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Chapter 27: Three in one (3x normal chapter length)

Translated by Andrew of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

During the two exam days, the atmosphere in class was especially serious. Even Chubby, who would usually step into the classroom right at the bell, was in his seat half an hour early, and he didn’t have any steamed meat buns in his hands.

XiaYao was also very nervous; he was already bad at physics in his previous life. After being reborn directly into his senior year, he had forgotten almost all his physics knowledge from the past two years of high school.
t/n: high school in China is 3 years

Fortunately, he had a good foundation in his other subjects, especially English. In university, he majored in English; dealing with a high school English test was still no problem.

ZhouDu, as a top student, really had no interest in the monthly exams. He sat in the back, holding his head in his hand, watching XiaYao’s back in a daze.

He had already bought the movie tickets, the restaurant where they would eat at was already booked in advance, and he had already scoped out the small park they were going to for their date. Everything was ready; he was just waiting for the weekend.

He was so lost in thought, looking at XiaYao, that he didn’t even notice WangHao appear next to him.

“Hey, what’s got you in a daze?” WangHao reached out a hand and patted his shoulder a bit.

ZhouDu was startled by him, and said grumpily, “What are you doing?”

WangHao mysteriously snuck up to him and whispered, “Do you have time this weekend?”


“Don’t you usually always have time? How come this weekend you suddenly don’t?” WangHao asked in disbelief. “After this week’s testing, how about we go out and relax?”

“Not interested.”

“Don’t be like that.” WangHao persevered and went on to say, “You know brother Tao, Tao WenBo? He called us to go to city A this weekend.”

“Not going.”

“Hey, ZhouDuDu don’t be like that~~” WangHao became even more shameless.

ZhouDu lifted his foot and kicked, angrily spitting out the words, “Piss off.”

No one was getting in the way of his date with XiaYao this weekend.


The two days of testing passed by quickly. Saturday morning, the Zhou family’s nanny got up to prepare breakfast for the household. She jumped in surprise when ZhouDu came out of the bathroom.

ZhouDu had already washed his face and brushed his teeth, and he was currently holding his father’s cologne.

“ZhouDu, what are you doing up so early?” the nanny whispered from the living room.

ZhouDu waved his hand and said, “I have a little something to take care of, don’t worry about it, you can go back to work.” When the nanny heard this, she didn’t question him further and turned to go into the kitchen.

ZhouDu changed into several different outfits and fixed his hair over and over. He even made a point to spray a little breath freshener just before leaving.

ZhouDu’s mother sleepily walked down from the second floor bedroom and happened to see ZhouDu about to leave. She yawned, and then saw her handsome son all dressed up and ready to go out. Casually, she said, “Son, are you going on a date?”

ZhouDu stumbled. He turned back to his mother and bellowed, “What nonsense!” Then, with red-tipped ears, he quickly sped away.

It was still early. ZhouDu had originally planned on taking a taxi, but then he thought that it’d be better to take the bus to XiaYao’s house.

He remembered riding the bus together with XiaYao for the first time, and how the two of them had to squeeze together due to the crowd. He was buzzing with excitement; he couldn’t wait to ride the bus with XiaYao around H city later.

While he was already on his way, XiaYao had just gotten up. ZhouDu had told him that the movie was at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so he planned to eat lunch before leaving. The two of them had agreed to meet at the school gate.

However, they forgot the most important thing, which was at what time they would meet.

ZhouDu arrived to school at 8:30 AM. When it was almost 9:00 AM and he still didn’t see XiaYao, he became a little anxious.

Could it be that XiaYao backed out? The more ZhouDu thought, the more uneasy he became. His wait became even more perturbed. He looked in the direction of XiaYao’s house, thought for a while, and started walking over.

XiaYao’s mother had already left to set up the stall. XiaYao looked at the breakfast she had prepared for him in the kitchen, and casually started eating in his pajamas.

The two days of testing really took a toll on him. He planned to have breakfast and then rest a while.

