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Chapter 499: Allure of Dragon Blood

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Before leaving the West, You XiaoMo handed Gao Mayuan’s head to Wen Gong.

This old man had waited decades, and his vengeance had finally been carried out. Tears spilled from his eyes as he cried like he had experience a great loss, but he knew that they were the tears of joy and relief. This weight had finally fallen from his shoulders.

After he finished crying, Wen Gong’s attitude had gone through a startling transformation; he was even smiling.

You XiaoMo didn’t stay for long, soon bidding the other goodbye and leaving the Southern Continent with Ling Xiao and their three little followers.

The day after they left the Southern Continent, You ZhenTian personally came to Xing Luo City with a mysterious person. The two entered the City Master’s estate and left terrified people in their wake.

Xing Luo City’s City Master wasn’t very heavily injured, and upon being informed that the family head had personally come, he came out to welcome the other, trembling. You ZhenTian wasn’t in a good mood, so, naturally, wouldn’t play nice with him.

In the main hall —

You ZhenTian sat in the throne, with people kneeling all across the floor in front of him. It was completely silent. Suddenly, he smashed his teacup on the ground in front of the City Master.

“Wu Shan, I gave you the honor of hosting the the selection trial, but you ended up creating such a mess for me? Do you want to be fired?”

More than half of the treasury’s contents had been stolen, including the rewards for the selection trial, and even the dragon’s blood had been taken. If they held the selection trial without a prize, the Vermillion Blood Clan would lose even more face. No wonder You ZhenTian was so mad. These problems had cropped up one after the other. Clearly, someone was trying to piss off the Vermillion Blood Clan.

The City Master didn’t dare back away, but in front of You ZhenTian, he didn’t even dare to raise his head. Hearing this, he hurriedly explained, “Family Head, please listen to Wu Shan explain.”

You ZhenTian harrumphed.

Sitting next to him, the mystery person who was clearly of a similar status suddenly gripped his hand. An elegant and airy voice drifted out from under the black cloak, “Then let’s hear his explanation.”

You ZhenTian surprisingly didn’t erupt, and the anger on his face even faded.

“I suspect that the people who stole the dragon’s blood and caused chaos in YuXian City are one and the same, and they’re also a sacred level powerhouse….” The City Master of Xing Luo City began to recount everything that had occurred that day in great detail, even the Golden Winged Insects.

He knew that if the old Family Head knew that their opponent was a sacred level expert, then he wouldn’t be blamed as much, because the difference between divine level and sacred level wasn’t something easily made up for.

You ZhenTian grew solemn. Sacred level again.

After investigating for these last few days, he was certain that the people who had freed the prisoners from the forbidden area, and the people who had taken Feng ChiYun were one and the same. However, they didn’t have any leads, so he knew that one of them was the inheritor of the pocket dimension he was looking for.

As for that sacred level powerhouse that had appeared out of nowhere, could it be that he was the one that had defeated Mu Shen and You TianNan on the LongXiang Continent?

You ZhenTian couldn’t help but doubt this, because on the LongXiang Continent, that person had only been Divine level, how could it be possible for him to breakthrough to Sacred level in just a year? Even if he had something to do with the Qilin Clan and Demon Phoenix Clan, he still shouldn’t be able to advance so quickly.

“Dear wife, can you sense the position of the dragon’s blood?” You ZhenTian felt that there were too many uncertainties. He couldn’t digest this all and come up with a decision immediately, so he threw it to the back of his mind for now and turned to look at the person next to him.

As he addressed his wife, everyone in the room was shocked.

This lady generally didn’t show herself in public, keeping hidden. No one had expected that she’d come to Xing Luo City this time. It was probably because she heard about the dragon’s blood.

Lady Yin, shook her head daintily. “That person has left. I cannot sense it.”

That was when a guard of the estate rushed inside, but he was stopped at the door by a housecarl of the main family.

“What is it?”

The guard delivered his message to the housecarl and the housecarl walked inside. “Reporting. Family Head, Jiang Liu of the YinYang Valley wishes to see you. He says he has some very important information for you and is outside right now.”

“Jiang Liu of the YinYang Valley?” You ZhenTian didn’t recognize this name.

The City Master of Xing Luo City hurriedly explained. “Family head, Jiang Liu is a set candidate of the selection trial, but a few days ago, he got into an argument with someone on the streets and his eyes were destroyed. Right now, he is still recovering.”

You ZhenTian’s expression did not waver. “Who is it that dared attack someone from the YinYang Family?”

“It appears that it was someone Jiang Liu was familiar with…”

“Enough, let him in, let’s see what he has to say.”

