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Welcome to our new translator, Yan, who will be taking over for Rachel. 🙂

Chapter 493: Commotion

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

The treasury was almost a thousand square meters big and displayed many orderly rows of shelves. The shelves were full of rare treasures that the Xing Luo City’s city master had plundered from various places, such as magic herbs and magic pills, technique scrolls, skins of high level demon beasts, and uncommon spirit fruit or spirit wine, etc.

The Metal Swallowing Beast jumped deftly onto a shelf, and its sapphire blue eyes reflected the treasures inside the treasury, as if they were being filtered through its eyes.

Dragon blood was a kind of fluid that could only be contained by jade bottles, but it could also possibly be stored in jade boxes. This was what their idiot master told them to do, so their goal were jade bottles and jade boxes.

However, in the Metal Swallowing Beast’s eyes, even if there weren’t two hundred jade bottles and jade boxes inside the treasury, there was still at least one hundred. There were too many, and if they had to check each one then it would be daytime before they were done.

Since it was like this, then…

Xiao Ping found a magic bag from a large pile of treasures and flew to a shelf while carrying it in its mouth. It arranged the magic bag before placing the treasures on the shelf one by one into the magic bag. Although its figure was small, it still had a lot of strength.

Seeing its actions, the Metal Swallowing Beast’s eyes lit up.

Its figure was pretty big, so its treasure packing speed was faster than Xiao Ping’s by quite a bit.

Since searching one by one was too slow, they would put all the treasures into magic bags, and the idiot master would definitely be very pleased. Their movements were lightning fast, and not even an hour had passed before half of the things in the treasury were stored into magic bags.

When one magic bag was almost full, they would take another one from the treasury, set the full magic bag down, and continue packing.

Ga ga ga!!!

Their idiot master definitely couldn’t have thought of such a strategy.

At this moment, You XiaoMo was still worrying about how to sneak into Xing Luo City master’s bedroom and didn’t know that his two little demon beasts were currently having a ‘intimate relationship’ with the treasury, preparing to completely empty it. If he could see them, he would definitely feel completely ashamed, because his ‘education’ was too successful.

However, as the saying goes, just as humans can make mistakes, horses can also stumble.

Just when the two were extremely happily filling bags, a vase that the Metal Swallowing Beast had disliked and placed on top of a shelf wobbled and fell down.


The beautiful vase smashed into pieces.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping looked sharply at the broken vase before gazing at each other in dismay. The scene was frozen for half a second before the Metal Swallowing Beast quickly used its hind legs to leap towards the exit in the ceiling. Xiao Ping didn’t fall behind in the slightest, and it rapidly flapped its wings and followed closely behind.

“Who’s there?!”

The sound of a hoarse, angry shout came instantly from outside the treasury, followed by the sound of the door bursting open with a ‘boom’. A crowd of people quickly surged inside, including two peak Emperor level practitioners. When they saw the treasury that had pretty much been emptied, everyone sucked in a breath of air.

The two practitioners instantly discovered the hole in the ceiling.

“Bastards, chase them!”

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insect ran extremely fast, one after another.

Since Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong had an extremely strong mental awareness of each other, they ran entirely according to the direction the idiot master was in.

After the treasury was plundered, the entire city master’s mansion was alerted almost immediately.

You XiaoMo was crouched outside of the city master’s bedroom. An hour had passed and he was still outside feeding mosquitoes, but this was also something that couldn’t be helped. On such an important day, rather than searching for the culprit, that old city master actually decided to ‘populate’ with his concubine in his room.

The most shameful thing was that he was still so vigorous. It was already an hour and it still wasn’t done. He had listened to the sounds of lovemaking for so long he could almost imagine it.

Just when he was worrying if he should give up, a large crowd of people suddenly ran over while shouting things like ‘not good, not good, something’s happened!’

Quickly, Xing Luo City’s Lord ran out from his room with his clothing in a mess. “What happened?”

“Not good, master, the treasury was plundered.”

The captain of the guards rushed in.

Hearing this, Xing Luo City’s master grabbed the captain’s clothing, eyes burning with fury. “What did you say? How could the treasury be plundered, weren’t there people watching it?”

After finishing, he didn’t even wait for the captain’s response before hurrying out.

Rapidly, everyone else withdrew until not one was left.

You XiaoMo walked out from his corner. The treasury was plundered? Did Xiao Jin and Xiao Ping succeed in stealing the dragon blood and escape from the Lord’s Mansion after that? But it was also likely that they had been discovered while stealing.

You XiaoMo pondered for a bit before finally still deciding to go in and take a look. “Xiao Pong, you stay here and keep watch. If someone comes notify me immediately.”

The Golden Winged Insect instantly took off from the top of his head.