Right when he was about to put away the tableware, there was suddenly a knock on the door. XiaYao looked at the door in confusion. If his mother was coming home, she would have brought her keys. Plus, usually no one ever came to their house.

However, he was a big boy that was almost 1.8 meters tall; he wasn’t afraid of strangers coming to the door. XiaYao set down the tableware. He walked to the door and asked, “Who’s there?”

Outside the door, ZhouDu replied with a hint of nervousness, “It’s me, ZhouDu.”

XiaYao’s heartbeat suddenly became erratic. He was still wearing pajamas and he also had a bedhead.

“Open the door.” ZhouDu knocked again.

XiaYao felt that he wasn’t a girl. If his clothes weren’t neat, then they weren’t neat. He gritted his teeth and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, the first thing ZhouDu saw was XiaYao in his pajamas, his hair a mess.

Seeing XiaYao like this actually made him think that he was unexpectedly cute. ZhouDu felt himself beyond saving.

“I,” he stuttered a bit and went on to say, “I waited for you for so long and you still didn’t come.”

XiaYao asked in surprise, “Aren’t we going to the movie in the afternoon?”

ZhouDu realized then that he was too impatient.

“Come in.” XiaYao moved sideways to let ZhouDu in. When ZhouDu passed by him, he happened to smell XiaYao’s delicious scent after having recently gotten out of bed. He stood behind XiaYao and said with embarrassment, “Did I disturb your sleep?”

“No, I was already awake.” XiaYao was also somewhat at a loss at what to do. Being in the same room as ZhouDu always made him very nervous.

“Where’s godmother?” ZhouDu asked. XiaYao was shocked for a bit, before remembering who he was talking about.

“She went to set up the stall.”

“Oh.” ZhouDu nodded, not daring to look at XiaYao’s body.

Although XiaYao’s pajamas had only been worn for a bit more than a year, he had grown a lot this year, causing his clothes to quickly become small.

Usually, for the sake of comfort, he would leave the two top buttons unbuttoned, but he completely forgot about it. ZhouDu swept his eyes over him. He could clearly see XiaYao’s beautiful collarbone and partly visible chest.

“Sit down.” XiaYao bent over to move the stool. From that angle, ZhouDu happened to get a clear view of his nipples. His face burned up and he quickly sat down.

XiaYao turned, wanting to go back to his room to change out of his pajamas. ZhouDu quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

XiaYao was too embarrassed to say that he was going to change clothes so he had to come up with an excuse. “I didn’t make my bed. I’m going to go make it now.”

“Can I see your room?” ZhouDu got up as well.

XiaYao felt that his room was presentable enough, so he nodded. ZhouDu followed him into his room.

XiaYao’s house was very small and very crowded to ZhouDu.

He lived in a four-story villa. His own room was bigger than XiaYao’s entire house. After entering XiaYao’s room, he discovered that this room was honestly too small. It was so small that just standing together with XiaYao left almost no space to turn around.

“My room is a bit small.” XiaYao said with embarrassment, “If you feel it’s too crowded, then go outside and wait for me.”

ZhouDu shook his head without saying anything, but his eyes kept roaming over XiaYao’s body.

XiaYao’s face heated up knowing he was being watched; without any better option he bent over and fixed the messy sheets.

Suddenly, a warm chest nestled against his back, and XiaYao’s body shook from head to toe. From behind, ZhouDu put his arms around his waist, holding him tight in his arms.

XiaYao’s face suddenly turned red.

ZhouDu leaned in close to XiaYao’s ear; his warm breath puffed in XiaYao’s ear. “Now it’s just the two of us.” He said huskily, “You said before that we can kiss when it’s just the two of us.”

ZhouDu squeezed his arms tightly around XiaYao’s waist. He breathed unevenly and asked XiaYao, “Can we kiss now?”

XiaYao felt that his mouth was a little dry. He blushed while nodding and turned around. After turning, the two were almost face to face. XiaYao subconsciously stepped back and fell on the bed.