After a while, the housecarl escorted the man inside.

Jiang Liu’s state was much better now, but because his eyes were too frightening, so he was wearing an elegant mask that covered half his face. It was much better than if he didn’t wear it.

Jiang Liu calmly walked up to You ZhenTian and spoke only after kneeling. “Jiang Liu pays respects to the family head.”

However, the difference in their power was still significant and Jiang Liu began to tremble under You ZhenTian’s gaze. There was a small pause before the other spoke up.

“Jiang Liu, hm? I hear that you have something to tell me. What is it?”

Jiang Liu calmly said. “Family head, this is something that concerns those two people. It’s very important information, so the fewer people know, the better.”

You ZhenTian scrutinized the other for a few seconds. Jiang Liu, to him, was someone not even worth mentioning and wouldn’t dare lie. So he had everyone else, including the City Master of Xing Luo City, leave and wait for them. In the end, all that was left in the hall was him, his wife and Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu swallowed thickly, saying weakly, “Reporting. Family head, what Jiang Liu wants to say has something to do with You XiaoMo. I believe that the people who sneaked into the City Master’s estate was You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.”

You ZhenTian’s gaze sharpened. “Why do you believe so?”

Jiang Liu could feel the intensity of the old family head’s presence. It was almost like a mountain was pressing down on his shoulders. He didn’t dare draw this out further, immediately explaining all his analysis.

The more he said, the more convinced You ZhenTian was.

After coming to TongTian Continent, Jiang Liu might’ve stayed primarily within the YinYang Valley, but he didn’t let that limit his sights. He knew what had been happening across the TongTian Continent. In addition, he was the most familiar with You XiaoMo, so he could guess from what little leads there were.

You ZhenTian stood, looking down at him. “What he said is true?”

Jiang Liu lowered himself. “I can’t be a hundred percent certain, but the probability is high.”

Then, You ZhenTian dismissed Jiang Liu, telling him that if his guess was correct, then he’d be greatly rewarded. Jiang Liu left, suppressing the excitement in his heart. With such a promise from the old family head, the flaws his body had could definitely be patched up.

However, one thing he didn’t realize was that while the problems with his soul could be solved, his eyes would never be restored, unless he was reincarnated.


Though Ling Xiao had agreed to let Hua Gu and company follow them, he didn’t mean for them to travel together, but for the three to go to The Evil Cult. The Evil Cult’s name was The Evil Cult, the group that his father had left to him.

You XiaoMo really wanted to diss this name. The Evil Cult, didn’t they know that evil never wins against good? If they were ever defeated in the future, it was all the fault of this name.

After Hua Gu and company left, the two of them didn’t immediately return to ZhongTian.

Ling Xiao took You XiaoMo to a forest with no hints of human life. The place was crawling with high level demon beasts, and the enraged roaring of demon beasts could occasionally be heard.

After searching for almost fifteen minutes, they landed on a sharp peak.

They were surrounded by a dense canopy and undergrowth of greenery, so even if someone flew overhead, they probably wouldn’t see them.

After confirming that there was no one around, Ling Xiao set You XiaoMo down.

“Weren’t we going to go back? What are we doing here?” You XiaoMo asked, unable to hold his curiosity at bay any longer. He looked down the steep sloping sides of the mountain. They were at a terrifying height.

Ling Xiao took out the dragon’s blood.

You XiaoMo peeked over. “Is there something wrong with this?”

Ling Xiao stroked his chin. “I feel that this is a little weird. It’s almost like…”

“Almost like what?”

“Almost like it’s trying to lure me in.”

“Lure how?” You XiaoMo was confused. A drop of blood purposefully luring someone? Bullshit, it wasn’t like Ling Xiao was a vampire.

Ling Xiao calmly said, “Like you lying naked in front of me.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Darling, where has your integrity gone? Let me go and pick it up for you.

Though this was strange, it really was luring him in. As Ling Xiao opened the lid, the feeling he had been getting intensified. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had honed his discipline and self-control, then probably would have caved already.

Ling Xiao poured the dragon’s blood onto his palm. The crimson liquid rolled around on his palm as if it had a life of its own. Before Ling Xiao could even move, the blood suddenly sunk into his palm and disappeared.

You XiaoMo was startled and grabbed his hand. “How come it vanished?”

When he raised his head, he saw that Ling Xiao’s face had returned to its true form and a flush had spread across the other’s cheeks, expression twisting a little. He hurriedly pushed You XiaoMo aside, crossing his legs as he sat down. He closed his eyes, not saying a word.

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