You XiaoMo pushed open the doors to Xing Luo City’s master’s bedroom and tiptoed in before closing the door again. The city master had left in a hurry, and the light in his bedroom was still on, illuminating sleeping quarters that were as beautiful and imposing as an emperor’s. The tables, chairs, vases, and plants all looked very expensive.

You XiaoMo swallowed, and moved his eyes to look towards the inner bedroom.

The beaded curtain was suddenly thrown to the side by someone, and a stark naked young woman walked out, draped only in a thin robe, wearing an expression of unsatisfied lust.

From You XiaoMo’s perspective, he could see her clearly without obstruction.

“Who are you?” Upon seeing a stranger appear in the bedroom, the woman shouted out loud at once, although her first instinct wasn’t to conceal her exposed skin.

You XiaoMo quietly covered his eyes and shot his soul force from his finger towards the woman.

The woman had opened her mouth as if she still wanted to say something, but in the next second she collapsed, except her posture on the ground wasn’t quite appropriate. The thin robe basically didn’t cover her body.

You XiaoMo sighed sorrowfully and pulled off the tablecloth in order to cover her body. Only after that did he walk into the inner bedroom and start flipping through chests and drawers to look for the dragon blood.

Dragon blood was a kind of treasure that contained power. If it was truly in the room, he could definitely discover it by using his soul perception. But after he had gone through all the places that could hide dragon blood and even knocked along the wall to discover if there was a hidden mechanism, he still hadn’t found the dragon blood.

You XiaoMo scratched his head. Where exactly could it be hidden? Did Xing Luo City’s master carry it with him?

At that moment, Xiao Pong hurriedly flew in.

Without waiting for it to open its mouth, You XiaoMo instantly grabbed it and jumped out the window. Half a minute after he left, a big crowd of people barged in, and leading them was the city master who hadn’t been gone all that long. When he saw the room that had been flipped upside down, his face blackened until it was like the bottom of a pot.

The city master of Xing Luo City’s eyes were ice cold as they swept over the woman who lay on the floor before him, and he broke the table with the slap of his hand. “Go search right now, you have to find this person no matter what!”

“Yes, Lord!”

The captain of the guards immediately led the people out again.

The city master stamped his feet a few times where he stood before he suddenly took out a jade bottle from his robe. A drop of red liquid laid impressively inside the clear bottle, rolling back and forth like a sparkling dewdrop. This was the dragon blood that You XiaoMo was looking for, but it was too bad that he couldn’t see it with his own eyes. However, he had guessed correctly.

The city master’s Mansion was tightly enforced by security. You XiaoMo was a big living human, unlike the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping, and himself as a target was really obvious, so he painstakingly hid.

He finally broke free with difficulty from the heavy encirclement, but yet he unconsciously came to a place that he didn’t recognize. He was surrounded by extremely quiet buildings in pitch-black darkness, and not even a shred of light could be seen.

You XiaoMo ran through the corridor and discovered several wing-rooms.

The wing-rooms were all left unoccupied, so only a few guards were assigned to patrol it, allowing him to sneak in easily.

When he turned the corner of the corridor, he finally saw some light radiating out from a room. Two of the mansion guards stood watch outside the room.

At this moment, the door opened with a creak.

Two people walked out one after another. It was Tang ZhongHua and Tang He.

“What happened, what’s with all the noise?” Upon coming out, Tang ZhongHua saw that besides this area, everywhere else in the mansion was lit as if it was daytime. There was also a loud wave of noise that would frequently come over, and he couldn’t help but frown.

“Mister Tang, several thieves broke into the mansion. The city master has already given orders to catch them, please rest assured!” One of the guards said respectfully.

“Thieves?” Tang He suddenly became intrigued. “Thieves who dare to break into the city master’s mansion have some guts, was anything lost?”

“This…” The guard hesitated.


The guard shivered with fear. “Yes sir, I heard that the treasury was plundered.”

Tang ZhongHua’s heart jumped. “Was the prize for the selection trial stolen as well?” If the dragon blood was stolen, then that would be a mess.

The guard said, “This lowly man is not clear on that.”

“Tang He, go ask. I’ll look after this place.”
Tang ZhongHua said immediately to Tang He. Someone had to keep watch over Jiang Liu’s condition, so between the two of them someone had to stay.

After Tang He left, Tang ZhongHua hesitated for a moment before suddenly walking in You XiaoMo’s direction.

You XiaoMo instantly jumped onto the roof, walked quietly over to Jiang Liu’s room, and removed several of the tiles above his room. He remembered that this was how it always happened on television, and he should be able to see what was happening in the room after he removed the tiles.

You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes and, accompanying the light from inside the room, he could see someone lying completely still on the bed. Half of his face was covered, but he could still recognize him. This person was Jiang Liu.

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