ZhouDu bent down, and with one hand propped next to XiaYao’s side, he slowly lowered his head.

Right as their two lips touched, ZhouDu forcefully pounced on XiaYao and pressed him down on the bed.

XiaYao’s hands were on ZhouDu’s chest, and he subconsciously prepared to take off his clothes. When his hands touched the waistband of ZhouDu’s pants, he suddenly woke up and quickly pushed ZhouDu away.

“All right.” XiaYao panted and said to ZhouDu, “You. You, get up quickly.”

ZhouDu’s ear tips were red. He guiltily turned his head to the side, not daring to look XiaYao in the eye. Stuttering, he asked, “Where’s the bathroom?”

When ZhouDu went to the bathroom, XiaYao took the opportunity to take off his pajamas. Just a minute ago, he had almost treated ZhouDu like he was the ZhouDu from his previous life.

If he hadn’t woken up in time, he just might have stripped ZhouDu’s pants off.

The more XiaYao thought about it the more embarrassed he became. He had slept together with the previous ZhouDu countless times, but the current ZhouDu still wasn’t an adult yet. Plus, XiaYao guessed that ZhouDu didn’t understand how things worked between two men – making love.

When ZhouDu had finished solving his embarrassing ‘problem,’ XiaYao had also finished changing clothes.

“Why don’t the two of us go out for a stroll?” XiaYao suggested. If the two of them were to stay together any longer, XiaYao was afraid of what would happen next.

After heading out, ZhouDu finally came back to reality from the midst of his embarrassment. He looked at XiaYao next to him, and his heart felt sweet and soft. He couldn’t help but ask, “What did you do last night?”

XiaYao smirked. He looked at ZhouDu in amusement and said, “I missed you last night.”

ZhouDu did not expect XiaYao to be so direct. He froze, then he ecstatically said, “I missed you too!”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

ZhouDu put his hand into his pockets and happened to touch the phone he had put in his pocket. He thought a bit and said, “XiaYao, I want to give you a gift.”

“A gift?” XiaYao asked curiously, “What kind of gift?”

“I want to give you a cell phone.” ZhouDu said carefully, “This way when I’m missing you, I can just call you.”

XiaYao paused and said, “A cell phone is too expensive…”

“I know!” ZhouDu quickly interrupted him and said, “But I just wanted to give it to you. I have money; it’s my own money. I especially wanted to give you a present,” he said with a hint of supplication. XiaYao knew that ZhouDu’s family had money. Perhaps a cell phone in his eyes was just like buying a scallion pancake.

“You have to give me a gift too.” ZhouDu, in order to make XiaYao feel at ease, took the initiative to ask XiaYao for a gift.

XiaYao had actually saved a little money, but he wanted to keep it to use for his mother’s yearly physical examination. If he bought a cell phone, then he wouldn’t have money to take his mother to her examination.

“All right,” XiaYao finally compromised. He would treat the cell phone as if he had asked to borrow it from ZhouDu. After being reborn, he also thought that not having a cell phone was a very troublesome thing.

“Let’s go pick one out together then!” ZhouDu saw that XiaYao had stopped being stubborn. He excitedly pulled on his arm and said, “You can pay for my bus fare.”

XiaYao smiled at him and said, “Okay.”

The two of them walked together to the bus stop.

What ZhouDu did not expect was that today the bus would be empty. There was absolutely no opportunity for him to touch skin with XiaYao.

He dejectedly followed XiaYao onto the bus, and the two of them found a seat near the back.

XiaYao saw that ZhouDu was elated just a moment ago, but his expression had changed in the blink of an eye. He thought that he wasn’t used to taking the bus, so he said to him, “If you don’t want to take the bus, then why don’t we take a taxi?”

It wasn’t that ZhouDu didn’t want to take the bus; he didn’t want to ride the bus while it was empty. There was no way he was going to tell XiaYao what he was thinking, so he could only sullenly reply, “No need.”

