore the human life as Mo Shu.

He lived in Tian Tian during the years, he felt his heart as a lover or weak.

Today it was similar to the previous one. They walked along the busy streets of the city and along with them. Their house was today in the forest of a wealthy merchant. When listening to Mo Shu, the merchant instructs the personnel to organize both supplies and houses.

If Nan Ge Although not friends with Mo Shu, he probably will not know a rich businessman, who was famous in all four countries, actually celestial by Hiroshi.

But after the second thought, he really did not see this strange thing.

When did the Wide Tian citizen do something more than an outsider? Everything was a creamy crops. No one was ordinary. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

This city is much larger than the former cities, a landscape costume is much more dynamic and abundant than a small city. However, the two men still embrace their horses hundreds of eyes.

Without saying his unique attributes and Mo Shu’s annoying appearance.

Some people whisper each other and move their tongue.

Nan Ge Although he did not know the military arts, so he could not hear what he said. On the contrary, as an advanced martial arts champion, Mo Shu’s hearing was very exceptional. He began to feel uncomfortable listening to these dirty words.

According to his usual habits, as long as people not only hesitate, this is not from Hiroshi, does Mo Shu still block up worries. Sometimes he did it without rash or reason.

For him, the way to kill such a weak colleague was as simple as bite. Even if it was 3 to 4 thousand people, I just saw it had been a bit of time to waste.

By doing such unpleasant words, it was probably not enough to discard anger by killing ten times.

Mo Xu violently stretched out his hand to his waist and touched his sword.

Because Nan Ge Er was in the hands of Mo Shu, he obviously noticed his movement. Mo Shu has to think of the murder again.

Nan Ge er lifted his hand and grasped Mo Shu’s hand. “Let’s go”

The citizen Hirosaki, who lives among ordinary citizens, can be regarded as many efforts to hide himself. If Mo Shu continued his murder, he definitely emphasizes them.

Perhaps the doctor replied that Nan Ge Er wanted to restrict Mo Shu.

Mo Shu moved Nan Ge Er’s head instead of “Mn” and left his hand. He shook the source with one hand and let the horse go.

Before seeing these loaves, Nangen extends his head from Mo Shu’s hand.

Because he had no time to recover from his illness, his face was palmered. Their eyes looked huge and they looked pretty smart when they moved.

However, everyone who touches their eyes feels that their hair will continue to grow. He had many cold eyes like ice. As if someone died, his sight was seen against him. In fact, they were not due to the existence of Nan Ge Er, they did not know that they would really die.

Nan Ge did not really get up when Mo Shu said he would not die for him. He does not want to testify Mo Shu’s cruelty during the murder. Like other times, I felt he could not control it.

But he did not miss Shu Mo thought, because Mo Shuu did not want to instinctively know what he was very afraid of.

Mo Shu clearly acknowledged that it was natural, but Nan Ge Er was worried about it. He did not want Mo Shu to get rid of it.

Mo Shu announced that Nan Ge Er predicts that more or less Mo Shu does not reveal anything bad about what he did,

However, it was the most brutal part of it. However, he did not know how to explain it, so he had no choice but had Mo Shu to continue such misunderstanding.

It was because Mosh was too practical and could not explain.

Although I did not know the sudden explosion of Nan Ge Er for that, Mo Shu, but not a little hesitation, which led to the abandonment of Nan Ge Ge Er, understanding of the fear she had as well, was because I decided to stop the killing of De SI- RE.

He would rather misunderstand to find out his misunderstanding.

I do not have a lot now, so I do not want to lose anything

There are two people on the white horse, reaching the way at the end of the main street. The stick was waiting at the gate. They were led by an old woman with a body man behind his back and his family. Servers of different sizes and age are accumulated, almost cutting the street.

“Xi’an finally arrived.” The old woman was 60 years old and looked pretty respectable. She was expressive and resonated. “The trip seemed to be difficult”

Mo Shu leaves with a horse along with an old woman. He then started to reach Nan Ge Eru to stabilize his position.

“Relaxation is necessary” Mo Shou supported Nan Ge Er with a little unstable body. Then he smiled at the old woman: “Zhi Niang, are you all ready?

“Back is needed” Mo Shu supported a slightly changing body Nan Ge Er. Then he laughed at the old woman. “Shannyan, are you ready?”

Nan Ge Er realized Mo Shu was a customary, kind and kind of Mo Shu-xiansheng in front of Guang Tian citizen. When he cried with a foreigner, he became courageous and became a bloody devil. That was enough for some reason to catch their fatigue.

“Of course,” the old lady said to Shinning (ninnyan), “Akemi is here. Do you want to see him, Xiansheng?

People forget words without words.

“Chu Yi” Mo Shu kept Nan Ge as he walked behind. Be careful what he says, he will answer: “Please prepare, Zhi Niang.


Chu yee What is it?

The nail was full of confusion.

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1 Fire pillar: An old Chinese torture device. People are roasted with a hot bronze column This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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