At this time, they were the only two people in the back of the bus. XiaYao was all smiles when he turned his head to look at ZhouDu. He then reached out and placed his hand over ZhouDu’s right hand that had been resting on his knee.

XiaYao’s hand was a bit cool to the touch. ZhouDu was startled and happily turned to look at XiaYao. XiaYao looked straight ahead and pretended that nothing had happened. ZhouDu flipped his hand over so he could grasp XiaYao’s hand; the two of them sat like that with interlocking fingers until they reached their destination.

After getting off the bus, ZhouDu reluctantly let go of his hand. The two of them went to a cell phone store together. ZhouDu took out his cell phone and said to the salesperson, “Give me another one like this.”

His cell phone was a New Year’s gift from his uncle and was said to be the latest smartphone. The salesgirl glanced at it and apologetically said that their store didn’t carry such a phone.

XiaYao knew that in 2008 smartphones were not yet popular. He pointed at one of the more basic cell phones and said, “Let’s just get this one.”

ZhouDu originally planned on giving XiaYao the most expensive one, but he was also afraid that he might refuse, so he had to accept XiaYao’s choice of cell phone.

After picking out a phone, ZhouDu looked at the time. It wasn’t even 10 o’ clock yet. It was still too early to go eat. It was ZhouDu’s first date and he had no experience, so when he encountered something like this that he hadn’t planned for, he immediately panicked.

XiaYao seemed to be able to see his apprehension. He looked at the big shopping mall opposite the bookstore and then said to ZhouDu, “Why don’t we walk around the mall?”

There were many people who came to the mall to shop during the weekend. XiaYao and ZhouDu stood together; the two of them bumped into each other from time to time as they tried to avoid colliding with the other shoppers. Each time XiaYao bumped into ZhouDu, he was like a child who had secretly eaten a piece of candy, and he was secretly happy all morning.

When XiaYao walked to the second floor men’s clothing department, he stopped. ZhouDu looked up and asked, “Do you want to buy clothes?”

XiaYao smiled and led ZhouDu in without saying a word.

When he entered, the two salesgirls standing at the door were currently laughing and chatting with each other. One of them glanced up and saw that XiaYao was wearing plain clothes, so she ignored him and continued to chat with her coworker.

The salesgirl’s coworker saw ZhouDu who had been following behind XiaYao. ZhouDu was wearing brand name clothes; ordinary people wouldn’t notice, but the salespeople in these big shopping malls could tell at a glance. With smiling faces, the two of them immediately surrounded ZhouDu. ZhouDu saw them both step in and cut him off, separating him from XiaYao. Suddenly he unhappily said, “Please let me through.”

One of the slim and statuesque salesgirls quickly turned sideways, and with a smiling face said, “Excuse me, handsome guy, do you want to buy formal clothes or casual clothes?”

ZhouDu kept his eyes on XiaYao, and saw that he had already turned into the suits section. He didn’t even spare the beautiful women next to him a glance, and quickly walked past them to catch up to XiaYao.

“Do you want to buy clothes?” ZhouDu asked.

XiaYao shook his head, and he continued to look around as he walked. Meanwhile, the two salesgirls did not give up. Holding a suit up in her hand, one came up to ZhouDu again and said, “Handsome guy, do you want to try this one on? I think that it matches you well.”

ZhouDu frowned impatiently, wanting them to back off. XiaYao glanced at the clothes the salesgirl was holding, looked him up and down and said to ZhouDu, “I haven’t seen you wear a suit yet.”

ZhouDu hearing those words, took the suit from the salesgirl and said, “If I look bad, you can’t laugh at me.”

The statuesque salesgirl followed ZhouDu, and said while walking, “How can it look bad? I can guarantee that you will look very handsome after putting it on.” ZhouDu saw that she wanted to follow him into the fitting room. He scowled and said, “Don’t follow me.”

The girl’s face was red with embarrassment as she explained, “I will help hold your clothes.”

“No need.” ZhouDu coldly refused.

XiaYao saw that the two salesgirls were completely ignoring him and said to them, “Help me pick out a tie.”

The statuesque salesgirl raised an eyebrow, and looking at him out of the corner of her eye, she asked, “Are you wearing it yourself?”

XiaYao shook his head and said, “Choose one for the handsome guy that was just here.”

The salesgirl ecstatically went to go pick out a tie.

The store was full of dressing mirrors. XiaYao stood in front of one and looked at his reflection that was still young and had a trace of innocence. His eyes were stained with a trace of confusion. Were those many years spent with ZhouDu a dream after all? Or was what was happening right now the dream?

When ZhouDu walked out after he finished changing, he just happened to see XiaYao standing in front of the mirror in a daze. He called out XiaYao’s name, and at this, XiaYao came back to reality. He turned his head and his heart suddenly stopped.

As a matter of fact, he had been tricking ZhouDu a moment ago. When he was with ZhouDu in his previous life, he had seen him in a suit; he knew how charming ZhouDu looked while wearing one.

He stared fixedly at the person in front of him, and seemed to forget how to breathe.

ZhouDu saw that XiaYao was just watching him without saying a word, and thought that the clothes looked bad on himself. He walked in front of XiaYao in two or three steps and awkwardly asked, “Does it look that bad?”

XiaYao was taken aback. He quickly shook his head and said, “You look great.”

ZhouDu smirked, and his eyes flashed with a glimmer of pride. At this time, the salesgirl happened to bring over the tie she had picked out, and XiaYao took it from her.

“Do you know to tie it?” XiaYao asked while holding up the tie.

As a matter of fact, ZhouDu did know how to tie a tie. He looked at XiaYao who was standing in front of him, and then fibbed and said he didn’t know how.

The beautiful but undiscerning salesgirl immediately answered, “I’ll help you.”

ZhouDu glared at her with a hateful look.

XiaYao loosened the tie, and pulling ZhouDu over to a dressing mirror, he said, “We don’t want to trouble you, I’ll help him.”

“This doesn’t require your help, we’ll call you if we need something.” ZhouDu glanced sideways at the salesgirl and mouthed at her to get out.

The beautiful salesgirl was forced to leave, crestfallen.

XiaYao was absorbed in tying ZhouDu’s tie, and didn’t notice that ZhouDu was currently staring at him intently. When he looked up after he was done, his gaze just happened to meet ZhouDu’s.

XiaYao’s heart skipped a beat. He blushed and let go of him.

In the mirror behind them, with ZhouDu so handsome and dazzling that people couldn’t look directly at him, and XiaYao standing by his side, it seemed like they were from two different worlds.

ZhouDu felt uncomfortable. He didn’t like this feeling, so he said to XiaYao, “Do you like this suit?”

XiaYao said, “I chose it for you. You gave me a gift earlier, so this is my return gift.”

ZhouDu inwardly frowned. How could a suit from a big shopping mall be cheaper than a cell phone? He pretended to have an unsatisfied look on his face and said, “I don’t like the color.”

XiaYao guessed what he was thinking, so he pointed to the tie and said, “What I wanted to give you was this. Do you like the color of the tie?”

“You want to give me a tie?” ZhouDu happily asked.

XiaYao nodded.

“I like it.” ZhouDu’s face lit up. In his memory, his father’s ties were all bought for him by his mother, and his uncle’s ties were all chosen by his aunt. As a result, he always thought that giving a tie was something that only couples could do.

Right now XiaYao said he was going to give him a tie, how could he possibly not like that?

“Then, I’ll go change out of these clothes.” ZhouDu felt that wearing a suit always made him feel tight. He walked to the fitting room entrance, then suddenly turned to XiaYao and said, “Can you help me take off my tie?”

XiaYao was forced to follow him into the fitting room.

As soon as he entered, ZhouDu pressed him against the door and kissed him once. After they kissed, ZhouDu pressed his forehead against XiaYao’s. He deliberately lowered his voice, and with a hint of huskiness he said, “I like you.” While kissing the tip of XiaYao’s nose, he leaned in close to his ear and said, “I like you very much.”

XiaYao blushed and said okay, then helped ZhouDu untie his tie.

After buying the gift, ZhouDu looked at the time and found that they could go eat now. Accordingly, he wanted to take XiaYao to eat at a restaurant on the fifth floor of the mall.

After heading up to the fifth floor, ZhouDu’s eyes accidentally swept to a couple out of the corner of his eye. He secretly observed how others acted in a relationship and planned to put it into practice immediately.

He only saw the girl holding the boy’s hand as the two of them walked next to a machine. The girl stopped, and pointing at the machine, pouted a bit to the boy.

ZhouDu was curious, so he slowed down and glanced sideways at what the couple was doing.
When the boy grabbed a doll from the machine, he realized then that they were playing a claw machine. The girl, seeing that her boyfriend had grabbed a toy all of a sudden, excitedly held the doll and kissed it.

ZhouDu turned his head, and looking at the side of XiaYao’s face he said, “How about we play that?”

XiaYao looked over to where he was pointing and said okay.

There were three claw machines over there. ZhouDu walked to the machine that was next to the boy, and XiaYao put in the money for him.

The girl, seeing the handsome ZhouDu, quickly turned to watch him play.

ZhouDu controlled the claw arm. It slowly descended, but when the claw returned, he failed to grab anything.

Seeing this, the girl next to them took the initiative to say, “That machine over there is more difficult, come over here.” She shoved the boy next to her away and signaled for ZhouDu to come over.

“Boy-crazy.” The boy spit out, and moved next to XiaYao.

The girl’s full attention was placed on ZhouDu. She stood to the side and instructed him, saying, “Slow down a bit when you’re about to grab it.”

XiaYao looked at the boy standing next to him, and slightly apologetic he said, “Excuse me, why don’t you use this one?” As he spoke, he moved sideways.

The boy wasn’t bad-looking. His hair was cut very short, and he appeared to have a sunny disposition. He bent down and put in more money. He then smirked at XiaYao and said, “Which do you want? I’ll get one for you.”

ZhouDu was currently absorbed in the game, and completely didn’t notice the situation over there.

The boy really did grab a doll quickly and effortlessly. He stuffed it in XiaYao’s arms and said, “For you.”

“No need.” XiaYao quickly refused. “You had better give it to your girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” The boy froze for a second, then pointed at the girl and said, “Are you talking about her? That’s my younger sister. If my girlfriend looked like that, I wouldn’t dare leave the house with her.”
t/n: someone beat this kid up please

XiaYao stood awkwardly to the side, not knowing what to say.

“Fang Zeyu, do you want to die?!” The girl, hearing her own older brother mock her in front of strangers, quickly rushed over wanting to hit him.

ZhouDu, who was next to them, finally grabbed a doll. He quickly bent down and picked up the doll. He ecstatically turned around wanting to give it to XiaYao, but discovered that XiaYao was already holding a rabbit plush.

His excitement was immediately doused by a bucket of cold water.

The girl also discovered the plush teddy bear in ZhouDu’s hands. She squealed, and running to ZhouDu’s side, she said, “You’re amazing! My brother couldn’t grab this. Can you give it to me?”

ZhouDu clutched the bear, staring rigidly at XiaYao without a word.

“Knock it off.” The boy named Fang Zeyu pulled his sister back to his side and said, “Let’s go eat already.”

The girl kept turning back every few steps as she was pulled away by her brother.

ZhouDu scowled and stood nearby without a word. XiaYao discovered then that ZhouDu seemed to be unhappy. He hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

ZhouDu pointed at the plush in XiaYao’s arms. Feeling wronged he said, “Why do you want to accept gifts from other people?”

XiaYao immediately explained, “He grabbed it and casually gave it to me just now.”

“Toss it.”

“What?” XiaYao did not understand what ZhouDu meant.

ZhouDu snatched the doll from XiaYao’s arms and stuffed it into the hatch of a nearby machine. Then, throwing the bear that he had grabbed into XiaYao’s arms, he turned and left in a huff.

XiaYao looked at the plush teddy bear in his arms, realizing after the fact that ZhouDu was angry.

Holding the bear, he quickly caught up to ZhouDu. With the fingers of his left hand, he gently touched ZhouDu’s fingers and said, “Are you angry?”


“Don’t be angry. I don’t like that rabbit, I like the bear.” XiaYao tugged on the bear’s ears and said, “How ugly was that rabbit? The bear is much cuter.”

ZhouDu paused in his steps. He quickly glanced at XiaYao, then turned his head back again. He said blankly, “Really?”

“Mhmm.” XiaYao nodded repeatedly.

ZhouDu couldn’t help but smirk, but he was also afraid of XiaYao noticing, so he quickly put on a poker face.

“In the future, don’t accept things from other people, got it?” he self-righteously scolded XiaYao.


“Who knows if he has bad intentions?”


“He gave you such an ugly rabbit, he definitely has something against you. Next time you see him ignore him, got it?”


XiaYao continued to walk while listening to ZhouDu ramble on and on about the faults of the boy they had just met. However, in his mind he was thinking about how cute ZhouDu was when he was jealous.

The two of them entered a restaurant together. It was currently lunchtime, and there were several people sitting on the bench outside the restaurant.

ZhouDu lifted his head and looked around, finding that the entrance of every restaurant was filled with people. Only this restaurant seemed to have less people.

“Let’s wait a bit.” XiaYao had also discovered the same problem and pulled at ZhouDu, motioning him to sit down and wait a while.

They hadn’t been sitting down for long when a girl’s familiar voice shouted in pleasant surprise, “Two handsome guys. You guys are eating here too?”

ZhouDu looked up, and sure enough, it was the pair of siblings they had seen next to the claw machine.

The girl quickly ran in front of them and said, “Do you guys not have seats? It just so happens that it’s our turn. Should we get a table together?”

Her brother was currently standing behind her with his hands in his pockets, and pretended not to notice the plush teddy bear in XiaYao’s arms.

XiaYao felt a bit embarrassed. After all, the boy had only just given him the plush, and he had thrown it away.

“No need.” ZhouDu sullenly refused the kindness of the people in front of them.

“Eh? But you guys will wait a long time. We were also just waiting for a long time, so we went to the claw machine. Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“If they don’t want to, then forget it. What are you doing still nagging? Let’s go in quickly.” The boy standing behind her urged impatiently.

“All right.” The girl, seeing that ZhouDu was unwilling, said nothing more and followed her brother into the restaurant.

What ZhouDu didn’t expect was that they would have the opportunity to meet for a third time.

When he had bought the drinks and popcorn and prepared to enter the movie theater with XiaYao, he saw the siblings again at the entrance.

ZhouDu: “…”

“Gosh, this must be destiny.” After hearing their movie time she quickly asked, “What row and which seats are you sitting in?”

XiaYao took out his ticket and compared it with the girl’s, discovering unexpectedly that they were sitting in the same row.

ZhouDu’s seat was D12, and XiaYao’s was D13. And the girl’s brother just happened to be seated next to XiaYao.

After looking at XiaYao’s movie ticket, the girl was all smiles and said to XiaYao, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Fang Yaoyao, this is my brother Fang Zeyu.”

“I’m XiaYao, this is ZhouDu.” XiaYao also introduced the two of them.

“We really are destined to meet.” Fang Yaoyao excitedly said, “Your name and mine both have ‘yao,’ haha.”

XiaYao smiled and explained, “My ‘yao’ is the one with three earths.”
t/n: 垚 is the Chinese character in XiaYao’s name while 瑶 is the character in the girl’s name.

The girl’s eyes widened and she said, “So that word is pronounced ‘yao,’ I always thought that it was pronounced ‘gui,’ hahaha.”

“Retard.” Her brother’s words cut like a knife from beside her.

ZhouDu scowled, and stood to the side without a word.

XiaYao glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and quickly said, “Let’s go in, the movie will start soon.”

“Okay, okay.” Fang Yaoyao took the lead and went in.

ZhouDu purposely waited for the two of them to go in before he pulled XiaYao inside. “Let’s switch seats later.”

XiaYao felt that it didn’t matter where they sat, so he nodded.

The two of them hadn’t been inside for long when the theater started to go dark. After ZhouDu sat down, he discovered that Fang Zeyu really was sitting on his right side.

He held the popcorn, his long legs slightly withdrawn. He stared blankly at the screen in front of them.

Fang Zeyu leaned back, and turning his head to XiaYao, he asked, “What happened to the rabbit I gave you?”

XiaYao was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. ZhouDu also leaned back, and blocking Fang Zeyu’s line of sight he said defiantly, “Tossed it.”

Fang Zeyu sized ZhouDu up for a bit, and narrowing his eyes he said, “You two big boys coming to watch a movie together, you must have a really good relationship.”

XiaYao explained in a panic, “He, he’s my younger brother.”

“Oh~” Fang Zeyu held out the word and then turned his head over to concentrate on the movie.

However, ZhouDu was unable to contain his anger.

He stared fixedly at the big screen in front of him, trying to get the phrase ‘he is my brother’ out of his head, but the more he tried not to care, the more he seemed to mind.

However, he couldn’t interrogate XiaYao in the theater, and had to sulk by himself.

Until the end of the movie, ZhouDu still could not let it go. He stuffed the almost untouched popcorn into XiaYao’s hands and went to the bathroom alone.

XiaYao held the popcorn and waited at the theater entrance. Fang Yaoyao happened to be waiting for her brother as well.

“What school are you from?” She moved close to XiaYao trying to cotton up to him.
t/n: I didn’t know this was an idiom in English but it means: to try to make friends with someone; to flatter or fawn on someone in hopes of favorable treatment

“A High School.”
t/n: You might have noticed earlier but the author uses letters so she doesn’t have to come up with the names of places. It’s not supposed to be a pun.

“Wow~” Fang Yaoyao said in admiration, “A High School is full of top students, eh? Does ZhouDu go there too?”

“Yeah.” XiaYao nodded. “We’re in the same class.”

“How unexpected, how unexpected. I went out and actually met two top students, and they’re handsome too.” Fang Yaoyao looked boy-crazy. “Let’s exchange numbers, this way if I don’t understand a problem, I can ask you.”

XiaYao apologetically said to her, “Sorry, I just bought a mobile phone today and I don’t have a phone number yet.”

“Then do you know ZhouDu’s phone number?” The girl’s face flashed with the hint of a blush.

XiaYao’s heart clenched; he realized then that Fang Yaoyao had fancied ZhouDu all along.

“I,” he paused for a bit and said, “I don’t remember his cell phone number, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry.” Fang Yaoyao took out a sticky note from her bag and wrote down her phone number. She stuffed it in XiaYao’s hands and said, “When you guys go back later, can you give this to him for me?”

XiaYao had a bitter taste in his mouth and forced himself to say okay.

Fang Yaoyao, seeing that XiaYao agreed to help her, happily said thanks and went on to ask XiaYao, “You and ZhouDu are classmates. Do you know if he has a girlfriend at school or someone he likes?”

XiaYao opened his mouth, and didn’t know whether he should start talking or not.

Fortunately, ZhouDu came out at this time.

“Let’s go.” His collar was a bit messy. He reached out a hand and took the thing from XiaYao’s hands.

Fang Yaoyao, seeing ZhouDu come out, was too embarrassed to inquire any further, so she said to them, “Goodbye.” Then, she rushed over to her brother’s side.

XiaYao was preparing to turn around and leave with ZhouDu when he heard Fang Yaoyao exclaim from behind them, “Brother, who hit you?!”

ZhouDu, who was walking in the front, couldn’t help but smirk.
t/n: lmao he got beat up in the end


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